Vegetarian Trophy in flOw

  • Vegetarian


    Eat all foods in a campaign without killing any advanced creature.

    How to unlock Vegetarian

    This is best done in campaign 4, as using your creature's ability will allow it to paralyze instead of eating. Once you reach the bottom layer with the egg, the trophy should pop provided you ate all the food and left the advanced creatures alive.

    A few things to keep in mind:

    • The trophy description can be a bit misleading. You don't need to personally eat all the food, it's fine if other advanced creatures eat some as well. As long as there is no food left when you reach the bottom layer, the trophy will unlock.
    • You must not kill any advanced creature but it is also fine if you eat some cores from the ones who have several. You can hurt them, you should just not kill them (and it is not recommended since they will most likely retaliate and make things much more complicated).
    • Don’t be afraid to paralyze the other creatures as well. This will prove really helpful for layers where they constantly eat or protect the portals. There’s no need to panic on these layers either. If you bid your time, a portal will pop right next to you eventually.
    • The creatures pictured in the spoiler below release food every once in a while until their supply runs dry. Make sure to wait for them to stop dropping food before moving on to the next layer.

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