Getting Things Done Trophy in Gal*Gun: Double Peace

  • Getting Things Done


    Fulfill 10 of the Girls' Requests

    How to unlock Getting Things Done

    While going through the different routes you can complete quests from the girls. You can see the quests on the Episode menu by clicking . This will bring up your phone where you can see the requests from the girls.

    All the quests are straight forward. It's either collect and item, scan a girl or shoot a girl. Quest Items can be found in the different episode and the only way to see them are by zooming onto them. These can be hidden in trees, trash-bins, lockers, shower rooms etc. When looking for them a small icon will appear which you will need to shoot to collect the item for the request.

    You will most likely get this trophy without really trying for it since they are pretty easy and hard to miss so if you see one and you miss it, you can either restart the episode or just keep going as there will be plenty more to grab later on.

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