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  • Kurona = Best Girl


    View Kurona's True Ending

    How to unlock Kurona = Best Girl

    To get the Kurona's True ending you will need to pick her route, get S rank and have maximum affection with her at the end of the game. If you don't, then you will only get the Good Ending. To raise her affection, you will need to answer her questions correctly and you will need to avoid hitting her during mini-events as that will lower her affection.

    + means you gain affection, - means you will lose it and = means no change at all. Answers for her True Ending:

    Episode 3-2 – Arrived at the roof

    + Return her back to normal!
    = You're a coward!!
    + You activated my trap card!
    + I will reveal Shinobu's past
    - Where's the sexy costume?

    Episode 3-2 – After you defeat Shinobu

    + Shout real loud! Scream "dumbass!"
    = Vitamin B1 is good when you're PO'd
    = Wanna eat some Pokky?
    - I get it, but...please chill out
    + You can cry on my shoulder

    Episode 4-1

    + Take a long hard look in the mirror
    = Let's discuss this intelligently...
    = How much cash do you want?
    + Gotta stop them, even by force
    - I welcome sexy mischief!

    Episode 4-2 – After you find Maya

    + Come back to your senses!
    + I'll take you back by force if I must
    + I should splash her with hot water
    + You're not a doll
    - Shall we play dress up?

    Route Split – Pick “Poke me with the demon spear first!”

    Episode 5-1 – After you clear the stage

    + We gotta go help!
    - I wanna jump like a badass into it
    = Heyyyyyy! Come on out!
    = We should go call for help!
    + Try shouting a secret into it

    Episode 5-2 – After you arrive at the end of the cave

    = We won't know unless we try!
    + It's a battle of wits!
    + Time for a monster card battle!
    + It's a test of strength!
    - Let's battle with dirty jokes!

    Episode 5-2 – After you defeat Mr. Demon Veggie

    + Let's carry them to the Infirmary!
    = If they're here they'll get dirty
    + *draw on their faces*
    + We should give them first aid
    - Now I can really mess with them!

    Episode 6-2 – After you arrive at on the roof of the gym

    - Stop doing this right now!
    + Tentacles really suit you!
    + Well done, Kurona-chan!
    + Rip those things right off, Ekoro!
    = An angel wrapped in tentacles?!

    Episode 6-2 - After you defeat Mr. Demon Balloon

    = Okay, okay... Cool your jets
    + Have a cup of tea and relax
    + What's wrong with a make-up lesson?!
    = Studying is quite important...
    - If it's phys ed, I can totally help

    Episode 6-2 – Pick “Let’s Find her missing Spear!” if you have both pieces of a Halo

    Episode FINAL

    + I was hoping we could be friends
    + I'll get her back to normal!
    + Kurona, give me your "paw!!"
    + How about the pheromone shot?!
    - I guess I'll rub her boobs

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