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    How to unlock Shinobu = Best Girl

    To get Shinobu's true ending will need to raise her affection level while going through her route and you will need to get a S rank before reaching the ending. You will gain affection points by picking the right answers when she talks to you and in order to get a S rank, you will need to shoot the school girls throughout the game with Euphoria and try to keep your combo score up. Don't be afraid to use Doki-Doki mode as it adds to your bonus. Do remember you also get points by the end of each chapter from Time, Accuracy & Damage so try to clear the stages as smooth as you can. It's not as difficult as it may sound. Below, I have put down all the correct answers which will gain affection points and which will make you lose affection points.

    + means you gain affection, - means you will lose it and = means no change at all. Answers for their True Ending:

    Episode 1-2 - After you have selected her route:

    - Let's do a little experiment
    = *Wink at Her*
    + For now, take off your clothes
    + Let’s go do some cardio!
    + Teach her body directly

    Episode 3-2 - After arrive at the gym storage room:

    + You're so cute
    - Sorry….
    + Woof woof!
    = You're good at cat sounds
    + Be more captivating!

    Episode 3-2 - After Shinobu gets stuck in the window:

    = Think of another way
    - This skirt you got is pretty nice
    + *Play a drum solo on her butt*
    + Forcefully push really hard
    + *stroke*

    Episode 4-1 - After being accused of being a panties thief:

    + It's definitely not me
    - I’m interested in fashion, so…
    + I'll give you mine instead…
    = No need to steal, I'm so popular!
    + I’d swipe panties if they're yours

    Episode 4-2 - After Shinobu gets stabbed by Kurona Demon Spear:

    + Open up your eyes
    = You'll make Maya cry!
    - Aren't you cold like that?
    + I Love you
    - You look amazing! So risqué

    Episode 4-2 - After Shinobu regains consciousness:

    = *start by counting the prime numbers* (i.e a number that can only be divided by itself and 1)
    + I didn't see anything
    - I saw the Door of Truth
    + You're beautiful Goddess
    + You have a healthy beauty

    Episode 5-1 - After beating the stage:

    - *carefully survey the ground*
    = Gotta make sure I look fresh first
    - Time for a coffee break!
    + Go right in!
    + There’s no hole I don't wanna be in!

    Episode 5-2 - After you arrive at the end of the cave:

    + I won’t allow you to do that!
    + I'll not pass of Shinobu to you!
    - I'll take your punishment instead
    + I will defend her with my life!
    - Gimme more pervy stuff to think of!

    Episode 5-2 - After you defeat Demon Veggie:

    + Are you hurt?
    + I was worried about you
    = I'm gonna sing now
    + Are your clothes dirty?
    - Please… Calm my libido down

    Episode 6-2 - After you arrive at the class room:

    + Tell me if something happened
    + Show me your smile
    = The pitcher has jitters
    + Cheer up!
    - Show me your boobs

    Episode 6-2 - After you fail Doki-Doki Field:

    + I can't do that!
    = Let's do some counselling
    - What a pain in the ass!
    = Why did you say that…?
    + Let me touch your boobs after this

    Episode Final - After you arrive at the center of the park:

    + Try to get her to listen!
    - I'll go easy on you
    - Yikes, Shinobu is so scary
    + Maya-chan isn't weak!
    = I'm gonna rip your clothes off

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  • Alright, I think I got a decent Shinobu guide: First round: Choices do not matter => 0% Second round: Call her cute + Think of Another way + Do the trial => 12 % Third round: Was not me + Love you + Finish the trial + You're like a Goddess => 37% Forth: I'll defend you + Was worried => 70% Fifth: Cheer up + I can't do that => 85% Final: Maya-chan isn't that weak + Finish boss fight (shot for her legs) her weak spots are her upper right tight from behind and her chest (she will always defend one of them, so start from behind and remember to zoom in + fill up the gauge completly before hitting triangle) => 100% and true ending for Best Girl Shinobu.

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