• Estimated trophy difficulty: 4/10 (Personal Estimate) (Trophy Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 17 (13, 4)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 20-50+ Hours (Dependant on the amount of microtransactions and luck) (Estimated Time to 100%)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: At least 1 playthrough of 173 levels (all 195 levels recommended) and 50 games played in Multiplayer Mode.
  • Number of missable trophies: 0 (All levels can be replayed at any time)
  • Glitched trophies: Possibly "Total Matches 50"
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No Difficulty related trophies.
  • Do trophies stack?: N/A
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: N/A



Frozen Free Fall Snowball Fight is a Free to Play Match 3 gem style game similar to Bejeweled that was developed by Disney's interactive and the Supervillian Studios team after the hugely popular film that hit cinemas in 2013. It was originally released for Mobile platforms and then ported over to console and PC this year. The game features 195 playable levels and a new "multiplayer" local co-op mode, it also features everyone's favourite characters from the movie which can be unlocked in game through natural play or bought via the in game store with real currency. Please be warned that this game has a heavy "freemium" type of system but the game can be completed without the use of microtransactions using a few workarounds which shall be mentioned in the guide.

Also note: The game can be completed entirely in offline mode, however it is possible that the trophy "50 matches played" is glitched and will not pop when not connected to PSN. However both of my alternate accounts did pop the trophy in offline mode without issues as of patch 1.02. Also take into consideration that when playing in offline mode of you will not receive the daily gift. These mostly consist of Lives and Powerups. If you decided to play offline you will not be missing out on much. The gifts can range from 3 Lives or Various powerups. *Lives are not necessary if you follow the methods under the Obtain 500 Stars trophy*.   Important Information regarding the PS3 version: The 100% for the PS3 version is unobtainable since patch version 1.05, This is down to the Seasons DLC and NOT the main game trophies. Since the situation is slightly more complicated than intended, more information can be found HERE via the PSNP forums. Information and an updated record of patch notes, including a trick to downgrade versions and make this obtainable again can be found on our site HERE, thanks to Terminator & the unobtainable trophies thread.

Step 1:
Work towards completing all 195 levels whilst also working towards collecting the gem powerups, 1 million total score and various star related trophies (this is the most time consuming part especially without using microtransactions to buy the powerups).

Upon completing this step you should earn:

100 Winter Levels
Obtain 100 Stars
Obtain 500 Stars
1,000,000 Overall Points
50,000 Point Game
150,000 Point Game
30 Double Windchill
25 Windchill Iceberg
20 Windchill Glacier
15 Double Iceberg
10 Iceberg Glacier
5 Double Glacier

Step 2:

This step is the easiest and you can now almost relax. In this step you will be working on the final few trophies in the local multiplayer mode. You can mix this with step 1 but I highly suggest you wait until you have unlocked all 10 characters first. Refer to Beat 10 Characters for information on how to unlock them.

Upon Completion of this step you should earn:

Snowball Dodge
Super Snowballs
10 Snowballs
Beat 10 Characters
Total Matches 50

You should have now achieved the 100%, Congratulations!

[PST Would Like To Thank HallawMickey for this Roadmap]

Frozen Free Fall: Snowball Fight Trophy Guide

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21 trophies ( 17  )

  • Finish first 100 Winter levels

    This trophy is self explanatory. You will get this through natural play whilst trying to work towards completing all of the 195 levels in the game. Along the way to this trophy its is guaranteed that you will unlock the "100 Stars Obtained" trophy as well, as levels require at least 1 star to be passed regardless of if you completed the level task or not.

  • Obtain a total of 100 stars

    Again, this will be achieved through natural progression and you should unlock it by the time you reach level 100 if not sooner. I suggest you try and get at least 2 stars on every level for the first 100 levels (2 stars × 100 levels = 200 stars), this will save time for when you work towards obtaining 500 stars and save you at least 5 extra hours towards the end of the game. Time is relevant and correct if you are not using microtransactions, microtransactions take at least half your overall time in this game but are a waste of money.

  • Obtain a total of 500 stars

    This is the most time consuming and frustrating trophy in the game. The first steps towards this trophy are learning the methods which allow you to save lives and a lot of money at the same time. See below for a step-by-step mini guide:

    XMB Quitting Method (Recommended) :

    Step 1 - If you fail a level then do not press any button to progress the menus.

    Step 2 - On the PS4, hold the button then press "close application". For PS3 users, press the button once and quit by pressing triangle over the game on the XMB and close from the options menu that appears on the right hand side or simply hold the PS button for 2 seconds and press quit game.

    Step 3: Relaunch the application and return to the level you recently failed. If you fail again simply repeat steps one and two until you pass and/or earn 3 stars on that level.

    Method Number 2: Lives regeneration trick (Not Recommended) (I also recommend you do this only in offline mode).

    Step 1: Use up all of your 15 starting lives but don't just lose them on purpose, just continue playing normally until you lose them all).

    Step 2: (Both PS4 & PS3 users do this method the same way). Quit the game and return to the XMB/Home screen. Whilst at the home screen travel over to the settings tab and press "Date & Time settings".

    Step 3: Skip the date forward a Week, Month or Year (whatever time you feel like doing. Testing this I skipped years and months both worked perfectly). *I can not confirm that doing it forward a week works. Sometimes it did whilst other times it did not register*.

    Step 4: Confirm the date and time settings, then return back to the game. This method will rebuild 3 lives and only 3 lives which is why I don't recommend it unless you really need them.

    The reason these methods are needed is because you will more than likely be spending a lot of time replaying the same levels over and over trying to earn 3 stars whilst also completing the objective set in that level. Each time you quit the game and retry that particular level changes the positioning of the gems. This is where luck is involved.

    The game is not just luck based. To earn 3 stars on each level you will also need to understand the scoring system. Each levels point objective changes depending on the difficulty of that particular level. Most of the time the second star is around double the amount you need for the one star to pass the level so if the points for one star are 10,000, then you will need at least 20,000 for 2 stars and so on. This is not a definitive answer and adding the objectives for all 195 levels would fill my character limit for this guide. I suggest posting your best 3 star scores for any level under this guide, to help other players who are struggling with a particular level. You can find the score needed for 1 star at the top of the screen to the left hand side of the 3 snowflakes (stars).

    A good tip for the time based levels is too make matches as quick as possible. You earn more points making 3 "3 gem matches" quickly than making one big 5 gem match and creating a powerup. This is because you earn a points bonus for speed so remember: The quicker you make matches and the more matches you make in quick succession, the higher your scores per match will be.

    For levels with limited moves you can still make moves quick, however be more conservative with your time. Speed will cause you to make mistakes. You can make a match every 5-7 seconds and still earn a speed bonus.

    Again for the limited move levels try and make as many powerup gems as you can. Mixing 2 powerup gems can quickly turn a game around in a matter of seconds. It is important you play smart and calmly but also quickly. For more information on how to make each powerup gem and their actions refer to each of their respective trophies.

  • Obtain a total of 1 Million points

    If you are trying to get the gem trophies as early as possible then you should unlock this after multiple plays of level 9. 1 million points sounds like a lot but it is achieved very shortly after the 10 tutorial levels.

  • Obtain 50,000 Points on one level

    Again this will come through natural play. 50,000 points is a mediocre score and is easily achieved within the last few tutorial levels. Refer to the bottom 4 paragraphs of the "Obtain 500 Stars" trophy for any extra tips you need.

  • Obtain 150,000 Points on one level

    The same rules apply here as the 50,000 points. It's likely you won't reach this score until level 15 and onwards but it is possible in almost every time based level if you make moves quickly. Again, refer to the final 4 paragraphs of the "Obtain 500 Stars" trophy for any extra tips/help you may need.

  • Combine 30 Windchill gems

    The Windchill gem is created by mixing 4 gems of the same colour in a horizontal or vertical direction. If you make the Windchill gem vertically then the spark will detonate vertically up the row when you match it again. The same applies if you mix it horizontally. Refer to the "5 double glacier" trophy for information on how to get all gems trophies reasonably quickly and effectively.

  • Combine 25 Windchill and Iceberg gems

    The Windchill Gem is created by making a match with 4 gems in a horizontal or Vertical direction (see 30 Double Windchill for explanation on Windchill gems). Now, to create the iceberg gem you need to match 5 gems in a "T" or "L" shape. This is quite hard to achieve but using the method provided under the "5 Double Glacier" trophy should help you to grind it out fairly easily.

  • Combine 20 Windchill and Glacier gems

    Again to create the Windchill gem, match 4 gems of the same colour in a vertical or horizontal direction. Creating the Glacier gem is achieved by matching 5 gems in a row either vertically or horizontally and should look like a snowflake (again, refer to the "5 Double Glacier" trophy for more info).

  • Combine 15 Double Iceberg gems

    To create the Iceberg gems, simply match 5 gems in a "T" or "L" shape configuration and match them both together. Refer to "5 Double Glacier" for a quick and efficient method of grinding them.

  • Combine 10 Iceberg and Glacier gems

    Again for the Iceberg Gems, simply match them in a "T" or "L" shaped configuration and for the Glacier Gems match 5 gems of the same colour in a Horizontal or Vertical direction. Refer to "5 Double Glacier" trophy for the method of grinding this particular trophy.

  • Combine 5 Double Glacier gems

    To create a Glacier gem, simply mix 5 gems of the same colour in a vertical or horizontal direction. These are the hardest and rarest powerups to come by.

    The best place to unlock all of these powerup trophies quickly is to keep repeating level 9 which is a tutorial level. You are always 100% going to get a Windchill power gem. The level is perfect for grinding the powerups as they are pretty common during this particular level as well and the level is easy to complete.

  • Throw 10 snowballs in a round

    This is the first of the multiplayer trophies, simply load up a local match and create as many matches as quickly as you can. Above the board of gems you will see a bar which fills up everytime you make a move. On this bar is a small white line that indicates when you throw a snowball, simply fill the bar up 10 times and hit your opponent. This is easily done with 2 controllers and one controller idling.

  • Dodge 3 snowballs in a round

    The trophy description for this is completely wrong. The first way to get this is to idle your main/primary account as player one and then make a match with player 2 and switch back to your main account and create multiple matches until you dodge the snowball, then repeat 3 times in a single 2 minute round but make sure you get hit by at least one snowball. For safety I suggest you try two. You will need to be extremely quick to do this.

    The other way to do this is to have someone play alongside yourself and both of you create matches as quickly as possible and hope to dodge 3 in a round. The reason the trophy description is wrong is because if you dodge 3 snowballs but don't get hit by a single snowball then the trophy will not pop. Therefore I suggest you earn it through the natural progression of the "50 Matches Played" trophy whilst playing with a friend or ask a family member to help.

  • Throw 3 super snowballs in a round

    To create a super snowball you will need to focus on a characters specific gem. You can make a combination with these gems or destroy them with a special gem like the Windchill or Glacier gem powerups. The line above the board will again move towards the right, once enough of a characters gems are destroyed they will throw a super snowball. A character's preferred gem is indicated on the character select menu in small, next to the face title. It is also shown on the flag next to the character during the multiplayer game. As an example: Anna's preferred gem is the purple square shaped one and Elsa's is the Icicle looking gem.

    This will take numerous attempts. The best way to attempt this trophy is to make as make as many powerup gems of the other colours as you can. This will spawn in the different colour gems more frequently increasing the chances of you getting the characters specific gems to spawn.

  • Beat your opponent with 10 different characters

    You will unlock all of the 10 characters at various points in the single player levels. The hard thing about this is they are unlocked completely at random. However the further you progress into the SP levels the higher the chance of unlocking them all you have. Once you have them all simply play a local multiplayer snowball fight with each one and you will earn this trophy.

    You can also buy the entire character team via microtransactions but I advise against that.

  • Complete 50 Snowball Fights


    Possibly Glitched

    The last and simplest trophy, just play 50 multiplayer local snowball fight games and this should unlock. However, there maybe an issue with the in-game counter so I suggest trying to do all the matches in a single sitting if you encounter any issues.

DLC: Seasons

4 trophies

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