Master Builder in Bleepside Lake Trophy in Ginger: Beyond the Crystal

  • Master Builder in Bleepside Lake


    Build all the houses in Bleepside Lake

    How to unlock Master Builder in Bleepside Lake

    In each of the three hub worlds, you will see many burnt down looking houses. Walk up to them and a prompt to "Build" will appear so press to bring up the building menu, then you need to choose which building you would like to build and what materials you will need to build it.

    Materials can be obtained from completing side quests or found in certain spots within the levels and hub worlds. There are more than enough materials around that you don't need to worry too much about them, just continue playing the game and come back to build things later if you do run out.

    Once you have built a building on all of the burnt down spots in a hub world, the trophy for that world will pop. The first hub world Lowleen has a few houses that are hidden away in the corners so just do a thorough sweep of the area around the outside if you are missing one.

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