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  • Ekoro = Best Girl


    View Ekoro's True Ending

    How to unlock Ekoro = Best Girl

    To get Ekoros's True ending you will need to pick her route, get S rank and have maximum affection with her at the end of the game. If you don’t, you will only get the Good Ending. To raise her affection, you will need to answer her questions correctly and you will need to avoid hitting her during mini-events as that will lower her affection.

    + means you gain affection, - means you will lose it and = means no change at all. Answers for her True Ending:

    Episode 3-2 – Arrived at the roof

    + Return her back to normal!
    = You're a coward!!
    + You activated my trap card!
    + I will reveal Shinobu's past
    - Where's the sexy costume?

    Episode 3-2 – After you defeat Shinobu

    + Shout real loud! Scream "dumbass!"
    = Vitamin B1 is good when you're PO'd
    = Wanna eat some Pokky?
    - I get it, but...please chill out
    + You can cry on my shoulder

    Episode 4-1

    + Take a long hard look in the mirror
    = Let's discuss this intelligently...
    = How much cash do you want?
    + Gotta stop them, even by force
    - I welcome sexy mischief!

    Episode 4-2 – After you find Maya

    + Come back to your senses!
    + I'll take you back by force if I must
    + I should splash her with hot water
    + You're not a doll
    - Shall we play dress up?

    Route Split – Pick "Ekoro is right, let's help Kurona"

    Episode 5-1 – After your meeting with Kurona

    + Absolutely not!
    + I'm interested in this for science!
    - I think I ate too many panties
    ? I'm just into the designs, that's it
    + I'm a man! I can't help it!

    Episode 5-2 – After you stole the panties
    + I wanna get more physical...
    + I wanna play a smart trick...
    + I'll cut a potato and make a stamp!
    + We still have more to do?
    - Let's do more sexy mischief!

    Episode 6-2 – After you arrived on the top of the gym
    + *try and tear off the tentacles*
    + I'm gonna save you!
    + *shout in the 2nd controller's mic!*
    = *read the flow of the wind*
    - Is this tentacle scene a reward?

    Episode 6-2 – After you defeat Mr. Demon Balloon
    + Do you want some water?
    + Should I get you some medicine?
    = This the work of the aliens!
    + Let's go to the Infirmary!
    - Will a kiss make it better?

    Episode FINAL – After you arrive on the roof
    = I can't fight with Ekoro...
    + Even if it's by sheer strength...
    - Holy crap, is Ekoro a yandere?!
    + Will she really return to normal?
    + *licky lick*

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