Can't Touch This Trophy in Galak-Z: The Dimensional

  • Can't Touch This


    Complete a mission without getting hit


    How to unlock Can't Touch This

    Glitch Warning: This trophy on the EU version of the game seems to be glitched; it currently only works on the Void stage. Try the below method on the Void level and it should pop for you.

    This trophy may come naturally, but if not it is relatively easy as long as you focus on it. If you take any damage (including to your shield), you will have to try again.

    Most enemies on the early levels can be skipped altogether, and some don't even shoot at you, functioning solely as alerts for other, larger enemies. You are able to move more quickly than the enemies in this game by using your boost (), so take advantage of that to put some distance between you and them.

    Note that at the end of every level there will be a group of enemies patrolling the stage exit. You will need to either distract and lure away these enemies, or destroy them, in order to exit the level.

    Refer to the video below to see a successful no-hit run of Season 1 Episode 1. Note that the levels are ordered randomly, so the level 1-1 below may not be quite the same as yours, but should be similar enough that you get the idea of how to go about earning the trophy.

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