Clean-a-rama Trophy

  • Clean-a-rama


    Get a combo-pop of 100 or more germs with one shot

    It is likely that you will earn this trophy while trying for The Inoculator trophy.

    In Arcade mode, while playing on Pandemic difficulty, wait until you have a purple germ as your next shot and let the germs get as close to the top as possible (Simply wait while they rise to the top). Bank the purple germ off either wall as high as you can. As long as the germ does not connect with another purple germ before it hits the bottom you will clear the entire screen. It may take a few attempts to get it right, but since you should be using purple gems to clear the screen in arcade mode anyway, you will probably get it without much trouble. During your 5 minutes in arcade mode you will have ample opportunities to do this.

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