On the Payroll Trophy

  • On the Payroll


    Successfully complete one multiplayer campaign.


    This trophy is unobtainable due to server shutdown.

    When playing multiplayer you can choose between four campaigns and each campaign consists of three unique jobs that are randomly chosen. Only the Slime Dunk job does not appear in campaign. You have to play Ranked matches for it to count. To complete the campaign you have to get 'Victory' or 'Round Over' in each of the three jobs at the end of the match. If you get 'Failure' then you won't get the trophy. If the entire team is knocked out in Containment or Destruction then you won't get the trophy.

    The available campaigns are:

    • NYC Public Library (Reading Room, Basement Stacks, Twisted Stacks)
    • Times Square District (Streets, Office, Rooftops)
    • Museum of Natural History (Rotunda, Mayan, Egypt)
    • Graveyard (Cemetery, Altar, Lost Island)

    In order to complete the campaign you must fulfil these requirements on each of the three jobs:

    • Survival - At least 1 of 10 waves completed before death.
    • Destruction - At least 1 of 26 Evil Relics destroyed and let time run out.
    • Containment - At least 1 ghost trapped and let time run out.
    • Protection - All 3 PKE Disruptors have to be filled to 100%.
    • Thief - At least 1 of 4 Artifacts still left in the level on timeout.

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