DON'T TOUCH THE CAR Trophy in Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime



    Finish a chase level with at least 75% of the Ecto-shield up.

    How to unlock DON'T TOUCH THE CAR

    This is the most difficult trophy to obtain in the game as it is best done with more real players because the CPU is useless. You can use the boosting thread to try and find players to help: LINK.

    There are two levels which utilises the Ecto 4x4: NYC Mayhem (level 4) and Mean Streets (level 8). The easiest of the two is NYC Mayhem I find. There is a health gauge located at the bottom of the screen but there are no quarter markers so you can easily see if you are at 75% health or not. Just keep an eye on your health and back out if you feel you've dropped too far. The best tactic is to try and get a full team of real players. 2 will shoot constantly to the front and 2 to the rear – you can adjust a necessary if you need to. In total there are usually 3-4 on-rail car chase areas. It is possible on your own, you just have to get lucky.

    Note: You cannot respawn the car mid-level and try again, as you must keep the same one throughout. Watch the following video below by sandman118, if you need any additional help:

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