Monster Hunting on Campus Trophy in Gal*Gun: Double Peace

  • Monster Hunting on Campus


    Receive a "Perfect!" Score VS Mr. Demon Balloon

    How to unlock Monster Hunting on Campus

    I recommend buying the Damage boost drinks from the shop to up your damage output as doing so will make this fight and the other fights are breeze. Remember you need to have max stars in Time, Damage & Accuracy after the fight.

    Mr. Demon Balloon will slowly spin around with the girl inside. Similar to Mr. Veggie you will need to zoom in with to find the girl and shoot the thing she is holding. He will also do a mini-event where you go inside and must shoot the tentacles. Avoid hitting the girl to not take damage at the final score screen. Once you are outside again, he will move and spin around so you can’t see the girl. You can zoom into his eyes and shoot the eyeballs to make him change direction. Shooting left makes him spin left and right makes him spin right.

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