I Love 'Em Both! Trophy in Gal*Gun: Double Peace

  • I Love 'Em Both!


    View Sisters Route's True Ending

    How to unlock I Love 'Em Both!

    To get the Sister’s True ending you need to pick their route, get S rank and have maximum affection with them at the end of the game. If you don’t, you will only get the Good Ending. To raise their affection you will need to answer their questions correctly and you will need to avoid hitting them during mini-events as that will lower her affection.

    + means you gain affection, - means you will lose it and = means no change at all. Answers for their True Ending:

    Episode 1-2
    + We call that thing a "simulacra"
    + You two look great in your uniforms
    - The sun was too bright
    = I'm just getting warmed up
    = - I wanted to rub you down

    Episode 3-1 - 2F Hallway

    - It's all the angel's fault
    + Because I'm Captain Cool Guy
    + The seal has been broken
    + They were just short on oxygen
    = Whatever, just gimme your panties

    Episode 3-2 – Stairway

    Arrived at the roof:
    + Is it really all that bad?
    + You don't have to do it if it's bad
    - Phone home to the mothership!
    = I'm confident in my strength
    + *revel in Maya's shame*

    After the Sister’s Odd Ritual
    + Reflect on what you did!
    = Was that just an updraft?
    + Nay! Only I may use such sorcery!
    + You got some nice air on that jump
    - I could see your panties

    Episode 4-2 - Forbidden Room

    + Try not to overdo it, alright?
    + You must be good at sports
    = That's the tunnel effect!
    = Did your clothes get all dirty?
    - Did your butt get stuck?

    Episode 5-1 - 3rd Yr Class
    = I bet I can throw it pretty far
    + Your tie is crooked
    - How does it taste?
    + How does this work?
    = Is this type non-penetrating?

    Episode 5-2 – Pool

    Arrived at the pool:
    + That swimsuit looks good on you
    + I'd love to know the ingredients
    + You look like a Z'Gox!
    - Let's go for a nice swim
    = Is that an...aphrodisiac?

    After Demon-Attracting Balm
    + You must be really motivated now
    + Can you rub some on me too?
    - Need some Fabreeze up in here now
    + I think I applied too much...
    - You two smell really purdy...

    Episode 6-1 New Building

    - Let's have a test of strength!
    - I'll think up an awesome strategy!
    + Kurona-chan is so cute!
    + I'll back you guys up!
    + What a naughty trick!

    Episode 6-2 - Cave (2)

    Before the Mr. Demon Veggie
    + Their clothes will get all dirty!
    + Let them go!
    - Can I take a picture?
    = What type of plant is that?
    + Thank you for your tentacles

    After Mr. Demon Veggie battle:
    + I'm glad you're both safe
    + Are you hurt?
    = As a reward, will you rub me down?
    + Did you see how brave I was?
    - As a reward, can I rub your boobs?

    Episode FINAL-2 - Park (PM)
    + I'll keep acting like a fool
    + I want the three of us to be happy
    + Super Polyamory Team Unite!
    - I can't think of any other way
    + I really just want a threesome

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