The Final Doki-Doki Trophy in Gal*Gun: Double Peace

  • The Final Doki-Doki


    Experience Your First Final Doki-Doki Mode

    How to unlock The Final Doki-Doki

    Final Doki-Doki will be learned near the end of your first playthrough when getting a True ending. It is like the normal Doki-Doki Mode, however there is a slight difference. In Final Doki-Doki you will need to find "sweet spots" on the girl to shoot on. You will notice as you move up and down on a girl that the letters will become smaller or bigger. If they become bigger it means you have found a sweet spot on her. Shoot her there and notice the meter on the left will go up. You can also use to zoom onto her, then shoot after a short time to boost the meter even more. However, be aware that holding for too long will mean she starts to block that spot so you need to find a different one on her body. While it isn't necessary to fill up the bar to finish the Final Doki-Doki Mode, it is required if you want the True Endings for each of the characters.

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