• Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10 (personal estimate) (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 52 (40, 9, 2, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 30-40hrs (personal estimate) (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: None - The grave needed for Dirge of the Fallen Forge can be returned to at any point.
  • Glitched trophies: Yes, 1 - Light the Way .
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No so play on Easy. To make life even easier, go into the Accessibility menu and activate the Lower Intensity Combat mode (requires patch 1.05 or higher to be installed).
  • Do trophies stack?: No
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats available
  • Additional peripherals required?: No


Ghost of Tsushima is the latest title for Sony's impressive first-party catalogue, from the developers of the "Infamous" series, Sucker Punch. You play the titular role of Jin Sakai, who is stuck between a rock and a hard place and called into action to save his homeland, the island of Tsushima.

The island of Tsushima is chock full of content and the game’s trophy list indicates that, meaning you pretty much have to 100% the game if you want to take home your platinum. That means: Clearing the fog of war from most the map and discovering a ton of collectibles; doing all the side missions; getting more collectibles etc. The beauty of the game though - aside from actual beauty of the game itself - is that there are tools in the game (namely the Guiding Wind), that shows you where everything is so you won't need to be glued to a collectible map or video to make sure you get everything. In short, it's an easy list but one that can be a touch time consuming.

Caution: There have been reports of people encountering random progression blockers during their playthrough, therefore it's recommended that you make frequent backups to either the PS Save File Cloud or a USB drive. Saving in multiple save slots (if possible) is also recommended.

Trophy Glitches: Along with the above progression blockers, there is a chance the story related trophies might randomly glitch so backup your saves before completing the final part of any of them and restore it if anything goes wrong. Credit to Dragonslayer023 for this info.


There really isn't a lot of advice to add for Ghost of Tsushima, to be honest. I say that because it's a relatively straightforward game, in that you do the main quest, side quests, unfog the map and get all the collectibles as you pass through each area. I'll break it down somewhat in acts though, to give you some rough indication of what to do and when.

If you are after more gameplay related tips, see the linked video for some tips on how to make the game a lot easier. Also note that you can play the game on Easy because are no difficulty trophies: LINK

Step 1: Act 1

Act 1 is probably the biggest Act, not just in terms of area but in terms of liberating outposts and the general scale of it. First things first, you're going to want to do all the Mythic Tales in this area (blue diamonds), some of which you make need to get from talking to people with speech bubbles over their heads in towns. Now you need to meticulously work your way around the map, getting all the points of interest, while doing all the side quests and main missions. You can do a few miscellaneous trophies in Act 1, namely:

Flash of Steel
Open for Business
Have a Nice Fall
Quick Study

Also, don't forget to visit the White Dye merchant (see Monochrome Masters ).

When you've finished Act 1, the trophies you should have unlocked by this point are:

Every Trick in the Book (don't worry if you haven't though, it will easily unlock in Act 2 if that's not the case)
A Charming Man (again, another one that can be gotten in Act 2, depending on how thorough you are)
Lost and Found
A Moment in Time
Gathering Storm
Point of No Return
Company of Wolves
Stoking the Flame
Family Reunion

Step 2: Act 2

When you've finished Act 1, you'll move onto the second area in Act 2. Before you push on with the story, go back to Izuhara to finish off liberating the outposts. Same as Act 1 here, continue to unfog the map, while doing the Mythic Tales first (only to get the abilities) and then doing the points of interest, side missions and main quest. A few hours into Act 2 and Toyotama, you're going to start getting the tools to do more of the miscellaneous trophies like:

All in the Wrist (although this could also be done in Act 3 as well, easily)
Haunting Precision (same with this one, can also be done in Act 3 too)

Note: It is important before you finish the act and move onto the final area that you don't miss the Dirge of the Fallen Forge trophy (which is related to the penultimate quest in this region) and have to return to it later.

When you've finished Act 2, the trophies you should have unlocked in this Act are:

Leader of the People
Dying Embers
The Ghost
The Headstrong Thief
Witness Protection
Den of Thieves
Honor the Unseen
Monochrome Masters

Step 3: Act 3

It’ll be a while after Act 2's lengthy ending quest and the beginning of Act 3 before you get full freedom of Jin in Tsushima again but when you do, our advice is to use the liberated outposts here to make sure you have every combat-related trophy. Not that it’s impossible after this point (or after the game) but it’s certainly easier with large encampments of people around. When you do get hold of Jin again, it's another case of rinse and repeat: do the final Mythic quest, do the side quests, go to all the Shrines, points of interests etc. then finish the main quest.

When you've finished Act 3, the trophies you should have unlocked in this Act are:

The Exiled Alliance
Teller of Tales
Helping Sword Hand
There Can Be Only One
The Ghost of Legend
The Perfect Storm
Sovereign End
Mono No Aware
The Warrior Monk
The Vengeful Warrior
The Unbending Archer

Step 4: Cleanup

You can travel around Tsushima and mop up the trophies you didn't get earlier. If you missed the Cooper Clan Cosplayer trophy, now is the time to get it, same with any collectibles, with any locations you missed. If you missed the hidden altars, now is the time to fast-travel around the island to get them as well. You can pretty much get anything post-game so don't worry too much about them and just enjoy the experience. Most of the trophies you'll get naturally anyway if you're searching so don't worry them too much. Do note that the Lighthouse fires can glitch out and not register that you have lit them so make plenty of backups and save before lighting each one.

By the end of this step you should have earned the following:

Light the Way - Glitched
Favor of the Kami
Avid Reader (you should get this while you play, if not, do it after the credits have rolled)
Know Your Memory (you should get this while you play, if not, do it after the credits have rolled)
Body, Mind, and Spirit
Hero of the People
A Fight For The Isle….
Good Riddance
Securing Sanctuary….
Mass Eviction
A New Safe Haven
Master Liberator
Living Legend
[PST Would Like To Thank Richie for this Roadmap]

Ghost of Tsushima Trophy Guide

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77 trophies ( 13  59  31  )

  • Obtain all trophies.

    Earn all the other trophies to get this one.
  • Complete all of the Mythic Tales.

    You will earn this by completing every Mythic Tale. These can be found by talking to NPCs in Tsushima's various hub areas, who will tell you where to find 'The Musician'. These quests are spread across Tsushima's 3 regions and are marked on the map as a blue quest marker. Completing each Mythic Tale also unlocks an awesome new ability for Jin, a new piece of armour or the like so they’re well worth pursuing. The 'Six Blades of Kojiro' mission is the most involved of the Mythic Tales, and will see you duelling with rogue Straw Hats to unlock the Kensei samurai armour. The 7 quests are as follows:
    • The Heavenly Strike
    • The Legend of Tadayori
    • The Curse of Uchitsune
    • The Unbreakable Gosaku
    • The Spirit of Yarikawa's Vengeance
    • The Six Blades of Kojiro
    • The Undying Flame
  • Complete all Tales of Tsushima.

    Unlocked upon completing every single one of the 'Tales of Tsushima side quests, marked on the map as white diamonds. These include the character-specific quests for Norio, Masako, Ishikawa and Yuna (as well as the three quests for Kenji and two for Yuriko). Most side quests can be located by talking to NPCs, while others might organically crop up while you're running around and exploring. Either way, they're pretty much impossible to miss.
    • Incident at Hyoshi Pass
    • A Place To Call Home
    • For Tsushima
    • The Value of Sake
    • Unfinished Business
    • Honour Buried Deep
    • The Other Side of Honour
    • Whispers in the Woods
    • Empty Baskets
    • A Mother’s Peace
    • A Healer’s Touch
    • Lost At Sea
    • The Cost of Iron
    • The Laughing Bandits
    • A Debt Repaid
    • The River Children
    • Servant of he People (Kenchi quest, 1 of 3)
    • A Wealthy Man Has All He Needs
    • The Burden of Theft
    • The Proud Do Not Endure (Yuriko quest, 1 of 2)
    • Nattou and the Sake Seller (Kenchi quest, 2 of 3)
    • Peace For The Divine
    • A Thief of Innocence
    • The Delicate Art of Negotiation (Kenchi quest, 3 of 3)
    • The Generosity of Lady Sanjo
    • A Final Request
    • The Art of Seeing (Yuriko quest, 2 of 2)
    • Flesh and Stone
    • The Cost of Fear
    • Fit for the Khan
    • Hidden in Snow
    • A Father's Choice

    On top of the 32 above, there are the 9 quests for Norio, 4 quests for Yuna, 8 quests for Ishikawa and 8 quests for Masako (the first one for Ishikawa and Masako are counted as main quests) for a grand total of 61 Tales of Tshushima. Good luck!
  • Defeat 20 enemies with a counterattack after a Perfect Parry.

    To get this trophy you have to unlock the "Perfect Parry" ability in the Deflection category of the Samurai (in the Techniques Tab) then perform Perfect Parries and counterattacks against 20 enemies (which should come naturally). A Perfect Parry involves tapping (the block button) at the right moment, just before you're about to be hit. Keep in mind, you will have a better chance at parrying an attack if you choose the correct stance for each enemy type: Water Stance for shield carriers, Stone Stance for swordsmen, Wind Stance for spear-wielders and Moon Stance for Brutes. If you're struggling with the Perfect Parry, head to the Spring Falls Shrine in Komoda and climb it to get the Mizu No Kami Charm, which makes parrying easier - both Perfect and regular. It's worth getting for Duels anyway. Don't forget to counterattack once you've parried.
  • Defeat the maximum amount of enemies within a single Standoff.

    Defeating the maximum number of enemies in a Standoff isn't quite as straightforward as it sounds. First, you'll need to unlock a maximum of three kills via the Samurai skill tree using Technique Points, then you'll need to progress far enough into the story to acquire the Sakai Armour, which increases that maximum number further. You'll then need to fully upgrade the armour to max out the number of foes you're able to cut down during a Standoff. Once you've done that, look for a large number of enemies to enter a Standoff against, then cut them down one-by-one by pressing , timing your strikes carefully. Once you've torn through the maximum number of baddies in a Standoff, which is 5, the trophy will be yours. You'll find groups of 5 wandering all over Tsushima so it doesn't really matter when you do this. Obviously though, if you can wander into an encampment under Mongul occupation, then getting 5 is going to be much easier there.
  • Successfully Stagger enemies 50 times.

    This is easy. To stagger an enemy, you have to hit them with heavy attacks by pressing until you break open their guard. Again, using the correct stance for the corresponding enemy will make this easier, as their stagger meter will fill faster and you’ll break their guard. Do that 50 times, then the trophy will pop.
  • Successfully complete every duel.

    This won't unlock until the very end of the game, after the final showdown. Completing every duel also means taking out all six Straw Hats in ‘The Six Blades of Kojiro’ side quest but you can get to work on that early, as they’re present in certain spots on the map prior to the quest. Finding Kojiro himself is only possible via the Mythic Tale, however, while other duels are accessed via story missions and side quests. Do all the Tales of Tsushima, the Mythic Tales, liberate all of Tsushina and finish the story, then you can't miss this one.
  • Kill 20 enemies with Ghost Stance strikes.

    The Ghost Stance becomes available later in the game as part of the story. When it unlocks, you get the ability to strike terror into enemies, turning the screen temporarily black and white so you can chop down up to three enemies in a flurry of red hot rage. To gain the Ghost Stance (once you have it as part of your arsenal), you have to kill 7 enemies without taking damage and then you can unleash it.

    Stealth is a good way to do this or just being careful not to get hit. If you're proficient with a bow, you can use that too to get some headshots. Even using the Dance of Wrath move ( + after doing the Mythic tale) will get you a couple of kills at least, if you have a full allotment of resolve, you could probably get 7 or near to 7 alone with just this move. Once you've built up the Ghost Stance meter, press + before you get hit then you will initiate Jin's Ghost Stance where you can kill 3 foes instantly. Rinse and repeat until you hit 20, then the trophy will pop.
  • Build your Legend to earn the title Ghost of Tsushima.

    Building your legend will come naturally as you progress. By completing side quests, Mythic Tales, story missions, liberating camps, farms etc. you will earn Legend that in turn unlocks Technique Points. Throughout the game, your Legend will grow and you'll gain new titles until you become the fabled 'Ghost of Tsushima'. If you're doing everything in the game anyway, you will end up with an excess of Legend, especially if you stop to help hostages on the road and get involved with other activities and nab all the collectibles. You'd have to go out of your way not to do any of that to miss this so don't worry about it.
  • Learn the Stone, Water, Wind, and Moon combat stances.

    This is very straightforward. As you liberate camps, farmsteads, forts etc. you will encounter leaders – stronger enemies you'll be able to watch performing moves. You can either choose to charge in and kill them to build progress towards learning each stance or you can sneak up and watch them first (hold to register it) to acquire even more progress, then kill them. Each stance will unlock in succession until you have all 4 – Stone, Water, Wind and Moon.
  • Acquire all the throwable Ghost Weapon techniques.

    To gain all throwable Ghost Weapons, you need to grow your Legend to earn enough Technique Points, which is done by doing side quests, helping locals, doing Mythic tales, clearing out encampments and so on. These techniques include Kunai, Smoke Bombs, Sticky Bombs, Black Smoke Bombs, Wind Chimes and Firecrackers. The Firecrackers will most likely be the last one you get, since you have to upgrade to the Wind Chime via the Ghost skill tree.
  • Fully upgrade your sword.

    To fully upgrade your sword, you need to keep your eyes peeled for valuable materials like steel and iron, as well as all of the supplies you can get your hands on. It'll take thousands of supplies to fully upgrade your katana and you'll need to complete certain side quests to acquire gold, also used to forge your lovely new blades. Like most tasks in the game, this will come over time but grab every bundle of supplies you can find. Do that and this will be much easier to unlock.

    Supplies, iron and steel are plentiful in the environment, just search every building when you raid a Mongol encampment (any village and outpost you come across, in fact, even if it's friendly) and make sure you pick up the gifts regularly as well, gold will be the issue. In order to fully upgrade you'll need 13 pieces of gold. Here's a list to get you started:

    • Burn Down Logging Base (West of Azamo foothills in eastern Izuhara) - 2 for a mission reward.
    • Destroy Shipyard (West coast of the Yagata Forest in the Kashine territory in western Izuhara) - 2 for a mission reward.
    • Destroy The Logging Camp - Eastern coast of Azamo, just West of Jito's Point - 2 for mission reward.
    • Liberate Ogawa Dojo - Southwest of Yoichi's Slope, North-East of the Golden Temple, in Ariake in Izuhara - 2 for mission reward.

    • Liberate Fort Imai - (North-West Umugi) - 2 for a mission reward.
    • Liberate Kishibe Village (north Otsuna) - 2 for a mission reward.
    It's also possible to buy gold and iron from some merchants, at a very limited stock, specially the former so no need to farm them through quests or camps. Credit to Gildo1993 for this tip.
  • Equip a charm in all 6 slots.

    Gaining new charm slots for your sword involves tracking down Inari Shrines, which in turn are found by following foxes from their dens. When you stumble upon a Fox Den, be sure to follow one of the foxes to the Inari Shrine and you will gradually unlock all 6 charm slots. Once you've done that, equip charms to all 6 slots and boom. Charms are awarded for completing quests and valuable golden charms that can be equipped to the sword's first two slots are acquired from Shinto Shrines, found by following torii gates. By the end of the game, you'll be drowning in charms so don't worry about actively looking for them.
  • Collect 10 gifts.

    Check your map to see if a gift has been left for you at one of the game's hubs. These include locations like the Golden Temple, where a gift will appear on the altar (marked as a little gift box icon) for you to collect. These usually come after you’ve helped someone in the region and as soon as you get one a notification will pop up on screen. As soon as it does, head back to the temple. Grab 10 of these (there are way more than 10 in the game) and you'll get lots of bonus materials and supplies, then the trophy will pop.
  • Slay


    Acquire 30 pieces of Vanity Gear.

    Check your map to see if a gift has been left for you at one of the game's hubs. These include locations like the Golden Temple, where a gift will appear on the altar (marked as a little gift box icon) for you to collect. These usually come after you’ve helped someone in the region and as soon as you get one a notification will pop up on screen. As soon as it does, head back to the temple. Grab 10 of these (there are way more than 10 in the game) and you'll get lots of bonus materials and supplies, then the trophy will pop.
  • Rekindle all the lighthouses of Tsushima.


    The lighthouse fires can glitch out and not register that you have lit them so make plenty of backups and save before lighting each one. Credit to GracefulTrees for this info.
    Tsushima's coastline is home to 8 lighthouses, many of which you'll spot while galloping about the place. Some you may see during the story and others you'll have to actively seek out. Seven are fairly straightforward to find and you need only climb and light their torch to activate them. The eighth and final lighthouse is slap bang in the middle of an enemy stronghold but even if you find an alternate route to it via the coast (it's possible), the game won't let you light it until you've completed the story. Turns out there's a good reason for this so you won't be able to unlock this trophy until you've finished the game. If you're after something a little more specific, then please see the screenshots below (though see the forum version of the guide if you want the full size versions: LINK):

    See here for an alternate set of maps (credit to Optinooby): LINK

    If you require video assistance, then please see this one by PowerPyx:
  • Find and honor all of the Shinto Shrines on Tsushima.

    Whenever you come across a torii gate, you'll be able to follow a series of them to a Shinto Shrine where you’ll face a cool little traversal challenge. Do all 16 of these (acquire the Wind of Charms skill to mark a trail on your map and use a Guiding Wind to take you to each spot) and you'll get a bunch of neat gold charms and a trophy for your efforts. If you're after something more specific, then please see the maps under Light the Way for the location of all 16.
  • Personalize a scene in Photo Mode.

    To activate Photo Mode press on the D-pad. When it loads, all you have to do is tinker with some of the options (particle effects, samurai movie-style black and white vintage colour options, expressions, weather etc.) then the trophy will unlock.
  • Collect 20 Records.

    Records are little scrolls found in various places and while they don't have definitive rules on where they pop up, you will most likely find them in Japanese occupied areas, like towns, temples and so on. Rather than searching every building though, the best way to pinpoint them is to wear the Traveller's Attire, go to the map on the pause screen, press on the D-pad and click to track "Undiscovered Records" then the Guiding Wind will take you to them. This will cause the controller to vibrate when you get near to an item like this. There are 50 in total but you only need 20. Keep an eye out for them and use the Traveller’s Attire and this should be straightforward enough.
  • Collect 20 Mongol artifacts.

    Mongol artifacts can be found all over Mongol camps across the island of Tsushima. Wearing the Traveller’s Attire is the best way to boost your chances at tracking these down, because the controller will vibrate when they're nearby. When equipped, just go to the map on the pause screen, press on the D-pad and click to track "Undiscovered Artefacts" and the wind will lead you to them. There are 50 Mongol artefacts in the game and you need only unearth 20 for the trophy. If you're liberating Mongol territory, which you must do for the Platinum, you're bound to find these on your travels. Find 20 20 Mongol artifacts, then the trophy will pop.
  • Complete all Hot Springs, Haiku, Inari Shrines, and Bamboo Strikes.

    This will take while because you have to locate all 49 Inari Shrines, all 18 Hot Springs and all 18 Haiku spots but do note that the trophy won't pop until after you finish the game (credit to Mostik for this info).
    • Inari Shrines are found by following foxes from their Fox Dens, which can can be discovered by unlocking the Wind of Inari skill in the Samurai techniques menu.
    • Hot Springs can also be tracked down by unlocking the Wind of Health or by following golden birds flapping about.
    • Same goes for Bamboo Strikes (follow the Wind of Resolve or golden birds).
    • Haiku spots are trickier, because there is no Guiding Wind to help you. You will have to rely on golden birds for help and keep an eye out for flocks of birds circling them. Haikus are commonly found at beauty spots, like cliff edges looking out towards lovely views, serene forest clearings, waterfalls, and babbling rivers or streams. The 19th and final Haiku is part of the story and can't be accessed until the end of the game. Find all of these, then the trophy will pop.
    • As a side-note, if you are missing a Haiku or a Hot Spring, then check for the two NPCs at Hiyoshi Springs (the Haiku person you have to speak with beforehand is in the North-East corner on a cliff and the Hot Spring lady is down near the baths). If you're missing a Bamboo Strike, check in villages, as sometimes the village icon hides the Bamboo Strike icon. For the last 2, if in doubt, use the Guiding Wind.
    • There are three Haiku's which can't be seen on the map: You get one in a side mission and one in the final main story mission, those two are obvious to obtain if you're going for the Platinum but the one that's the easiest to miss is from an NPC on top of the cliffs overlooking Hyoshi Springs. The Haiku nor the NPC appears on the map, you have to talk to him and he'll explain what a Haiku is and why you need in times of war. Credit to Feyitsma and Spanish Assault for this info.
    See the Light the Way trophy for the full map of Tsushima, broken down into territories with the location of every notable area.
  • Liberate 12 occupied areas in Izuhara.

    See Master Liberator for details.
  • Liberate all occupied areas in Izuhara.

    See Master Liberator for details.
  • Liberate 8 occupied areas in Toyotama.

    See Master Liberator for details.
  • Liberate all occupied areas in Toyotama.

    See Master Liberator for details.
  • Liberate 7 occupied areas in Kamiagata.

    See Master Liberator for details.
  • Liberate all occupied areas in Kamiagata.

    See Master Liberator for details.
  • Liberate the entirety of Tsushima Island.

    The Mongol armies have taken over multiple areas across Tsushima, which are marked as red diamonds on the map. These include farmsteads, camps, forts and villages but all are heavily-guarded. Often, you will have to clear the location of enemies to liberate them and you can even earn increased Legend by completing the optional bonus objective.

    To find each Mongol Territory across Tsushima, you can rescue hostages who will thank you with valuable intel, which will appear on your map as a 'rumoured location' or you can check out our map to look for diamonds and greyed out fort icons. The intel you get though is never a rumour, because it's always exactly where they say it is.

    Send the Mongols packing from each region and you will liberate it, taking back the island one little bit at a time. There are 24 regions to liberate in Izuhara, 17 in Toyotama and 15 in Kamiagata. Some are story-based stronghold zones and can't be tackled while exploring the open-world, prompting the game to warn you that you're entering an area of overwhelming force. Don't even bother trying to do these outside of the narrative, unless you want to be pumped full of flaming arrows. Presumably, you don't want that. There are also some that don't appear until a certain point in the story. It's very obvious when this happens so we won’t spoil it for you.

Secret trophies

  • Recover the katana of clan Sakai.

    Story related. Cannot be missed.
    This is the first story trophy and it will unlock near the start of the game, once Jin recovers his katana.
  • Break your code to help a new friend.

    Story related. Cannot be missed.
    This will pop during 'The Warrior's Code' quest, when you you enter stealth for the first time and break your samurai code of honour.
  • Recruit the Straw Hat ronin.

    Story related. Cannot be missed.
    This unlocks when you've finished the 'Blood on the Grass' quest to enlist your old friend Ryuzo and his clan of Straw Hats.
  • Rescue Taka from Mongol captivity.

    Story related. Cannot be missed.
    Yuna's brother Taka, is forging weapons for the Mongols but got caught and is now being held captive. Free him during 'The Broken Blacksmith' quest and this trophy will unlock.
  • Free Lord Shimura from the Khan's clutches.

    Story related. Cannot be missed.
    For much of the game, Jun's uncle is held captive by Khotun Khan. Once you've got to the point where you can infiltrate Castle Kaneda during the 'Shadow of the Samurai' mission (using Taka's grappling hook), you'll be able to free Lord Shimura and take back the castle.
  • Rally the peasants of Yarikawa.

    Story related. Cannot be missed.
    During Act 2, you'll undertake multiple quests to aid the people of Yarikawa. Complete them all and you'll unlock this trophy.
  • Recover your father's armor.

    Story related. Cannot be missed.
    During Act 2, you'll return home and reunite with old family servant Yuriko. She'll help you find your father's old armour, which you'll be able to wear following completion of the 'Ghosts of the Past' questline. This Sakai Samurai armour when upgraded, enables you to perform more Standoff kills.
  • Eradicate the traitors in the name of a fallen friend.

    Story related. Cannot be missed.
    During Act 2, you'll be tasked with dealing with traitors via several quests. Complete them all and this trophy will unlock.
  • Embrace your new identity.

    Story related. Cannot be missed.
    Jin's path to become the fabled Ghost, will take a dark turn at the end of the 'From the Darkness' mission so complete this quest then the trophy will pop.
  • Reunite with your allies in the frozen north.

    Story related. Cannot be missed.
    Upon reaching Act 3 and starting the 'Honour and Ash' quest, head to the frozen northern region of Kamiagata and meet up with Yuna, Sensei Ishikawa, Kenshi and Lady Masako. Complete the quest then the trophy will pop.
  • Confront the Khan.

    Story related. Cannot be missed.
    This is the final showdown with the ruthless Khotun Khan. This unfolds across several stages where you'll need to flip stances to combat his different weapons. Dodge, weave and parry until the Khan is dead, thus completing the 'Eternal Blue Sky' quest and popping the trophy.
  • Leave the past behind and accept the burden of your new mantle.

    Story related. Cannot be missed.
    Following your showdown with the Khan, you'll engage in what is essentially an epilogue, reuniting with Lord Shimura for a final reckoning. Ride with Shimura for 'The Tale of Lord Shimura' quest to see the game out to the end then this trophy will be all yours. The ending decision also has no bearing on this trophy so choose whichever one you like.
  • Complete all of Norio's Tales.

    Simply complete all of Norio's 9 quests then this will pop. These are marked on the map with a white portrait of Norio and have him stood to the right of the quest text when looking at them in the journal (they are also numbered there too). These quests will not start until Act 2 and you won't be able to finish the questline until Act 3. The 9 quests are as follows:
    • The Last Warrior Monk
    • Three Actions, Three Illusions
    • Ghosts in the Fog
    • The Birth of Suffering
    • The Blood Sutra
    • The Cause of Suffering
    • The End of Suffering
    • The Guardian of Tsushima
    • This Threefold World
  • Complete all of Masako's Tales.

    Simply complete all of Masako's 9 quests then this will pop. These are marked on the map with a white portrait of Lady Masako and have her stood to the right of the quest text when looking at them in the journal (they are also numbered there too). Masako’s quest line starts in Act 1 and finishes in Act 3. The 9 quests are as follows:
    • The Tale of Lady Masako
    • The Headman
    • The Husband
    • The Traitor
    • The Fool
    • The Family Man
    • The Thief
    • The Conspirator
    • The Sister Betrayed
  • Complete all of Ishikawa's Tales.

    Complete all of Ishikawa's 9 quests then this will pop. These are marked on the map with a white portrait of Ishikawa and have him stood to the right of the quest text when looking at them in the journal (they are also numbered there too). Ishikawa's quests start in Act 1 and finish in Act 3. The 9 quests are as follows:
    • The Tale of Sensei Ishikawa
    • The Sensei and the Student
    • The Past Never Passes
    • The Way of the Bow
    • Dreams of Conquest
    • The Ghost and the Demon Sensei
    • The Terror of Otsuna
    • Friends in Passing
    • Laid to Rest
  • Complete all of Yuna's Tales.

    Complete all 4 of Yuna's quests then this will pop. These are marked on the map with a white portrait of Yuna and have her stood to the right of the quest text when looking at them in the journal (they are also numbered there too). They will not start appearing until Act 2, when you reach Toyotama but will finish before the end of the Act. The quests in Act 1 don't count towards this trophy.
    • The Tale of Yuna
    • Silent Death
    • The Black Wolf
    • Message In Blood
  • Shoot a Terrified enemy with an arrow while they are fleeing.

    Sometimes, when enemies bear witness to your brutal skills, they will run away in fear - this is especially the case the further you get into the game. When this happens, be sure to turn your focus on to them, then loose an arrow into their back. Unlock the focus ability to enter slow-motion when aiming by pressing and will make this easier. Also, the Ghost armour acquired later in the game will cause enemies to become terrified a lot more frequently (especially if you upgrade it) so give that a go if you're having issue with this trophy. In terms of where to try it, well, it happens so much later on in the game you can try this with any set of enemies. If it doesn’t trigger, move to another group.
  • Kill an enemy with fall damage by knocking them off a ledge.

    Note: It is recommended you attempt this trophy before liberating all outposts to make it as easy as possible, else it will be a pain to get if you don't.

    Obviously, you're going to want to find a nice high point for this. In fact, there's a lovely spot Southwest of Exile's Bluff (South of the Komatsu Forge in Izuhara) on the coast where a group of bandits can be found near a cart. Coax one to the edge, sidestep them with the circle button and then use the Wind Stance's (the third one you unlock) 'Typhoon Kick' to send them flying over the cliff for an insta-kill. If that fails, archers are your best bet on towers in and around Tsushima, as they usually like to station themselves on tall precipices or near cliff edges. If the fall proves fatal, the trophy will pop.
    Alt method (credit to Veritas7Ax):
    I got "Have a Nice Fall" by just doing the Wind Stace kick move (hold ) on an enemy that was low health while standing on slight incline. If you kick them down a small ramp or incline, the fall damage, even from a very small height, might kill them. I admit it's probably not the best method but it could be a situation you find yourself in a few times throughout the game.

    See the following video for an easy way to the get this trophy (credit to Matt Malcore):
  • Discover Umugi Cove.

    Umugi Cove is in the Southwest of Toyotama (second area) and there are a series of quests around that region but one of the main quests takes you to the region where it's located. Masako's 5th quest, 'The Fool', has an exact marker which takes you right to Umugi Cove so go there and the trophy will unlock.
  • Bow to 10 hidden altars across Tsushima.

    Unseen altars are marked in the world as little wooden signposts with a bowing symbol etched onto them. That's your cue to bow and witness a neat little secret. To bow, swipe down on the touchpad (), then watch the dancing fish, jumping frogs etc. Hidden altars are all over the place - in villages, Shinto Shrine pathways etc. Find 10 of these, then the trophy will pop.

    Here is where you can find 10 hidden altars:
    • Yoichi Crossroads - Southwest of the Hiyoshi Spring, in the Southern part of the encampment by the praying statues.
    • Mending Rock Shrine - On the path to the Mending Rock Shrine, right at the beginning of the long and winding road, North-East of the Hiyoshi region in Izuhara.
    • Kanedi Inlet Pillar of Honour - On the beach to the west of the Castle Kaneda is a pillar with a hidden altar in front of it.
    • Izuhara Clearing - South of the inlet, Southwest of the castle, is a large tree in a field where you can bow.
    • Komatsu Forge - Southern Komatsu, in the South-East of the village surrounding the forge, you’ll find one of these altars in a cemetery, surrounded by lanterns, up on a plinth.
    • Kechi Fishing Village - On the river (Komodo side) you'll see one on the pier.
    • Tayadori's Rest - There is a hidden altar in the middle of the purple flowers here.
    • Omi Lake - On the Southwest side of Omi Lake in Toyotama, you'll find a little jetty with a sign here to bow.
    • Kashine Forest - Southwest of the Survivor Camp here and East of the nearby Fox Den, right by a lovely tree and a small cemetery plot (just up from a small camp).
    • Kashine Hills - just to the east of the White Dye merchant, by a building with a pond at the centre of Kashine Hills (near a tree).
  • Discover a Pillar of Honor and collect its Sword Kit.

    There are 23 Pillar of Honour sites in Ghost of Tsushima, each with a fancy sword sheath, sporting a new design. Find one of these and the trophy will unlock. Like the Shinto Shrines, the Samurai skill tree has a Wind of Vanity Guiding Wind that will take you to all 23 of these, if you want to acquire each of them. You only need one though so just head to the Southeast of the Hiyoshi Springs, on the coast and you’ll find one there.
  • Purchase an item from the Black and White Dye Merchants.

    In the first and second regions of Tsushima you will find the Black and White Dye Merchants hidden away in their own little shop. These guys will sell you dyes for your weapons and armour so buy 1 dye from each merchant then the trophy will pop. Here are their locations:
    • White Dye Merchant - Just West of the Wanderer's Pass on the map in Izuhara, at the top of a mini mountain, near a bamboo strike in North-East Kashine in the first region.
    • Black Dye Merchant - The Eastern part of the Toyotama region, between Urashima's Village on the coast and Kawamata Village (it's much closer to the latter), which is North of the Yarikawa Stronghold. He is hanging out in a cave in a bamboo forest.
    Buy 1 item from each (for 5-10 flowers), then the trophy will pop.
  • Dress up as a legendary thief.

    Dressing up as a 'legendary thief' involves finding the various elements of his outfit which are scattered throughout Tsushima. There are 5 pieces in all, some of which you will not be able to gain access to until the final Act. The 5 pieces you need (and their locations) are:
    • Gosaku's Armour - Can be received from completing "The Unbreakable Gosaku" Mythic Tale.
    • The "Crooked Kama Headband" - on top of one of the pagodas near Jogaku Temple in Kamiagata (follow the golden bird, then use your grappling hook to climb up).
    • The Sly Tanuki sword kit is found at a Pillar of Honour in the third area on the Eastern coast (use the Guiding Wind to locate the Pillars of Honour up north).
    • Ocean's Guardian - This is a dye for the armour (which must be unlocked first) and can be purchased from a merchant.
    • Thief’s Wrap - The Thief’s Wrap is actually a gift that is given to you at some point in the game and can be picked up from the gift altar at the Golden Temple (on the right) for instance.
  • Play the "Lament of the Storm" at a friend's grave.

    Before attempting this trophy, you need to unlock "Lament of the Storm" for your flute. In order to unlock it you'll need to find 5 'Singing Crickets' before you finish Act 2. They can be found by equipping the Traveller’s Attire, going to the map screen when paused, press on the D-pad and go down to track undiscovered 'Singing Crickets'. Once you have 5, go to the accessories section in the gear tab and equip the "Lament of the Storm" in the flute section.

    Once you've done that, at a story juncture fairly late (just before the end of Act 2) in the game, you will see a certain character meet an unfortunate, tragic demise (It's obvious when we mean though so don't worry about it). As soon as the whole affair has played out, you'll be stood at their grave. Make sure you have the 'Lament of the Storm' tune equipped to your flute and then swipe left on the Touchpad () to perform the melancholy ditty. Do this, then the trophy will unlock.

    If you don't want to use the Traveller's Attire to get the cricket locations, here is where 5 of them can be found:
    • In the Graveyard North of Azamo Bay, west of the Tangled Crossroads
    • In Takazudama Cemetery, which is to the Southwest of Izuhara
    • In the cemetery, that is slightly North of Urashima village in Toyotama.
    • North-East of Komoda, North of the Old Woodsman's Canopy is a cemetery.
    • Just slightly South-East of the Wolf Cub Falls in Komodo, the cemetery is in-between the haiku and the fox den.
    Yuriko's short quest line in Act 2 takes you to 4 or 5 cemeteries so you way wish to wait until then, to do this trophy.

DLC: Legends Mode

6 trophies

DLC: New Game+

2 trophies

DLC: Iki Island: Story

7 trophies


Secret trophies

DLC: Iki Island: Exploration

6 trophies


Secret trophies

DLC: Legends: Rivals and Mastery Challenges

4 trophies

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