Data Gatherer Trophy in Gal*Gun: Double Peace

  • Data Gatherer


    Complete Profiles for Every Girl

    How to unlock Data Gatherer

    The requirements for the trophy are:

    - Get endings for Shinobu, Maya, Kurona, Patako, Ekoro and Yuko Yureino routes.
    - For every other girl get her notebook, measure her three sizes (Bust, Waist, Hips) and use Doki-Doki Mode on her in gym clothes and her swimsuit.
    Medal ranking for the girls goes up by one of these:
    - Completing the "left side" of their profile. That means notebook, her measurements and any Doki-Doki mode.
    - Getting her ending in the True Love route
    - Using Doki-Doki mode on her in gym clothes and her swimsuit.
    You will need to get at least silver rank in every single girl's profile. Example:

    From left to right: Blank means you haven’t gotten enough info on her yet.
    Bronze: You have completed 1 page.
    Silver: You have completed 2 pages – which is required for the trophy.
    Gold: You have completed every single page of that girl.

    The easiest way to go about doing this would be getting a girl's notebook, get her measurements and do her True Love Ending by maxing her affection which can only be done on the The Unseen Destiny route.

    To get a girl's True Love Ending you will need to start The Unseen Destiny route and raise a girl's affection to 5 hearts. To raise the affection of a girl you will need to check her requirements on the Episode Menu by hitting . This will bring up a long list of all the girls and by clicking on a girl, you can see what she likes and what she dislikes:

    You can tweak these 4 skills by spending feathers at the Academy Shop. The items will be purchasable at the start of either Episode 3-2 or 4-1. The items are:

    Swirly Glasses – Boost your Intellect
    Iron Dumbbell – Boost your Athleticism
    Fashion Magazine – Boost your Style
    Oh My, Senpai – Boost your Lewdness
    Cursed Glasses – Lowers your Intellect
    Cursed Dumbbell – Lowers your Athleticism
    Lame Fashion Mag – Lowers your Style
    Chastity 4 Dummies – Lowers your lewdness

    Boost your stats or lower them for the girl you are trying to max affection with and then play through an episode or two with her in it. Hitting the girls with Ecstasy Shot that likes you will give her half to a full heart. Doing Doki-Doki Mode on her will almost give her 5 hearts right away so try to find the girl and Doki-Doki Mode her. Once you have maxed affection with a girl, the game will ask you if you want to skip to the final fight, which you can freely do to get that girls true ending faster. A kind soul has created a spreadsheet with every single girl and where she can be found: LINK

    The Notebooks which can be used to help fill out the first page can be found throughout the game and can have 2 different looks:

    Just shoot them in order to collect them and it will be added to the first page of a girl’s profile. These are often in plain sight but sometimes they can be hidden inside various places like lockers or trash cans. Remember you still need to get their measurements. You get a girl's measurement by zooming onto her with and aim at her chest, waist and hips, it will then show a line telling you it's currently collecting the info. To make it easier I would recommend buying the measurement tape from the Academy Shop.

    There is 1 character that is required for the Student IDs which is the hidden "Ghost Girl". She can be found throughout the game but you can only make her fall in love with you during The Unseen Destiny route. To make her fall in love with you, you will need to shoot her in several different locations. She is hidden and can only be seen by a tiny blue light or by zooming onto her. If you miss her, you can reload the stage and try again.

    She will appear in the following Episodes:

    Episode 1-2: When you look up to the overhead passage, she's in the window to the left.

    Episode 3-1 - 1st year classroom: After you exit the classroom if you look left at some blue double doors. She is just in front of the doors slightly to the right, crouched down.

    Episode 3-2 Behind Gym: After you turn left to the alleyway between two buildings, she will be on the left side.

    Episode 4-1 2nd year classroom: Hiding in the locker inside the classroom.

    Episode 4-2 Forbidden space: In the blue room right at the end after coming out of the vent, directly in front of you.

    Episode 5-1 Track: In the doorway of the school behind the blue cars.

    Episode 5-2 Cave: Picking the second Right route. She's at the back left in the room where girls come out of the holes in the ground.

    Episode 6-1 Pool: In the corner to the right of the diving boards, next to a bunch of boxes.

    Episode 6-2 Gym: Picking the left route, then she will be sitting on the blue spectator benches on the upper level of the gym.

    Episode Final-2 Roof (PM): Behind the locker, sitting on the stairs on the left where the three possessed teachers appears.

    Please see this video by STARS AVELLANEDA if you're having problems locating the Ghost:

    Below is a list of all Student IDs and in which area they can be found:

    1st Year students:

    1. Maya Kamizono - No I.D.
    2. Sayaka Nitta - 2F Stairway
    3. Mina Kokorozaki - 1st Yr Class
    4. Maoko Nira - Library
    5. Megumi Tendou - Courtyard
    6. Kazusa Kuchiki - Shoe lockers
    7. Aki Nikaidou - Entrance
    8. Koko Satsuki - Behind Gym
    9. Tsukasa Nishiguchi - 1st Yr class
    10. Rion Harusame - Pool 2
    11. Rina Teramoto - Sakara Road ~ Picking the right route
    12. Otome Kurosawa - Library
    13. Mai Aoshima - Stairway
    14. Sayoko Koshika - Gym
    15. Kusumi Shinoname - Roof (PM) ~ Picking the right route
    16. Shiho Hoshisora - Stairway
    17. Maki Sudo - Cave 2
    18. Anita Bellman - Courtyard 2
    19. Mihono Matsubara - Cave ~ Picking the 2nd right route
    20. Kazumi Nanbara - New Building
    21. Yukina Jinho - Gym Entrance
    22. Kanko Shishido - Cave 2 (This is a pain to get so see here for the strategy, credit to pokedude900: LINK)
    23. Patako Amatsuka - Dressing room

    2nd Year students:

    1. Shinobu Kamizono - No I.D.
    2. Tsubomi Haruno - Dressing Room
    3. Kasumi Sakaguchi - Courtyard 2
    4. Kumi Kobayashi - Cafeteria
    5. Neneko Kosugi - Forbidden Room ~ Picking the left route
    6. Saki Takeda - Track
    7. Fumi Tsukada - Forbidden Room ~ Picking the right route
    8. Riko Kuroda - 2nd Yr Class
    9. Maria Natsuki - Gym 2 ~ Picking the left route
    10. Tsuzumi Murasame - 2F Hallway
    11. Tsugumi Tachibana - Sakara Road ~ Picking the up route
    12. Midori Hanba - Stairway ~ Picking the left route
    13. Junko Hitotsubashi - 2nd Year classroom
    14. Mikoto Kumano - Entrance
    15. Hayari Kuse - 2F Hallway
    16. Ruriko Mikasa - Stairway ~ Picking the right route
    17. Ran Himeno - Hallway (PM)
    18. Uraraka Nishihina - Sakara Road (PM) ~ Picking the right route
    19. Nanami Ise - Entrance 2
    20. Karen Sazanami - Pool ~ Picking the left route
    21. Kaho Akagi - Tennis court
    22. Rikiko Tanaka - Front entrance
    23. Aoi Uno - No I.D.

    3rd year students:

    1. Mei Suzano - 3rd Yr Class
    2. Kazami Saijou - Sakara Road (PM) ~ Picking the left route
    3. Madoka Tsukimiya - Dressing Room (2)
    4. Susume Asano - Cave ~ Picking the 2nd left route
    5. Yuki Shirogami - Gym
    6. Maki Kuroda - New Building
    7. Saori Fujiwara - Front entrance
    8. Mirai Wakaba - 3rd Yr Class
    9. Miho Kusunoki - Infirmary
    10. Sango Namiki - Tennis court
    11. Sayou Suguri - 3F Hallway
    12. Yuyou Suguri - 3F Hallway
    13. Ringo Kotobuki - Cafeteria
    14. Yurina Gozo - Track
    15. Mafuyu Yanagida - Pool 2
    16. Yuka Saitou - Pool ~ Picking the right route
    17. Konomi Kujirai - Gym 2 ~ Picking the right route
    18. Yuri Tsurugi - Gym Entrance
    19. Akiko Masami - Hallway (PM)
    20. Ren Yoshikawa - Courtyard
    21. Shizuka Ninomiya - Shoe lockers


    1. Saori Fujino - Park (PM) ~ Picking the left route
    2. Michiya Azuma - Park (PM) ~ Picking the right route
    3. Reina Kuribayashi - Roof (PM) ~ Picking the left route
    4. Asuka Hattori - Entrance 2
    5. Kirara Kurashiki - Behind gym

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