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39 trophies ( 17  18  11  )


Secret trophies

  • Chapter 10 cleared in story mode

  • Chapter X cleared in story mode

  • Chapter Y cleared in story mode

  • Clear story mode on HARD.

  • Clear Chapter 9 using the center→left→right route order. (Story mode only)

  • Increased initial lives to the maximum 30 ships in any chapter. (Story mode only)

  • Got shaken off by the suspect in the very first battle in Chapter 1! (Story mode only)

  • Cleared Chapter 2 without using the Jamming Unit while avoiding detection by the search lights. (Story mode only)

  • Narrowly escaped a game over by getting an Extend Item.

  • Cleared all chapters of story mode in any difficulty in under 1 hour total. (Story mode only, including Special Chapters)

  • Destroyed an enemy ship using backfire while changing speeds!

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Ginga Force Trophies FAQ

  • How many Ginga Force trophies are there?
    There are 39 Trophies to unlock in Ginga Force. Of these trophies, 1 is Platinum, 3 Gold, 17 Silver, 18 Bronze.
  • Are there any secret trophies in Ginga Force?
    There are 11 secret trophies in Ginga Force. Our trophy list contains a full list of all secret trophies in Ginga Force.

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