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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 4/10 (Platinum Difficulty Poll)
  • Offline trophies: 54 (44, 7, 2, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: Around 50-70 Hours (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: None
  • Glitched trophies: 1 (Above and Beyond trophy_bronze.png )
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No

Forspoken, formerly known as Project Athia, is the debut game from Square Enix studio, Luminous Productions - a studio made up of developers who created Final Fantasy XV. Forspoken is an open-world action-adventure game, with an emphasis on fast-paced combat and flowing parkour movement. In it, you play Frey, who finds herself in a fantasy world full of demons, dragons and spells galore, trying to make her way home. It's like a new age Wizard of Oz, but with more attitude.

With over 100 spells at her fingertips, and hundreds of open-world activities, Forspoken's world is chock full of things to do - whether they’re fun things to do, well, that’s another question! But, Forspoken does have a great musical score, a solid cast of characters and some really interesting story beats. It’s what you’d call “a really fun 7 out of 10.” And everyone loves a really fun 7 out of 10, right?


Forspoken’s trophy list is interesting, to say the least. Sure, there are a handful of trophies relating to the interesting spell system at the game’s core, but for the most part, the trophy list is a matter of just doing a lot of everything in the open-world. It’s a pain, but the combat is fun and the parkour is great, so hopefully it’s not too much of a chore.

The Road Map walkthrough will be broken down into 3 parts: the main game; some endgame content; and then EVERYTHING ELSE. And by everything else, we mean all the open-world stuff, of which there is an absolute megaload. For instance: seeking out 50 photos might take you a while, but completing 100 “points of interest,” collecting 70+ pieces of equipment and learning all 105 spells, and upgrading them all… gee whiz, that’s a lot of busy work!

Let’s get on with the show!

Step 1 - Complete the campaign
Right! First things first: work your way through the game’s campaign. This stage is probably going to set you back 15-20-hours, depending on how much you stick to the main path - we personally found it incredibly hard to not get sidetracked!

In terms of what to do while you’re playing, we’ve prepared a checklist of things to do to make things easier come stage 3.
  • Firstly, and I can’t stress this enough: collect every Mana deposit you come across while you’re traversing the open-world. You’re going to need well over 3,000 Mana points to unlock every spell. While you do get a chuck for levelling up every time, the vast majority of them will come from the Mana deposits.
  • Secondly, it’s advised to spend the game switching up spells and upgrading the spells as you go - because you can only do 3 at a time. This will save time in the endgame and while Above and Beyond trophy_bronze.png is currently bugged, when it’s fixed you only want to be left with the bugged spell upgrade to do. I made the mistake of not looking too far ahead, meaning I had to grind a load of upgrades out at the end of the game.
  • Thirdly: visit every Refuge you come across, and try and activate as many Belfries as you can. The former is a fast-travel point, while the latter unfogs the maps - and it’s also a fast-travel point!
  • And lastly: you don't have to do side quests (Detours), but each one unlocks some Archive information, which is handy for the Archivist trophy_gold.png trophy.
And that’s pretty much it. If you do some side stuff as you go, like seek out the Monuments of Strength, Justice and Love, it’ll mean you not only have less stuff to do post-game, but will also make you stronger.

Step 2 - Do the post-game content
So, you’ve done the main quest, but hold on a minute, there’s actually a few post-game side quests too that you’ll have to do too - well, you will if you want the platinum trophy.

Those trophies and their quests are:
  • Rebirth trophy_bronze.png  - Finish the “Cipal Reborn” side quest.
  • Promises trophy_bronze.png  - Finish the “Lost Lullabies” side quest.
  • Moves trophy_bronze.png  - Do some post-game dancing in “Dancing in Cipal” Finale.”
  • And finally, Remembrance trophy_bronze.png .

Step 3 - Do an awful lot of open-world stuff
In terms of collectibles you need to do:
There’s a load of miscellaneous combat/RPG ones as well. The RPG ones are:
And the combat/traversal ones are:
You’ll no doubt get a few of them naturally, like Endless Runner trophy_bronze.png  and No Mercy trophy_bronze.png , but we’ve included them in case you haven’t.

To help you with all the locations, and what is where, we've prepared some location guides and maps, which you can check out here:
As you can see then, if you want the platinum there’s a lot of open-world busy work to be getting on with. As we said, Forspoken isn’t hard, just a little bit grindy. You’re probably looking at around 50-70 hours, in truth, depends on how efficient you become with grinding through the open-world activities. And to be completely honest, it’s a pretty fun game to boot. The traversal is great, as is the combat and the story, but it does have its issues. It looks great too!

Anyway, without further ado… good luck!

Forspoken Trophy Guide

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62 trophies ( 12  47  34  )

  • Earn every single trophy.

    Earn all of the other 53 trophies and this shiny platinum is yours… and you’ll have definitely deserved it, thanks to the grind you’ll have no doubt had to put in! Nice one!
  • Earn the praise of the mighty Pilo with your dancing.

    First things first, this trophy does not relate to the “Dancing in Cipal” Detour that you get in chapter 6. This is actually a post-game series of missions. First things first, you’ll want to finish the “Cipal Reborn” Detour - as mentioned in the Rebirth trophy_bronze.png trophy.

    Then, after that, you’ll want to speak to Pilo again, but this time he's in the tavern. Walk up to him and say “Wanna dance?”

    This will initiate the side quest, “Dancing in Cipal: Encore.” To finish this quest and get this trophy, you’ll need to finish a medievel-esque musical mini-game, and do so without missing a note. Bear in mind that this is the harder version of the dance you might have done in chapter 6 and “Cipal Reborn.”

    I say, harder, it’s definitely not impossible though. Just prepare for the speed to ramp up pretty quickly. If you miss one and the mission fails, fear not, you can try again. You can try as many times as you like, in fact.

    The pattern is:
    • cross.pngtriangle.pngsquare.pngcircle.pngtriangle.pngcross.pngcircle.pngsquare.pngtriangle.pngcross.png
    Then it quickens up: 
    • square.pngcross.pngcircle.pngtriangle.png
    Once you’ve done that, speak to Pilo again, and start the “Dancing in Cipal: Finale” Detour, which ramps up the speed even more (and earlier too!). It starts the same tempo:
    • cross.pngtriangle.pngsquare.pngcircle.pngtriangle.pngcross.pngcircle.pngsquare.png
    And this is where it speeds up this time:
    • circle.pngsquare.pngcircle.pngsquare.pngcross.pngtriangle.pngcross.pngtriangle.png
    Then there’s a slight break:
    • square.pngtriangle.pngcircle.pngcross.png
    Then another slight break:
    • circle.pngcross.pngsquare.pngtriangle.png
    And that’s it! Trophy unlocked!
  • Say a complete set of remembrances to the departed.

    Above the entrance to the archives in Cipal, they’ll be holding a prayer service. This happens throughout the entire game, and as soon as you lose someone that you know, you’ll be able to go there and pay your respects. 

    In order to unlock this trophy, you have to pay your respects to 4 different people/groups. You’ll have to pay respects to someone you’ll lose at the end of chapter 3/beginning of chapter 4, someone you’ll lose towards the end of the game, and once you’ve defeated all the Tantas.

    The final one is tied to the “Lost Lullabies” Detour in the epilogue. See the Promises trophy_bronze.png trophy description for how and where to unlock that trophy and finish the Detour.

    Once you’ve paid your respects to all 4, this trophy will pop. And fear not, if you paid respects as they appeared in that menu throughout the game, you won’t need to redo them at the end. Although, you may as well wait until the epilogue, to save you making multiple trips.
  • Trade poppets for all available items.

    In the world of Forspoken, around Cipal, you’ll find cats who when you interact with them, they’ll lead you to a small wooden figurine called a poppet. These poppets can be exchanged with the trader in the market square, in lower Cipal, for valuable items - 2 of which you'll need for the Kit and Caboodle trophy_silver.png trophy.

    The trader sells 4 items:
    • Nugget (for 1 poppet) - “A lump of rare and valuable metal that can be used as a crafting material.”
    • Pelerine (for 1 poppet) - “A cloak that sometimes restores health when critical hits are inflicted upon enemies.”
    • Bumbershoot (for 2 poppets) - “An incredibly rare mushroom that’s prized as a premium crafting material.” 
    • Stranith (for 5 poppets) - “A cloak that reduces the duration of negative status effects.”
    There are 9 cats dotted around Cipal that you need to follow to get the 9 poppets needed for this trophy. Check out our Forspoken poppet guide here to find where they all are.

    You can do these as they pop up throughout the story, or you can wait until post-game and they’ll show up again. Either way works.
  • Set up camp.

    One of the first real opportunities to get this trophy is during Chapter 3 when you leave Cipal. To the west of the objective, on the way to the Xenos Guild, you’ll come along an underground arena, known as the Locked Labyrinth: East (part of The Barren Plains region). 

    Head down into the labyrinth, defeat 2 rooms of enemies, and as you go through the next corridor, you’ll find some suitable firewood on the side at the midway point, and you’ll be able to pitch a camp at the halfway point with it - just hold down on the d-pad. Do that, and you’ll get this trophy.

    This isn’t the only time you can do this, of course. You can do it whenever have firewood in your inventory. They’re handy things too, because at camps you can craft and upgrade gear, and also rest.
  • Visit your first monument.

  • Visit ten points of interest.

  • Spend mana to learn a spell for the first time.

    You’ll get this one as part of the story, in Forspoken’s tutorial. After you’ve beaten the big bear, very early on into arriving in Athia (again, part of the story), you’ll unlock the parkour stuff. Which yes, is a magic spell.
  • Acquire magical powers for the first time at a Fount of Blessing.

  • Craft an item for the first time.

    This one isn’t story-related, per se, but you’ll have the opportunity to craft something for the very first time when you leave Cipal at the beginning of Chapter 3. Just craft a capacity upgrade for your medicine or materials pouch, or a healing draught, and this will unlock.
  • Perform five Shimmies in a row.

    First things first, you’re going to want to get your hands on the Shimmy spell in order to get this trophy. The Shimmy spell can be found at one of the game’s Founts, specifically in the Citadel area in Praenost - just west of the Praenost Castle Ramparts. See Call of the Fount: Beatified trophy_silver.png for more details.

    Once you have it, find a flat piece of land and then just sprint with the parkour button (circle.png), then you’re going to want to press cross.png, which will make you jump. When you’re just about to hit the ground, hit the cross.png button again and this will cause Frey to Shimmy.

    To get the trophy, simply chain 5 Shimmies together in a row and this will unlock. It’s incredibly simple, and is a great way to regain stamina once you’ve upgraded the spell too.
  • Perform magic parkour for twenty seconds continuously.

    In order to get this, you quite simply need to run in a straight line, while holding down the circle.png button, without letting go. Do that for 20-seconds and you’ll unlock this trophy. Chances are you’ll get this without even trying for it as you move across the large open-world.
  • Travel a total of 100 km (62 mi) using magic parkour.

    While 62 miles/100km might sound like a long distance, it is absolutely not in Forspoken. You’ll get this one while you traverse the open-world without even realising it. Especially if you’re going for the platinum. I had this one unlocked not long after finishing the main quest line. Depending on how much you fast travel, there’s a good chance you’ll unlock it before the credits roll.
  • Use Float to stay airborne for ten seconds.

    In order to unlock the Float spell, you’re going to need to do a few things first.
    • First things first, you need access to Tanta Olas’ range of spells (which you get at the during chapter 11).
    • And lastly, you need to head to the Lilac Fount in the far southwest of Inner Visoria (start at the Academy Hills and make your way south and then southwest to the end of a massive tunnel).
    Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to upgrade the spell itself, by heading to one of the bookcases (found in Refuges) and selecting the Spellcraft Challenge for Float. This challenge requires you “Stay airborne for 6 seconds or more.” Complete the challenge and it’ll improve the stamina consumption of Float, meaning you’ll now be able to float for 10-seconds without so much of an issue.

    In terms of where to do it... wherever, to be honest. You can do it in a lot of different areas of the map. We did it at one of the edges in the Moulderings Refuge, if that helps.
  • Jump over enemies a total of ten times.

    Relatively simple one, this. But once you have your parkour skills, just run towards an enemy with the parkour button (circle.png) held down and you’ll vault over them as you get close to them. Once you’ve done it 10 times, you’ll have this trophy for your collection. You’ll probably get this one without trying, to be fair.
  • Perform ten precision counters.

    At some point in the Forspoken story, you’ll unlock what are called “precision counters.” This is basically Forspoken’s parry system, although not as brutal as say, a Dark Souls game.

    To get this trophy you’ll need to perform 10 precision counters (cumulative), which you do by pressing triangle.png just as an enemy is about to hit you - you’ll know when it’s the right time, because Cuff’s shield-like shell will enclose you.

    Just don’t button mash for this one though, as it won’t produce the desired effect for this trophy. As the game’s tutorial says, “If you really nail the timing, you will pull off a precision counter - an extra-powerful blow that will restore Frey’s health substantially.” A successful precision counter will say “Precision Counter” in the points tally that crops up on the right under the battle score.

    To get this, just find some weakling out in the open-world, who’s all alone, and just grind this out if parrying isn’t your traditional way to play. 

    Or, head to Dianthus Wood’s Refuge and head down the hill to find loads of Breakzombies, who telegraph their hits significantly more than any other enemy do.
  • Perform thirty Killer Blows.

    Killer Blows in Forspoken are when Frey inflicts enough damage on an enemy, that they fall to the floor, opening them up to be attacked with staggering ferocity. Yes, enemies actually have an invisible composure bar in Forspoken too!

    When the enemy falls to the floor, you’ll see a small hand and dagger symbol next to the downed foe. That’s your excuse to get close and hit triangle.png, thus performing a Killer Blow. Do this 30 times and you’ll unlock No Mercy. 
  • Finish three or more enemies with a single blast of Surge Magic.

    Surge Magic is essentially Frey’s ultimate ability in Forspoken. By casting offensive and support spells, Frey can build the centre of the triangle in the bottom right corner, which acts as the Surge Magic meter, and when it’s full, you can unleash an ultimate with l2.png and r2.png.

    If you’re looking for somewhere easy to knock this out - although chances are you’ll get it naturally if you’re saving your Surge Magic for when things get mental - is in Dianthus Wood in Praenost. Find the Refuge, and then walk southwest, and you’ll find loads of Breakzombies. This, in our opinion, is one of the best ways to farm for these more creative trophies - as well as Above and Beyond trophy_bronze.png .
  • Use the Disperse spell three times in a single battle.

    The Disperse spell is an early spell that you can unlock in Forspoken - it’s part of Frey’s earth magic skill tree. The spell itself is a little bit like a rock spitting turret, which can do some great damage in combo with your attacks.

    To get this trophy you need to use it 3 times in a single battle, which is pretty easy if you go into a boss fight with this trophy in mind. The length of the fight should counteract the spell's cooldown, meaning you should easily be able to smash this out. I actually unlocked it in the final wave of fights before the final boss in Cipal… so clearly it counts even when a cutscene happens mid-fight too.
  • Electrocute three enemies at once.

    To get Shocker really easily, just head to the Dianthus Wood Refuge, head down the hill and use the Tempest Surge Magic - this is part of Tanta Olas’ spell set. Just wander into the Breakzombies and hit l2.png and r2.png together and you won’t only shock 3, you’ll probably shock 20 or so. Super easy!
  • Complete your first flashback challenge at a Monument to Wisdom.

  • Befriend all the Tantas' familiars.

    Throughout the world of Athia you’ll come across a whole variety of cat monuments - yes, even more monuments! These cat monuments are actually called “Tanta’s Familiar Monuments,” and while they don’t offer any massive gameplay benefits, they do give you Archive entries - which is handy if you’re still plugging away at the Archivist trophy_gold.png trophy.

    But that’s not it! Every familiar you discover, will actually mill around at the many of the Refuges dotted throughout the world. And they’re cute. That’s it though.

    When you interact with these Tanta’s Familiar Monuments, you’ll have to sneak up on the cat to complete said monument. The creep button in the game is exclusively used for these monuments. Simply walk towards the cat until it prompts you to hold l2.png to sneak, then sneak up on the cat - you can approach it head on. When you see an exclamation mark, stop. Do not move. Once it goes away, continue sneaking, and when you get to the cat, press r2.png to finish the monument.

    There are 20 in all to get, and they will show up on the map once you’ve visited the local Belfry. The 20 Tanta’s Familiar Monuments and where to find them are below.

    For maps and location guides for all 5 of the regions in Forspoken, check out the maps below.Somewhere near Cipal
    1 Tanta’s Familiar Monument
    1. The Sacred Peaks
    5 Tanta’s Familiar Monument
    1. Dianthus Wood - west of the Belfry tower there (east of The Guardians’ Way)
    2. Middle Praenost - south of the Belfry tower there
    3. Brass Hollow
    4. Fields of the Fallen (southeast)
    5. Opal Hills (southeast)
    5 Tanta’s Familiar Monument
    1. The Untrodden Forest 
    2. The Water Garden
    3. The Water Garden
    4. The Moulderings
    5. Golden Hills
    5 Tanta’s Familiar Monument
    1. South of Visoria Castle in Visoria (in the Tanta’s Demesne region)
    2. Homestead Hills
    3. Inner Visoria 
    4. Academy Hills, just north of the Belfry in the south.
    5. The Windy Hills
    4 Tanta’s Familiar Monument
    1. Behind Judoon Castle in Cipalian Way in Judoon.
    2. Another in Cipalin Way
    3. The Blossomwoods
    4. The Wolfwoods
  • Show pictures taken at all the photo spots to the children.

    When you leave Cipal for the first time in Chapter 3, just before you leave you’ll be approached by a couple of sprogs. They’ll ask about your phone and what will transpire then is a quest where you have to travel the entirety of Athia to take photos with your phone. Ugh.

    It’s pretty straightforward, in truth. Go up to the Photo Spot icon when you see one in the world, and interact with it. Then, all you need to do is line up your camera by moving your phone (with the right stick) so the subject is aligned and in shot, then snap a photo. That’s it.

    There are 50 in all! For maps and location guides for all 5 of the regions in Forspoken, including the 50 Photo Spots, check out the maps below.Somewhere Near Cipal:
    3 Photo Spots
    The Blessed Plains - 3

    13 Photo Spots
    • The Guardians Way - 2
    • Middle Praenost - 1
    • The Citadel - 1
    • Pioneers’ Plain - 2
    • The Mustering Ground - 2
    • Fields of the Fallen - 1
    • Opal Hills - 1
    • Brass Hollow - 2
    • Dianthus Wood - 1

    14 Photo Spots
    • The Water Garden - 6 
    • Trout Mountain - 1
    • The Fountainfields - 1
    • The Untrodden Forest - 1
    • The Misty Shore - 2 
    • Samum Coast - 2
    • The Moulderings - 1

    13 Photo Spots
    • The Windy Hills - 1
    • Inner Visoria - 2
    • Academy Hills - 1
    • Visorian Plateau - 2
    • Tanta’s Demesne - 3
    • Homestead Hills - 1
    • Humble Plain - 1
    • The Northern Corridor - 1
    • South Plateau - 1

    7 Photo Spots
    • Cipalian Way - 3
    • The Wolfwoods - 2
    • Crosstide Coast - 1
    • Nowhere - 1
  • Upgrade all your spells.

    Perhaps one of the most time-consuming and annoying trophies in the game, is none other than the Above and Beyond trophy. It requires that not only do you get all 105 spells (which you need to do for the Paragon trophy_silver.png trophy anyway), but it requires you upgrade them as well.

    If you want to upgrade a spell in Forspoken, you need to do two things: 1. Firstly unlock the spell; 2. Visit one of the bookcases that you find in the Archives in Cipal and in Refuges, and accept a Spell Challenge for said spell.
    The challenges can vary from doing a certain amount of damage and killing flying enemies, to multi-kills and using a spell to finish off the last person in a group. They vary from spell to spell. Once you’ve completed the relevant Spell Challenge for the spell in question, head into the Magic menu in the main menu, and then hold cross.png over the completed challenge.

    Annoyingly, you can only take 3 Spell Challenges at a time, so you’re going to have to “work” on these spells and their upgrades as you go. If you start early, and pay attention to this as you go, you’ll probably do a fair few before the game is up. However, that can possibly slow you down along the way as well.

    The best way is to, yes, you guessed it, spawn in at the Dianthus Wood Refuge and head out and down the hill. Here you can farm the vast majority of the spell upgrades. The only ones you won’t be able to get here are the one related to specific weaknesses/vulnerabilities, flying enemies, traversal, and maybe a few more, but the sheer amount of Breakzombies here make it easy to farm everything else.

    Just bear in mind that some of the spells are a little finicky to meet their requirements. So much so that the Tempest spell (level 2) is currently bugged - the one where you have to kill the last enemy in a group with it. It's straight up broken. I tried it multiple times and it just wouldn’t register (I even finished a boss off with it… no joy) - consider this one bugged/glitched for the time being.

Secret trophies

  • Acquire a mysterious golden bracelet.

    Story-related. Cannot miss.

    This will be the very first trophy you’ll get, and it’ll unlock at the end of Chapter 1, when you find the so-called “mysterious golden bracelet.”
  • Journey through a beautiful yet deadly other world.

    Story-related, cannot miss.

    After completing the tutorial of sorts, and making your way through the ruins, you'll come to a point where you’ll have a couple of fights with a rather large dragon. After defeating said dragon, and making your way to a nearby town, you’ll enter the Council Chambers, and as you leave, this trophy will unlock. Thus concluding chapter 2.
  • Swear vengeance on a deadly foe.

    Story-related, cannot miss.

    Once you’ve rescued Bob (or “Breakbob”) from the Xenos Guild, you’ll return to Cipal. Defeat the Recreant Knight and chapter 3 is over and this trophy is yours.
  • Survive a nightmarish ordeal.

    Story-related, cannot miss.

    Chapter 4 can be a bit of a biggie, depending on how much exploration you do, but you basically have to make your way from Cipal all the way to the Praenost Castle’s Ramparts - which is a fair trek! After fighting the 2 Recreant Knights, and running through the storm to get to the cave, chapter 4 will come to a close.
  • Emerge victorious from a showdown in a great fortress.

    Story-related, cannot miss.

    Chapter 5 is all about making your way to Praenost Castle and defeating Tanta Sila. Once you make your way into the castle grounds, you can choose which way to approach. Down the left is fairly easy, so we’d recommend that.

    The Sila fight itself is relatively straightforward, just make sure you have enough health potions when you enter. It’s two stages: the first, just dodge the fireballs, stay at a distance and then kill the statues when they come to life (or destroy them before they come to life!). In the second stage, just make sure you climb onto the pillars when she sets fire to the ground. Other than that, deal damage and dodge and you’ll beat her in no time whatsoever.
  • Taste the sweetness of peace and the bitterness of disaster.

    Story-related, cannot miss.

    Chapter 6, “Damned If You Do…” is an incredibly short chapter, especially if you just fast travel back from Praenost Castle to Cipal. Basically, after you’ve soaked up all the celebrations, all hell will break loose. And it’ll be your job to stop it. Stop it, and you get this trophy and finish this chapter.
  • Submit yourself to otherworldly justice.

    Story-related, cannot miss.

    After making your way through Avoalet, you’ll finally get to the large Ballow Tree, right on the edge of the map - this chapter mirrors chapter 5, in that it’s more about the journey to the destination than the destination itself. So, however long this takes you and how distracted you become, is however long this chapter is. Beat the boss at the end of the chapter, who is incredibly vulnerable to fire, then grab the resin, and the chapter will end, and this trophy is yours.
  • Emerge victorious from a trial to end all trials.

    Story-related, cannot miss.

    Chapter 8 is all about the battle with Tanta Prav - and the preamble to it, with a small arena battle with a few waves. Beat Tanta Prav, and this chapter is done and the trophy yours.

    In terms of tips, it’s another relatively straightforward battle. In stage 1, just dodge her attacks, destroy her big sphere and keep on the move.

    For stage 2, just stay out of the water and you’ll be golden. And when she changes the gravity of the arena, just focus on the bubbles and eventually she’ll drop you back down to earth.
  • Learn a hard truth, and accept a harder one.

    Story-related, cannot miss.

    If you thought chapter 6 was short, this one is even shorter. Head back to Cipal, watch a cutscene, and chapter 9 is complete.
  • Emerge victorious from a conflict in a twisted reality.

    Story-related, cannot miss.

    The entirety of chapter 10, after leaving Cipal, you’ll be thrust into a twisted reality. Escape the realm, beat the Faithful Servant and Senseless Servant, and this chapter will be completed, and the trophy will unlock.
  • Hold the fate of a world in your hands.

    Story-related, cannot miss.

    Chapter 11 picks up moments after you’ve beaten the Servants, and you’ll have to trek into Visoria to deal with Olas herself. Fight your way through the courtyards, the village and into the tower, and once you’re done climbing to the top of said tower, a cutscene and some combat will commence, before a lot more cutscenes. At the end of this chapter you’ll spend a good amount of time learning the truth of everything.

    Find out the truth, and the chapter will be over. But not before a big choice.

    Choosing right ends the game now. Choosing left takes the game into the 12th and final chapter. Don't worry though, if you do choose right, going to "Continue Game" in the main menu brings you back to before the choice was made.
  • Lay waste to a great evil for the sake of humankind.

    Story-related, technically missable if you chose to go home at the end of chapter 11, but because "Continue Game" throws you back into the game before you made your choice, it's not actually missable.

    All you need to do is defend Cipal, beat Susarrus, and that's the main campaign all done and dusted. It’s as simple as that.
  • See to the needs of the people of Cipal.

    With Rebirth, Promises trophy_bronze.png , Moves trophy_bronze.png  and Remembrance trophy_bronze.png, you’ll have to have completed the game and gone back into the open-world for some endgame action (just save it after the credits and then click continue on the main menu).

    The first endgame trophy, Rebirth, requires you to do some favours for the people of Cipal. To start the endgame quest you’ll need to speak to Pilo after you’ve reentered the open-world.

    Pilo can be found near the tavern, along the north wall, near the steps to the upper wards of Cipal. Speak to him and the Detour “Cipal Reborn” will be started. Complete that Detour and you’ll unlock this trophy.

    It’s very similar to the first Pilo side quest you might have done when he gave you a tour of Cipal at the beginning of the game, except this time you’ll need to do 3 simple tasks:
    • Fix a bench - this sub-quest of the main side quest requires you to go to Praenost, specifically Minera in the Brass Hollow. Clear it out, grab the spare part from the benches at the back and then return.
    • Get some flowers for the Mausoleum - the old woman will request 3 types of flowers. You’ll basically just need to go to a waypoint and pick up the flowers in the area. Use up on and d-pad when you're in the area to find them when you reach the waypoint (even if you have the flowers in your inventory, you have to collect the quest-item flowers).
    • Get some cat food - for the man on the right of the 3, speak to the chap with all the cats in the upper city, by the steps that lead down to the lower city, and get some food. That's it for this one.
  • Make a promise to someone very special.

    If you speak to Johedy after you’ve completed the campaign and are in the endgame - who you’ll find on the large set of stairs that lead up to the Council Chambers. Speaking to her will start the Detour, “Lost Lullabies.”

    This side quest will take you into the Cipal archives, and then to speak to Jennesh in the Tower of Binoi - AKA the city jail! From there you’ll head back to Junoon Castle, where’ll you’ll have to deal with a Riven Antler, and a few more Nightmare creatures.

    The quest then takes you inside the Castle. Follow the spirit to the end, watch the cutscene, and the side quest ends, and you get a trophy.
  • Visit twenty monuments.

  • Visit fifty monuments.

    Dotted throughout Athia are huge statues known as monuments. These monuments require you to approach them, destroy the decay or shell that’s encasing them, and then interact with them. Doing so will grant you a boost to your stats.

    There are 3 different types of monuments:
    • Monument to Love, which increases healing effects by 15.
    • Monument to Justice, which increases Frey’s health by 5.
    • Monument to Strength, which increases Frey’s defence by 5.
    There are 54 monuments in all, and for this trophy (along with the Initiate and Novice levels) the game requires you get 50 of them. For maps and location guides for all 5 of the regions in Forspoken, check out the maps below.Somewhere Near Cipal 
    8 Monuments
    • The Barren Plains - 1
    • Dead Man’s Ledge - 1
    • The Blessed Plains - 3
    • The Sacred Peaks - 2
    • The Pilgrims’ Paths - 1
    12 Monuments
    • The Guardians’ Way - 2
    • Middle Praenost - 1
    • The Citadel - 1
    • Pioneers’ Plain - 1
    • Mount Garrison - 1
    • The Mustering Ground - 2
    • Opal Hills - 1
    • Home of the Heroes - 1
    • Brass Hollow - 1
    • Dianthus Woods - 1
    12 Monuments
    • The Water Garden - 2
    • Trout Mountain - 1
    • The Fountainfields - 1
    • The Untrodden Forest - 1
    • Golden Hills - 3
    • The Misty Shore - 1
    • Samum Coast - 2
    • The Moulderings - 1

    12 Monuments
    • The Windy Hills - 2
    • Shepherd’s Meadow - 1
    • Humble Plain - 2
    • Visorian Plateau - 2
    • Academy Hills - 1
    • Homestead Hills - 1
    • Inner Visoria - 2
    • Yonder Cape (southwest corner) - 1
    10 Monuments
    • Cipalian Way - 1
    • Physic Garden -1
    • The Blossomwoods - 3
    • The Harvest Lands - 2
    • Crosstide Coast - 1
    • Visorian Isthmus - 1
    • Farcoast Terrace - 1
  • Visit fifty points of interest.

  • Visit one hundred points of interest.

    “Points of interest” in Forspoken are areas in the open-world, where you have an objective to complete. These can include clearing a camp of enemies, completing a Locked Labyrinth, or searching for intel, and so on. 

    There are a ridiculous amount of different icons on the map, all of which could be argued are “points of interest,” but in Forspoken, only a few qualify for this trophy.

    Here are the various different types of points of interest that do count:
    • “Cave, Ruin, etc.” which come in the form of broken carts to scout, campgrounds to clear, caves to empty out, and so on. These give stat boosts, Archive entries, equipment, and more. 
    • “Village. Fortress, etc.” which come in the form of villages of enemies to clear and fortresses to clear, and so on.
    • And finally, Locked Labyrinths, which give you equipment.
    Here’s the type of events that don’t count:
    • Monuments, which give stat boosts.
    • Tanta’s Familiar Monuments.
    • Chests marked on the map.
    • Unlocking Pilgrim’s Refuges.
    • Mutants
    • Belfries.
    • Photo Spots.
    • Flashbacks, which give mana boosts (flag icons).
    Luckily, there’s a crap ton of these, and you can rinse them pretty quickly. In all, there are 95 “Village, Fortress, Etc.”, 78 “Cave, Ruin, Etc.” and 13 Locked Labyrinths, so there’s plenty to choose from. The general rule of thumb is though: if it’s too easy to finish (like a Refuge or a Belfry), it doesn’t count, and the same if there’s another trophy tied to that activity.

    If you’re still looking for items to populate the Archive for the Archivist trophy_gold.png , focus on the purple down arrow icons overlaid over the top of the actual icon first (it'll say "Archive Entry" if you hover over the icon. The same goes for Kit and Caboodle trophy_silver.png - look for places that drop items and equipment on the map (the cloak symbo, the necklace symbol or the nails symbol).

    In truth, you should actually start with all the equipment places, and then see where you are after.

    For maps and location guides for all 5 of the regions in Forspoken, check out the maps below.
  • Learn all the spells that can possibly be learned.

    Forspoken is chock full of different spells (and levels of said spell) that you can get your hands on. For the majority of the spells you simply need to follow the main quest, dealing with the Tantas as you go. Including the earth elemental one you start with, you’ll need to amass 4 spell sets (1 from 3 of the Tantas, plus your original one), and when you do, you’ll need to unlock every spell that comes with it.

    There’s 105 spells in all, although 93 only count for this trophy. It’s worth bearing in mind that the abilities earned by the Founts (see Call of the Fount: Beatified trophy_silver.png) do not count towards this trophy - although they do towards the Paragon trophy_silver.png  trophy.

    To unlock all 93 spells, you’re going to need over 3,000 Mana… which is a hell of a lot of Mana! To get this amount just keep your eye out for the incredible amount of Mana deposits dotted around the world as you go, and everytime you level up, you’ll also get a nice batch of Mana too. So, while going for the Explorer: Trailblazer trophy_silver.png trophy, if you keep an eye out for them, you’re going to amass a healthy amount of Mana deposits without veering too far off the beaten path.

    As long as you don’t rush it, this one will absolutely come with time, while you roam the open-world for the other trophies, collecting Mana deposits as you go.
  • Acquire the magical powers available from all the Founts of Blessing.

    If you check Frey’s earth elemental abilities early on in the game, you’ll notice that Frey's spell tree has a few question marks in it. These question marks are for abilities given to the player by places in the world called Founts of Blessing.

    These small, bottomless ponds, of sorts, are mystical locations that Frey must seek out. There are 12 in all, although they’re not all accessible from the off, and each of them require specific spell sets from the Tantas in the world to be able to unlock them. Collect all 12, and you’ll receive this trophy.

    The 12 Founts of the Blessing and their locations are as follows:
    1. Leap - After leaving Cipal for the first time, you’ll come across a Mulberry Fount on the left. Cannot miss this one, as it introduces the player to the mechanics with this one.
    2. Shimmy - Just to the west of the Praenost Castle Ramparts in The Citadel, in Praenost, you’ll find another Mulberry Fount.
    3. Burrow - If you keep heading east of The Guardians’ Way (in northern Praenost) is Brass Hollow, where this third and final Mulberry Fount is.
    4. Beacon - In the south of Praenost, in the Mustering Ground, you’ll find the Rosewood Fount.
    5. Soar - In the Water Garden in northern Avoalet (just southeast of the Water Garden: Western ailey)
    6. Rush - In the Golden Hills in Avoalet (far west corner)
    7. Alb - On the far west coast of the Visorian Plateau, you’ll find this Lilac Fount.
    8. Float - Deep in the far southwest of Inner Visoria, at the end of a huge tunnel, you’ll find this Lilac Fount. Gain access from the Academy Hills and go south.
    9. Suppression - In the Moulderings in Praenost (Come from the Samum Coast and go east).
    10. Fortify - In the western part of the Windy Hills in Visoria, in a cave, you’ll find this Juniper Fount.
    11. Diversify - In the depths at the Crosstide Coast, in the north, near a fort, you’ll find this Juniper Fount.
    12.  Spoof - In the Physic Garden in central Junoon, you’ll find this Juniper Fount.
    You don’t need a map for these either. From the skill tree, click on the question mark and then view the Fount on the map. From there you can set a waypoint and make your way there. Simple!

    If you want to use our maps out though, check them out here:
  • Learn every spell.

    Unlike Realized Potential trophy_bronze.png, this spell trophy does include getting all the Founts too. It’s basically the "Realized Potential trophy_bronze.png trophy: the bumper edition."

    In all you’ll need to learn all 105 spells for this trophy. The 93 that come with spell sets (that count for the Realized Potential trophy_bronze.png trophy) and the 12 Founts that count for the Call of the Fount: Beatified trophy_silver.png trophy.

    See Call of the Fount: Beatified trophy_silver.png for a list of the 12 Founts and where to find them.
  • Craft a healing item and two of Frey's original pieces of equipment.

    Like a few of the trophies in Forspoken, this one is multi-leveled. While it’s easy to craft a healing item for the trophy - and you’ll no doubt craft hundreds of them before you get around to crafting "Frey's original pieces of equipment" - finding the all the necessary parts to craft these so-called original pieces of Frey’s equipment, however, is not as straightforward.

    It turns out that Frey’s two original pieces of equipment need a recipe to be crafted, and can only be done if you have the Sewing Kit. The Sewing Kit can be found in the far southwest corner of the map in Inner Visoria, near where you got the Float spell from the Fount there.

    The Curiosity Shop which sells it, is not underground though, it’s up high - and if you’ve been to that Fount, it’ll show on your map. Head there, and for 64 Old Coins, you can buy the Sewing Kit.

    So, the few things you'll need to gather to unlock this trophy are as follows:
    • Firstly, you need 64 Old Coins, which can be found in puzzle chests across Athia. We found a load of puzzle chests in Junoon, so head there and start hunting down the purple dots. These puzzle chests usually give you 1-5 Old Coins. The harder the puzzle, the more coins they usually hold - and if you’re naff at puzzles, you can always spend Mana to open them straight away. If you head off the beaten path inside Locked Labyrinths, you’ll find a load of these - and thus, a load of Old Coins.
    Then after buying the Sewing Kit for 64 Old Coins, you'll need the materials to craft them. The resources you'll need to craft the items at a workbench, are:
    • 6 Fluteblossoms - Fluteblossoms can be found in chests, usually well guarded chests - for instance, the chest on the island to the north in the Nearcoast Terrace in Junoon has one. But for a good supply and enough to help you make both items, head into the Forbidden Meadow in The Harvest Lands in Junoon (you'll need to clear the Altar of Aasaan nearby to gain access to the Forbidden Meadow via a portal). Both can be found slightly northwest of Junoon Castle.
    • 6 Bumbershoots - Bumbershoots, like Fluteblossoms are incredibly rare. They can be found at the following places though (as well as other places):
      • A chest in Sundar, in The Wolfwoods, Junoon.
      • Below the Windy Hills Fount in Visoria (in a chest).
      • Olevia’s cat left one for me in the market square in Cipal (after I visited her a few times).
      • You can exchange poppets for one at the trader in Cipal.
      • In a chest on an island to the east in Crosstide Coast, Junoon.
      • On the island where the mutant is in Nearcoast Terrace, Junoon.
      • There’s one inside the Nowhere Refuge in Junoon too.
      • And finally, inside the Locked Labyrinth: Forest in The Wolflands, Junoon.
    • 6 Lucid Garlands - Lucid Garlands are slightly different, and these are dropped by the golden enemies within the Nightmare zones known as Arcane Nightmares (or the rather large Gyres drop them too, if you’ve come across them). These are incredibly rare crafting items, so much so that we’ve actually prepared a proper farming guide for them, as they can be a bit tricky to work out how to get a handful in a short amount of time. Check out our Lucid Garlands locations & farming guide for more assistance there.
    When you have everything you need, head to a workbench in a Refuge and craft those badboys. Once you do, this trophy will unlock.
  • Acquire every piece of equipment (except those only obtainable via sub-quests).

    My, my, my! Welcome to one of Forspoken’s most time consuming trophies. It’s not necessarily hard - in fact, it’s not hard at all - you basically just need to clear out a load of locations in order to unlock the items that house them.

    On top of that, you’ll also have to craft a couple and purchase some with poppets too - these two are tied to other trophies though, so don't worry (the former being Craftsperson trophy_bronze.png  and the latter being A Roaring Trade trophy_bronze.png).

    You’ll also have to kill 4 Abominations too - which are super bosses, 1 for each of the main regions. These, again, are tied to a trophy: Abominizer trophy_gold.png.

    All the others (aside from the story ones and the side missions ones, which we’ve included below too, even though the side mission ones don’t count) can be found by clearing out enemy encampments, and completing Lost Labyrinths. The list of them all is as follows, including where you find them.

    Cloak (25)
    1. Hooded Cloak - Part of the story (chapter 3).
    2. Valorous - Clear Ligare in The Guardians’ Way, Praenost.
    3. Lief - Locked Labyrinth, Barrier (The Guardians’ Way, Praenost).
    4. Dauntless - Clear the Brass Cavern in Brass Hollow, Praenost.
    5. Puissant - Locked Labyrinth: Cliff (The Citadel, Praenost)
    6. Unstoppable - Clear out the Militis Academy in The Mustering Ground, Praenost.
    7. Divers - Locked Labyrinth: Hill (The Blessed Plains, Somewhere Near Cipal)
    8. Judicious - Clear Gyuzel in The Water Garden, Avoalet.
    9. Fain - Locked Labyrinth: Mountain Base (The Fountainfields, Avoalet)
    10. Infallible - Clear Kabosharr in Golden Hills, Avoalet.
    11. Faultless - Clear the Molybdos Guild in the Untrodden Forest in Avoalet.
    12. Boundless - Clear the Redclaw Cavern in Academy Hills, Visoria.
    13. Whilom - Locked Labyrinth: West (Visorian Plateau, Visoria)
    14. Audacious - Clear the Ruins of Mercador in Visorian Plateau, Visoria.
    15. Unsurpassable - Clear the Niccoline Guild in the South Plateau region of Visoria.
    16. Veriment - Locked Labyrinth: North (Visorian Isthmus, Visoria (access via the Northern Corridor in the northwest)
    17. Bonifate - Locked Labyrinth: Field (Humble Plain, Visoria)
    18. Forfend - Locked Labyrinth: Castle (Cipalian Way, Junoon)
    19. Gracious - Clear Bhulna Villa in the Physic Garden in Nunoon.
    20. Monsterful - Locked Labyrinth: Forest (The Wolfwoods, Junoon)
    21. Incomparable - In a chest inside the Forbidden Meadow (clear the Altar of Aasaan to gain access via a portal).
    22. Fearless - Clear the Nightmares from Oxys Guild in Farcoast Terrace, Junoon. Remember to use the L3 and R3 ability you unlock after the story has concluded to make the trip through the Farcoast Terrace to Nowhere 1,000 times easier.
    23. Pelerine - Buy for 1 poppet from the trader in Cipal.
    24. Stranith - Buy for 5 poppets from the trader in Cipal.
    25. Unbroken - Buy the Sewing Kit and craft it. See Craftsperson trophy_bronze.png  for all the details.
    Necklace (15)
    1. Orison - Locked Labyrinth: East (The Barren Plains, Somewhere Near Cipal).
    2. Phool Sa - Clear the enemies in Thane (south of Cipal) and north of The Guardians’ Way refuge.
    3. Nadezhda - Clear out the enemies in Vivus, Middle Praenost, Praenost.
    4. Shrift - Locked Labyrinth: Mountain (Pioneer’s Plain, Praenost).
    5. Sarka - Clear the Ruins of Pagus in The Citadel, Praenost.
    6. Nemeni Prisaha - Detour side quest - for Johedy in Chapter 7 (Sila’s Pact) (this one doesn’t count, but you may as well get it anyway).
    7. Yavuz Gagnant - Clear Colline in the Fountainfields in northwest Avoalet.
    8. Aslani - Clear the Shoal Pond in The Water Garden in Avoalet.
    9. Troth - Locked Labyrinth: Depths (The Untrodden Forest, Avoalet)
    10. Naee Aasha - Speak to Johedy at the beginning of chapter 10, after the cutscene with her (this one doesn’t count, but you may as well get it anyway).
    11. Sooth - Locked Labyrinth: South (Homestead Hills, Visoria).
    12. Oithur - Clear the Ruins of Austur in the Windy Hills in Vistoria.
    13. Tesouro de Athia - Clear Fruegel in Academy Hills in Vistoria.
    14. Balle Balle - Clear the Place of Prayer in the Sacred Peaks, Nunoon.
    15. Home Sweet Hell - Buy the Sewing Kit and craft it. See Craftsperson trophy_bronze.png for all the details.
    Nails (30)
    1. Slay - Found during the Chapter 3 main quest at the Xenos Guild.
    2. Blue Flash - Found during the Chapter 3 main quest at the Xenos Guild.
    3. Clutch - Clear the enemies in Reeve - South of Cipal.
    4. Dig Deep - Clear the enemies out of Fort Wielki, The Guardians Way, Praenost.
    5. III - Clear the Kloros Guild in Middle Praenost (get access via the rocks and come in through the top door)
    6. Ignite - Clear the Ruins of Zelenina in The Path of Glory, Praenost.
    7. Aftershock - Kill Recreant Knight outside Sila’s castle entrance in chapter 5.
    8. Nightshade - Clear the Ruins of Lepsi in Fields of the Fallen, Praenost.
    9. Spectrum - Defeat Deinosuchus in The Sunken Lands, in The Moulderings, Praenost.
    10. Bounce - Clear the Brome Guild in The Moulderings, Praenost.
    11. Heavy - Clear Perle in Samum Coast, Praenost.
    12. Fatale - Defeat the Gigas, the Abomination, at The Rock Beds in Mount Garrison, Praenost.
    13. Passion - Clear Fort Optima in Mount Garrison in Praenost.
    14. Blessed - Clear Chichek in The Water Garden in Avoalet.
    15. Twisted - Clear the Ruins of Eskii in The Fountainfields.
    16. Amped - Clear the Ruins of Calme in the Untrodden Forest in Avoalet. 
    17. Jet - Clear the Ruins of Sommay in the Golden Hills in Avoalet.
    18. Grit - Clear the cave at the Plateau Hollow in Visoria.
    19. Beaucoup - Clear the Ruins of Alda in Inner Visoria, Visoria.
    20. Lit - Clear Zakto in Tanta’s Demesne in Visoria.
    21. Frostbite - Clear Fort Sestina in the Vistorian Plateau in Vistoria.
    22. Flaunt - Clear Fort Gabb in Yonder Cape, Visoria (far, far south on the coast)
    23. Honor - Defeat the Amphicynodon, the Abomination in The Boneyard in South Plateau, Visoria.
    24. Savage - Clear Upril in Visoria Isthmus in Visoria (access via the Northern Corridor in the northwest).
    25. Wisdom - Clear the Nightmares from Fort Laayak in the northern part of the Physic Garden in Junoon.
    26. Wired - Clear Biichu in the Blossomwoods in Junoon.
    27. On Point - Clear the Abandoned Merchant Convoy in The Sacred Peaks, Junoon.
    28. Hope - Clear the Nightmares from Fort Chahiye in Crosstide Coast, Junoon.
    29. Tease - Clear the Nightmares from the Ruins of Teharnaa in the Nearcoast Terrace, Junoon.
    30. Escalate - Defeat Apsaravis, the Abomination, in the Ruins of Koshish, in Nowhere, in Junoon.
  • Defeat an enemy bound by the Tangled status effect with Sila's magic.

    Another straightforward trophy, this. All you have to do is use the Bind ability from Frey’s earth spell set, and then use one of Tanta Sila’s fire abilities to fry them to hell and back. Quick note: the trophy says “defeat,” so whatever you use, it has to kill them.

    I found Bind and then Conflagration (the Surge Magic for Sila’s spell set) was by far the easiest way to get this. Instant kill. Instant gratification too. Just use the Dianthus Wood Refuge farm point and you’ll get this one with little to no effort at all.
  • Use all four types of Tanta magic in a single battle.

    In order to get the From Every Angle Trophy, you need to have unlocked all 4 elemental Tanta magic spell sets.
    • Earth - You’ll unlock from the get go.
    • Fire - From beating Tanta Sila.
    • Water - From beating Tanta Prav.
    • Electric - From beating Tanta Olav.
    Once you have all 4, late in the game, you’ll be able to get this trophy.

    All you need to do is use one spell from an elemental set, then hit the d-pad (either way) and then use another from another elemental set. Cycle through the 4 spell sets and you’ll get this trophy. I actually got it, without realising, in the final battle of the game. So, if all else fails, you’ll get it then - as you’ll have to switch spell sets to target specific weaknesses.
  • Complete flashback challenges at ten Monuments to Wisdom.

  • Complete all the flashback challenges at the Monuments to Wisdom.

    Dotted all throughout Athia, you’ll find a whole new set of monuments. Unlike the Monuments to Love, Strength and Justice, there are also Monuments to Wisdom, which are timed challenges - they’re indicated by a flag symbol.

    At these Monuments to Wisdom, Frey is tasked with a variety of parkour and combat challenges that she must get through, rewarding players with Mana and rare goodies should they do well. Unlike the other monuments though, these aren’t classified as “Monuments” as per the map screen, these are actually called “FLASHBACKS” - yes, all caps!

    There are 20 of these dotted around Athia which you must complete to unlock this and the other 2 associated trophies. Quick final note before we tell you where they are and where to find them… what rating you get doesn’t matter, as long as you pass it.

    The 20 Monuments to Wisdom can be found in the following areas, and show up on the map once you’ve visited the local Belfry. For maps and location guides for all 5 of the regions in Forspoken, including where the Monuments to Wisdom are, check out the maps below.
    Somewhere Near Cipal
    1 Flashbacks
    1. The Barren Plains
    5 Flashbacks
    1. The Guardians’ Way, Praenost
    2. Middle Praenost, Praenost
    3. Brass Hollow
    4. Pioneers’ Plain
    5. The Mustering Ground
    4 Flashbacks
    1. The Fountainfields
    2. The Water Garden
    3. The Moulderings
    4. Golden Hills
    5 Flashbacks
    1. Yonder Cape (southwest peak)
    2. Academy Hills
    3. Inner Visoria
    4. Visorian Plateau
    5. Shepherd’s Meadow
    5 Flashbacks
    1. Crosstide Coast
    2. The Wolflands
    3. The Blossomwoods
    4. Cipalian Way
    5. Physic Garden
  • Defeat all four abominations.

    In really hard to get to locations in Athia, there will be 4 abominations, ready to give you the fight of your life.

    So, what exactly is an abomination? Well, that answer is simple: they are the ultimate form of some of the monsters you’ve been fighting throughout Athia. You know that Lesser Deinosuchus in the Locked Labyrinth: East in The Barren Plains region, near Cipal, that you fought? Well, now it’s time to fight the actual king... the proper version... the Deinosuchus.

    These are going to be the hardest and longest boss fights in the whole of Forspoken. So, you’re going to want to go in with as much medicine pouch capacity as you can get (so don’t forget to keep an eye out for Nuggets on your journey throughout Athia), and you’re going to want to go in after you’ve completed the story too.

    I went in as a level 60, with some decently upgraded equipment and managed without too many issues… and if all else fails, you can drop the difficulty down, of course.

    Here’s where all 4 abominations are, and a few general tips to take into consideration:
    • Gigas (Mount Garrison in Praenost) - Weak to lightning. If you’ve fought a Gigas before (lesser), then the movesets are very similar between the two. Just make sure to always be on the move. Its moves are hyper-telegraphed, so as long as you don’t get greedy here, and move all the time, you'll be golden. The electric Seeker Darts are great here, especially if they are fully unlocked and upgraded. Spam attack him, and when he makes his big jump, move out and then hold down r2.png to bring down lightning on his ass. Watch out for his massive fireball though, and the move where he charges up a hellstorm of sorts - get out of dodge for that latter one!
    • Deinosuchus (The Moulderings in Avoalet) - Weak to earth. Just stay out of the water and move platforms to get close to it and you should be okay here. If you fought the Lesser Deinosuchus, the same rules apply here. Just make sure you avoid his platform devouring attacks and stay on the move. If you have the astral surfboard for this fight that you unlock later in the game, even better.
    • Amphicynodon (South Plateau in Visoria) - Weak to fire. To gain access, head into Visoria Castle through the "Main gate" and head out the left hand door and head south. The fight is northeast from the South Plateau Refuge, just follow the river. As for the fight itself, getting up close and personal with your Sila spells is key. Use Crucible and Legion to both contain and distract him, then get tight and use the Arc Slice. You should be able to diminish his composure a lot, meaning you can deal several Killer Blows throughout the fight. Remember, don’t perform the Killer Blow straight away though, deal a load of damage before you do.
    • Apsaravis (Nowhere in Junoon) - Weak to water, although I went with earth, as it was my strongest spell set and it did far more damage for me personally. This one is the worst fight out the lot, because he just flies around for most of the fight and the range on most of the spells is atrocious. Just dodge the red X attacks and stay away from his tornado divebombs, his poison clouds and his giant electric attacks, and then move in and attack to your heart's content otherwise. This is a long fight, so conserve your health draughts too.
    Once you've killed all 4, this gold trophy is yours. If you need more assistance finding them, check out the 4 main region location guides and maps we've prepared:
  • Unlock 80% of the Archive.

    Just looking at this, you’re probably thinking that collecting 464 out of 580 collectibles is going to be a bit of a grind, but the truth is, it isn’t at all. Really. Because in Forspoken, the Archive includes and tracks everything, from characters and equipment you’ve picked up or come across, to resources, enemies and things that flesh out the world. Tutorials do not count though. But pretty much everything else does.

    Rather than following a guide of 464 collectibles, which is ridiculous and would be interminable, the best way to get them is to pay attention to the tips below. With a 20% wiggle room, you should get this while going for the other trophies without too much heartbreak.
    • If you press up on the d-pad, you’ll send out a pulse. All down arrow icons in a diamond are collectibles like books, pieces of art and notes, etc. All of which can be added to the Archive.
    • Don’t forget to search buildings and interact with everything you can when you're clearing "points of interest" for Explorer: Trailblazer trophy_silver.png. Refuges can sometimes have books, notes, etc. in them, that will get logged in the Archive.
    • Keep an eye open for small lockboxes, they always have an Archive note in them. You'll find a few of these in Locked Labyrinths, so keep an eye open for them.
    • Harvest as much in the open-world as possible, so that you’ve grabbed at least one of every resource.
    • Side missions (or Detours as Forspoken calls them) can unlock Archive entries, so do as many of them as you can. Same with things like completing Tanta’s Familiar Monuments. They all add entries to the Archive.
    • Talk to question marks on your map in Cipal, they may give you something.
    • Certain points of interest on the map have purple icons with the diamond-down-arrow on them. Head to those to loot the Archive information - this also helps towards Explorer: Trailblazer trophy_silver.png .
    And, if for some reason, if you’ve got every other trophy done and this one still remains, just seek out the aforementioned “Archive Entry” locations on the map and complete them until this one unlocks.
  • Hide for ten whole seconds—so long that people will forget you were there.

    Towards the end of the game, after you’ve gotten your hands on Tanta Olas’ spell set, you’ll be able to unlock a spell called “Compression.”

    Compression is a spell that “erases all trace of the user, making them harder for enemies to locate.” In other words, it makes you invisible.

    When you’re down to your last enemy in an encounter, simply select Olas’ spell set using the d-pad (or l1.png and r1.png together to bring up the spell set choice menu), then bring up the support wheel with l1.png, and choose the Compression spell. Then, cast it. It will make you invisible.

    Once you’ve used it though, do not move. Moving disables the spell. After 10-seconds of being completely still (don’t even move the camera), this trophy will unlock.

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