Battle With the Bae: Shinobu Trophy in Gal*Gun: Double Peace

  • Battle With the Bae: Shinobu


    Receive a "Perfect!" Score VS Shinobu

    How to unlock Battle With the Bae: Shinobu

    This fight happens at the end of Episode FINAL-2 during Shinobu's path.

    Like getting a Perfect during the events you will need to be almost flawless at fighting her. In order to get a Perfect, you need to remember 3 things: Accuracy, Damage and Time. All these 3 things are factored into the fight so you will need to avoid missing her, avoid taking damage and still complete it in a decent enough time. The time isn’t super sensitive so you do have quite a bit of time.

    I advise you buy the Damage boost drinks from the shop to up your damage output. Doing so will make this fight and the other fights are breeze. Remember you need to have max stars in Time, Damage & Accuracy after the fight.

    The fight itself is straight forward. She will run around, aim at you and shoot you. You must shoot her in order to damage her, while still avoiding getting hit by her bullets. You can shoot the bullets she shoots to avoid getting hit. After she has taken a set amount of damage she will start a small mini-cut scene where she will pick up a rocket launcher and shoot 3 rockets into the air. When the event is over you have a short period to shoot the 3 rockets down which will then fall down and damage her. After that is done she will add a new phase. She will now also hide behind some pillars. You can zoom in with to see which pillar she is behind so you can get a lot of free damage in while she isn't doing much. Again, after a set amount of damage she will just rotate between the 3 phases. To do maximum damage to Shinobu, shoot her in the butt.

    You can also do all of the Perfect scores in Score Attack mode, however this is not recommended since you cannot upgrade your damage so it will be harder and take longer to beat.

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