Metamorphosis Trophy in Galak-Z: The Dimensional

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    Rescue Admiral Akamoto

    How to unlock Metamorphosis

    This Season will start you off with the Mech form of your ship. You went a whole "Season" without knowing your ship could become a Mech? Plot twist! Switch from your ship to the mech and back with .

    This Season is also where you will encounter your first Void Raiders. These enemies are similar to the Imperials, so use the same tactics as you would on them when encountering these guys.

    Season 2 ramps up the difficulty with increased amounts of large enemies. The sword enemies you encountered in the last Season are regular enemies often paired with other large enemies, so keep your cool and remember to back away while shooting (), dodge (), and strafe () when being shot at. There are lots of tight space station corridors in this Season, so use that to your advantage and destroy enemies with the environment by picking up objects as the Mech () and throwing them at enemies ( again); using exploding set pieces on groups of enemies is a quick and easy way to get the jump on them, killing off smaller enemies instantly.

    Happily, the boss for this Season is technically nothing you haven't dealt with before. The only real difficult part about the boss is the setting you must fight him in. For the boss fight you are placed into an enclosed space with two turrets and a large sword-wielding Imperial. The room is taller than it is wide, and your Mech will be all but useless against the heavily armed Imperial, so take to the ship and do your best to dodge his attacks when he gets close. By now if you've not mastered shooting enemies while backing away, it might be a good time to practice. Weave back and forth up and down through the room while shooting at the boss (don't forget about your missiles!), and he should go down relatively quickly. I suggest ignoring the turrets (they are heavily shielded), and just keep hitting to dodge whenever any bullets or the boss get near. Basically this entire has been full of these enemies in order to prepare you for this fight!

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