Theremad! Trophy in Frobisher Says!

  • Theremad!


    Frobisher Says: "Figure it out from the title!"

    How to unlock Theremad!

    This is found in the radio tuning mini-game. There are two channels, the shipping channel required to win the mini-game and one with an alien sound. You will know when you find a channel as the front will light up. Go onto the alien noise and stay on that channel for a few seconds, then complete the level by going to the other channel to get this trophy.

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  • The trophy seems to be glitched for me. I have tried to stay a few seconds on the alien frequency and then finish the level, or stay at least one minute on it, but the trophy did not unlock :'(
  • Iam having the same problem, staying on alien frequency for about 5 seconds then going on other one but no trophy, does it have to be done within the time limit maybe?
  • same problem here, anyone knows the sollution already?
  • yeah i've tried it twice now
  • third time worked for me
  • Worked second time. I stayed tuned on the alien frequency more than 10 seconds.
  • I don't know how i got it, but i stayed on the alien channel till times runs out(at least 5 to 7 loops the song itself) Than i got it.

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