The Per Lundberg Syndrome Trophy in Fret Nice

  • The Per Lundberg Syndrome


    Get 100% of all medals

    How to unlock The Per Lundberg Syndrome

    There are 10 Medals to be collected per stage:

    -Level Completed (NORMAL)
    -Level Completed (HARD)
    -Silver Time
    -Gold Time
    -75% of Enemies
    -100% of Enemies
    -Silver Score
    -Gold Score
    -Hidden Enemy

    NOTE: After you reach Shop 3 you can purchase an upgrade to reveal all the secret locations in the level maps. This will unveil Hidden Enemies and Newspapers. Also, there a few Levels with secrets which require 2 players to reach! They are: 2, 7 and 9

    LEVEL 5 TIP:

    This stage was also giving me a hard time for getting 100% kills. It was the last medal I needed in the game, so I kept at it.

    Finally, I was able to figure it out.

    Aside from the enemies that appear on the screen as you regularly progress through the stage (which should total 92%), there are two secret enemy spawns in the stage.

    They are both located around the same area. The area of interest is the super tall building about 75% of the way through the level. If you scale the building on the left, four enemies will come from above and quickly fly back up and off the screen unless you kill them quickly.

    After this, go to the other side of the tower. You will notice that there is a solitary music note by a window (this shows up as a secret on the map if you have purchased the GPS from store 3). Pick up this note and quickly fly over to the right. You will encounter 3 enemies who won't show up unless you get the note. You have to kill them immediately, or they will fly into the tower and destroy themselves.

    Hope this helps everyone out.

    Fun game BTW.

    Credit to Johnny Sinister for this info.

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