- Estimated trophy difficulty: 3.1/10 (1/10 with this method)
- Offline: 37
- Online: None
- Approximate time: 5 - 6 hours
- Minimum number of Playthroughs needed: 1 of Adventure Mode
- Glitched trophies: None if you follow step by step
- Number of Missable Trophies: None
- Do cheat codes disable trophies: No cheat codes are available

This game contains a total of 37 trophies, 1 - 5 - 7 - 24.

This is a Roadmap and Guide for all trophy hunters and anyone else wanting a quick and easy platinum. While I appreciate these methods may not be to everyones tastes and take all the skill out of the game, it is what it is.

For people in the UK this game is available for rental from Lovefilm.


Step 1: Work towards ‘The Duelist’ trophy: Go into "Fritz ELO Chess", play against Fritz ELO 400 and follow the 5 moves stated in the video to an easy checkmate. This will take less than 30 seconds. Rinse and repeat 40 times and you will collect 11 trophies: Beginner, Bully, Up and Comer, Professional, Expert, Veteran, Chess Fan, Venerable Master, Tough Opponent, Respected Opponent and Duelist.
Credit to Bleeds for this method.

Not a bad start eh, 11 trophies in 20 minutes! At this point its a good idea to go for ‘Devastating Attack’. Play against Fritz ELO 400 again and methodically take away all his pieces BEFORE going for Check. Fritz 400 has the brain power of a baby so this shouldn’t pose any problems but if you are struggling, bare in mind that when a pawn reaches the other end of the board it can become a Queen so use this to your advantage if required.

Step 2: Boosting games for ‘Crazy About Chess and Chess Addict’. Ok now continue playing against Fritz ELO. The difficulty doesn’t matter. We are just interested in numbers. Make one move in the game and after the AI’s move press ‘Start’ and chose to resign. Exit the game and repeat this 60 times until you have played 100 total games and got another 2 trophies. You can track your stats under ‘Chess Statistics’ in the menu.

Step 3: Go to ‘Historical Chess’ and select ‘Top 10’. Pick the first game on the list, and once it starts it will say ‘checkmate’. Rewind one move and hit play but don’t move anything, save the game and then quit to the main menu. Go to load game, when it loads up it will say ‘checkmate’ again, quit out and watch the trophies pop up: Quick and Deadly, Fastest Shooter, Conniver, Giant Killer, David vs Goliath, Legendary Fighter. 20 trophies down. Credit to sxyrxy for this strategy.

Step 4: Now go to ‘Chess Puzzles’, you need to complete 60 to get the 4 trophies you need here. Select ‘Mate in 1’ basically the game is one move from finished, you just need to select the right move. With a basic knowledge of chess this is easy but if you are struggling you can just keep trying different moves as you cant fail. After 60 of these you’ll get the following trophies: Apprentice, Disciple, Scholastic and Knowledgeable. Again the stats can be tracked in ‘Chess Statistics’.

Step 5: Choose ‘Adventure Chess’ and ‘Tournament’. You need to defeat 10 opponents in varying degrees of difficulty and knowledge. The best way to do this is to use a chess program. Sigma chess is perfect on mac but for windows try Free Chess Software - Program as suggested by sunnygrg. The first game can be won using the 5 move trick. When playing the Hero its different as you have to avoid ‘Checkmate’ for 10 moves but as he has low intelligence you can just move your king 10 times avoiding his attacks.

For all the rest just use the program to position the pieces as per the game and let the program show you the moves. If you set the programs ELO above 2100 it will have no problem winning. Just follow the moves as it does them. For full games like King, use black on the program and just input the moves the PS3 does and vice versa.

By completing this step, you will get the following trophies: Gored Guard, Brutalized Brute, Jeered Jester, Mashed Merchant , Hurt Hero, Splattered Spy, Noxious Knight, Baffled Bishop, Crazed Queen, KO'd King and Chess King. This just leaves 2 more to get. Go to ‘Options’ in the main menu and select ‘Visuals’ then choose ‘Adventure Skin’ and play one final game of Fritz ELO, no need to win one move each will do. Quit and you will be rewarded with Character Celebration and then 100%.

Congratulations on a very quick and easy platinum. 
[PS3T Would Like to Thank mattvr4 for this Roadmap]

Fritz Chess Trophy Guide

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37 trophies ( 24  )

  • 100%


    Collect all the trophies in Fritz Chess to unlock this platinum trophy

    Unlock all the other trophies to unlock this trophy and congratulations on your shiny new Platinum!

  • Win 1 match

    See "Duelist."

  • Win 5 matches

    See "Duelist."

  • Win 10 matches

    See "Duelist."

  • Win 15 matches

    See "Duelist."

  • Win 20 matches

    See "Duelist."

  • Win 25 matches

    See "Duelist."

  • Win 1 match without Time Limit in under 10 minutes

    See "Fastest Shooter."

  • Win 1 match without Time Limit in under 5 minutes

    Stackable with "Quick and deadly." Play any game mode in "Vs Fritz Chess" and beat the opponent under 5 minutes for this trophy to unlock. I would recommend playing against an opponent with a low ELO (preferably 400) to increase your chances significantly.

    NOTE that this trophy is reportedly glitched. Follow these simple steps outlined by *Dre* to unlock it.

    - Save your game after the checkmate (under 5min resp. 10min game time)
    - Quit to the main menu
    - Reload your savegame
    - Go to "Review the game"
    - Put the board into the starting position
    - Press play
    - Re-quit to the main menu

  • Win 1 match against an opponent with an ELO less than 500

    One of the easiest trophies in the game. Go to:

    Fritz Chess --> VS Fritz Chess --> Fritz ELO Chess.

    Choose any mode, but be sure to tag the AI's ELO Level at 400.

  • Win 1 match against an opponent with an ELO 1000 or higher

    See "Legendary Fighter."

  • Win 1 match against an opponent with an ELO 1500 or higher

    See "Legendary Fighter."

  • Win 1 match against an opponent with an ELO 2000 or higher

    You need to play against an opponent with ELO 2100 or higher for the trophy to unlock.

    The opponent is cunning, but it is beatable. It IS susceptible to traps that you lay, but you need to take your time. If you keep on losing, there is not much tip I can offer rather than telling you to hone your skills. I managed to beat him on my fifth try, and that tells a lot because I haven't played a game of chess in 2 months. ELO 3000? now that's a different story. Just be glad there isn't any trophy associated with that.

    If you still have troubles getting the trophy, try a free chess program mentioned at the beginning of the guide.

  • Win at Free Chess against an opponent with an ELO higher than yours

    See "Legendary Fighter."
  • Solve 10 puzzles

    See "Knowledgeable."

  • Solve 30 puzzles

    See "Knowledgeable."
  • Solve 45 puzzles

    See "Knowledgeable."

  • Solve 60 puzzles

    Go to: Fritz Chess --> Chess Puzzles, and choose any of the four choices. I personally found "Mate in 1" the easiest of the four where you have to checkmate in one step in an already setup board. Choose whatever suits you.

  • Win 30 matches

    See "Duelist."

  • Win 35 matches

    See "Duelist."

  • Win 40 matches

    Credit to *Bleeds* for a really really easy way to get wins. Go to "Fritz ELO Chess," play a game against Fritz ELO Level 400, and follow his simple steps to get one win every 30 seconds. In doing so, it will take you about 20 minutes. Not bad. You can check your progress by selecting the "Chess Statistics" on the main menu. I have also made a video demonstration of the method:

    NOTE that a game of "Fritz Friendly Chess" and "Adventure Chess" won't count towards your progress.

  • Capture all the pieces in a game of Classic Chess

    Simple. Play a game of "VS Fritz Chess" and capture all of the opponent's pieces before you perform a checkmate. Adjust difficulty setting as needed.

  • Play 20 games

    See "Chess Addict."

  • Play 50 games

    See "Chess Addict."

  • Play 100 games

    After you have obtained the Duelist trophy , you should only need to play 60 more games to obtain the trophy. You don't necessarily have to win them. Just play a game of "VS Fritz Chess" and select "Resign" by pressing the Start button. You can check your number of games played by selecting "Chess Statistics" in the main menu.

    NOTE that a game of "Fritz Friendly Chess" and "Adventure Chess" won't count towards your progress.

  • Defeat the Guard

    Go to Adventure Chess and select Tournament.

    Defeat the trooper to unlock the trophy. You will play a game of Blitz Chess against the trooper where "Speed and ingenuity are key to defeating him." You will have plenty of time though. You can defeat him in five steps as shown in the video under "Duelist trophy."

  • Defeat the Brute

    The Brute cannot even place the chess pieces properly, let alone defeat you, right? Be ready to play in an oddly placed table. Switch to 2D View by pressing if you get confused by the table layout.

  • Defeat the Jester

    Same as the brute, the table is laid improperly again. Switch to 2D view by pressing to eliminate any confusion. Another easy trophy.

  • Defeat the Merchant

    Solve 3 of the 7 easy puzzles laid out by the merchant to defeat him. His puzzles are mainly "Best ___ move."

  • Defeat the Hero

    To defeat the hero, you will have to survive a checkmate for the next 10 moves. You are at a disadvantage but it should be pretty easy; just concentrate on defending the pieces.
  • Defeat the Spy

    To defeat the spy, you have to solve his "mate in 1" puzzles. You have to succeed 5 times out of 12.

  • Defeat the Bishop

    One of the most difficult trophies in game to get legitimately. You will need to solve 7 of the 16 puzzles to defeat the Bishop. Puzzles typically are "White moves and mates in 3" or "Black moves and mates in 2."

    With my best effort, I could only manage to solve 4 of his puzzles. If you want to do it legitimately, my advise would be to think and think really hard. Setup the positions on a piece of paper, and work out the thousands of possible moves and choose the best one. The move you thought was the best may not be (due to a different move by the opponent). If you get stuck on one puzzle, then there is no way out until you quit the game or finally manage to solve it. You can't skip to the next puzzle.

  • Defeat the Black Knight

    The objective of the match is to have all YOUR set-pieces captured. It means you will aim to lose against the Knight. The first to have all his pieces gone wins the match. Beware that if the enemy's knight or any other piece is in a position such that you can capture it, then you will be forced to make the move.
  • Defeat the White Queen

    A pretty straight-forward game of chess with a few altered pieces. You should be able to beat it easily if you've managed to beat the ELO 2100 or someone even less.

  • Defeat the Black King

    Finally a legit game of chess with all the rules applied (Guess the King doesn't like to cheat, huh?). Look at the tips for beating an opponent with ELO level 2100 or higher.

  • Complete the Adventure Mode

    The trophy unlocks after you defeat the king.

  • Play a game with the Adventure set

    The adventure set is unlocked after you beat complete the "Adventure Chess" mode. Go to options in the main menu, select Visuals and choose the Adventure skin. Then, play a game of chess to unlock the trophy.

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