Darkest Before Dawn Trophy in Galak-Z: The Dimensional

  • Darkest Before Dawn


    Slay White Tusk

    How to unlock Darkest Before Dawn

    The bulk of Season One is simple missions consisting of picking up items and defeating Imperials and Space Bugs along the way. Nothing overly difficult here, you'll be earning your wings, so to say, learning the ropes in your basic ship.

    The boss for Season 1 can be quite difficult given your probable lack of overall experience and upgrades, but should be manageable if you've mastered shooting while backing up. Use to keep your distance from the boss while he comes toward you, shooting and using your missiles as much as you can. Note that you can boost while going in reverse to better keep your distance. If the boss gets too close, fire your thrusters and dodge to the his side. Time your duke () to avoid his attacks as best you can. Happily, the boss "arena" is wide open, so if you take damage to your shields you can easily run away to refresh them.

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