-Estimated trophy difficulty: 7/10 (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
-Offline: 43 (31, 9, 2, 1)
-Online: 3 (3) - No longer possible due to server closure.
-Approximate amount of time to : 40-80 Hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
-Number of missable trophies: None
-Glitched trophies: None
-Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats available.


In this open world racing game you are free to roam the vast terrain and do anything whenever you like. The trophies are not particularly hard but to obtain the platinum it will require a lot of endurance as the game will start to feel a little repetitive towards the end. You are able to get all of the trophies in one playthrough as they are mainly cumulative and collection based.

Step 1: Single Player

Firstly you should complete each regions career races on Legend to obtain three stars for each race. The more stars you have, the more camps that will unlock. Once you do the career races, ram the Doppler trucks that unlock to reveal the zones Vista points and Livery and Challenge locations. The best way to approach it is to completely finish a zone off before moving to the next one, completing all challenges, obtaining all the stars, vista points and liveries. You can check the completion of that zone on the pause menu through the button. This will net you all the “Obsessional…” trophies.

A useful tip that was able to cut HOURS off of my final play time is to abuse the race editor feature. Press and scroll over to the ‘Race Editor’ tab. Create a short race with the start checkpoint on a road which is near the Vista or Livery location you want to collect, press and save it. Then select ‘Try Race’. This will transport you to your point of interest saving a massive amount of driving time. Then just quit the race from the pause menu and your free to roam. Be mindful of the driving distance trophies though as you may want to drive to the vista points of the last few camps to clock up the miles.

Step 2: Online - No longer possible due to server closure

There are 3 trophies to get online. They are “Natural Selection”, “Underground Brotherhood” and “A Prophet in his own country”. None of them are particularly challenging to get but I would recommend using a boosting partner as with “Underground Brotherhood” it is tough to find people to beat on their own created course.

Put a request for a partner in the trophy boosting thread, here

Step 3: Mop Up

If you have completed step one then you would have completed all the challenges and career races and also collected all the Vista points and liveries. All that is left to do is drive from one corner of the map to the other twice for “Sand to Stone” and "Salt over Snow" and finish up any oil drum collections and whatever else you may have missed. Be sure to prepare yourself for a long drive when attempting to unlock “Sand to stone” and "Salt over snow" you will need to free up 2 hours for each of these and make sure to take 15 minute breaks every hour, you don’t want to do yourself damage! Public service announcement aside, you have now unlocked the FUEL Platinum!

[PST would like to thank avfc52 for this Roadmap]

Fuel Trophy Guide

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46 trophies ( 34  4  )

  • Unlock all other trophies. Now, go breathe some fresh air!

    Congratulations on your FUEL Platinum!

  • In free ride, go from Offshore Shack Camp to Tsunami Reef Camp without resorting to the chopper.

    To unlock this trophy you need to drive from the first camp- Offshore Shack to Tsunami Reef, which is the second camp you will unlock and it is the zone at the top left corner. A trick to reduce the amount of driving for this one, and all the ‘drive from a to b’ trophies is to start from the required camp, in this case Offshore Shack and transport yourself by pressing to bring up the map and on the nearest vista or livery point you have unlocked in the destination zone- Tsunami Reef.

  • Win your first Star in career mode.

    Every career race has 3 stars. You are able to choose the difficulty at the start and the higher the difficulty the more stars you will win, Legend being the hardest, which is worth 3 stars. This one is simple, just win your first career race on any difficulty and this one will pop.

  • Find and contemplate a Vista Point.

    Each zone has a number of vista points for you to collect. These are marked as the green blips on the map and are unlocked as you drive around. Also after you complete a career race a "Doppler Truck" is unlocked and when hunted down and defeated (just knock your vehicle into it) it reveals that zones points of interest. There are 3 in each zone corresponding to challenge and livery locations (red and blue respectively) and vista points (green) as well. Drive to a vista point and over the flag to unlock this trophy.

  • In each zone there are 10 challenges to complete. Involving different situations for example, chopper chase where you have to beat the chopper to the finish line, knock out which is a checkpoint race that knocks the last person through each checkpoint out and so on. Press and select the challenges option. Beat one and you’ll get your trophy.

  • DIY


    Create a race using the race editor.

    To bring up the race editor menu press in free ride, then scroll to get to the appropriate tab. Select “Create Race” and place your checkpoints anywhere you like as long as it’s on a road and then obviously make sure there is a start and a finish then save it.

  • Unlock all 19 camps for great justice!

    The camps are unlocked by collecting the stars you gain from the career races. You need a total of 170 stars to unlock Rainier Peak which is the final camp.

  • Win all three Stars on ‘Riders on the Storm’.

    For this one you need to win the career race entitled 'Riders in the storm' on legend to get the 3 stars. You can always come back to the race later in the game if it is too hard with the cars you've unlocked but it's not terribly challenging. The vehicle I used was the 'Avenger'.

  • Win all three Stars on 'Twisted Minds'.

    This race is in the Redrock Bluffs zone. Again you can come back to it again when you have a better car but with the ‘Slipstream’ I was able to get it done in a few tries.

  • Win all three Stars on ‘All’s Well That Ends Well’.

    This is the final career race in the game and is located in the Rainier Peak zone. As with all 3 of these trophies you will have to experiment with different vehicles to find the right one for you. I used 'The Bandit' for this.

  • Own at least one vehicle of each type.

    There are 6 different types of vehicles in the game. If you are going for Obsessional collector then you will get this. I would advise not to go for this straight away because you will need to save fuel. Challenges only offer you one vehicle choice to race with, and more often than not you will be required to buy it to compete so that a good reason to save it. Work by this mentality and you will have one of every vehicle in no time. The types of vehicles are: Muscle Cars, Dirt Bikes, Buggys, Quads, Monster Trucks and SUVs.

  • Own 10 vehicles.

    See Obsessional Collector

  • Own 40 vehicles.

    See Obsessional Collector

  • Own all 74 vehicles.

    Vehicles are unlocked to the garage by winning career races. You will then have to use your fuel to buy them. I would recommend only buying the cars you need when you first start out as the fuel is needed to buy vehicles for certain challenges. There are going to be some races that you find really hard so this is the perfect time to use your fuel to buy the best vehicle for that specific race. There is also bonus cars unlocked after certain career races; these are marked on the map as a purple arrow. Exactly like the Doppler Trucks you need to hunt them down and knock into them to unlock them.

  • Find and contemplate 10 Vista Points.

    See Obsessional Sightseer

  • Find and contemplate 50 Vista Points.

    See Obsessional Sightseer

  • Find and contemplate all 95 Vista Points.

    There are 5 Vista points in each zone, they are the green blips marked on your map. Drive over the flags that you find there to unlock that point. As outlined in Open your eyes there are Doppler trucks that reveal the locations of vista points, challenges and livery locations. Ram the green Doppler Truck and all of that region's points will be discovered. All that remains is to hunt down all 95 for this trophy to pop.

  • Win 40 Stars in career mode.

    See Obsessional Stargazer

  • Win 120 Stars in career mode.

    See Obsessional Stargazer

  • Win all 216 Stars in career mode.

    There are a total of 72 races. You will have to do every race on Legend to get 216 stars. None of the races are that hard really but I would recommend trying out different vehicles if you are having trouble with any particular one. Be on the lookout for shortcuts as well. There are some that can give you massive advantage over the opponents but use them sparingly, because there are also ones that could leave you wrapped around a tree.

  • Win 30 challenges.

    See Obsessional Challenger

  • Win 100 challenges.

    See Obsessional Challenger

  • Win all 190 challenges.

    Every zone has 10 challenges but only 3 are discovered for you. The other 7 need to be found either by driving around, or ramming the aforementioned Doppler Trucks marked by the red arrow on the map and unlocked by winning a career race. You are given only one choice of vehicle to attempt the challenges with and some need to be bought. You can approach this two ways: Leave the challenges until the end when you have more fuel than you know what to do with or save your fuel and when the time comes that you need to buy the vehicle. I used the latter because I liked to get every camp done and out of the way.

  • Collect 50 vehicle liveries.

    See Obsessional Painter

  • Collect 100 vehicle liveries.

    See Obsessional Painter

  • Collect 148 vehicle liveries.

    After winning a career race a Doppler Truck is unlocked. These trucks can be hunted down and defeated to reveal all the points of interest in that zone. The Doppler that is marked as a blue arrow is the truck that reveals the liveries. There are more than 148 liveries in the game so you will only need to collect 74 of them and the final 74 are unlocked with the vehicles that you buy and collect.

  • Win 24 pieces of gear for the pilot in career mode.

    See Gear Freak

  • Win 48 pieces of gear for the pilot in career mode.

    See Gear Freak

  • Win 72 pieces of gear for the pilot in career mode.

    After you win a career race a piece of gear is unlocked for your character. This trophy will unlock after the last race you win.

  • Collect your first oil drum.

    See Black Gold Tycoon

  • Collect 100 oil drums on the field.

    See Black Gold Tycoon

  • Collect 500 oil drums on the field.

    here are loads of Fuel drums around the game. All the drums are located off-road. You will most likely get this from playing through the game as I found myself, more often than not, off-roading to get to the locations quicker. It is also a good idea to tie this in with the 'drive from point A-B without resorting to the chopper' trophies. As your crossing the map for these trophies as soon as you see a white drum or stack of drums, run over then. If you finish the game and are still having difficulty with this, then be sure to note that the drums respawn after every use of the helipad so you can just find your place that has a lot of drums and use the helipad to help you on your way.

  • Drive a cumulative total of 62 mi (100 km) in free ride mode.

    See Globetrotter

  • Drive a cumulative total of 310 mi (500 km) in free ride mode.

    See Globetrotter

  • Drive a cumulative total of 620 mi (1000 km) in free ride mode.

    The description says it all really. For the trophies Salt over Snow and Sand to Stone which require you to drive from one corner of the map to the other are roughly 100 miles if you drive off- road, like I did. This one should not be a problem for you but keep that in mind if your total distance driven is short.

  • Travel 80 meters in a single jump.

    For this I used the same technique that is shown in the YouTube video for the Netwton was right, after all! trophy.

  • Finish a career race ranked 1st without wrecking your ride.

    This one is easiest to do in the first race, just don't do any unnecessary jumps or take any shortcuts and you should get it.

  • Finish a career race ranked 1st without GPS.

    This one is best to do on the first career race, it's important you make sure GPS is turned off before the race.

  • Finish 30 online Career races ranked 1st.

    Unobtainable due to server closure

    For this trophy you need to win the career races online 30 times. To do this press and scroll to the online tab. Select "Create Session" and set up your race. The best race to do this on is "The High Octane Inn" set to 1 lap. If you’re boosting this one make sure to set it to "Friends only" to stop the uninvited guests messing you about.

  • Play and finish 30 online custom races you haven't created.

    Unobtainable due to server closure

    This one is confusing. The description says you need to just finish 30 races; you actually need to win them. It is probably quickest to boost this one as your partner can create a one checkpoint race as short as you like and get him to send you an invite. Finish 30 of them and you will get it. Be sure to check your progress on the "online" section of the stats found in the pause menu.

    NOTE: These races have to be won consecutively. Various people have reported problems with this trophy and the common denominator seems to be the fact that they took turns winning. To be sure this doesn't happen to you, win 30 races in a row.

  • Finish ranked 1st on 10 online custom races you HAVE created.

    Unobtainable due to server closure

    For this one you should create a custom race, as short as possible and invite your boosting partner. Finish 1st 10 times and the trophy is yours. Again, be sure to set the lobby to "Friends Only".

  • Perform 200 tricks (bikes and quads).

    Performing tricks on bikes and quads happens automatically when you get enough air. You won't need to focus on this one at all because you will most definitely do more than treble that amount of tricks during the game. My trophy popped quite early in the game, mainly because I rarely used the roads and going over rough terrain make the character pull loads of tricks.


Secret trophies

  • In free ride, go from White Flats Camp to Pinwheels Ridge Camp without resorting to the chopper.

    To get this one you need to drive from the top right hand corner of the map to the bottom left hand corner, from White flats to Pinwheels Ridge. A good way to do this is to start on the menu in White Flats and press to exit it. Press and transport yourself to the nearest livery of vista point to the camp in Pinwheels Ridge then drive into the flares to bring up the menu and challenges for that camp.

  • This is the easiest way to get this trophy. Follow the video and you should have no trouble. It doesn't matter what vehicle you use:

    Credit to skel3t0nX for the video.

  • In free ride, go from Tsunami Reef Camp to Redrock Bluffs Camp without resorting to the chopper.

    To get this one you need to drive from the top left hand corner of the map to the bottom right hand corner, from Tsunami Reef to Redrock Bluffs. A good way to do this is to start off on the menu for Tsunami Reef’s camp, then press to exit it. Press and transport yourself to the nearest livery of vista point to the camp in Redrock Bluffs and obviously drive the the camp and enter the flares.

  • Use heliports one hundred times. Faster than a magic carpet, huh?

    All you have to do is use the heliports 100 times. It doesn't have to be 100 different heliports. Press to bring up the map, choose a heliport, a circle marked with the 'H' and press . Do this 100 time and the trophy is yours.

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