• Estimated trophy difficulty: 5/10 (Personal Estimate)
  • Offline trophies: 45 (24, 16, 4, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 15-25 Hours (Personal Estimate)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 + Score Challenges + Level Select
  • Number of missable trophies: None
  • Glitched trophies: None
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes, See "Push through the pain barrier"
  • Do trophies stack?: Some, the Score Challenges Score Modifier Trophies must be done at x2 and x4.
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheat codes are available.

This guide was created using the PS4 and Vita versions of the game. The Vita version can be played using the touchscreen to control everything except the main menu and its components but it can be played using the same face button configuration as PS4. The shoulder buttons are not used.


Final Horizon is a fast-paced, space-based tower defence game on the PS4 and Vita that pits you against an unknown force of robotic insects called the Swarm, using weaponized towers, with unique abilities, to defend your property and fight towards the Swarm home planet. Both versions of the game share the same trophy list and have cross-save.

You are given a set amount of spaces per level to place your towers and defend your base against the coming enemies. Each tower has a different weapon and each upgrade has a different ability. You are in control of what towers are placed and their upgrades. However, you cannot choose what they decide to shoot and you cannot develop towers without energy. Your percentage of level completion is based on what primary and secondary objectives you complete during the level. Levels are completed by eliminating all enemies, launch rockets/escape pods or waiting down countdowns.


Step 1 - Complete the Story and all level objectives:

You will begin in Act 1. Levels are unlocked by completing the primary objective of previous levels. There are three acts to complete with 4-6 planets in each. Each planet may contain 1-8 levels and these levels range from 1-4 minutes of play per stage. Your level percentage is based on the number of objectives you finish inside. Since very few secondary objectives pose a slight difficulty, getting a 100% in a level before proceeding to the next is the best thing to do. During this step, you should unlock:

The Final Horizon
Shipwrecked and Comatose
Mostly Harmless
Make like a shepherd
Set course for Alderaan
Philip J Fried
The fog is lifted
Know your enemy
Get to the chopper!
Training Day
Virtual Insanity
Icarus unleashed
Bring the heat
Boom shake the room
Per Ardua ad Astra
Alien Homeworld
Flawless Victory!
The only way to be sure

Step 2 - Play Score Challenge:

Score Challenge is a mode where you play select levels with modified settings and compete with friends for a high score on the leaderboard. You only need to complete one level on the hardest difficulty and get a high multiplier on another but the rest are simple and quick. During this step, you should unlock:

Challenge yourself
Player of Games
Take it to the next level
Push through the pain barrier

Step 3 - Cleanup:

Since you completed all secondary objectives as told in Step 1, the trophies that should be left should deal with combat kills. Replay story missions and score challenges to get the required kill amount you need. You can check your progress under "Trophies" in the "Battle Log" on the main menu. During this step you should unlock the following, if you haven't already:

Sting in the tail
Fly swatter
Pest control
Full of Venom
Crushed like a bug in the ground
Weird science
Pan-galactic gargle blaster
Kill it with fire!
Nuke them from orbit
Use of Weapons
Danger! High Voltage
Everybody's dead, Dave
The Destroyer of Worlds

[PST Would Like To Thank JayPBM for this Roadmap]


Dark Galaxy DLC:


  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10
  • Offline trophies: 7 (5, 1, 1)
  • Online trophies:
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 2-3 hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1+
  • Number of missable trophies: 0 (via Level Select)
  • Glitched trophies: None known
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No difficulty select options
  • Do trophies stack?: No, the PS4 and PS Vita versions share one trophy list
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No Cheat Codes known


The Dark Galaxy DLC is the first add-on for Final Horizon. This pack adds 20 new Levels across 5 planets, and several new enemy and turret types.

If you have played and achieved the platinum for the main game, this DLC should not pose much challenge, and can be completed within about 3 hours. Most of the trophies will come through progression, with no significant grinding needed.

Important notes:

  1. This DLC can be accessed at any time from the main menu by selecting the Dark Galaxy tab. You do not need to complete the main game 100% to access this content
  2. If you have completed the main game but have not yet completed the kill counts for the L1 Spider Tanks or Scarab (aka, the grind), completing this DLC will add about 300-500 Tanks and 30 Scarabs to your totals. While it certainly is not as quick as farming, if you are going for 100% anyway, I would recommend completing the DLC first, before farming the remaining kills.


Step 1: Complete all Levels and Secondary Objectives

I would suggest playing through all Levels, and trying to complete as many Secondary Objectives as possible. Note that compared to the Core Game, the DLC Levels tend to have more Secondary Objectives, often 3-4 per Level.

It is important to note that you do not need to complete all Secondary Objectives in a single playthrough. While this was entirely possible for most of the Core Game Levels, you are better to focus on 1 or 2 Objectives per run, in this DLC. In particular, getting the No Damage Objectives while avoiding use of specific turrets (often the more powerful/useful turrets) would be quite difficult in a single run. It is most efficient to separate these across several different attempts.

As long as you fulfill the Main Objective, you can progress but I would recommend replaying as you go because you will be more familiar with the Level. If a particular Secondary Objective is proving frustrating, feel free to move on and come back later.

All Enemy and Turret kill counts should come through normal play.

Step 2: Clean up

Miss a Secondary Objective? A few kills short? Now is the time to go back and finish those off. You will also need to replay the 2 Levels for all Secondary Objectives at once, if you did not do so in Step 1.

[PST Would Like To Thank diskdocx for this Roadmap]

Final Horizon Trophy Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed trophies
Show secret trophies

45 trophies ( 16  24  1  )

  • Unlock all the other trophies

    Obtain all the Final Horizon base game trophies to earn the Platinum.

  • Complete the story 100%

    There are many planets across three acts to traverse in this game. In order to 100% a planet, you must complete both the primary objectives and the secondary objectives of each mission on a single planet. Earning 100% on each planet in an act, will grant you the 100% for the entire act. Acing all three acts will earn you this trophy.

    NOTE: Secondary objectives do not have to be completed in the same attempt. You can revisit missions but it is recommended that you earn all objectives in one go for time-saving purposes and make them less of a headache.

  • Complete any Act 100%

    See The Final Horizon for details.

  • Complete any Planet 100%

    See The Final Horizon for details.

  • Evacuate the Vega System

    Story-related, cannot miss.

    Upon completing the planet "Hyperia" in Act 1, this trophy will unlock.

  • Locate the Swarm home system

    Story-related, cannot miss.

    Upon completing the planet "Aculus Beta" in Act 2, this trophy will unlock.

  • Kill 120 Skorpions

    Scorpions are the large yellow enemies that move slowly and shoot tri-blade missiles. This may or may not unlock while playing through the story, if not then play the Gamarus Prime 3 score challenge because it has a good amount of Scorpions so killing 120 of them should not take long.

  • Kill 250 Hornets

    See Pest Control for details.

  • Kill 2500 Hornets

    Hornets are the small flying enemies that appear in couples or trios. You should be very close to unlocking this after the story if you haven't unlocked it already. Play the Nhandu 3 score challenge on the lowest settings for more Hornet kills.

  • Kill 100 Wasps

    Wasps are the bigger yellow flying enemies with the large red eye. This trophy should unlock through gameplay naturally, if not then play the Nhandu 3 score challenge on the lowest settings for more Wasp kills.

  • Kill 250 Level 1 Spider Tanks

    See Crushed like a bug in the ground for details.

  • Kill 2500 Level 1 Spider Tanks

    Level 1 Spider Tanks are the yellow spider-like creatures that launch missiles. By the end of the story, you should have over 1800 Spider Tank L1s kills. You will have to grind for the rest of the kills. The best areas to do this are the Kondoi 2 score challenge (21 kills but slower) and Vega Delta 2 in Story (17 kills and faster).

  • Kill 100 Scarabs

    Scarabs are small red crawling enemies that disable towers and dig underground to avoid defenses. 100 Scarabs aren't encountered throughout the story modes so you most likely have to grind for this. The best area to do this is the Kondoi 2 score challenge. You will destroy 3 scarabs per run.

  • Kill 20 Swarm with a single Killstreak

    Best unlocked while completing the secondary objective on Acari 1. The killstreak will be the Orbital Bombardment. There is no solid strategy for achieving this. It's all about patience and timing. Best thing is to watch the radar for the amount of enemies and gauge when 20 enemies are there. This will take a couple tries to do.

  • Reveal every item from the main game in the Object Intel viewer

    Story-related, cannot miss.

    The last weapon you will gain is the Chainsaw L3 on Kondoi, the second planet of Act 3. Upon completing Kondoi 1, the trophy will unlock.

  • Unlock all the Swarm units from the main game in the Object Intel viewer

    Story-related, cannot miss.

    The last enemy you will encounter is the Swarm Queen on Aculus Beta, the final planet of Act 2. Upon completing Aculus Beta 5, the trophy will unlock.

  • Make a kill with the third arc from a Thunderbolt L2

    The Thunderbolt shoots lightning that arcs, chaining damage through multiple enemies. By upgrading the Thunderbolt to level 2 it will gain the ability to chain damage through three enemies, simply upgrade one or more Thunderbolts to obtain. This should be unlocked naturally through gameplay but if not, play any level and upgrade the Thunderbolt to obtain.

  • Get 250 Boost kills

    All weapon towers have an ability called Boost, it's only accessible after a tower is fully upgraded and costs 50 energy per use. Boost grants the towers extra speed and strength against multiple enemies and can be very useful. This trophy may or may not be unlocked naturally through gameplay, depending on how much love Boost. If not, then play Nhandu 3 score challenge and use Boost on the Icarus towers.

  • Get 10 kills with a missile killstreak

    This trophy is best done on Kondoi 2, where the killstreak is Firestrike Missiles. Set up a couple towers, don't upgrade anything and just let the towers kill until the killstreak is available. By this time, there should be more than enough enemies to acquire 10 kills. After killing 10, the trophy will pop.

    This can be achieved during the Kondoi 2 Score Challenge as well.

  • Get 5 kills with one Firestrike blast

    The easiest level to obtain this early on is Hyperia 1.

    In Hyperia 1, you will face off against hordes of Spidertanks, Hornets, Wasps and Scorpions. The only available method of attack is the Firestrike so you have unlimited ammo since it's not used as a killstreak here. Hornets comes in packs of threes so they will be your victims. Continue to kill surrounding enemies but keep an eye on the top-right of the battle. Two to three packs of hornets will spawn, along with some other enemies, there later on. They will all eventually converge on a tower or escape pod so make sure you have the beam ready instead of the missiles and fire into the middle of the group. The beam should destroy a majority of the enemies in one shot, especially the hornets. The trophy should unlock immediately after doing so.

  • Kill 10 L1 SpiderTanks with GroundQuake shells

    You may or may not unlock this trophy during the story, depending on how much you use the GroundQuake towers. It's a very small grind. Just play the Kondoi 2 score challenge, place some Power generators, upgrade them to Healing Generators and start replacing the rest of the spots and weapons with GroundQuake towers. Leave the Healing towers though and upgrade the GroundQuake towers when possible. You'll lose the challenge but rack up the kills needed to unlock this.

  • Get 300 kills with the Thunderbolt

    The Thunderbolt tower is the tower capable of shooting a million volt beam of death that arcs to a second enemy or third, inflicting constant damage as long as the enemy or enemies are in range. Just kill 300 enemies with it. This should unlock before finishing the story since it is one of the best crowd control towers in game. If not, replay the Acari 2 score challenge and use Thunderbolt.

    You will unlock the Thunderbolt on Scofra (the third planet in Act 2) and upon completing Scofra 1, you will gain the ability to use the Thunderbolt tower.

  • Complete both secondary objectives in Vega Delta 8 at the same time

    Vega Delta 8 is located on the first planet in Act 1. This is easier than it sounds.

    During Vega Delta 8, the two secondary objectives are:

    1.) Have one active chainsaw at a time
    2.) No damage to all escape pods.

    If you upgrade the Chainsaw tower to full, use Boost and swap locations when you need to, you should be able to take out all enemies and sustain no damage easily. Make sure to have Power Generators upgraded to Healing Generators as well. Before swapping Chainsaw places, switch the active one before placing a new one or swapping for a Power Generator position. If not, the objective will be void. Done correctly, all the secondary objectives will unlock at the same time, giving you the trophy.

  • Kill just one enemy with the Orbital Bombardment Killstreak

    The Orbital Bombardment is a Killstreak that slows all functions and rains a missile hell upon your enemies on-screen.

    [spoiler=Ed,d]Orbital Bombardment is unlocked on Tibialis, the fourth planet in Act 1. On Tibiails 2, you will face enemies while defending a radar station. Best thing to do is to let your towers kill until you have the killstreak and then wait to use. The radar is your best friend. Watch the radar constantly, as it will show enemies appearing slightly faster than they do in the battlefield, thus allowing you to see if any enemies are coming. You have two opportunities on the stage.

    The first is after a wave of spidertanks, wasps and hornets. Let your towers until one spidertank remains (they should be the last enemies standing). The level will have a slight pause before sending more enemies out so launch the Orbital Bombardment at the poor fellow. You have to be quick using this.

    The second is at the end of the level so save your Killstreak until the end. If you are watching the radar, you should notice that no more red dots are appearing. Keep killing until only one dot remains, then launch before your tower kills the last enemy.

    There are many levels this can be done on but this is where I got the best results.

  • Complete Vega Delta VR modes

    Story-related, cannot miss.

    The VR training missions occur during Vega Delta 1, 3, 5 and 7. They are fairly straight-forward and are very easy to finish. This trophy will unlock after finished Vega Delta 7.

  • Complete all weapons training

    Story-related, cannot miss.

    The last VR training mission you will encounter is on Kondai, the second planet in Act 3. Upon completing Kondai 1, you will unlock this trophy.

  • Complete Icarus launcher training

    Story-related, cannot miss.

    You will learn to use the Icarus tower on Nhandu, the third planet in Act 1. Upon completing Nhandu 1, you will unlock this trophy.

  • Complete Afterburner training

    Story-related, cannot miss.

    You will learn to use the Afterburner tower on Kronos, the fifth planet in Act 1. Upon completing Kronos 1, you will unlock this trophy.

  • Complete GroundQuake training

    Story-related, cannot miss.

    You will learn to use the GroundQuake tower on Gamarus Prime, the first planet in Act 2. Upon completing Gamarus Prime 1, the trophy will unlock.

  • Complete a Score Challenge level

    Obtained a simply completing one of the score challenge levels, these are unlocked by completing story missions. The ones you have available can be found on the Main Menu under "Score Challenge".

  • Get a 15X bonus multiplier in a Score Challenge game

    The Acari 2 score challenge is the best place for this trophy. Killing enemies quickly increases your score multiplier, which can be seen at the top of the screen. Before starting, set the the enemy spawn rate to x2 so that enemies appear swiftly, leaving less room for your combo to drop. The key to obtaining the trophy utilizing good tower combos and using your Orbital Bombardment at the right time. This is fairly easy but if you’re having trouble you can view my strategy:

    You will start with an Icarus, Thunderbolt and Chainsaw at the front lines. Keep them since they are the best at chaining enemy kills and add another Thunderbolt to the empty slot in front. Make sure to throw some Power Generators in the back two slots. Upgrade the towers first for more energy, the Thunderbolts second and the Chainsaw last. Do this until you unlock the killstreak. Hopefully by then, you will have at least a x7 or more. Unleash your Orbital Bombardment when the screen has a good amount of enemies on it and enjoy your trophy.

  • Complete a Score challenge with a 2X score modifier

    The best level to do this on the Gamarus Prime 3 score challenge. Only raise the enemy spawn rate to the max for the x2 score modifier. Alternatively, if you are going for the "Player of Games" trophy above, you will unlock this along with it.

  • Complete a Score challenge with a 4X score modifier

    This is the hardest trophy in the game. Gamarus Prime 3 is the easiest level to do. The other score challenge levels are nearly impossible to finish on the max setting. The x4 score modifier is activated when the enemy health, speed and spawn rate is at x2. Gamarus Prime 3 consists of a small horde of hornets and super slow Scorpions. This shouldn't be as hard but if you are struggling, then use my strategy:

    Set up two Power generators next the original. After generating 100 energy, set up another Icarus behind the original Icarus. Upgrade the power towers as fast as possible so you can upgrade the Icarus towers quickly. When you get your killstreak, take out as many hornets are possible but don’t fully neglect the Scorpions. The hornets and should be first enemies to go. After a while, the only enemies that should remain are the sluggish Scorpions. Change the two furthest Power towers to GroundQuake towers, upgrade those and leave one Healing Generator. These GroundQuake towers should take out the Scorpions while the Icarus towers are busy shooting the Scorpions missiles from hitting your base and causing some splash damage. After they're dead, the challenge will end and you will have your trophy.

  • Complete both secondary objectives on Kondoi 4 at the same time

    See Alien Homeworld for details.

  • Complete both secondary objectives on Ushtuk 3 at the same time

    See Alien Homeworld for details.

  • Complete both secondary objectives on Acari 2 at the same time

    All of the above take place on Act 3 and they all basically have the same secondary objectives: Get X killstreak kills and sustain no damage to your base (except Ushtuk 3 wants you to use no Thunderbolts). These objectives will take some planning and quick work to do. However, the hardest objectives to complete are the killstreak ones. With your towers blasting things to oblivion, getting the right amount of enemies on-screen, right timing and gunning down the enemies will be difficult since the streaks don’t last very long. I would post strategies but my methods for achieving these goals are far too complex to describe and I never used the same methods twice. Patience and strategizing here is key.

    These will only unlock by completing both secondary objectives in the same attempt, as the descriptions state.

  • Complete Acari 3 with no damage to the planetary drill

    This is a difficult trophy, allowing the drill to sustain no damage will net you this trophy. Doing this, however, takes some quick finger work and proper tower choices, placements and upgrading decisions. If you are having trouble, you can refer to this tip:

    Acari 3 is the final mission in the story. At the beginning of the level, the enemies will spawn on the right side only. Develop your Healing generators on the left side and the sides of the drill. Use Thunderbolts, Afterburners and a Icarus on the right side. Upgrade these as much as possible. After kill all the enemies, there will be a short cutscene showing the drill starting. After the cutscene, enemies will now appear only on the left side. Quickly switch most of the Healing generators (leave towers on the side) to Thunderbolts and Afterburners but do not get rid of any on the right side. After killing these enemies, another cutscene will show the Final Horizon rocket lining up with the drill hole. Both side will now be flooded with enemies.

    Keep upgrading and boosting towers until another cutscene puts you in control of the Firestrike killstreak. It should be easy from here on out. Just rain hell on all enemies until the countdown is over. After completing the level, the trophy will unlock if you protecting the drill. This will take a few tries and maybe some tweaking, depending on your play style but stay patient.


Secret trophies

  • Destroy the Swarm home planet

    Story-related, cannot miss.

    Upon completing the planet "Acari" in Act 3, this trophy will unlock.

DLC: Dark Galaxy

7 trophies

  • Get 75 EMP kills

    The EMP is the first new Turret introduced in the DLC. Unlike the previous turrets, this does not automatically attack and cannot be upgraded. Set it on any pad, then when a cluster of enemies are nearby, activate it to detonate and it will 1 hit kill everything (except for the largest enemies). This should be the first trophy you earn in the DLC, as you will likely be using it quite a bit. 75 kills will come very quickly, I ended the DLC with almost 900 EMP kills.

  • Kill 250 Spider Bombs

    This is the first new enemy type introduced in the DLC. These critters do not attack your turrets but rather move directly towards your base where they explode, causing significant damage. They do not move too quickly but are fairly resilient to standard attacks. The Thunderbolt turret or EMP are the most efficient way to take them out.

    These enemies appear throughout the Levels, usually in small numbers. I finished the DLC with 300 kills, so you should not need to farm for this trophy but Agrion 3 has 5 Spider Bombs and would be a good location if you find yourself short on kills.

  • Kill 250 Dark Hornets

    The other new enemy type from the DLC, these flying enemies are upgraded hornets, a bit stronger and faster than the base hornet enemy. Most turrets can easily attack and kill these enemies. Dark Hornets are very prevalent throughout the DLC so you will not need to worry about farming. I ended up with almost 600 kills.

  • Get 50 Plasma Cannon kills

    The Plasma Cannon is the other new turret type. This is a very powerful, one hit laser beam but unfortunately you will not get to use it very often. It will require a short charge up and needs to lock on to an enemy. It is best placed near your base so it can target far off enemies as they appear.

    Again, you should have 50 kills long before reaching 100%, otherwise replay one of the later Levels and place the Cannon near your base. Agrion 3 would be a good farming spot should you need one.

  • Complete all secondary objectives on Agrion 3 at the same time

    The Secondary Objectives for this mission are as follows:

    • No damage to the refinery
    • Get 10 killstreak kills
    • Complete the level with no Icarus launchers

    This one is a bit tricky to get all 3 at once. The best strategy in my opinion, is to use EMPs to handle most of the enemies until your killstreak activates. From the start you should have 3 Energy Towers. Upgrade the one closest to your base as the first step then place EMPs on the 2 forward pads. Alternate detonations between these 2 locations, ensuring you replace the EMP as soon as you destroy it. Before you get too many enemies on screen, drop a Thunderbolt turret on the rearmost pad. This will clean up any incoming missiles that may sneak past an EMP. With this layout, the only thing to watch is the packs of hornets as it can be difficult to time the EMP detonation. Still, it should be fairly easy to keep your base at 100% with this strategy until your killstreak activates.

    Now, the tough part is getting 10 kills with the killstreak, as the firestrike missiles aren't very powerful. Once your killstreak is charged, I would suggest switching the 2 EMP locations to Thunderbolts, and if you have enough energy, upgrade the rear to maximum. This will continue to protect your base, and the Thunderbolts will damage the incoming enemies so your firestrike can kill them more efficiently. Once you have a good number on screen, with some weakened, press to activate and focus on kills. With some good luck you should have more than 10 (I was able to get 12-13 fairly consistently). The rest should be easy enough once the killstreak is over, just upgrade/boost your Thunderbolts.

    This will take a few attempts to master.

    In order to earn this trophy, you need to complete all 3 of the above at the same time, in a single run (note that you can earn 100% on the Level and complete all 3 Objectives separately for the purpose of A Light in the Darkness but in order to get this trophy you must do all 3 on a single run, this can be replayed at any time even if you previously completed the Objectives separately).

  • Complete all secondary objectives on Carabus 2 at the same time

    The Secondary Objectives for this mission are as follows:

    • No damage to the refinery
    • Get 21 killstreak kills

    In my opinion, this one is actually easier than Mists of Agrion.

    The trick is to get enough enemies on screen for the killstreak but with the correct strategy it's not too bad.

    When the level starts, convert the rear Plasma Cannon to a Thunderbolt. You are primarily going to be using EMP's until your killstreak. These are most effective in the middle, and forward most locations. The middle starts with an EMP, the forward with an Energy Turret. I would suggest making the rear most empty pad an Energy Turret, then eventually converting the right rear EMP to an Energy Turret and foward Energy Turret to an EMP. Keep a close eye on your killstreak charge - as soon as you power it up, switch the Thunderbolt to an EMP and let enemies accumulate. Wait as long as you can, until just before the first enemy is about to reach your base, then hit for the Orbital Bombardment. With luck you should just make it to 21. May require a few restarts to get enough enemies on screen.

    Finish the Level after the killstreak however you like, there isn't much to harm you at that point (I kept the EMP's where they were, and switched the rear turret back to the Plasma Cannon).

    In order to earn this trophy, you need to complete both of the above at the same time, in a single run (note that you can earn 100% on the Level and complete both Objectives separately for the purpose of A Light in the Darkness but in order to get this trophy you must do both on a single run, this can be replayed at any time even if you previously completed the Objectives separately).

  • Complete The Dark Galaxy 100%

    This will be the longest/most difficult trophy. As noted, most of the Levels have more Secondary Objectives than in the Core Game (typically 3-4/Level). These are mostly straightforward, although it will be difficult to complete all in one run on some Levels.

    The most difficult are the killstreaks and the EMP 5-6 simultaneous kills. You will need to experiment to find the best tactic, and in some cases the initial turret placement is not the optimal layout. Don't be afraid to move things around. For the killstreaks, I found it best to use EMP turrets to build up your kills, then once the streak is ready for use, stop killing enemies, let them move towards your base, allowing as many as possible to spawn, then activate the killstreak.

    As with the Core Game, Objectives do not need to be completed in a single run. It may be easiest to focus on 1 or 2 at a time, especially on the Levels where an Objective limits you to only a certain turret type, or excludes a certain turret type. Focus on these in a dedicated run, and leave the No Damage Objectives for a separate attempt.

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