• Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10 (Estimated Difficulty)
  • Offline trophies: 39 (22, 12, 4, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 10-15 Hours (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: 1 - Consumer
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No so play on normal.
  • Do trophies stack?: No
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats available.


Ginger was made by the Spanish studio "Drakhar Studio". Very clearly inspired by games like Banjo Kazooie, this is a 3D platformer set across multiple colourful hub worlds. You control the titular Ginger, a child who can gain powers through magical costumes and must set off to purify the crystals in order to save the world!


Step 1 - Complete the Main Story Levels, while doing all side missions and Red Crystal challenges as they unlock

In each hub world there will be several portals that take you to separate levels and these are the main goal here. Once you complete a level, it unlocks a few side missions to do back in the hub world so it's best to get those done while you are on your way to the next level. It helps break things up and gets you blue crystals and materials that you will need later on. The Red Crystal challenges are short but tricky platforming levels that are accessed by jumping into red crystals. Once you have completed them they turn blue but you can still re-enter them if you want to. You can see both the crystals and the side missions on your map by pressing . Once you beat the final boss in a hub world you will be transported back to the starting area but when you return there will be one more set of challenges and quests to complete.

You will need to rescue some Gingerians in order to proceed so when you have quite a lot of blue crystals head to the large blue crystal to rescue them by spending your earnings. Also, be careful not to purchase everything from the merchant just yet.

In this step you will earn:

The Lowleen Town Adventurer
The Crater Peaks Adventurer
The Bleepside Lake Adventurer
A great ending
A great fighter
Master Adventurer
Master Platformer
Hard as stone
The bogeyman
What cloth!
Too many deaths...
Starting the adventure
Fight master I
Fight master II
Fight master III
Frog Killer

Step 2: Replay the Levels looking for missing accessories and get level related and secret area trophies

I mentioned earlier not to buy anything from the merchant as you play through the game and the reason for that is, because Consumer is currently glitched and will only unlock if the last accessory you find is one that was bought from the shop. Along with the accessories you can buy, there are many you can find within the levels, a lot of which require certain powers you will only have once you have finished the game. Check the description for the trophy Consumer for more details on where you can find everything and how to deal with the glitch.

There are a few level related trophies you should pick up here too, like Looter, Curiosity killed the cat, The fastest and What marksmanship! so check the descriptions for those trophies in order not to miss them. Also make sure to check the descriptions for all the Secret Area trophies in order to get those too, to avoid having to replay levels a third time.

In this step you will earn:

Curiosity killed the cat
What marksmanship!
The fastest
Secret area I!
Secret area II!
Secret area III!
Secret area IV!

Step 3: Save all Gingerians and Build all Houses in each hub world

You may have already done some of this as you were completing the story but now is the time to finish it off. In each hub world is a large blue crystal where you spend your crystals to rescue the citizens. To do so you need to spend 30 crystals and there are 15 citizens to rescue in each area.

Once you have saved all the people, the next item on the agenda is rebuilding their homes. In each hub world will be a lot of burnt down houses that when you stand next to you will get a prompt to Build. After selecting this prompt you will be able to build a house there using the materials you've gathered as you have played through the game. You will need to build one of every type of house so see Supreme builder for more details. Saving citizens and building houses will also max out the happiness meter for each area, getting you those trophies too along with the Platinum.

In this step you will earn:

Master Builder in Lowleen
Master Builder in Crater Peaks
Master Builder in Bleepside Lake
Sharing Happiness in Lowleen Town
Sharing Happiness in Crater Peaks
Sharing Happiness in Bleepside Lake
A happy world
The Lowleen Town Rescuer
The Crater Peaks Rescuer
The Bleepside Lake Rescuer
Supreme rescuer
Supreme builder
Goddess' blessing

Special Thanks:

DaEastside - For the Collectibles Guide
Vyrastas - For the Trophy Guide template.

[PST Would Like To Thank Xander45 for this Roadmap]

Ginger: Beyond the Crystal Trophy Guide

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39 trophies ( 12  22  2  )

  • 100% complete

    Congratulations! You can now rest and take your rightful place as Guardian of the Crystal.

  • Build all the houses in Lowleen Town

    See Master Builder in Bleepside Lake

  • Build all the houses in Crater Peaks

    See Master Builder in Bleepside Lake

  • Build all the houses in Bleepside Lake

    In each of the three hub worlds, you will see many burnt down looking houses. Walk up to them and a prompt to "Build" will appear so press to bring up the building menu, then you need to choose which building you would like to build and what materials you will need to build it.

    Materials can be obtained from completing side quests or found in certain spots within the levels and hub worlds. There are more than enough materials around that you don't need to worry too much about them, just continue playing the game and come back to build things later if you do run out.

    Once you have built a building on all of the burnt down spots in a hub world, the trophy for that world will pop. The first hub world Lowleen has a few houses that are hidden away in the corners so just do a thorough sweep of the area around the outside if you are missing one.

  • Obtain 100% happiness in Lowleen Town

    See A happy world

  • Obtain 100% happiness in Crater Peaks

    See A happy world

  • Obtain 100% happiness in Bleepside Lake

    See A happy world

  • Complete all the missions in Lowleen Town

    See Master Adventurer

  • Complete all the missions in Crater Peaks

    See Master Adventurer

  • Complete all the missions in Bleepside Lake

    See Master Adventurer

  • Complete the main story

    Once you have completed all the levels and the final boss you will have to purify one last crystal. After the cutscene that follows that, the trophy will pop.

  • Defeat one of each enemy

    See Fight master I, Fight master II and Fight master III for details.

  • Obtain a score of at least 1500 points on the fair target practice minigame

    This is obtained in the level Odd Space Fair in Bleepside Lake. During this level you will find a stall that makes you play a minigame where you must use your Spaceman costume to fire stars at the moving targets. It's pretty simplistic but thanks to the controls can be tricky to get the shots to go where you want them too. If you fail you can replay the mission by talking to the man at the stall. You need 1300 points in order to progress the story so reaching this shouldn't be much of an issue.

  • Complete the honey collection mission with 80 seconds to spare

    This is the hardest trophy in the game, and requires a near perfect run of this. This mission is found within the level Gloomy Honey Bees in Lowleen Town. Make sure to press while running to punch forward and give yourself a boost and know the route you need to take. Here is a video guide to use as a reference:

    I made a few little mistakes there that cost me a couple of seconds but even then it is very tight!

  • Obtain 100% happiness in all the towns

    To obtain this trophy you need to fill the happiness meter for each hub world. To do this you need to rescue citizens (see Supreme rescuer) and rebuild the houses (see Master Builder in Bleepside Lake). You will likely get this after saving all citizens and building around half the homes in the area.

  • Complete all secondary missions in all the towns

    Secondary missions are short missions given to you by the locals in each hub world that are unlocked by completing the main story levels. They will be marked on your map by a yellow circle with an exclamation mark (!) in the centre.

    These quests can be fetch quests, races, or involving defeating some enemies in a certain location. They are all very simple and straightforward. Once you have beaten the boss in an area you will teleported back to the Goddess' statue and when you return to the hub world who's boss you just defeated there will be a few more side missions unlocked you need to complete.

    After you've done all of the side missions in an area, the trophy for that area will pop.

  • Complete all the bonus areas

    Bonus Areas are entered by jumping into the Red Crystals that you will be introduced to after beating the first level. These are short but challenging platforming sections that are very reminiscent of the secret challenges in Super Mario 64 or Super Mario Sunshine.

    You need to touch all the red crystals to complete the stage, and it would be quite hard to miss them as you're progressing. Sadly there are times when you will fall through the floor of some moving platforms, but luckily you are teleported back to the start of the challenge rather than kicked out to the hub.

  • Buy all the shop’s accessories



    This does not actually mean what the description says. There is a merchant who will follow you around between areas and in each area he offers a different selection of accessories (you cannot wear them but the townspeople NPC's will). To get this trophy you must not only buy all the accessories that he is selling but find all the accessories that are hidden within each level.

    Some of the level accessories can't be found until later on, after you've unlocked certain powers to get past some obstacles. Many costume pieces will be hidden, sometimes under staircases, in small areas behind fences, or along paths that seemingly lead nowhere. Others will be in plain sight.

    You can see which items you're missing by visiting the merchant in each hub world and looking at what items are blacked out. Thankfully there is a great Guide here by DaEastside that shows where each accessory is hidden if you are having trouble. LINK

    Now to the glitched part. Make sure not to buy anything from the shop keeper for crystals until you've found all the level specific ones. The last item you unlock must be bought from the shop keeper and if you do purchase everything from the merchant early on, you will need to replay the game in order to get this trophy.

    You may also have the trophy not unlock even if you did save the items to be bought until last, this happened to me. Thankfully shutting the game off back to the XMB, then restarting the game and loading up your file should cause the trophy to pop if this happens to you too.

  • Save the Lowleen Town Gingerians

    See Supreme rescuer

  • Save the Crater Peaks Gingerians

    See Supreme rescuer

  • Save the Bleepside Lake Gingerians

    See Supreme rescuer

  • Find 50 pieces of wood

    See What cloth!

  • Find 25 stones

    See What cloth!

  • Find 15 sacks

    See What cloth!

  • Find 10 pieces of cloth

    These trophies are all for getting a certain amount of each material. These materials can be found around the levels and hub worlds but also obtained from completing side missions. They look like this:

    Wood - Floating Logs
    Stones - Floating white rocks
    Sacks - Brown sacks filled with gold
    Cloth - Blue squares with patchwork on

    These materials are plentiful and respawn in the hub worlds and levels whenever you leave and re-enter them. You will not need to farm them, as you will have to replay many levels for accessories but just make sure to pick up any that you see along your way.

  • Die 10 times

    It is highly unlikely that even on normal mode that you will not die at least 10 times throughout this game, because there are no healing items and you have only 4 pieces of health. This trophy will come as you're playing.

  • Complete your first quest

    See Master Adventurer

  • Find the secret area

    This is found within the level Cheese Triple Trouble in Lowleen Town. You reach it by jumping on top of the very first lift you find, then jumping up and to the right from there. As soon as you land and collect the material hiding up there the trophy will pop.

  • Find the secret area

    This is found within the level Gloomy Honey Bees in Lowleen Town. You reach it by walking past the bear and honey near the start of the level and walking underneath the bamboo platforms you should jump on. There will be an accessory waiting for you and the trophy will pop as you reach it.

  • Find the secret area

    This is found in the hub world of Crater Peaks and can only be accessed once you have the Dragon and Vampire costumes. It is in the north east of the area, just across the bridge from the town. You will see some bats flying over a white circle so use your Dragon costume and breath fire on the bats, then change into your Vampire costume and stand in the circle. Use the prompt to be flown down to a lower level and the trophy will pop.

  • Find the secret area

    This is found within the level Odd Space Fair in Bleepside Lake. To reach it you progress through the level until you reach the stall that requires the Harlequin outfit to start. Next to this stall will be a short bit of pathway away from the camera and at the end of that, there is a fence you can jump over with a chest you can unlock. Once you hop the fence the trophy will pop.

  • Defeat one of each enemy in Lowleen Town

    There are 4 types of enemy in Lowleen Town and its levels:

    Pink Pigs
    Purple Pigs
    Yellow Mannequins

    The mannequins will be killed during the tutorials and the pink and purple pigs appear as enemies to kill during sidequests. The Miner is the only enemy that can only be found within the levels of the area and you would have to go out of your way in order to not kill them.

  • Defeat one of each enemy in Crater Peaks

    There are 3 types of enemy in Crater Peaks and its levels:

    Mutated Plants
    Purple Frankenstein Monsters

    The frogs and Frankenstein Monsters appear everywhere in Crater Peaks but the Mutated Plants only appear in a couple of levels, thus you will still meet many of them and would have to actively try not to kill them to miss this.

  • Defeat one of each enemy in Bleepside Lake

    There are 4 types of enemy in Bleepside Lake:

    Green Rabbits
    Red Aliens
    Yellow Aliens
    Yellow Aliens with chest pieces

    The yellow aliens will spawn constantly in the hub and the red aliens are found within every level. The bunny can be found easily in the desert area of the hub, and will pop out of holes in the ground to try to shoot you. The yellow aliens with chest pieces that fire projectiles at you only appear in the final boss level, the boss actually kills some of them for you which count towards this trophy if you didn't kill any of them earlier.

  • Kill 50 frogs

    Frogs only spawn within Crater Peaks and it's levels and a lot of them will spawn. Unless you go out of your way to not kill them as you play, you will get this trophy very quickly.

  • Rescue all the Gingerians from all the towns

    Rescuing the Gingerians is a very simple task thankfully. All you need to do is go to the large crystal in the centre of the hub world and revive them using crystals that you will find everywhere throughout the levels. It costs 30 crystals per Gingerian and there are 15 in each area, meaning a total of 1350 crystals to revive everyone.

    You will get that amount very easily.

  • Build one of each house

    See Master Builder in Bleepside Lake for a few more details on building houses.

    For this trophy you need to build one of each type of house. In each area there are three sizes of house, small, medium and large. Within these sizes are different designs of house that you can choose and you must simply build one of each design.

    Some require more materials than others but you should have no real issue getting all the materials you need after finishing the story missions and finding all the accessories.


Secret trophies

  • Interact with all the search points in the mansion

    This is obtained within the level The Miracle Manor in Crater Peaks. This Resident Evil inspired level will have many locations that have a sparkly aura around them, that when approached will ask you to search. Press to search all of these spots to get the trophy.

    There are a few where the sparkling won't be seen, because of the camera angle so make sure to do a good sweep of the outside of the rooms if you haven't got the trophy when the red crystal appears.

  • Open all the coffins in the hand mission

    In the level Von Carbuncle Royal Crypt in Crater Peaks you will meet a ghostly hand that asks you to find him a feather. In the room behind him, you will find many coffins you can open using the power of your Wizard costume. Make sure to open the coffins on both the top and bottom level of this area, then the trophy will pop.

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