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  • Peace


    Complete any campaign without eating anything.

    How to unlock Peace

    NOTE: This trophy can be done as intended with a proper install. This is also awarded when you complete the credits on a glitch-install (see top of first post to reproduce)

    Kind of tricky, what you need to do is see what is on the layer beneath you while swimming into the (-). You will have a moment to maneuver while going to the lower layer of the sea, and you need to use that to ensure you do not hit some food. The trophy will pop on the final layer, before eating the egg, so likely you just cant land on food while hittin the last layer. CajunShooter suggests using DLC BubbleBoy, as hitting buttons will push away food ~ but also the up/down.

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  • Yeah BubbleBoy seems Ike the logical choice; though there are some spots you'll struggle if you don't plan from the previous floor. Look for the red dot on the level bellow and try to "chain them"; this is particularly useful when you get to the floors with giant creatures, one eats the dots and the other made of spheres will have the red one inside its winding body, so try to align yourself from above so you can parachute right into it.

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