Battle With the Bae: Maya Trophy in Gal*Gun: Double Peace

  • Battle With the Bae: Maya


    Receive a "Perfect!" Score VS Maya

    How to unlock Battle With the Bae: Maya

    This fight happens at the end of Episode FINAL-2 during Maya's path.

    I recommend that you buy the Damage boost drinks from the shop to up your damage output as doing so will make this fight and the other fights are breeze. Remember you need to have max stars in Time, Damage & Accuracy after the fight.

    Maya will run from side to side and throw paper at you. You will need to shoot her and avoid getting hit by the paper she throws. You can shoot the paper to avoid the damage. After a set amount of damage she will start a mini-event where she will throw her doll into the air and it will split into 3. You will need to shoot all 3 in a very short period to avoid taking damage. Rinse and repeat until she is down. To do maximum damage to Maya, shoot her in the back of her Left Knee.

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