Friendship Trophy in flOw

  • Friendship


    Complete any campaign with 4 players.

    How to unlock Friendship

    You can do this with one controller! Using any creature, swim to the deepest part of the sea (with the egg in the middle).

    On PS3: Hold down the button and re-assign the controller to another port (port 2), then hit select and you will see the new player appear. Repeat for port 3 and port 4.

    On PS4: Hold down the button and select Adjust Sound and Devices > Turn Off Device > DUALSHOCK 4. Hold down again and select a different profile (you will need four PSN profiles on your PS4 total). In game, choose "Options" to spawn.

    When all four 'players' are present, eat the egg (with any of the players) to finish the stage and unlock the trophy. Good teamwork!

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  • If this doesn't work for you on PS4 I found this process to be a bit different for me (likely due to menu updates over time): Hold down the PS logo button > power > switch user > play as a guest or select other profile > do not sign in. Click into game, click x to spawn in, pause. Rinse, repeat. I switched back to primary profile as a precaution the same way and ate the egg.
  • Thank you @digitalsiren that worked perfectly, the original steps are outdated.

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