All Options Considered Trophy in Gal*Gun: Double Peace

  • All Options Considered


    View All of the True Endings

    How to unlock All Options Considered

    There is a total of 8 True endings you need to see. They are:
    • Angel & Demon Route
    • Maya Route
    • Shinobu Route
    • Sisters Route
    • Unseen Destiny Route
    • Patako Route (Halo Required)
    • Aoi Ending
    Most of them are straight forward as long as you get a S rank and max out their affection points. However the Patako ending requires you get 2 pieces of a Halo before you can access it. You get Halo #1 by beating Maya and Shinobu's routes, both with the true ending and you get Halo #2 by beating the Angel & Demon routes with true endings. As soon as you have both pieces of the Halo you can do the Patako ending. The Patako route is available when you go through the Kurona route after Episode 6-2. You will get a question to which you need to answer "Help me, Ekoro!" it will take you to her route.

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