Back Off Man. I'm A Scientist Trophy

  • Back Off Man. I'm A Scientist


    Obtain 100% PKE scans for every paranormal creature.

    There are 48 unique ghosts and 4 substances that you need to scan in single player throughout all missions. Press to enable PKE Meter and use to start scanning a ghost you are looking at. You can see a list of everything you have scanned by pressing button and then go to 'Tobin's Spirit Guide'. Note that the 'Sloth Ghost' is added to the Spirit Guide automatically and doesn't need to be scanned.

    When using your PKE Meter you will wear the Ecto Goggles, the environment will become green and you will see three circles on the screen. To get a 100% scan the inner circle needs to be green when you start scanning the ghost. If the middle circle is yellow (50%) or the outer circle is red (0%), then you won't get a full scan. If you don't get a 100% scan it will still show in your Tobin's Spirit Guide. If you look at the information on the scanned ghost you will see that some sections are missing depending on how much you managed to scan, just make sure it doesn't say '-- Unknown --' in the ghost information. All information needs to be available to count for this trophy.

    Use 'Replay Mission' to find the ghosts that you are missing. They don't have to be scanned in one playthrough. You will get cash for every scan so that you can buy upgrades within the game.

    You can see how many ghosts you have scanned in each mission by going to 'Replay Mission' on the main menu. Ghosts that you have only partially scanned won't count towards the total.

    Besides the ghosts you also need to scan 4 substances. They can be found in almost all missions. These can't be seen in 'Replay Mission' but are still required for the trophy. Even if you see that you have scanned all the ghosts you might still need one of these four.

    The substances are:

    • Black Slime (Replay Mission: Hotel Sedgewick / Air in the Lines)
    • Black Slime Portal (Replay Mission: Times Square / Hindenburg: The Musical)
    • Ectoplasm (Replay Mission: Hotel Sedgewick / Slime Trail)
    • Ectoplasmic Residue (Replay Mission: Public Library / Cruster & Crusto)

    Below is a list of all ghosts than can be scanned on each mission. The first 4 ghosts in 'Lost Island' mission have appeared in previous missions. Also the first 2 ghosts and the last one in 'Central Park Cemetery' mission have appeared in previous missions.

    • Hotel Sedgewick:
      • 1. Slimer (Replay Mission: Slime Trail)
      • 2. Bellhop Ghost (Replay Mission: Bad Service)
      • 3. Dead Fish Flier (Replay Mission: Air in the Lines)
      • 4. Candelabrum Crawler (Replay Mission: Charge of the Light Brigade)
      • 5. Pappy Sargassi (Replay Mission: Sargassi's by the Sea)
      • 6. Kitchen Golem (Replay Mission: And the Kitchen Sink, Too)
    • Times Square:
      • 1. Marshmallow Mini (Replay Mission: Mass Panic)
      • 2. Hobo Ghost (Replay Mission: Mass Panic)
      • 3. Stone Gargoyle (Replay Mission: Ghosts & Gargoyles)
      • 4. Construction Worker Ghost (Replay Mission: Ghosts & Gargoyles)
      • 5. Opera Diva Ghost (Replay Mission: Hindenburg: The Musical)
      • 6. Stay Puft (Replay Mission: Shadow of the Stay Puft)
    • Public Library:
      • 1. Cruster (Replay Mission: Dangerous Books)
      • 2. Book Golem (Replay Mission: Dangerous Books)
      • 3. Librarian Ghost (Replay Mission: Ssshhed Again)
      • 4. Paper Construct (Replay Mission: Slippery)
      • 5. Book Bat (Replay Mission: Sorted Out)
      • 6. Crusto (Replay Mission: Sorted Out)
      • 7. Book Centurion (Replay Mission: Special Collections)
      • 8. Coal Golem (Replay Mission: The Trouble with Golems)
      • 9. Cultist (Replay Mission: Hall of Mirrors)
      • 10. Azetlor the Destroyer (Replay Mission: Wrath of the Collector)
    • History Museum:
      • 1. Possessed Human (Replay Mission: Dr. Rutherford, I Presume?)
      • 2. Possessor Ghost (Replay Mission: Dr. Rutherford, I Presume?)
      • 3. Beauty Queen Ghost (Replay Mission: Opening Night)
      • 4. The Chairman (Replay Mission: Chairman Chase)
      • 5. Possessed Statue (Replay Mission: Chairman Chase)
      • 6. Flying Skull (Replay Mission: Chairman Chase)
      • 7. Confederate Ghost (Replay Mission: Ghost War)
      • 8. Union Ghost (Replay Mission: Ghost War)
      • 9. Venom Crawler (Replay Mission: It's the Chairman)
      • 10. Black Slime Fiend (Replay Mission: It's the Chairman)
      • 11. Black Slime Ghost (Replay Mission: It's the Chairman)
    • Return to Hotel Sedgewick:
      • 1. Webbed Fiend (Replay Mission: Enter the Spiderwitch)
      • 2. Chef DeForrest (Replay Mission: Power Restored)
      • 3. Cook Ghost (Replay Mission: Power Restored)
      • 4. Kitchen Flier (Replay Mission: Power Restored)
      • 5. Spider Crawler (Replay Mission: Ghostworld Again)
      • 6. Spiderwitch (Replay Mission: Lair of the Spiderwitch)
    • Lost Island:
      • 1. Stone Gargoyle (Replay Mission: On the Ramparts)
      • 2. Black Slime Fiend (Replay Mission: The Hedge Maze)
      • 3. Black Slime Ghost (Replay Mission: Black Mass)
      • 4. Venom Crawler (Replay Mission: Rescue Mission)
      • 5. Black Slime Monster (Replay Mission: Black Slime What!?)
      • 6. Imprisoned Juvenile Slor (Replay Mission: Black Slime Beast)
    • Central Park Cemetery:
      • 1. Flying Skull (Replay Mission: Stone Gardens)
      • 2. Cultist (Replay Mission: The Elusive Key)
      • 3. Cemetery Crawler (Replay Mission: The Elusive Key)
      • 4. Grave Fiend (Replay Mission: The Elusive Key)
      • 5. Cultist Summoner (Replay Mission: Battle in the Boneyard)
      • 6. Grave Monster (Replay Mission: Crypt Alley)
      • 7. Stone Angel (Replay Mission: Attack of the Stone Angels)
      • 8. Keyhead Monster (Replay Mission: Headstones)
      • 9. Shandor the Architect (Replay Mission: Destructor Form)
      • 10. Stone Gargoyle (Replay Mission: Cross the Streams!)

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  • Each chapter will tell you what ghost is missing.
  • For some reason the game isn't updating when I scan the venom crawler. No matter how I scan it or how many times I do it after the boss battle is done I check on the next level and I still don't have it registered in the codex.

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