• Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10 (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 51 (42, 5, 3, 1)
  • Online trophies: N/A
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 51-75 hours (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: 2 (Faithful Heir and Self-Mastered)
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: 1 (See Chosen King)
  • Do trophies stack?: The platinum stacks across 5 regional releases.
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: N/A


Final Fantasy XV, developed by Square Enix and directed by Hajime Tabata, is an open world action role playing game. You play as Prince Noctis Lucis Caelum who is sent away from his home in Insomnia, capital city of the Lucian Empire, just before Niflheim enters the city under terms of peace agreements. Your objective is to meet with your betrothed, Lunafreya Nox Fleuret, former princess of Tenebrae in order to wed safely away from the enemy, the Niflheim Empire. It isn't long before Niflheim violates the peace agreement, leaving Noctis and his companions to journey throughout the Lucian empire in search of the power to take back their home.

In terms of trophies, Final Fantasy XV is far more generous than previous games in the franchise. You'll have to make an active effort to camp in order to raise your party's skills for Cooking Expert, Survival Expert, Fishing Expert, and Photo Expert. You will also need to explore the world and complete various dungeons for the Faithful Heir trophy. The largest grind trophy you're looking at is Weaving a Tapestry, which requires you to complete 80 side quests that largely consist of fetching items for various NPCs and returning to them. The hardest trophy in the game is Tortoise Toppler, which isn't very difficult as it only requires preparation and patience. Newcomers to the franchise will not find trophies any more difficult than those who have played other Final Fantasy games.

There are two glitched trophies to be aware of in Final Fantasy XV, so be sure to keep at least 3 saves not including your auto saves. Faithful Heir has a bug in the Costlemark Tower dungeon if you go through the dungeon without haven't the dungeon quest set as your active quest. Self-Mastered will sometimes not unlock when you unlock your 50th ability node. Both trophies have workarounds so see the individual trophies for details.

A number of players have reported difficulty with getting the car to full speed and not having sprint available on the Chocobo. This is an issue that is a combination of your controller being worn down and the game not being sensitive enough on the triggering of the shoulder buttons properly. In order to get past this, go into the XMB menu on your Playstation 4 and go to settings. Select Accessibility, and then Button Assignments. Enable Custom Button Assignments and then switch your button to . This will change the car's accelerate and the chocobo's trot to instead of where you should have no issues moving at full speed. Remember that button changes made on the PlayStation 4 will not be reflected in-game when you're given instructions. Be sure to turn Custom Button Assignments off when you don't need it.

Game-breaking Bug: During Chapter 6 there is a main story quest where the gameplay switches to a more stealth-focused style. This mission has a chance to permanently bug Noctis so that he can't jump or attack. The only fix is to reload a previous save file and continue from there. Be sure to have at least 3 saves at any given time cycling your last two hours of gameplay without counting autosave slots, and save before you start a mission to avoid bugs like this.

Step 1: Complete Chapter 2, Unlock Chocobos, and Complete Available Side Quests.

Completing Chapter 2 opens up the portion of the map where you're be able to do the quest to open chocobo rentals. Also, because you'll need 80 side quests total for the Weaving a Tapestry trophy, it's recommended that you complete them as you can along the way of completing the main story quests.

In this step you will earn:
Angling Rookie
Black Mage
Blind Spot
Chocobo Jockey
Cooking Rookie
Insomnia's Waking Nightmare
Just Hangin' Around
Learner's Permit
Magical Worker
My First Hunt
New Power
No Turning Back
Noct You Like a Hurricane
Photo Rookie
Quadruple Threat
Spinning a Yarn I
Spinning a Yarn II
Spinning a Yarn III
Survival Rookie
The Open World
The Power of Kings

Step 2: Complete the First Quest in Chapter 8 and Complete Available Side Quests.

After you complete the first quest in Chapter 8, you'll come close to a point where the story because more linear and focused until the end of the game. It's recommended that you take this time before moving on to clean up available side quests for rewards and experience. Take the time to raise Noctis' fishing skill for the Fishing Expert trophy so you wont force yourself to grind it out all at once later.

In this step you will earn:
A Way Forward
Dark Clouds
Divine Intervention
High Five For Justice!
Immortal Photobomb
Living Legend
Party of Three
Spinning a Yarn IV
Spinning a Yarn V

Step 3: Finish the Story and Enter Post-Game Free Roam.

Once you get to Chapter 9 in the story, things will begin to pick up and you'll just want to finish it up from there. Doing so will get your equipment up to a point where you don't feel like your gear is not good enough to be on par with monsters your own level. If you're playing on Easy, remember to take a look at the trophy notes for Chosen King so you have a better idea of when to switch your game to Normal difficulty for that trophy.

In this step you will earn:
End of Days
In The Dark
The Heart of a King
Chosen King

Step 4: Clean Up and Adamantoise

Once you enter free roam, you'll have a new set of side quests that weren't available before you finished the story. It's recommended that you complete the "A Legend is Born" quest line in preparation for taking on Adamantoise and earning your Platinum.

In this step you will earn:
Angling Expert
Cooking Expert
Photo Expert
Survival Expert
Faithful Heir
Regalia Pilot
Weaving a Tapestry
Tortoise Toppler
The World Wanderer

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Final Fantasy XV: Episode Prompto DLC:

  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 5/10
  • Offline trophies: 7 (5, 1, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 5 hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes, you must complete the story on Normal.
  • Do trophies stack?: Yes, the DLC has been released for all five regions (EU, NA, JP, KR, CH).

Episode Prompto is the second DLC pack available for Final Fantasy XV and is available by either purchasing it individually or as part of the Season Pass. The story follows Prompto’s exploits after being separated from the party during the events of the main game’s Chapter 12.

In a departure from the series, the gameplay is in the form of a third-person shooter, with Prompto able to make use of weapons such as pistols, sniper rifles and submachine guns. As opposed to Episode Gladiolus, Prompto has an open world aspect after a certain point in the story, and also has a snowmobile Time Trial minigame.

The trophies are split up into three sections, with most devoted to the story and miscellaneous tasks, and one each for defeating a tough optional superboss and getting the top ranking in each of the three snowmobile trials. The latter is where you’ll spend most of your time since the minigame is poorly conceived and frustrating.

Step 1: Complete the story on Normal and obtain miscellaneous trophies.

Firstly, make sure you select Normal difficulty and then play through the story. There is nothing difficult about it at all if you’re experienced with the main game, but do remember to perform 3 stealth kills, take down 30 enemies with crackshots and take 10 photos mid-battle. There is no free roam after you finish the story, so make sure you make a save when the game opens up so you can go back just in case you miss anything. You’ll also want to defeat the Kaiser Behemoth (part of a sidequest) before you head off to face the last boss.

In this step, you will earn the following trophies:

Unseen Assassin
Sharp Shooting
Field Photographer
An Emperor Deposed
Unbreakable Bonds

Step 2: Defeat Aranea.

Aranea is this DLCs optional superboss, who you can choose to fight from the main menu after you complete the story. She is fairly tough but not insurmountable with a good strategy and a bit of practice.

In this step, you will earn the following trophies:

The Dragoonslayer

Step 3: Obtain three stars on each snowmobile Time Trial.

This is where you’ll be spending the majority of your time with this DLC, as without being too negative, the snowmobile handles poorly and the times are very strict. As such, earning three stars on a level is as much luck as it is skill and memorising a route. Again, the Time Trials are only available from the main menu once you have completed the story.

In this step, you will earn the following trophies:

Dogged Rider

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Final Fantasy XV: July 2017 Update DLC:

  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10
  • Offline trophies: 2 (2)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 1-2 hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No, you can play on the easiest difficulty.
  • Do trophies stack?: Yes, the DLC has been released for all five regions (EU, NA, JP, KR, CH).

The July 2017 Update is the third DLC released for Final Fantasy XV, after Episode Gladiolus and Episode Prompto. Unlike the other two, this one is free and is available with the 1.13 or later patch.

This update consists of just two trophies, which requires you to perform 10 full-hit cross chain attacks (a new ability introduced with the 1.13 patch) and to defeat a powerful new foe named Melusine.

The first trophy is a little bit grindy, but the combo itself is simple to pull off. The boss is Level 99 and would usually provide a stiff test to inexperienced players, but there are some easy methods to make the battle relatively simple.

Step 1: Perform 10 full-hit cross chains.

Steps 1 and 2 are interchangeable, but one of the best places to farm cross chains, particularly for high levelled players, is on the Melusine boss. Since you can only kill her once, it would be wise to use this opportunity to farm this trophy here. If you started the game from scratch after July 2017, this will be even easier as you can work on this right from the start and you’ll almost certainly have it before you’re done with the main story.

In this step, you will earn the following trophies:

Seize the Moment

Step 2: Defeat Melusine.

The second step is to defeat the new mark available with the 1.13 patch. Melusine is a tough Level 99 foe with some powerful attacks that you’ll have to be wise to if you want to take her down quickly, which you’ll have to do as you have to defeat her under timed conditions. Ideally, you should be at least Level 60 to take her on, but it’s possible to defeat her much sooner using cheap methods, which are discussed in further detail in the guide.

In this step, you will earn the following trophies:

Love Turned Tragic

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Multiplayer Expansion: Comrades DLC:

Road Map:


  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 3.5/10 (Personal Estimate)
  • Offline trophies: Base: 7 (5 , 1 , 1 ), March 2018: 3 (3 )
  • Online trophies: Trophies can only be done offline as of December 2018.
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 35-45 hours (Personal Estimate, dependent on luck/boosting)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: One story playthrough, one expanded story playthrough (March 2018), four completions of "Comrades: Departure" quest, plus many replays of quests to farm kW, and spawning a specific cook and Chocobo.
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: None.
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No difficulty settings.
  • Do trophies stack?: Multiple regions available to stack.
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats.
  • Additional peripherals required?: None.


WARNING As of Update 1.27, these trophies are no longer obtainable in the main Final Fantasy XV game. Access to Comrades was removed in favor of the Standalone version, which has a separate trophy list. Thus, if you are on 1.27, you will not be able to 100% Final Fantasy XV. If you want 100%, DO NOT UPDATE YOUR GAME TO 1.27. You will not be able to go online, but you will still be able to earn the trophies.

Welcome to another DLC for Final Fantasy XV! Comrades takes a much different approach from the previous DLCs and gives us a full-blown Multiplayer mode. You'll team up with a merry band of friends, strangers, or AI with your very own Kingsglaive as you progress through the story and beyond. This mode is in a similar format to Monster Hunter where you select a quest, defeat enemies, collect loot, upgrade weapons, repeat. Trophies aren't difficult, but it takes time, and you have one trophy that's typically reliant on luck. However, there is a method that can force it. You'll just need to boost it. Sit back, create your avatar, and enjoy your very own adventure in the XV canon!

In March 2018, an update was released that included three new trophies. I'm including those trophies in this guide. Thankfully, they don't take long. However, there is a bit of a difficulty spike with the new quests, so just a heads up.

In December 2018, a Standalone version of Comrades was released. To reiterate the warning above, if you are on Final Fantasy XV Update 1.27 or later, you will not be able to earn these trophies in the main Final Fantasy XV game. Luckily, for those double dipping and playing the Standalone, most of the trophies you've already earned can be auto-popped by doing simple tasks. Some, however, need to be done again. There's also an additional five new trophies to earn.

If you would like to view the trophy guide for the Standalone version, click here.


If I purchased Comrades previously, do I still need to buy the Standalone?

You do not. If you've already purchased Comrades, either individually or through the Season Pass, the Standalone version will be free.

Where does this take place in the story?

Comrades takes place between Chapter 13 and Chapter 14 in the main story. The quest "Comrades: Departure", introduced in the March 2018 update, takes place during Chapter 14. I highly recommend you either get to the start of Chapter 14 or complete the main story before bothering with mode. It will spoil important plot points otherwise.

Do I Have to Play Online?

Nope! The game allows you to play with AI companions. Meaning, every trophy is obtainable offline. However, you will be subjected to AI who aren't the smartest bunch. Playing online is easier as you can often find yourself with beefed up teammates.

So is Playstation Plus Required?

Also Nope! Because you can play offline, and without an internet connection entirely, a subscription is not necessary.

What exactly did the March 2018 update add (aside from trophies)?

For starters, Chocobos! You can train them, and put them in an arena to fight enemies for money. They're also necessary to traverse to new expanded map, which unlocks after completing the base story. With the expanded map/story comes the remaining seven Royal Sigils that weren't in the mode when it originally released. You'll also gain access to a second hub area, which is a great change of scenery after being in Lestallum for so long. Lastly a new Outpost, which gives you access to an Item Shop (by electing a certain leader). The items he provides can give your weapons a larger boost than normal loot making it essential for building strong weapons.

What’s a kW?

A Kilowatt! A kilowatt is 1000 watts. The idea of the mode is to light up Lucis. You do that by amassing kWs. You accumulate kW by completing quests, and you can spend those to unlock more paths on the map. This will give you more quests, more Sigils, and so on. Some spots on the map even give you kWs. You can also purchase Meteorshards (the source of kW) making the kW grind to go by much faster.

Anything Else I Should Know?

Most of your attack and magic power will come from weapon modifications, so keep utilizing that to get stronger. Each quest, you can hold on to an ingredient. You can only hold one of these at a time, but when you get knocked out, this will allow you to "respawn" after 20 seconds. If you aren't holding anything, you'll be taken back to the hub and you get nothing for your troubles. Try to make sure you're always holding something. If you just respawned, prioritize finding a new ingredient before getting back into the fight.


Step One - Create your Kingsglaive and Begin the Story:

Create your Kingsglaive however you please, and follow the story. Your path is rather linear in the earlier going as you're being introduced to how everything works. Things open up once you receive your first Sigil.

Also, take the time to level up a weapon to LV 30. You'll quickly be able to obtain a weapon that can reach LV 30 and enough loot to do so. Since you'll be leveling up numerous weapons to this point and beyond, you'll get this naturally along the way. This is simply the earliest point you can do so, and it might make the earlier portion of the game go more smoothly if you get it out of the way now as it makes your weapon stronger.

Completing this step will earn you:

One with Your Blade
Beacon of Hope
Kingly Blessing

Step Two - Light up the Four Outposts, and Finish the Story:

Once you complete Step One, you'll be given a mission to light up four Outposts. This is the meat of the story mode. Collect kW, light up paths on the map, and make your way to the four outposts. Once you light up all four, you'll be able to face off against the final boss and complete the base story.

Also, make sure you get the first six Sigils in the process. One being obtained via story, and the others found throughout the map. You won't be able to progress on the March 2018 content until you complete original story, and collect those Sigils, as that gives you access to Chocobos.
Completing this step will earn you:

Cleaving a Path

Step Three - Starting March 2018 Content and Chocobos

Upon completing Step Two, you'll gain access to more of the map, more story, as well as your first Chocobo. This begins with a tough Urgent quest that'll you'll have to complete before continuing. Complete that quest and power up the new area "Hidden Harbor". Doing so will give you access to Chocobo Stables and Chocobo Rescue quests. Obtain a LV 50 or higher Chocobo and train it to LV 99. This will be a major help in completing the next step.

Completing this step will earn you:


Step Four - The Search for More Sigils

This mode originally released with six Sigils, which you should've gotten in Step Two as you worked on the original part of the story. The March 2018 update introduces the remaining seven. Once you've obtained 12 of them, you'll unlock a path to Insomnia. This is where the final Sigil is, and it requires you to defeat a boss to complete the collection.

Completing this step will earn you:

Blessed by All

Step Five - Collect kW:

Save this until the very end to minimize grinding as much as possible. Filling up the map itself isn't necessary. However, it's the best way to gauge how close you are to 999,999 kW. Plus, it doesn't hurt to fill it up anyways. This will be where you spend most of your time with this Expansion. There are many ways to build up kW whether you want to go the efficient route or you just want to continue enjoying the mode. Take whatever approach you want, and you'll eventually amass enough kW.

Completing this step will earn you:

Let There Be Light

Step Six - Miscellaneous:

There's a good chance you're already done with the DLC at this point. Come Back, Kenny! is random, so you may not have earned this one yet. Also, you may have put off on fighting each of the King's companions. This would be a good time to grab those and wrap up this DLC if you haven't already.

Completing this step will earn you:

Come Back, Kenny!
Royal Retinue Rumble

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Royal Pack DLC:


  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 4/10 (Personal Estimate)
  • Offline trophies: 7 (5, 1, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 10-15 Hours (Personal Estimate)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: Some chapter select and roaming the game world during Chapter 15 for datalogs
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No, you can play the content on Easy if you wish, though it makes minimal difference
  • Do trophies stack?: yes, there are 5 regions in total that stack (EU, NA, JP, KR, CH)


The Royal Pack is the 4th DLC pack available for Final Fantasy XV. However, it is not a part of the season pass but is included with the Royal Edition disc. The lion's share of the DLC can be accessed during Chapter 15 post game, but the Cerberus and Omega boss fights are only available during Chapter 14.

The trophies are relatively straight forward and nothing is missable, with the only time consuming part of the DLC is finding 80% of the games datalogs as this involves having to replay a previous chapter or two and accessing some of the menace dungeons. With adequate preparation, Omega is simple to deal with using the new Armiger ability despite being by far the toughest boss in the game.

Big thanks to GannerRhysode and Yam for the information on Datalogs in the guide.


Step 1 - Acquire Armiger Unleashed

During this step, you need to acquire the new Armiger ability. This is an upgraded version of Armiger, far more powerful than the regular form that is essential to defeating Omega and will help a great deal when hunting for datalogs.

By the end of this step you will have unlocked:

The Power Within

Step 2 - Replay Chapter 14, Cerberus and Omega fights

Here you will be replaying Chapter 14. Progress naturally through the story and you will come across Omega and Cerberus in the new version of Insomnia. Cerberus is fought as part of the story and Omega is optional; make sure to have Armiger Unleashed or you won't be able to defeat the latter.

By the end of this step you will have unlocked:

Tri-Headed Triumph
Through the Dimensional Rift

Step 3 - Cleanup

In this step, you need to complete a quest for Cindy to unlock the Regalia Type-D, which unlocks the cross-country test drives. You also need to use the Royal vessel, which can be accessed from the pier at Golden Quay or Altissia, as well as completing the quest to find Bismarck. The datalog hunt will take more time than the rest of the trophies combined as you will need to go through a menace dungeon or two in addition to replaying Chapter 13 at least; more information in the respective trophy descriptions.

By the end up of this step you will have unlocked:

Pursuit of Knowledge
Speed Daemon
Maiden Voyage
Narwhal Watching

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Episode Gladiolus DLC:


  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 5/10 (Personal Estimate)
  • Offline trophies: 7 (5, 1, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 2-3 Hours (Skill dependent, personal estimate)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 2 - 1 regular and 1 score attack
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes, you must play the entire episode on Normal difficulty
  • Do trophies stack?: Yes, there are 5 regions in total that stack (EU, NA, JP, KR, CH)


Episode Gladiolus is the first DLC pack available for Final Fantasy XV and is included as part of the season pass. The episode takes place during the period of the main game where Gladio leaves your party for a while to undergo the trials of the blademaster.

Gladio controls a bit differently to Notics, with emphasis on counter attacks, Glaive Arts and the Rage system, which increases Gladio's attack damage after each successful attack. The trophies are mostly straight forward, but the fight against Cor and Score Attack present some challenges.

Thanks to OmniCraig Gaming for the item/column video in the guide.


Step 1 - Complete Episode Gladiolus on Normal whilst finding all items and collumns

During this step, just complete the episode on Normal difficulty and make sure to find all items and columns, which has to be done in one playthrough. Also try to get 5-link strikes whilst Cor is with you.

By the end of this step you will have unlocked:

Column Colossus
Master and Pupil
Shield of the Chosen King

Step 2 - Defeat Cor, Score Attack

Once you have completed the main episode, you will be able to replay it in score attack mode, and also fight Cor in a separate battle accessible from the DLC menu. This is the hardest part of the DLC, but with the right strategy isn't too difficult to overcome.

By the end of this step you will have unlocked:

No Pain, No Gain
A New Blademaster

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Episode Ignis DLC:



  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 6/10 (Personal Estimate)
  • Offline trophies: 7 (5, 1, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 2-3 Hours (Skill dependent, personal estimate)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 and cleanup on Chapter 3, Verse 2
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes, you must play the enture enpisode on Normal difficulty
  • Do trophies stack?: Yes, there are 5 regions in total that stack (EU, NA, JP, KR, CH)


Episode Ignis is the 4th DLC pack available for Final Fantasy XV and is included as part of the season pass. This acts the same as the previous two 'Episode' DLC's as a standalone expansion set during the attack on Altissia in the main game.

Like Gladio and Prompto, Ignis has his own unique style of combat using the Spelldaggers and Total Clarity, though it's not a huge departure from playing as Noctis. The trophies are straight forward with the exception of the Friendly Match, which is quite difficult.

Thanks to Gaming with Abyss for the videos in the guide!


Step 1 - Complete Episode Ignis on Normal whilst finding all Documents

During this step just complete the episode on Normal and make sure to find all documents, which has been done in one playthrough. You'll also unlock a couple of additional trophies relating to combat but ignore the 100 Total Clarity kills for now.

By the end of this step you will have unlocked:

Hidden Power
Swift Retaliation
Altissian Ambassador
A Noble Sacrifice

Step 2 - Play Chapter 2, Verse 2, 100 Total Clarity Kills

Once you complete the main episode you will have access to Chapter 3, Verse 2, this is the perfect opportunity to grind out 100 Total Clarity kills in around 10-15 minutes with ease, refer to the respective trophy description for more information.

By the end of this step you will have unlocked:

Master of the Elements
Another Path

Step 3 - Friendly Match A+ Rank

Once you complete the main episode you will be able to battle Noctis, it is a long, difficult fight that you must also complete with an A+ rank. I have listed several hints and tips in the trophy description to assist you with this.

By the end of this step you will have unlocked:

A New Protagonist

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Episode Ardyn DLC:



  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 4/10 (Personal Estimate)
  • Offline trophies: 7 (5, 1, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 3-4 Hours (Personal Estimate)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 1, Return of the Founder King
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes, you must play the entire episode on Normal difficulty.
  • Do trophies stack?: Yes, there are 5 regions in total that stack (EU, NA, JP, AS, CH).
  • Additional peripherals required?: No


Episode Ardyn is the final DLC for Final Fantasy XV, if you are a completionist then you can rejoice upon finishing the game off for good. In this DLC you control Ardyn as you roam around Insomnia fighting enemies and taking over the city before facing the final boss.

Ardyn has a somewhat unique playing style and is much easier to play as and more powerful than Gladio, Prompto and Ignis in their respective DLC episodes. The trophies are all straight forward and even the highest ranking isn't very difficult to achieve with the right approach.


Step 1 - Complete Episode Ardyn on Normal difficulty

In this step just playthrough the DLC on normal difficulty whilst looking out for combat related trophy. You don't have to go for the A+ rank here and can save that for another playthrough on easy if you want.

By the end of this step you will have unlocked:

Fallen Savior
The Pyreburner's Keeper
King of the Daemons
The Nightmare Ends
Mastering the Darkness
Insomnia Insurgence

Step 2 - Get an A+ ranking on Easy difficulty

If you didn't manage the A+ rank in the first step then this is the time to attempt this. It's not too difficult and very manageable if you know how to go about it, refer to the trophy description for more information.

By the end of this step you will have unlocked:

Return of the Founder King

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Final Fantasy XV Trophy Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed trophies
Show secret trophies

98 trophies ( 11  77  34  )

  • Collected all trophies.

    "You should be proud you gave it your all." - Gladiolus

  • Drove the Regalia.

    The Regalia is the name of Noctis' car. After the first side quests in the game, you'll be able to interact with it by pushing . You'll have the option to either let Ignis drive, by selecting Auto, or drive the car yourself by selecting Manual.

    This trophy will unlock once you're in control of the Regalia.

  • Rode a Chocobo.

    Chocobos are not available until you reach Chapter 3 in the story, and complete a hunt for Wiz at the Chocobo Post. The hunt is called "A Behemoth Undertaking".

    Slightly north of the Chocobo post, you'll reach a small pass inside a mountainous region where the Behemoth makes his lair. Follow the waypoints through the linear area and deal with the Behemoth named, "Dead-Eye" in order to complete the hunt. Note that there is a section of this quest where you'll have to follow Dead-Eye back to his lair without being seen. A good method for doing this is to allow him to move up until all you can see is his tail, and then pursue him slowly. After you defeat Dead-Eye, return to Wiz who will allow you the ability to rent Chocobos from that point on.

    Chocobos can be rented by interacting with any of the Chocobo posts that are location in outposts, cities, and settlements. You can rent a Chocobo for up to a period of 7 days, and you can renew or extend your rental at any time. Once you're rented a Chocobo, it should automatically approach you from nearby the post. If not, simply push and tab over to the "Call Chocobo" option. Interact with the Chocobo by pushing to mount it, and the trophy will unlock.

    You can not call Chocobos while you're in a dungeon or in combat. There is a glitch where the game will register you as still being in combat after there are no enemies. To fix this, simply save your game and load the new save. This will force the game to reload your player status and you'll no longer be in combat.

  • Equipped four weapon slots.

    In order to earn this trophy, you must push the to enter the menu, and select the Gear option. Select Noctis, and fill each of the four primary arms circles with their own weapon or magic. Noctis is the only character that can equip four weapons at the same time. Once each of the four circles is filled, the trophy will unlock.

  • Learned first ability.

    See Self-Mastered for more details.

  • Activated 20 ability nodes.

    See Self-Mastered for more details.

  • Activated 50 ability nodes.

    Glitch notice: There have been reports from players that this trophy did not unlock when spending AP on the 50th ability node. If this happens to you, revert back to an earlier save to repurchase the 50th node again and the trophy should unlock. You'll want to keep this trophy in mind until you earn it.

    Ability nodes are different upgrades that can be found in the Ascension section of your menu. By the end of the game there are a total of nine categories within the Ascension menu. Each node costs a listed amount of Ability points, or AP. AP is earned initially by leveling up or completing specific tasks. You'll receive 5 AP each time your character levels up. Additionally, there are ability nodes in the Exploration tab of the Ascension menu that can be purchased to add AP gain to activities like fishing, riding in the car, camping, and riding a chocobo. You'll want to focus on purchasing abilities in the Techniques, Combat, Teamwork, Stats, and Exploration tabs at first, before branching into other tabs as you progress.

    The only one I do not recommend you spend any AP in, is the Wait tab. The Wait ability nodes are specifically for the Wait Mode combat style, and are largely useless.

    The trophy will unlock when you activate your 50th ability node.

  • Improved fishing level for the first time.

    See Angling Expert for more details.

  • Improved survival level for the first time.

    See Survival Expert for more details.

  • Improved photography level for the first time.

    See Photo Expert for more details.

  • Improved cooking level for the first time.

    See Cooking Expert for more details.

  • Reached maximum fishing level.

    Each member of the party has a skill that they contribute to the group, and Noctis' skill is fishing. The fishing skill is raised each time you catch a fish. If you clear out a fishing area by catching each available fish, then you'll gain about a quarter of a level in experience towards the next fishing rank up to a maximum of 10 ranks. The first fishing area that you're likely to encounter is in Galdin Quay. Galdin Quay is located south of Hammerhead, along the coast. The fishing spot is on the right-most small dock with a small fishing shop and is represented on your map as a fish with a hook. Simply walk to the end of the dock and push to start fishing.

    In order to catch a fish, you have to use the to position the blue circle until it turns yellow. This means you'll cast your line over a fish. If you cast your line and the fish doesn't immediately react to your lure then try to recast, or try a different lure. The preorder bonus Tidal Leviathan lure works for every fish in the game. When the fish reacts your your lure, reel the lure in for about a second or two then stop. Wait for the fish to move closer to it again, and then do one very quick reel so that the fish will bite your lure. Push the random QTE to hook the fish.

    Now that you have the fish hooked, you're have to interact in a minigame to actually catch the fish. There are a few things to pay attention to. The first thing is that you need to keep your rod and line facing the same direction as the first. If the fish is going left, you want to push left on the and vice versa if the fish is going right. If you don't keep your line going the same direction as the fish, you'll create tension which will lower the durability of your line very quickly. The second thing you want to pay attention to is when to reel, and when not to reel. You controller will be vibrating the entire time the fish is on the line. You only want to reel when your line is facing the same way as the fish, and the fish isn't fighting you. You'll know the it's okay to reel because it'll be when your controller is vibrating the least, and you won't have a tension notification on the screen. The last thing you'll want to pay attention to is the fish's stamina. The fish's stamina is located on the top of the screen and depicted with a yellow bar. The lower it's stamina is, the closer you are to catching the fish.

    The best rod you can buy is located at a shop by a fishing point in Vesperpool, an area you unlock after you complete Chapter 7. Using this rod can make almost all except the largest fish easier to catch if you're just aiming for the trophy. The best rod in the game is obtained by completing the fishing quests, while the best reel in the game is won by betting in the arena at Altissia.

    The trophy will not unlock until you rest at camp and the fishing skill actually reaches rank 10. In total, this trophy will take between 3 and 4 hours. However, it is recommended that you level fishing in shorter intervals because there are side quests tied to fishing as well.

  • Reached maximum survival level.

    Each member of the party has a skill they contribute to the group, and Gladiolus' skill is Survival. Leveling survival is one of the more time-consuming skills to reach maximum level with and of the four skills it should be the last one you unlock. Survival levels up by taking steps. Steps taken on a Chocobo or distance traveled in the Regalia does not count towards this skill. For the least amount of post-game grinding for this skill, it is recommended that you spend a lot of time walking yourself to as many objectives as you can. It really helps if you group in as many hunts and side quests as you can to one area and walk to each one as well.

    The survival skill affects the sort of variable items that Gladio will find after each time you complete a battle. You'll notice in the bottom right of your screen after combat that it will say Gladio has found a particular item. These items get better the higher your skill gets.

    You can also level up by rubberbanding your controller so that Noctis runs in circles while you're idle. If you use this method, be sure to start in Hammerhead because the other members of the group often move Noctis one way or another and other areas are easier to get stuck it or run into danger and get you killed.

    This trophy will not unlock until you rest at camp and the survival skill reaches rank 10.

  • Reached maximum photography level.

    Each member of the party has a skill they contribute to the group, and Prompto's skill is Photography. Leveling photography is essentially based on steps taken. Prompto will take pictures randomly as you journey around Eos and the pictures he takes can be viewed and saved every time you rest at camp. It's important to note that only a certain amount of pictures can be taken between resting periods, so it's important to camp at least once a day to be sure you don't reach capacity and miss out on pictures taken. You can also equip the 'Camera Sstrp' accessory which will allow Prompto to take an extra 5 pictures, for a total of 20.

    Aside from walking around, you can also equip and use Prompto's "Snapshot" ability in combat so that he takes a picture. Also, Prompto will occasionally ask if you want to take a picture while you're traveling around different landmarks in the world. If you accept his offer, he'll take a picture and these opportunities also count as completed side quests for the Weaving a Tapestry trophy.

    You can also level up by rubberbanding your controller so that Noctis runs in circles while you're idle. If you use this method, be sure to start in Hammerhead because the other members of the group often move Noctis one way or another and other areas are easier to get stuck it or run into danger and get you killed. You will have to return every hour or some real-time to camp and reset the photos taken so you don't reach photo capacity.

    This trophy will not unlock until you rest at camp and the photography skill reaches rank 10.

  • Reached maximum cooking level.

    Each member of the party has a skill they contribute to the group, and Ignis' skill is Cooking. Cooking is increased specifically by resting at campsites out in the open world. You do not have the option to cook, or eat, if you stay in a hotel room or the campers located at rest areas or settlements. Eating at restaurants does not increase your cooking skill, but Ignis can learn new recipes by trying different foods. You can also purchase different recipe books and ingredients at shops around Eos. Most of the ingredients you come by will be from hunts, battles, fishing, and gathering. The higher level recipe you choose at camp, the more experience you earn towards leveling your rank. You should also try to choose foods that your party members favor if you can help it, because they'll gain a boost in experience.

    This trophy can be farmed out very quickly by repeatedly resting at camp, but doing this is only recommended towards the end of the game if you still don't have the trophy unlocked. Chances are you'll earn this trophy if you're cooking while aiming to rank up Prompto's photography for the Photo Expert trophy.

    This trophy will unlock after you cook the last meal to reach rank 10 in cooking as the ranks screen is very shortly after you select your meal.

  • Performed first point-warp suspension.

    A point-warp suspension is when you hold while facing a wall or another tall objective during combat to pull yourself out of the heat of battle to safely recover, or prepare a critical assault. Be sure that when you're attempting a point-warp suspension that you are not targeting an enemy or you may warp to the enemy instead, which does not count towards this trophy.

    The trophy will unlock when you successfully perform a point-warp suspension.

  • Issued first ally command.

    An ally command is performed in combat when you have enough "tech bar" charge to perform an action. The tech bar is depicted as a green line on the lower left side of the screen while you're in combat. The early skills in the game, like Prompto's Piercer move cost one tech bar to us. To perform an ally command, hold and use the to select a move when you have enough tech bars to perform one. Note that allies can not be ordered to perform abilities if they're incapacitated or too far away from the enemies.

    When you order your ally to perform a move, the game will cut away to show your ally performing the skill and the trophy will unlock.

  • Performed first blindside link.

    A blindside attack is when you attack an enemy from behind which gives you a bonus to the amount of damage you do. A blindside link is when you perform an attack from the flank of an enemy, and an ally joins you in your attack. This bonus action happens randomly as long as an ally is nearby, so you don't need to do anything other than attack an enemy from behind for it to occur.

    The trophy will unlock during your first blindside link.

  • Initiated first link-strike after parrying an attack.

    In order to parry an attack, you have to hold when the onscreen prompt appears until you're attacked by an enemy and then push as soon as the prompt appears. Follow up the block with an attack to perform a link-strike as long as an ally is close by. You'll have an opportunity to parry in nearly every battle, so this trophy should occur naturally as you get used to the combat.

    This trophy will unlock during the link-strike attack.

  • Called forth the Armiger for the first time.

    The Armiger isn't available the Trial of Titan quest at the end of Chapter 4. You do not actually need to equip the Royal Arms to use Armiger. While in combat, you'll notice a blue circle surrounding your weapon options on the lower left of the screen. When the blue circle is full, you'll be able to use Armiger in combat. This circle is static, which means that the charge carries over from battle to battle and you can save it for tougher enemies if you choose too. Otherwise, to activate it you need to push and hold and at the same time while you're standing still in combat. The activation of Armiger can be finicky. If you get hit while you're trying to activate it then it will not activate. It's best to stand out of danger within the combat zone.

    After you activate Armiger for the first time, the trophy will unlock.

  • Crafted a spell for the first time.

    In order to craft a spell, go into the menu by pushing the and select Elemancy. This will bring you to the Elemency page where you can create spells. First you're going to select an empty flask on the right side of your screen, which will move your cursor to the left side of the screen. You'll need to have harvested from a fire, ice, or lightning node to have the resources to create a spell. These nodes can be found frequently surrounding campsites all over Eos.

    Once you've selected your flask, you're going to use the to move over either fire, ice, or lightning and use and to adjust the amounts of each you want in your spell. The higher the number of resources used, the more potent the spell will be. You can craft a spell using a minimum of one resource, or you can also choose to enhance a spell but spending an item in it's creation. If you want to add an item, select the bottom empty circle in the creation screen and choose whichever item gives the spell effects you want. Once you have the spell the way you want it, push down on the and select craft to create the spell.

    The trophy will unlock right after you select the Craft option.

  • Used magic for the first time.

    Magic in FFXV is a consumable resource. It has to be crafted and equipped from materials you've gathered during exploration. See Magical Worker if you have any questions about crafting spells.

    You can equip spells immediately after you craft them in the Elemancy screen, or you can select the Gear option in the menu and select a slot to equip a spell to. Spells you've already crafted are found in the Spells tab of the gear screen. After you equip a spell, you can use it in combat similar to any other weapon. Locking on to an enemy will not auto cast the spell. You have to hold and use the joysticks to choose where you want the spell to land. When you have the spell where you want it, release the button.

    The trophy will unlock right after the spell is used in combat.

  • Summoned one of the Six for the first time.

    The Six refers to the six Astral's in FFXV; Titan, Ramuh, Leviathan, Shiva, Bahamut, and Ifrit. Carbuncle is only available to you if you played Final Fantasy XV Platinum Demo to the end and named Carbuncle. Carbuncle also only appears in Easy mode to revive you if you're downed but it not part of the Six referred to by the game or this trophy. You'll unlock your first Astral after completing Chapter 4. Keep in mind that summons that happen as the result of story progression aren't counted for this trophy.

    Each of the Six has their own circumstances for appearing that have to be met in order to have the option to summon them. You'll know a summon is available because the screen in combat will darken, the music will change, and white glowing lights will be suspended on the battlefield. Once the prerequisites are met, you'll have to walk out of danger and hold until Noctis kneels and the summoning begins.

    Prerequisites for Summoning:

    1. Titan - An Ally enters the danger state.
    2. Ramuh - The battle goes on for a set amount of time in relation to level of the enemies and your own levels.
    3. Leviathan - Noctis enters the danger state in combat near water.
    4. Shiva - Enemies are significantly higher level than you, and combat is near water.
    5. Ifrit - Enemy, can not be summoned (Does not count for the trophy).
    6. Bahamut - Can not be manually summoned (Does not count for the trophy).

    After you summon an Astral for the first time, the trophy will unlock.

  • Played JUSTICE MONSTERS FIVE for the first time.

    JUSTICE MONSTERS FIVE is a pinball-style game located inside most diners of rest areas just left of the door. You simply have to walk up to the machine and interact with it by pushing to play. You don't need to beat any of the levels in the game, you just need to play it once.

    The trophy will unlock after you play JUSTICE MONSTERS FIVE for the first time.

  • Completed first sidequest.

    See Weaving a Tapestry for more details.

  • Completed 5 sidequests.

    See Weaving a Tapestry for more details.

  • Completed 10 sidequests.

    See Weaving a Tapestry for more details.

  • Completed 20 sidequests.

    See Weaving a Tapestry for more details.

  • Completed 40 sidequests.

    See Weaving a Tapestry for more details.

  • Completed 80 sidequests.

    There are three types of quests in the game; sidequests, hunts, and main story quests. Side quests are shown with blue names in your quest tab of the main menu. These quests largely consist of fetch quests, but also include fishing, photos for Prompto, world encounters, and killing specific monsters for items. Quests are usually accepted by interacting with quest givers depicted as yellow question marks on your map, but can also be accepted through dialogue with Prompto, as well as NPCs called for help as you're wandering through Eos. If you aren't actively taking on quests in between story missions, then this trophy will seem like a huge grind at the end of the game. Therefore it's recommend that you try to clear the map between main story quests for the first 3 chapters.

    Not all sidequests will be shown on the map right away. Some sidequests will require you to interact with the cooks, shown as a fork and spoon on your minimap, and request information a few times until no more information is available. There are about 120 side quests in the game, so you only have to complete 80 of them to earn the trophy. Hunts and main story quests do not count towards the trophy.

    The trophy will unlock as soon as you complete your 80th sidequest.

  • Completed first hunt.

    A hunt is a bounty contract you accept to kill specific monsters around Eos. Unlike normal monsters, these bounty monsters have increased stats to make them more of a challenge to defeat, but completing contracts is more reward than most side quests in terms of gil and experience.

    In order to start a bounty hunt, you have to visit a restaurant or diner and speak with the cook. He'll have three options for you to choose from, but you want to select the option on the far right that looks like a dragon head. This is the hunts tab, where you'll be able to take on contracts at your leisure. It's important to note that unlike side quests, you can only take on one contract at a time. Every diner or restaurant has its own set of hunts as well, so it's worth checking them out at every settlement.

    The trophy will unlock after you turn in your first completed hunt.


Secret trophies

  • Completed the Prologue.

    The Prologue works as an introduction to the game. You'll be introduced to a few basic features and be tasked with completing a hunt before you continue on with the story. This is where the game will teach you about how to take on hunts, campings, side quests, and the Regalia.

    The trophy will unlock once you regain access to the Regalia.

  • Completed Chapter 1.

    Chapter 1 is split into 6 main story quests; The Pauper Prince, Hunter Becomes the Hunted, The Mutant Maurader, The Errand Prince, A Gentlemen's Agreement, and Ill Tidings. The recommended level for completing Chapter 1 is level 4.

    The trophy will unlock at the end of the main quest entitled "Ill Tidings" when Noctis and the group agree to return to Hammerhead.

  • Completed Chapter 2.

    Chapter 2 is split into 3 main story quests; Legacy, The Power of Kings, and Declaration of War. The recommended level for completing Chapter 2 is level 8. In this chapter you will unlock the Armiger for The Power of Kings trophy, earn 2 of 13 Royal Arms, encounter your first boss scenario, and open up a new portion of the map.

    The trophy will unlock at the end of the main quest entitled "Declaration of War" when you enter into a new portion of the map.

  • Completed Chapter 3.

    Chapter 3 is split into 3 main story quests; Burden of Expectation, The Sword in the Waterfall, and The Way of Gods and Kings. The recommended level for completing this chapter is level 20. In this chapter you will earn your third of the 13 Royal Arms, as well as unlock another small portion of the map.

    The trophy will unlock at the end of the main quest entitled "The Way of Gods and Kings" after the group agrees to travel with a temporary companion.


  • Completed Chapter 4.

    Chapter 4 is split into 4 main story quests; A Dubious Drive, Onward to the Disc, The Archaean, and The Trial of Titan. The recommended level for completing this chapter is level 20. In this chapter you will earn the ability to summon one of the six for the Divine Intervention trophy, your fourth of the 13 Royal Arms, and the Beast Whistle.

    This trophy will unlock at the end of the main quest entitled "The Trial of Titan" after the group finishes the trial and while the cutscene is playing into the next chapter.

  • Completed Chapter 5.

    Chapter 5 is split into 3 main story quests; The Hexatheon's Blessings, The Trial of Ramuh, and Engaging the Empire. The recommended level for completing this chapter is level 24. In this chapter you will earn the ability to summon the second of the six for the Divine Intervention trophy, and destroy the first of three Niflheim bases required for the Regalia Pilot trophy.

    This trophy will unlock at the end of the main quest entitled "Engaging the Empire" after returning to Lestallum.

  • Completed Chapter 6.

    Chapter 6 only consists of 1 main story mission; All Set to Sail. The recommended level for completing this chapter is level 26. In this chapter you will destroy the second of three Niflheim bases required for the Regalia Pilot trophy.

    This trophy will unlock at the end of the main quest entitled "All Set to Sail" after a member of the party temporarily parts ways with the group.

  • Completed Chapter 7.

    Chapter 7 only consists of 1 main story mission; Party of Three. The recommended level for completing this chapter is level 27. In this chapter you will open access to a new portion of the map.

    This trophy will unlock at the end of the main quest entitled "Party of Three" after the party is taken back to Lestallum.

  • Completed Chapter 8.

    Chapter 8 is split into 2 main story quests; A Precious Source of Power, and Brave New World. The recommended level for completing this chapter is level 28. In this chapter you will reunite with an ally and enter into a new area.

    This trophy will unlock at the end of the main quest entitled "Brave New World" during a cutscene to a new area.

  • Completed Chapter 9.

    Chapter 9 is split into 4 main story quests; Altissia, City on the Sea, The Summit, Into the Fray, and The Trial of the Leviathan. The recommended level for completing this chapter is level 30. In this chapter you will earn the ability to summon the third of the Six for the Divine Intervention trophy, as well as the ability to use Umbra to travel back to Lucis.

    This trophy will unlock at the end of the main quest entitled "The Trial of the Leviathan" during a cutscene before the transition to Chapter 10.

  • Completed Chapter 10.

    Chapter 10 is split into 2 main story quests; Off the Rails, and The Hand of the King. The recommended level for completing this chapter is level 32. In this chapter you will acquire another of the Royal Arms for the Faithful Heir trophy.

    This trophy will unlock at the end of the main quest entitled "The Hand of the King" during a cutscene before the transition to Chapter 11.

  • Completed Chapter 11.

    Chapter 11 only consists of 1 main story mission; Express Train for Trouble. The recommended level for completing this chapter is level 32.

    This trophy will unlock at the end of the main quest entitled "Express Train for Trouble" during a cutscene leading into chapter 12.

  • Completed Chapter 12.

    Chapter 12 is split into 4 main story quests; No Turning Back, Where She Lived, Into the Arctic Crevasse, and Breath of the Glacian. The recommended level for completing this chapter is level 33. In this chapter you will acquire another of the Royal Arms for the Faithful Heir trophy, as well as earn the ability to summon the fourth of the Six for the Divine Intervention trophy.

    This trophy will unlock at the end of the main quest entitled "Breath of the Glacian" during a cutscene before the transition to Chapter 13.

  • Completed Chapter 13.

    Chapter 13 is split into 4 main story quests; The Imperial Capital, A King's Struggle, Zegnautus Keep, and Reunion and Recovery. The recommended level for completing this chapter is level 38. In this chapter you will acquire the Ring of the Lucii, another of the Royal Arms for the Faithful Heir trophy, and you will open access into a new area.

    This trophy will unlock at the end of the main quest entitled "Reunion and Recovery" during a cutscene before the transition to Chapter 14.

  • Completed Chapter 14.

    Chapter 14 is split into 4 main story quests; World of Ruin, Head for the Crown City, The Cure for Insomnia, and Head to the Throne Room. The recommended level for completing this chapter is level 40. In this chapter you will also have the opportunity to earn the Chosen King trophy. If you're playing on Easy, be sure to switch your difficulty to Normal at the save point after the Behemoth fight.

    This trophy will unlock at the end of the main quest entitled "Head to the Throne Room" during the final cutscene. Reload your save to start at the final save location before the Ifrit fight and use Umbra to return to free roam.

  • Defeated Ifrit on Normal difficulty.

    The fight with Ifrit takes place in Chapter 14 just after the King Behemoth fight. You can earn this trophy while fighting Ifrit most of the way on Easy difficulty, but be sure to change the difficulty to normal before you use the summon when Ifrit hits 20% HP.

    As far as fights go, Ifrit is a lot like Ravus from Chapter 13. He has a lot of HP, high defense, and he has several AOE moves to be aware of. You can use Blizzard to momentarily put out the fire surrounding Ifrit and greatly lower his defense, but in large part the fight will consist you a more hit and run approach. You'll want to use the light posts and the nearby building to get as far as you can away from Ifrit while still remaining in range, and then warp strike attack him. You'll repeat this process in addition to using your tech abilities and Armiger to wittle away his health. Every so often Ifrit will grab Noctis and initiate a QTE struggle. If you win, you'll take a chunk of his health. When Ifrit gets down to about 20% HP, a summoning will occur. You'll want to remove yourself from immediate danger and hold to summon and begin a cutscene.

    Below is a video that will serve as a visual aid to beating Ifrit:

    After the cutscene ends and you regain control of Noctis, the trophy will unlock. If you'd like, you can revert your difficulty to Easy from here on out.

  • Flew the Regalia Type-F.

    In order to unlock the Regalia Type-F, you'll have to finish three assaults on Nifelhim bases in Lucis. Two of the bases will already have been done in the course of completing main story quests, leaving just one to complete on your own. The base you're looking for is is north of Hammerhead outpost. If you drive by it in the Regalia, the party will comment on a Niff ship flying towards the base. The base itself is represented by a flying flag on your map in the post game. To start the assault on the base, you need to go to the top of the guard tower on the northern side of the base and interact with the point on the top level. You can stealth kill or outright assault the base if you prefer, but if you are spotted then be ready for a long battle.

    Once you defeat the boss of the base you'll receive a strange part that the party will say you should ask Cindy about. When you bring the part of Cindy after assaulting all three bases, Cindy will turn the Regalia into the Regalia Type-F.

    The Type-F is a car that can transform into a small airship. It doesn't matter who is driving the car, Once you hit a certain speed you can push to transform the car into the airship form where you will have full control. Be sure to land Regalia back on the road because anywhere besides the road is an instant game over.

    Below is a video that will help you locate and earn each of the parts needed for the Type-F:

    The trophy will unlock after you take flight and the Type-F fully transforms into an Airship.

  • Collected thirteen royal arms.

    Bug in the Costlemark Tower: There is currently an issue where if you do not have the Costlemark Tower quest set as your active quest, the elevator that leads to the final dungeon boss will glitch, the boss will not spawn, and the dungeon will need to be repeated. To avoid this, save just before you enter the dungeon and be sure to have to dungeon quest set to active before entering.

    Royal Arms, as introduced in the story, are the weapons of the old kings of Lucis. Unlike other weapons in the game, enemies can not resist their damage regardless of their resistances or the weapon type. Each royal arm provides a unique benefit, so having one or two of them equipped just for their stat benefits is up to you. Note that when you actually use a Royal Arm weapon in combat, each hit landed takes away some of your own health as well. You can use gear to counteract this with health regeneration speed, or potions.

    List of Royal Arms

    1. Sword of the Wise – Story related, Chapter 2
    2. Axe of the Conqueror – Story related, Chapter 2
    3. Swords of the Wanderer – Story related, Chapter 3
    4. Blade of the Mystic – Story related, Chapter 4
    5. Katana of the Warrior – Story related, Chapter 10
    6. Trident of the Oracle – Story related, Chapter 12
    7. Sword of the Father – Story related, Chapter 13
    8. Bow of the Clever – Balouve Mines (Level 50)
    9. Sword of the Tall – Costlemark Tower (Level 50 - Only open at night)
    10. Shield of the Just – Tomb of the Just
    11. Scepter of the Pious – Malmalam Thicket (Level 35)
    12. Mace of the Fierce – Rock of Ravatogh (Level 30
    13. Star of the Rogue – The Myrlwood (Level 35)

    Below is a video to visual help with the locations of each of the royal arms:

    Below is a video for the puzzle in Costlemark Tower. If you follow it step by step, you'll get to the dungeon boss:

    The trophy will unlock during the cutscene where you pick up your last Royal Arm.

  • Caught an image of Gentiana in a photo.

    Gentiana is Lunafraya's advisor of sorts and you'll see her a few times throughout the story. After you complete Chapter 5, Gentiana has a random chance to appear in Prompto's photos when you view them at camp. There is nothing you can do to encourage this to happen at a given time. Gentiana is not limited to appearing at any point or any time in the game, so getting a picture with her is random but it's also frequent. You're likely to have 4 or 5 pictures with her in the background by the time Prompto's photography skill reaches level 10.

    The trophy will unlock when you select a photo with Gentiana in the background while you're resting at camp. You do not need to save the photo for the trophy to unlock.

  • Defeated the adamantoise.

    As of Patch 1.06, the Ring of Lucii (obtained in the final chapter of the story) has been significantly buffed. You can now kill Adamantoise in under a minute using the Alterna spell. The spell doesn't always hit, so you may have to use it a few times.

    Use Umbra to travel back to Past Lucis, and Cindy will call you and tell you about a sudden rash of earthquakes in the region near Hammerhead. This will give you a quest entitled "Let Sleeping Mountains Lie". Follow the quest through to the end in order to open up the hunt for Adamantoise entitled, "Lonely Rumblings in Longwythe", which can be started at the diner in Hammerhead. The hunt itself is level 99, but you can easily complete it around level 45 as long as you're somewhat prepared. The fight will last for between 45 minutes to an hour using the method below, which is one full day in game.

    Recommended Preparation

    • Unlock and equip Noctis with the sword called Iron Duke. This weapon is earned as a reward for completing a quest entitled "A Legend is Born" which can be found in Lestallum after you complete the story.
    • Eat "Spicy Skewers" before accepting the hunt to raise your damage. The recipe is learned by eating Spicy Skewers at Tostwell Grill in Lestallum for 9,800 gil.
    • Activate the ability nodes for Warp Damage 1 and 2, as well as the node for increased food duration.
    • Switch out your accessories and gear to prioritize damage the nature of the fight is damage, and you wont really be taking much damage yourself throughout the fight.
    • Stock up on potions and elixirs just in case you are hit so you wont die. If you die, you start the fight from the beginning.

    Combat Strategy

    When you finally approach Adamantoise, you're going to go towards the front of his right paw. Target Adamantoise and try to select the higher target that seems like it's behind his actual paw, and warp strike. You wont actually reach behind his paw, instead getting stuck on the top of his paw and avoiding all of his attacks. Because Adamantoise is one giant target, you'll still do damage to him like you're warp striking him from long distance each time because you're locked on to a part of him that's further away. You should hit for 5.5x damage or above per warp strike which will do upwards of 7,000 damage per hit.

    When you run out of MP, you're going to point warp to the rock you used to target his paw initially and regain all of your MP so you can repeat the process. When you do enough damage, Adamantoise will lay his head down and become vulnerable for a short time. You're going to want to focus on his eye where you'll hit for 9,999 each hit in exactly the same way that you attacked his paw. When he lifts his head again, return to attack his paw just as you were before and repeat the process.

    When Adamantoise drops below 50% HP, his attacks become more frequent and he will begin to pull his paws back and launch them forward. This does not change your method of attack, but it does mean you need to be careful when you're transitioning from attacking to returning to your warp point and back again.

    Below is a video to help you get a better understanding of the fight:

    Alternatively, you can also use daggers and avoid Warp strike spam almost entirely using the method in the video below. Keep in mind it may take you longer than 8 minutes to complete at a lower level or with less set up, but the strategy can still work for you.

    The trophy will unlock after you return the contract for the hunt in to the diner in Hammerhead.

DLC: Episode Gladiolus

7 trophies

  • Picked up all items.

    There are a total of 48 items that you need to pick for this trophy. Unfortunately there is no way to track which item you are missing and you have to collect all of them in one playthrough.

    Below is a link to an excellent text guide from gosunoob.com, with screenshots, which I recommend following. Once you pick the 48th item, the trophy will pop.

    All 48 Items Text Guide

    Alternatively, there is a video HERE from OmniCraig Gaming if you prefer a more visual guide which also includes the locations of all columns (see Column Colossus)

  • Uprooted all columns.

    There are several columns that Gladio can use throughout the level to attack enemies with. For this trophy, you must uproot and use all of these columns. All of them are very easy to find and are more or less in your direct path as you progress, so you shouldn't have any issue spotting them.

    You should come across these naturally while looking for all items; otherwise, you can refer to the video in Picker-Upper which shows the location of all columns as well.

  • Performed 5 link-strikes with Cor.

    Link-Strikes are performed in the exact same way as in the main game. In order to initiate a link strike, you need to attack an enemy from behind with whilst Cor is nearby, which should result in a link-strike. The best place is at the start of the episode when Cor is with you.

  • Completed the trials on Normal.

    Story Related and cannot be missed

    You will unlock trophy upon defeating Gilgamesh, concluding the episode.

  • Scored 500,000 or more points in Score Attack.

    See A New Blademaster.

  • Scored 1,000,000 or more points in Score Attack.

    Score Attack is available once you have completed the episode, and is accessible from the main menu. Here you will be playing through the episode again, but this time you will be on a time limit of 30 minutes and have to score 1,000,000 points to get the trophy.

    Below I have listed various tips and my own experience going for the trophy. I managed to just scrape by on my 2nd attempt with a score of 1,004,352.

    • Parry Everything - This is vital; you won't get near the 1 million score requirement unless you are parrying almost everything. Parrying gives a lot more points than regular attacks, the best way is to stand in the middle of groups of enemies and hold down for around half a second, every second or so. By doing so you will parry lots of attacks and be able to quickly follow-up with a counter for high amounts of points, Gladio will sometimes grab and swing enemies around which will give you a massive amount of points.
    • Time Management - You have 30 minutes to complete the challenge. You get extra points for any time remaining at the end but this is largely negligible; it's best to use a bit more time to parry enemies more.
    • Glaive Arts - Only use maelstrom, and only on a mini boss such as the snake, demon wall and so on as they can tank a lot of damage, meaning you will land more hits, giving you a lot more points.
    • Items - You get quite a lot of bonus points for having items left over, so try not to use too many regular potions and instead use a hi-potion if your HP gets really low, most likely when fighting Gilgamesh.
    • First Area/Mini Boss - Try to have around 50-60k points by the time you reach the snake boss. Your Glaive Arts should be full or almost full, build up your rage metre by parrying a few times and then use Maelstrom for massive damage and points, you should preferably have around 100k points by the end of the fight, but 80-90k is fine.
    • Demon Wall/iron Giant - Try to aim for around 250-300k points after defeating the Demon Wall, use Maelstrom for a large bonus after building up some rage metre, the same goes for the Iron Giant.
    • Gilgamesh - To be comfortable score wise, aim for 850-900k before the Gilgamesh fight. You can get by with 800k, but it will be very tight if you have a poor fight here. I arrived with around 900k points, I had a very bad fight and only just scraped by in the end. Use maelstrom when you have it for a nice bonus; I was able to use it twice in the battle with him.

    Overall this isn't too difficult, but since it takes 30 minutes for a full attempt it can be demoralising to miss out. Keep at it and eventually you will prevail.


Secret trophies

  • Defeated Cor.

    You are able to fight Cor once you have completed the episode, accessible from the main menu. This is a fairly difficult battle as Cor has few openings, deals high damage and you have limited healing items. It will probably take a few attempts to study Cor's attack patterns and gauge when to strike.

    General Tips

    • Parrying - This is the most important aspect of the fight. When Cor glows blue whilst attacking, hold and time a parry, you can then counterattack for high damage which will also build the rage metre, this will be your main source of damage for large parts of the fight.
    • Attack Pattern - Cor is very evasive and deals high damage with his attacks. When he glows red, keep evading his attacks until he goes back to normal; you can't stagger him and he deals high damage in this state, often downing you in 1-2 hits.
    • Glaive Arts - You can cause massive damage with Maelstrom in particular; wait until you have parried him when he glows blue and then unleash it. Make sure to press during it to unleash the Dual-Master follow up for even more damage.
    • Rage Metre - If you build your rage metre, you will be able to deal much more damage to Cor. You can do this by parrying his attacks when he isn't glowing blue, but NOT countering. This will build up rage quickly, allowing you to deal much more damage when you actually parry and follow up with an attack or when using maelstrom.

    It may take you several attempts to learn and study Cor's behaviour, but it should get easier with each attempt. Utilise the above tips and it shouldn't be too difficult for you.

DLC: Episode Prompto

7 trophies

  • Stealth-killed 3 enemies.

    This will almost certainly be the first trophy you earn in this DLC and there are so many opportunities to rack up stealth kills that you’d have to actively try to miss it. In fact, it’s such an essential mechanic that you get a tutorial for it right at the beginning.

    To perform a stealth kill, sneak behind an enemy by holding to crouch, and then press when prompted to initiate the kill. You’ll be able to earn this trophy in the first area of the game.

  • Took down 30 enemies with crackshots.

    A crackshot is a special ability that Prompto can perform when an enemy’s health dips below 15%. The enemy will glow purple and you can press to make Prompto perform the move, which is a much more powerful shot than his normal one. This will almost certainly kill the enemy, and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to rack up 30 throughout the game. However, the enemy must die outright for it to count.

    Alternatively, the Lumen Flares which are items you can pick up act as flash grenades when thrown. These allow you to perform instant crackshots, so keep spamming once you throw one towards a group of enemies. You should easily have racked up 30 by the end of the story, but if not then there are plenty of enemies in the free roam section and during sidequests.

  • Took 10 photos mid-battle using Selfie Shot.

    Those players who used Snapshot frequently in the main game will know how to take photos during a battle. Selfie Shot is one of Prompto’s special abilities, which can be accessed by holding down in battle, then pressing once the green bar has filled up at least two sections. Use this 10 times in battle, or even farm it on one enemy if you’re patient enough, and the trophy is yours.

  • Completed EPISODE PROMPTO on Normal.

    For this trophy, make sure you choose at least Normal difficulty at the start. The DLC is pretty easy and should pose no trouble to players who have finished the main game, or even newcomers who have experience with third-person shooters. The story should take a couple of hours maximum, and none of the side-missions are necessary and indeed are largely a waste of time since there is no level progression and only act to upgrade the snowmobile, which doesn’t carry over to the Time Trials.

    The trophy will unlock once you beat the last boss, which is embarrassingly easy. You will be on rails, manning a turret on the back of a snowmobile. You essentially need to keep held down and just blast away at the boss’ obvious weak points, which glow bright pink. After shooting for a while, and as long as you aren’t terribly inaccurate, he’ll go down and you’ll complete the story.

  • Defeated the kaiser behemoth.

    The Kaiser Behemoth is a powerful optional enemy that you can face in Episode Prompto. Defeating him is the only side-mission you need to complete in the story, and thankfully he’s fairly easy to beat despite being time-consuming.

    Firstly, to activate the side-mission, you need to go to the western part of the map and find a lake, just south of a camp called Decratom Haven. However, he will only spawn on the lake’s eastern shore after 15:00 (in-game time, not real life), so if you need to kill time, rest at the camp. For a visual location, see the screenshot below (thanks to https://www.gosunoob.com):

    The Kaiser Behemoth is Level 99, but doesn’t hit that hard. Make sure you have Aranea with you (she’ll be with you after a certain point in the story, so make sure to tackle this quest then) as you’ll be letting her do almost all of the damage. For the easiest way to beat the Kaiser Behemoth, hide in the little weapons hut on the edge of the battlefield and keep potshotting him with the infinitely spawning rocket launchers and sniper rifles in the hut. Meanwhile, keep using Aranea's Highwind ability (hold and press once two bars are full) when you get the option and remember to spam crackshots with when she does this as he’ll be vulnerable.

    If you’re hiding in the hut, you shouldn’t be hit by too many attacks as the Kaiser Behemoth is slow and lumbering, but you do have a plethora of healing items should you need them. This method of hiding away and slowly wearing his health down will take about 15 minutes, but it’s by far the safest way.

    The following video is from the Xbox One version, but shows this exact method. Thanks to Hidden Achievements for providing it:

  • Earned the top ranking on all three Time Trial courses.

    This is by far the most difficult and frustrating aspect of the DLC. I won’t beat around the bush; this is a terrible addition and poorly implemented. The hit detection is extremely wonky, where the smallest rock can send you into a wild spin, and the snowmobile handles more like a tractor than a nifty machine. Not only that, but to earn all three stars on each of the three Time Trial courses, you’ll need to make a near-perfect run and collect as many speed crystals as possible. These keep your acceleration high as a form of boost mode, and you can’t afford to slow down as you’ll miss the cut-off time.

    The Time Trials are available once you finish Episode Prompto’s story, and can be selected from the DLC’s main menu. Note that all upgrades you obtained in the story do not carry over here, so there’s no point grinding them out to gain an advantage as there won’t be one.

    The three courses, and the time required for 3 stars, are as follows:

    1. Slippery Slalom - 01:12.99
    2. Avalanche Ambush - 01:29.99
    3. Snowglide Run - 01:16.99

    Courses 1 and 3 are the same, except 3 has fewer crystals and in harder to reach places, plus it’s at night time with a snowstorm so visibility is severely hampered. Crystals are generally placed before traps, such as rocks or bumps, so it will likely take you many runs to get a feel for which ones to go for and which route to take. Towards the second half of the course, there are two paths branching left and right. If you can, try and go down the left path as this presents a far straighter and flatter run to the line, even though it’s trickier to get to.

    There are enemies on the route and will shoot at you, but they will cause minimal damage. Just try and avoid hitting them as they will slow you down massively and cause you to fail.

    Course 2 is by far the easiest to earn three stars on, with a more open course and a generous time. It might be a good idea to start with this one and get a feel for the snowmobile and how the Time Trials work.

    If you’ve ever played Mario Kart, you’ll be aware of the boost start. This requires you to press just as the number ‘1’ counts down on the screen, which will give you a handy boost off the line.

    A visual aid is probably more helpful than a written explanation here, so try this video below from Ant On An E Gaming. After numerous failed attempts, I copied the routes in the video and nailed the three stars within a handful of tries. Remember that luck plays just as much a part as skill thanks to the dodgy collision detection and handling. Keep persevering and you’ll get there eventually.


Secret trophies

  • Completed Aranea's intensive training.

    Aranea is Episode Prompto’s superboss, and is only available by selecting to fight her from the DLC’s main menu once you complete the game. Like the similar battle with Cor in Episode Gladiolus, Aranea is a far higher level than you and provides by far the biggest challenge in the Episode in terms of battling thanks to a combination of high HP and the game granting you very few healing items. It might take a few tries, and I personally found her much harder than Cor, but if you nail the strategy she should go down eventually.

    Aranea’s modus operandi is fast, relentless attacks. You’ll basically need to be dodging for the entire fight. Make sure you’re locked on to her and mash constantly to dodge roll out of her way, and try and also mash at the same time to fire your pistols at her to whittle down her health.

    Once your special bar fills up completely, you can use the new ability for this fight – Trigger Happy. Make sure she’s within close range before unleashing it (hold and press ) as it has a high chance of stunning her. When stunned, she will emit a purple glow, which is your cue to spam crackshot () on her to do real damage to her.

    During her second phase, Aranea gets even faster and more aggressive, being able to hit you from greater distances. At this point, you’ll need to actually time your dodges as spamming won’t suffice anymore. Staying as far away from her as possible is advised, while still taking the time to shoot off a few pistol shots when you can. As she falls under the traditional Dragoon class, she has the Jump ability and will frequently use it at this point, leaping high into the air and coming down on you with force. If you’re hit by this, you’ll almost certainly be downed or very close to it, so make dodging it your priority.

    Eventually, if you keep up with the dodging/shooting tactic and unleashing Trigger Happy/crackshot when you can, she’ll go down. Remember that you do have a Phoenix Down and a couple of Potions if you need (which you most certainly will), so only use them in an absolute emergency.

    Below is a video representation of the battle, by DominatorzCrew:

DLC: July 2017 Update

2 trophies

  • Performed 10 full-hit cross chains.

    A cross chain is a new ability introduced with Patch 1.13. You will get a tutorial detailing how to use it in game, but essentially you must get an enemy into ‘Vulnerable’ status by dealing significant damage to it. Then, you will get a prompt to Warp Strike that enemy with . Occasionally, this will be followed by the opportunity to perform a cross chain, whereby a circular icon will appear with a bar that quickly depletes. You must press when you see the prompt (which will be when the bar is depleting), and when you do so, you multiplier will increase by 1. Press too soon or too late and you’ll lose your multiplier and the cross chain will end. The timing is pretty lenient and you should have no trouble getting the full 10x multiplier, at which point your team will perform a Final Link attack and it will count towards this trophy.

    Annoyingly, cross chaining can be quite random and you will not get the prompt every time, even if an enemy is vulnerable and you Warp Strike it. Note that even if an enemy dies during the cross chain, you can still build up a 10x multiplier and perform the final attack to register towards this trophy.

    If you’re starting a new game then you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get this during battles and it’ll almost certainly come naturally before the end of the story. However, if you downloaded the update after finishing the game, then you’ll likely have to farm it. The best place is actually on the Melusine boss that comes with the same update. She has very high HP allowing you to get multiple cross chains in, and you can use the Magitek Exosuit to grant you 30 minutes of invincibility so you can focus purely on getting cross chains.

    The best method is to equip the Magitek Exosuit and let her attack you until you get the prompt to block and then quickly press to parry. Usually when you do this, a short sequence will play where Noctis jumps up Melusine’s body and drops a grenade on her, after which there’s a high chance she’ll be vulnerable and you can thus perform a cross chain.

    Using this method, I easily farmed 10 within the half an hour time limit before the Magitek Exosuit ran out; but even if it does, you can still use this method as long as you watch your health a little more carefully. You also can’t let any of your party members be in danger or dead, since you need all four to activate the cross chain. Furthermore, if Melusine is about to die and you still haven’t got 10 full cross chains in, then leave the fight and come back; she’ll have fully replenished health but your tally will still count.

    Below is a video from VoltFieber82 detailing this method:

    Alternatively, if you’ve killed Melusine and you’re a high level, then you’re going to have to farm this in a slightly trickier way. The best option is to fight the Level 38 Bandersnatch located in the pit north-east of Hammerhead. Equip the most basic weapons you can find and remove all attack/critical boosting accessories. The reason for this is because high level players will kill it very quickly, whereas with basic weapons your attack power will still be low. Then, keep attacking it and Warp Striking until he is vulnerable and you get the prompt. Magitek Soldiers that drop from the dropships are also decent options for this trophy, but unlike the Bandersnatch they spawn randomly.

    Below is a video from Sparda detailing this method:


Secret trophies

  • Defeated Melusine.

    Melusine is a tough Medusa-like boss added with Patch 1.13. To fight her, you need to have completed Chapter 8 and then accept the ‘O Partner, My Partner’ quest from the hunter at Meldacio Hunter HQ, located near the Vesperpool in the north-west of the map. She is Level 99 and has more than a million HP, so she’ll provide a tough challenge for even high-levelled players. However, if you want to cheese the boss fight or you’re a low level and want to kill her quickly, there is a quick method of doing this as detailed below.

    Firstly, Melusine is a Daemon, so you can only fight her at night. Once you arrive at the quest location, if it’s day time you will get a prompt asking you if you want to fast-forward to night time. However, this also means that the battle is timed, as if day breaks and you still haven’t killed her, she will disappear and you’ll have to start all over again the next night.

    If you’re taking her on legitimately, camp at the nearby campsite and cook your best stat-boosting meal with Ignis, preferably something that boosts Attack and Critical Hit rate. Anything that protects against Poison and Petrification will help too, or alternatively you can equip Ribbons on your party. Obviously, pick your best weapons (the Zwill Crossblades are fantastic if you have them) and also equip your most potent fire magic as she is weak to it.

    Melusine doesn’t have that many attacks, but they do hit hard. Her most common attacks are a barrage of water that is easy to dodge, and a freeze breath and spike attack that will freeze Noctis in place for a short period. She also likes to perform a vortex attack that will suck you in and perform huge damage. This is telegraphed by her shouting “Take this!” beforehand. Her most lethal attack is one where she grabs Noctis and repeatedly slaps him, always leaving him with 1HP.

    Use your best tried-and-tested techniques to take her down, remembering to dodge and parry whenever you can for a chance to trigger a specific counter where Noctis will plant a grenade on her, leaving her vulnerable. First, focus on the two serpents wrapped around her body to knock them unconscious. Then, shift attention to her body, repeatedly hitting her with fire damage to supplement your strikes. Cross chains (discussed in detail in Seize the Moment do big damage, and if you’re lucky enough to have a Summon come to your aid during the fight, it will cause catastrophic hurt to her.

    If this sounds like too much hard work, then you can cheese the battle very easily with the Magitek Exosuit and Ring of the Lucii. The armour is automatically placed in your inventory (under Gear > Attire in the menu) once you download the patch, and once equipped it provides 30 minutes of invincibility. Once it runs out, it requires 24 hours of real time to recharge, so I highly recommend saving beforehand in case you mess up. With the armour, you should easily be able to defeat her using your normal tactics.

    However, if you want to make this even more of a doddle, then the Alterna attack with the Ring of the Lucii (obtained after Chapter 13) will kill her with instant death, just like the Adamantoise in the main game. To use it, simply hold and . Note that it will probably take a few tries to work, but if you have the Magitek Exosuit then you can keep spamming it until you’re victorious.

    Note that the trophy won’t unlock when she dies; you have to return to Meldacio Hunter HQ and turn in the quest for it to do so.

    Below is a video representation of the battle by Boss Fight Database:

DLC: Multiplayer Expansion: Comrades

7 trophies

  • Powered up all facilities in Lestallum.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    Once you reach Lestallum at the start of the game, you'll be tasked with lighting up the city. This will also allow you to gain access to shops and weapon modifications. You'll only start off with one quest, but gain a few more as you progress in lighting up the city. The amount of kW required to do so isn't a lot, so it'll only take a few quests to have enough kW.

    Once you completely illuminate Lestallum, you will earn this trophy.

  • Received a Royal Sigil.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    The Royal Sigils are depicted on the map as a sword, which also looks like a Cross. You will be getting this very early on.

    This will occur after you completely power up Lestallum (see: Beacon of Hope). Go to the map, and you'll only have one path available. Once you fill in those nodes, you'll be forced to do a quick solo quest where you protect a man as he brings in the coffin of a former King. It's very simple. Once you complete that, you'll go through some plot points, and you'll eventually gain your first Sigil. You will earn the trophy when that scene is finished.

  • Crafted a weapon of Level 30 or higher.

    Early on, you will receive access to weapon modifications. Here, you can level up weapons using the loot you acquire through defeating enemies. Each piece of loot gives a certain amount of EXP as well as stat bonus like strength or fire resistance. Weapons have varying max levels. Obtaining weapons with a max level of 30 is easy to come by as you'll very likely level up many weapons past 30. The Katana has a max level of 30, which I believe is the default weapon for everybody. If you level that up, this could very well be the first trophy you earn.

    You can also remodel certain weapons into newer, more powerful, weapons by focusing on upgrading certain stats. You'll know a weapon can be remodeled if it has a little progress bar under a specific stat such as strength or ice damage. To remodel, you need to max out that bar before you reach the weapon's max level. To do that, level up your weapon with loot that boosts that specific stat. Once you max that, and finish leveling up that weapon, your weapon will be remodeled. It'll get a fancy new name and more levels to work with. This will be immensely helpful on your road to become the most powerful Kingsglaive there ever was.

    When upgrading your weapons, strength is a really helpful stat to build up. As you would expect, this increases the amount of damage you do, which will lessen the time and difficulty it takes to beat quests by way of brute force. Thus, it makes your later grinds much more painless.

  • Met the owner of the Crow's Nest Diner.

    WARNING: As of December 2018, you will be unable to boost this trophy. It's still obtainable offline so long as you're game is of an earlier update

    After every mission, a character from the main story will cook you a meal. This functions the same way as it does in the main game where food gives you a boost. This could apply to the next mission (such as boosted attack, increased drops), immediate gain (like EXP boost), or used outside of battle (discounted prices, boost in weapon synthesizing). The character that shows up is seemingly RNG with Monica being the most frequent character you will see.

    The character you'e looking for is Kenny. No, not Kenny Crow the really creepy bird mascot. You may see Kenny Crow over the course of your adventure, but he sadly won't give you a trophy. The Kenny you're looking for is the owner of the Crow's Nest Diner who prepares burgers and fries for your crew. Kenny can show up at any time. He can show up after your first mission. He can show up while you're farming kW. He can show up after one of the daily quests (some may guarantee an appearance from him). Or he won't show up until long after you're done with everything else as was the case for me.


Secret trophies

  • Bested the Chosen King's companions.

    After a certain period of time, a very familiar face shows up to Lestallum. To fight him, go over by the Power Plant and he'll be standing nearby. Talk to him, fight him, defeat him, get a reward. After a while, another familiar face shows up. Same process. Then finally, the third familiar face shows up. Again, same process. Once you beat the third companion, you will unlock the trophy.

    I found it best to hold off on this until you're really strong. Not just being at a high level, but also properly leveling your weapons (such as a high strength weapon). That way, you can breeze through them without issue by way of brute force. If you hold off on doing this until closer to the end, you don't have to wait long for the next companion to show up. Just do any quest, and they'll arrive in Lestallum.

  • Witnessed the awakening of King Noctis.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    Once you receive your first Sigil, you'll be tasked with illuminating four different outposts: Meldacio, Old Lestallum, Cauthess Depot, and Galdin Quay.

    Below, you'll find a completely filled map. This will give you an idea of the path you should take for each outpost. The map will expand further once you complete this story mission.

    See the long, straight, line from Lestallum to Old Lestallum? It takes 60,000 kW to create that path. Don't do it. It's a waste of kW, and you'll slow yourself down. You're much better off using that 60,000 to fill more nodes on the map, unlock new quests and so on. Save this node for last when filling out the map.

    There will be certain points when you're blocked from progressing down a path. These require you to complete "Urgent" missions. They aren't really urgent as you can take your time, and complete them when you're ready. However, you can't advance from that point until you complete it. I found it easier to do those online as you'll often be matched with stronger/smarter party members than your AI companions.

    Once you light up the fourth and final outpost, you'll have the opportunity to go fight the final boss and finish the story. With the final boss, you will be at the mercy of AI companions. You will also only have one ingredient each without the ability to pick up more. So if you die, you're completely dead. At lower levels/strength, this is tough and can be a bit overwhelming. I still recommend trying it as soon as it's available. If you succeed, perfect. If not, you'll have an idea how much stronger you need to be. There's no real strategy needed as everything you’ve learned up until this point should suffice. Once you understand all of the bosses attack, it's just a matter of whether or not you're strong enough to handle it. Once you defeat it, you'll earn the trophy in the cutscene after the credits.

  • Amassed an output of 999,999 kW.

    This is likely where you'll be devoting most of your time. Over time, you will be amassing kW through quests. Thankfully, this is cumulative, so feel free to fill up the map. The downside to this is that you only know how much kW you have presently. There's no way to check how much you've obtained all together. If you were to fill the base map (so not including the expanded map unlocked upon earning Cleaving a Path), you'd be short roughly ~369,000 kW. By filling out the the entire map, I estimate you would be 150,000-175,000 kW short. From there, begin farming. Once you're in that range, keep checking the map and the trophy will eventually pop.

    Two easy missions to farm are Roboresurrection and Ghost in the Machine. Once you're strong enough and/or have a strong enough team, the missions themselves take about a minute or two to complete. Loading and whatnot will add a few minutes to each run, which will test your patience. Those two appear to be the most efficient way to farm kW.

    Luckily, grinding isn't the only way to amass kW. You can buy them as well! All you need is access to Old Lestallum and Gil. Credit to RachP13 for finding this and bringing it to my attention.

    You can buy meteorshards from a fisherman in Old Lestallum. He is at the far end of town and down stairs to the left. It makes the grind a lot quicker.

    This is the price breakdown:

    500,000 Kw = 222,000 gil
    100,000 Kw = 45,000 gil
    50,000 Kw = 24,000 gil
    10,000 Kw = 5,400 gil
    5,000 Kw = 3,000 gil

DLC: Episode Ignis

7 trophies

  • Took down 10 enemies using the spelldaggers.

    The spelldaggers are the primary weapon of choice for Ignis, and you can use Fire, Ice and Lightning Daggers all of which attack differently. This is unmissable as you will be introduced to Ignis' style of combat right away, and the trophy will pop after killing your 10th enemy with daggers.

  • Took down 10 enemies with counterstrikes.

    You will be introduced to Ingis' unique counter attacking early on. Sometimes if you take damage from an enemy you can press to recover and then to counter attack with a lance and regain lost HP. To get credit towards this trophy, the killing blow itself must be a counter; it's not enough just to hit an enemy. It's very likely you will kill more than 10 enemies whilst playing through the episode naturally as there are many ample opportunities to do so.

  • Took down 100 enemies using Total Clarity.

    Total Clarity is an ability for Ignis that is used by pressing when the orange bar is fully charged where the Tech bar usually is. This is charged by simply attacking enemies or by holding down in combat, though the latter leaves you vulnerable to attack. It's highly unlikely you will have 100 kills when you have completed the episode so you'll have to grind this.

    The best place to farm this is during Chapter 3, Verse 2. Select the option to 'Fight Back'. Do not attack Ardyn and instead run under the arch and wait for enemies to gather here, charge Total Clarity and unleash it with the Ice Daggers equipped to wipe out all nearby enemies, run around for a bit to the other side of the area and back and more enemies will spawn, repeat this until you have all 100 kills and the trophy pops.

    See video below from Gaming with Abyss showing this method.

  • Collected all documents.

    There are 15 documents scattered around Altissia, they are all easy to find and you only need to make sure you don't board the boat to progress with the story before collecting them all, as you will have to replay the episode and collect all of them again.

    Here is an excellent text guide including screenshots of the locations of each document https://www.gosunoob.com/final-fantas...ssador-trophy/

    There is also a video below from Gaming with Abyss for those who would prefer to follow that.


Secret trophies

  • Completed EPISODE IGNIS on Normal.

    Story Related and cannot be missed

    You will unlock this trophy upon defeating Ardyn, concluding the episode.

  • Defeated Ardyn in Chapter 3, Verse 2.

    Chapter 3, Verse 2 is unlocked after completing the main episode and is accessed from the main menu of the DLC. Here you will be presented with the same choice by Ardyn as in the main episode, only this time select 'Play Along' and you will be brought to a new area where you fight him again.

    This works similarly to the previous fight only it is on a timer, after so much time has passed Ignis will kneel and be given a choice. Choose 'Risk your Life' which will allow you to continue fighting Ardyn; you can select this option twice. You won't cause too much damage to Ardyn in this state and will eventually be given the same choice again, this time choose 'Sacrifice Your Life', now your attacks will be powered up enormously and will be able to reach 50x damage and above, you will easily have more than enough time to defeat him.

  • Earned the top ranking in the Friendly Match.

    This is by far the hardest trophy in the DLC and is accessible from the main menu after you finish the main episode.

    You have to defeat Nocits and earn an A+ ranking which requires 900,000 points or higher, the main issue stems from actually defeating him and it's a hard, long battle, your attacks won't cause a lot of damage and you have limited healing items.

    General Tips:

    • Combo/Score Requirement - In order to hit the A+ ranking you need to get a combo of 31 or higher to be safe, the majority of your score will come from this and it is vital you get a combo this high in the first phase of the fight before Noctis begins to use Armiger. Fire daggers work well and the best chance you will get is when Noctis continuously evades your attacks and eventually enters stasis, proceed to wail on him and use Total Clarity if you have it at the end of your combo, with a bit of luck you should have your combo, if you don't by the time he starts using Armiger, restart the fight.
    • Fire Daggers - The Fire Daggers are the best weapon to use as they are quick, do the most damage and you can evade attacks mid combo with the analogue stick. You can use Ice Daggers if you prefer but they are slower.
    • Counterstrikes - This is vital in defeating him. You will be getting hit by Noctis a lot, most of the time you can press then to counter and regain most of the health you lost, this is key to surviving and dealing the most damage to Noctis in the 2nd phase of the fight in particular, you need to nail most of the counters.
    • Attack Patterns - Noctis will cycle through his weapons often, the best time to strike is when he is using the axe, greatsword or large katana as they are slow and easy to evade, refrain from attacking when he uses the shield and daggers as it's harder to damage him.
    • Armiger - After Noctis has lost around 50% of his HP he will begin to periodically use Armiger, you should immediately use Jump to avoid his attacks as he is very hard to damage and evade in this state, 2 or 3 Jumps should last until it's over.
    • Ring of Lucii - When Noctis gets to around 20-30% HP he will use the Ring of Lucii, you MUST interrupt this attack as it repeatedly drains your health and can kill you very quickly, you have a few seconds to attack and interrupt him.

    The hardest part is actually defeating Noctis, rather than the score requirement, it took me around 5 minutes to defeat him with a 47 hit combo, which gave me close to 1.3 million points, don't be too disheartened as you will improve with every attempt so keep at it.

DLC: Royal Pack

7 trophies

  • Filled 80% of the Datalog.

    The Datalog is a new category added to the Archive section in the pause menu and for this trophy you need find a total of 80% of them, which amounts to 76 entries in total. The majority of them can be found during Chapter 15 around the game world, but some require you to replay previous chapters, namely Chapter 13.

    Warning about Chapter Select!

    Don't use chapter select until after you have found a sufficient amount of datalogs in Chapter 15 free roam. Using chapter select will wipe all of your quest progress and map-points, as well as dungeons. When you use chapter select, use a different save slot so you can easily reload your main save afterwards.

    Menace Dungeons

    As you can see below, the Monolith datalogs are all hidden within Menace Dungeons. These are secret dungeons located behind sealed doors within regular dungeons that you need the Seakbreaker's Key to access. The key is obtained by completing the main story and Costlemark Tower, Balouve Mines, Crestholm Channels and Daurell Caverns, the latter two of which you won't have played to get the platinum trophy in the main game. Once you have fulfilled these requirements, you can talk to Ezma at the Meldacio Hunter HQ who will give you this key so you can access the Menace Dungeons. The dungeons are easy if you have Armiger Unleashed, are at a high level and have decent equipment. All monoliths will be located at bonfires and so are un-missable.

    The logs are separated in to 7 categories: Cosmogony, Almanac, Chronicles, Letters, Monoliths, Reports and Omega-File. Below is a list that was put together by GannerRhysode that lists then in order as they appear in the games datalog menu. As of writing this guide, some of the logs haven't been located but the vast majority have been, more than enough for the trophy. Unknown logs are not included in the list.

    If you prefer screenshots, use the below links courtesy of Yam. The website is in Chinese, but the images show you where all of the logs are in order so it doesn't matter.

    The Omega-Files

    Cosmogony (8)

    • The Hexatheon - Galadin Quay, inside the restaurant.
    • The Oracle - Wiz Chocobo Post, outside the big building on a bench.
    • The Crystal - Altissia Floating Market, on the bar.
    • The Ring Tenebrae - Chapter 12, after the train stops, on the tracks, left of Aranea.
    • The Divine Host of Messengers - Taelpar Rest Area, on a table by the motel.
    • The Covenant - Lestallum, right next to a motel on a table.
    • The Revelation - Meldacio Hunter HQ, on a tray, next to a hut.
    • 15: 2 “Nadir” - Cape Caem, basement of the lighthouse, on a barrel right next to the anchorpoint.

    Almanac (31)

    • Hammerhead - Next to the weaponshop on a barrel.
    • Prairie Outpost - East of the parking spot, next to a red truck.
    • Longwythe Pike - Difficult to describe in text, check the screenshots for the exact location.

    • Galadin Quay - Before the pier, on a bench.
    • Keycatrich Trench - Prairie Outpost, in the southern building beneath the "e" in Keytriarch Trench text on the map.
    • Balouve Mines - Balouve Mines, on the big yellow pipes, right next to the parking spot.
    • Crestholm Channels - Crown City Checkpoint, last corner before the gate on the side.
    • Angelgard - Galadin Quay, at the end of the pier, close to the Royal Vessel spot.
    • Wiz Chocobo Post - On a few barrels in the back.
    • Nebula Wood - Wiz Chocobo Post, once you enter the 'Nebula Wood' area, it's in the southeast corner.
    • INSERTNAMEHERE - Below Rydielle Ley parking spot, along this road, best to check the screenshots.

    • Daurell Caverns - In a straight line down from the "y" in the Causcherry Plains text on the map. To the left side of the road, right in front of the entrance on a big pile of rocks.
    • Fociaugh Hollow - Wiz Chocobo Post, on the big slanting slab of rock on the left side (northern) of the dungeon-entrance.
    • Costlemark Tower - The Fallgrove, first floor, south east corner.
    • Saxham Outpost: Coernix Station - Cauthess, walk directly south, until you reach the corn-silo with the small hut and gate, next to the hut.
    • Lestallum - Downstairs from the parking spot on a picnic-table.
    • Taelpars Crag - Next to the parking spot there are a few cottages nearby where the datalog can be found.
    • Old Lestallum - Table next to the inn.
    • Cape Caem - Behind the farmhouse.
    • Malmalan Thicket - Malmalan Thicket, south of the dungeon entrance, right next to the well-hidden witch's hut.
    • The Rock of Ravatogh - Verinas Mart, behind the trailer/rest point.
    • Steyliff Grove - Vesperpool, right after the entrance.
    • Greyshire Glacial Grotto - Burbost Souvenir Emporium, directly behind the waterfall.
    • Pitioss Ruins - Just outside the entrance to the dungeon.
    • Meldacio Hunter HQ - Next to the fence & lookout area.
    • Altissia - Palsino Street Station, ascend all the stairs to the café outside, it's on a white table in a corner.
    • Altar of the Tidemother - Altissia, Leville Station, next to the water, directly east of the station.
    • Cartanica - Chapter 10, once the train arrives it's on a bench in the middle of the platform.
    • Fodina Caestino - Chapter 10, once the train arrives it's in the back of the other train just across from to you.
    • Tenebrae - Chapter 12, in Tenebrae on the station platform, next to the train.
    • Ghorovas Rift - Chapter 12, in the back of the train that stops in Tenebrae.

    Chronicles (8)

    • Oric’s Culinary Chronicle I Entry 1: My First Mission - Saxham Outpost, under a wooden pavilion on a picnic-table.
    • Oric’s Culinary Chronicle I Entry 2: An Egg Can Dream - Lestallum, at the cup noodle truck on a red chequered table, close to the parking spot.
    • Oric’s Culinary Chronicle I Entry 3: New Friends - Prairie Outpost, almost un-missable.
    • Oric’s Culinary Chronicle I Entry 4: Partners - Galdin Quay, directly outside, near the parking spot on a bench.
    • Oric’s Culinary Chronicle I Entry 5: Homeward Bound - Old Lestallum, on a bench next to the diner.
    • Oric’s Culinary Chronicle I Entry 6: Moving Out: Vesperpool - Steyliff Grove, a bit before the dungeon entrance, just after the visible path ends, on the right hand side on a rock.
    • Oric’s Culinary Chronicle I Entry 7: Fishing and Foraging - Malmalan Thicket, at the camp site.
    • Oric’s Culinary Chronicle I Entry 8: The Hero of Saxham - The Three Valleys, west of the parking spot in a small hut.

    Letters (4)

    • Letter from Ravus 1-3 - Chapter 13, After the acquiring Sword of the Father, by Ravos' body.
    • Faded Letter - Obtained from killing Melusine. If you have already killed her you can use chapter select to go to Chapter 14, then travel to past lucis to accept the mission again, this isn't really worth it though.

    Reports (13)

    Reports 1-11 are all from Chapter 13.

    • Mass Disappearance Report - When you come to the 9 square rooms, Middle-lower room.
    • West Gralea Quarantine Report - Same room as the previous report.
    • North Gralea Quarantine Report - In the room just after the 9 square rooms below.
    • Magitek Research Facility Damage Report - Same room as the previous report.
    • Researcher's Writing: 16th-V - Soon after the previous room, in a room to the left of the rest area.
    • Researcher's Writing: 28th-VI - Same room as the previous report.
    • Military Applications of Mutative Plasmodia - Middle-left of the 9 square rooms.
    • Photosensitivity in Magitek Troopers - Same room as the previous report.
    • National Defense Policy - Top-right of the 9 square rooms.
    • Wallbreaker Wave Test Report 1 - After the large battle on the rising elevator, in the next room just after the rest area.
    • Wallbreaker Wave Test Report 2 - Same room as the previous report.
    • Geophysical Survey of Atmospheric Conditions - Chapter 14, inside the Hammerhead Diner.
    • Study on the Nature of Photophillic Particles - Chapter 14, inside the Hammerhead Diner.

    Monoliths (23)

    Some of these are yet to be discovered. They are all in your direct path by each Menace Dungeon's camp site. I recommend completing Steyliff as it contains 9 monoliths; although it takes about 2 hours to complete it's very easy with Armiger Unleashed and plenty of healing items.

    • Dormaneth Haven - Menace Keycatrich-Dungeon
    • Heppletaph Haven - Menace Grotto-Dungeon
    • Ravioth Haven - Menace Grotto-Dungeon
    • Gainough Haven - Menace Daurell-Dungeon
    • Pauperess Haven - Menace Daurell-Dungeon
    • Intellune Haven - Menace Steyliff-Dungeon
    • Tunlough Haven - Menace Steyliff-Dungeon
    • Scorpure Haven - Menace Steyliff-Dungeon
    • Courcaive Haven - Menace Steyliff-Dungeon
    • Terrecephe Haven - Menace Steyliff-Dungeon
    • Essofax Haven - Menace Steyliff-Dungeon
    • Vanderport Haven - Menace Steyliff-Dungeon
    • Sprannagh Haven - Menace Steyliff-Dungeon
    • Hepplecamp Haven - Menace Steyliff-Dungeon

    The Omega-Files (7)

    • Research Log: M.E. 745-X-24th - Aracheole Base, northern hall/hangar, inside the small hut.
      Research Log: M.E. 745-XI-25th - Fort Vaullerey, in one of the huts on the western side, towards the middle.
      Research Log: M.E. 746-ll-3rd - Norduscean Blockade: Fortmouth Garrison, on the right side, inside the small hut.
      Research Log: M.E. 746-VII-29th - Chapter 13, north-eastern corner after you need to 'activate the central elevator'.
      Research Log: M.E. 746-X-30th - Chapter 13, a bit after VII-29th, behind a rest area.
      Research Log: M.E. 747-I-14th - Chapter 13, in the room after your party members re-join you.
      Research Log: M.E. 755-VI-23rd - Cauthless Rest Area: Causcherry Plains Base, before the base entrance, at the top of the eastern watchtower.
  • Posted excellent times in all cross-country test drives.

    Go to the Hammerhead. Cindy will have a new quest where she will task you with finding 4 off-road tyres. Return them to her and you will be able to use the Regalia Type-D, a small monster-truck which can be used to drive off-road.

    Once you have the Type-D, 2 new icons will appear on the map for test drives. See the screenshot below.

    Complete the two test drives within the time limit. The times are very generous and the car handles nicely. Once you complete both, the trophy will pop.


Secret trophies

  • Captained the royal vessel.

    A new addition in the Royal Pack is the ability to use a boat in a wide open area. You can access the boat in a few places such as Galdin Quay and Altissia. Go to the pier and there will be a prompt to use the royal vessel; as soon as you board, the trophy will pop.

  • Encountered Bismarck.

    In Altissia, there will be a new quest that you can accept where you will be tasked with finding Bismarck, which is basically a giant Narwhal. Using the royal vessel, make your way to the quest area where you will need to find a flock of birds. Once you have done so, Bismarck will appear and start swimming around the boat. After a few minutes, the quest will be completed and the trophy will pop.

  • Awakened to the True Power of Kings.

    Introduced with the Royal Pack is an upgraded version of Armiger. Before you can acquire it, you need all 13 Royal Arms from the base game.

    In the north eastern part of the map, close to the Keycatrick Trench dungeon is the founder king's statue as shown in the below screenshot; interact with the statue and you will be given a new accessory called 'Founder King's Sigial' and equipping this will replace your regular Armiger with Armiger Unleashed. This is a massive improvement upon the former and is extremely overpowered; it effectively trivialises almost every fight in the game. Noctis can use very powerful tech skills and regular attacks, evade in mid air, use warp strike combos and unleash devastating counter attacks; it also lasts considerably longer.

    To use Armiger Unleashed, simply increase your Armiger metre up to full and press + and the trophy will pop.

  • Defeat Cerberus.

    Story related and cannot be missed

    To fight Cerberus, you need to replay Chapter 14. Proceed through as you normally would and eventually you will fight Cerberus after meeting the Glaives and Cor within Insomnia. Cerberus is easy to defeat with your end game gear/levels and especially with Armiger Unleashed. After the second phase, he will be defeated and the trophy will pop.

  • Those who have played previous Final Fantasy games may recognise this foe as the dimensional-hopping machine Omega, which acts as a super-boss; this time it appears through a portal in the northern part of Insomnia. You will come across him naturally if you accept the quest from Cor whereby you have to reclaim areas of Insomnia from the empire.

    Omega is by far the toughest enemy or boss in the whole game; it has very high strength and defence, is very aggressive and can inflict a multitude of status effects on the party. Even at Level 120 with powerful equipment, it can put you in danger state in a few hits or less.

    General Tips:

    • Armiger Unleashed - Don't even think about fighting it before you get Armiger Unleashed. Your attacks will do next to no damage, only Royal Arms can cause any remote sort of damage to him and quite minimal at that, you absolutely have to use Armiger or you won't win. I would target its eye and use Dynastic Stance as it was the most consistent form of damage. Don't bother with Legacy of the Lucii as Omega will absorb the last hit.
    • Zwill Crossblade - If you don't have these daggers yet, go and get them from the the Wonderous Weapon quest; not only are they the most powerful daggers in the game, they charge Armiger extremely fast, useful for spamming Armiger Unleashed during the fight.
    • Healing Items - Bring LOTS of healing items, preferably Hi-Elixers, Remedies and Phoenix Downs, as Omega can inflict confusion and petrification on you.
    • Magitek Exosuit/Ring of Lucii - Don't bother with the exosuit or ring, he ignores the invincibility aspect of the exosuit and is invulnerable to the ring.
    • Attack Pattern - Omega is extremely aggressive and moves around quickly. Be wary of its gas attack from behind as it can petrify you. After dealing enough damage, it will expose an antenna on its back; you can inflict heavy damage by attacking it, but attacking too much will cause Omega to use a force field like attack which causes heavy damage and inflicts stop, it will also go berserk and stomp around very fast, make sure to evade until it calms down.

    Omega may sound daunting, but as long as you bring plenty of healing items and use Armiger Unleashed, it's more a question of when rather than if you will defeat it. It's a long fight even with the most powerful gear; it took me around 30 minutes and that was with it getting stuck in a wall and unable to do anything at around 50% HP.

DLC: Comrades March 2018 Update

3 trophies

  • Collected all the Royal Sigils.vessel.

    The Royal Sigils are depicted on the map as a sword, which also looks like a cross.

    There are 13 Sigils in all, the first being obtained early in the story (See: Kingly Blessing). Five more will be available as you fill out the map and make your way to Galdin Quay.

    Once you complete the original main quest (See: Cleaving a Path), you'll unlock a new set of missions with the objecting of obtaining the remaining seven. There's a big difficulty spike at this point, which will prove to be difficult if you're trying to complete this purely offline. You immediately unlock a tough Urgent quest that stands between you and this new content. Either go through measures to beef up your character if you haven't already, or rely on the kindness of strangers to get past this and the other Urgent quests along the way. Some paths can only be accessed via Chocobo. This requires your Chocobo to have good enough stats in certain areas to reach new locations. My LV 99 Chocobo was capable reaching every area (See: Chocobreeder).

    When you're one Sigil away, you'll gain access to a path to Insomnia. This is where the final Sigil is located and can only be obtain upon defeating a new final boss. Once again, you're forced to deal with AI teammates. One way to defeat it is by making sure your Fire Resistance is at 100% and equipping "The Fierce's Sigil: Rampage" (introduced in the March 2018 update). With this, you can almost endlessly warp strike the boss taking little damage in the process. In doing so, you'll build up a meter similar to the Armiger. Once filled, you can unleash "All Creation" for some solid damage. The boss is predicable, so once you learn his moves, you should be able to react accordingly. It's not a guaranteed strategy, but it makes this fight is doable if you're underleveled/underpowered. It'll just be a boring 20-30 min fight.

    Note: In your journey to acquire the remaining Sigils, you'll unlock a new Outpost along the way. Once you are able to elect a leader, go with the guy who would open up an Item Shop. The items he sells are fantastic when building up weapons. Such as the Curved Hollowhorn, which give +25 STR making it the most efficient way to build up strength in weapons. Be sure the stop by there and stock up!

  • Raised a chocobo to Level 99.

    Chocobos are a brand new addition to this mode. You can train them up and even send them to an Arena to fight enemies for Gil (among other things). First things first, find the Black Chocobo in Lestallum. It's near the Power Plant not far from where you found the King's companions. The Chocobo will not appear until you complete the original story as well as acquire the first six Sigils. Sadly, this Chocobo is incapable of reaching LV 99. However, it can get you to the "Hidden Harbor". This serves as a second Hub area, which is good if you are getting bored of Lestallum. Once you power up the harbor, you have access to Stables, which you'll find by interacting with the main Lighthouse elevator.

    To get a Chocobo to level 99, you first need to acquire a Chocobo that has a base level of 50 or higher. Color doesn't matter to the best of my knowledge. To acquire your new feathered friend, you need to "rescue" a Chocobo by completing quests with the Chocobo marker seen here:

    The mission it appears next to is random. Complete this mission, and you'll obtain a Chocobo. Again, shoot for LV 50 or higher. Once you have it, you can begin training. If possible, I suggest taking a moment to back up your save in the event you screw up.

    Chocobos have four stats: Stamina, Jump, Top Speed. You gain levels by putting your Chocobo through training sessions. There are separate sessions that focus on each stat, one the focuses on all three of them, Rest, and Motivation. You have a limited amount of sessions before reaching the max level, so use your sessions wisely. Under one or multiple stats, you'll see a bar. This functions similarly to remodeling weapons. Fill the bar(s) up before reaching max level, and you'll unlock the next batch of levels. Continue on until you reach 99.

    Of course, the journey isn't a smooth one. Training takes up energy, and your Chocobo can get exhausted. If you filled up the right bars to unlock the next batch of levels, and still have a session or two to go before the current max, it may be wise to rest up. Also, your Chocobo can get hurt. This is seemingly random. When this happens, it takes a session or two of rest for you to continue your training. Dependent on exhaustion. Keep on working your way up the ladder, and your Chocobo will reach LV 99!

    It's a little tough to describe, but it's easy to get the hang of. If you're a visual learner, or my explanation was inefficient, devaster uploaded a video going through the process:

  • Completed the Comrades quest with all four characters.

    One new Quest in this update puts you in the shoes of either Noctis, Gladio, Prompto, or Ignis taking place late in the main story. In the Quest Select menu (by talking to Monica) go to last tab titled "Future". You'll see one lone quest: "Comrades: Departure". For this trophy, you'll need to complete this quest with each character. Levels and stats are set, so your Comrades character has no bearing on this whatsoever.

    This shouldn't cause much trouble. Especially if you're already familiar with how each of the characters play. It may drag on as you're doing the same quest four times, and each run takes about 20-25 minutes when accounting for load times and whatnot. You can do this online or with AI companions. It's easier online with human players, but I wouldn't consider the AI useless either. I never had the AI get KO'd, so they'll likely survive until the end.

    The quest compiled of five sections:

    1. Simply progressing and killing enemies along the way.
    2. Escort: Protecting a truck. Only two waves to worry about. No serious threat. The truck will barely take damage.
    3. Defend: Defense a building from a Magitek assault (with some Flan sprinkled in). Only 32 enemies who will barely knock down the building's health so long as you're paying attention. This is followed by three Mechs who spawn too far from the building to put it in any real danger.
    4. Once again, simply progress taking out Magitek soldiers along the way. You'll face a Demon Wall midway through.
    5. King Behemoth fight. Far and away the most difficult part of this. Luckily, there's a good amount of food around if you ever need to respawn. Remember to utilize each character's special maneuvers and techniques


7 trophies

  • Inflicted Royal Retribution 10 times.

    Royal Retribution is the most powerful ability in Ardyn's arsenal. Once you have acquired 12 spectral swords through daemonifying enemies or otherwise, you can press hold and press , which will launch dozens of swords at the enemy for heavy damage. You will easily acquire this naturally during your A+ rank attempt.

  • Used Ifrit's techniques 10 times.

    Ifrit can be summoned in battle by Ardyn once the technique bar fills up with a minimum of 2 bars. You can then summon him by pressing and using Firaga (or other unlockable abilities). Summon him by using any of his 3 techniques 10 times for the trophy.

  • Daemonified 100 enemies.

    Deamonification is introduced right at the start of the DLC. To perform this you need to either land 5 consecutive strikes on a regular enemy or blindside them, you can then press to daemonify them resulting in an instant kill. You will get this naturally during your A+ rank attempt.

  • Completed EPISODE ARDYN on Normal.

    Story related and cannot be missed

    You will unlock trophy upon defeating Somnus on Normal difficulty, thus concluding the episode.

  • Unlocked all of Ardyn's abilities.

    Killing/daemonifying enemies and amplifier guardians will reward you with AP which you can use in the Descension menu to unlock abilities for Ardyn. There are a total of 15 abilities that cost 292 AP in total to unlock. You will easily acquire enough AP during your A+ rank attempt, otherwise you can farm more by fighting royal guard ambushes enemies over and over.

  • Took over all sectors of Insomnia.

    In each sector of Insomnia there is an amplifier you can disable, you must disable a minimum of 3 in order to proceed to the final battle but for the purpose of this trophy you need to destroy all 7 which is also beneficial for the A+ ranking (see Return of the Founder King). They are very clearly marked on the in game map.

  • Earned the top ranking in EPISODE ARDYN.


    This is the hardest trophy in the DLC but is perfectly manageable with the right approach. You need to get an A+ ranking, this is determined by 9 separate categories but you only need to focus on a couple of them especially that aren't really farmable, max combo and damage incurred.

    Do note that to get an A+ overall ranking you need to either have an A+ in at least 8 of the 9 categories, with one other being a B, or A+ in 7 categories with the other 2 at an A. Getting a C or lower in any will automatically void an A+ ranking.

    General tips and advice:

    • Save often - I cannot stress this enough but save before and after every guardian battle, this way you can easily reload if you have a bad fight. You can also save before the final bosses so you can reload if you fail to get an A+ ranking and farm more enemies or whatever it required.
    • Royal Retribution abuse - This attack is extremely exploitable and is key to eliminating guardians and royal guards very quickly. Once available buy Ethers in bulk from vending machines and unlock the Spectral Charge ability (16 AP). Now you can use your MP to regenerate your spectral swords to 12 and just spam it over and over, you are invincible whilst performing the attack and it almost always makes guardians vulnerable.
    • Stat boosts - Buy the Power EX and Mettle VX boosts from vending machines and use them before any guardian fight and during if they run out. They add 100 to attack and defence during battle which will make you way more powerful and resistance to damage in case you do take some hits.
    • Avoid enemy/royal guard patrols - Enemy patrols are marked on the map and take longer to defeat and can cause more damage to you, stick to the random royal guard spawns instead so you don't waste time.
    • Royal Crown/Final Boss - Once you have disabled all 7 amplifiers you can buy the Royal Crown hat from a shop on the right side of the area which grants Ardyn an additional 50MP, this makes royal retribution even more easily spammable against the final bosses as a single use of Spectral Charge at 212MP will grant a full 12 swords, then you can use ethers to quickly restore your MP and rinse repeat.

    Ranking Categories and requirements:

    • Total Score - This comes from combat and destroying objects. You can farm for points against the random spawning royal guards and destroying the many objects around Insomnia, guardians the final bosses will award a large amount of points additionally. Do not enter the final before without at least 1.3-4 million points already.
    • Max Combo - Try to get this out of the way early, I recommend the guardian in section A close to where you spawn. Kill a few enemies to max out spectral swords at 12, fight the guardian making sure to avoid his attacks whilst building your combo, summon Ifrit when able and make sure to wail on him it if it goes in to a vulnerable state, you can easily rack up the minimum require combo of 400 for an A+ here.
    • Enemies Defeated - You need to defeat 150+ enemies for an A+, you should easily get this naturally from having to daemonify 100 enemies and from the mandatory battles. If not they can easily be farmed before the final boss.
    • Daemonifcations - The key here are the Royal Guards that will randomly ambush you as you traverse the streets on ground level after defeating your first guardian, press and then mash to win the QTE and quickly daemonify them. This racks up AP, points, enemy kills and daemonifications whilst minimising over battle time (only takes 5-8 seconds). You need 100 for an A+.
    • Sectors Controlled - This is an easy A+, simply disable all 7 amplifiers marked on the map.
    • Undying States - Undying State occurs when your HP is reduced to 0 and your attacks become more powerful, this cannot happen even once to get an A+. The undying state in the tutorial, doesn't count.
    • Damage Incurred - This is the trickiest category as there is no way to track it. A+ is less than 15,000 damage, A is 15-20k which is pretty generous. Use Mettle VX boosts to double your defence and spam royal retribution over and over and you'll take little to no damage in every fight, don't be afraid to reload if you feel you took too much damage somewhere.
    • Successful Strategies - Another easy A+, just make sure to successfully complete all 4 tutorial goals early on the DLC before the timer bar the top runs out, this is very easy.
    • Battle Time - This is for total time spent in combat. You will spend the most time fighting guardians, royal guards and the final bosses. The time allowance is very lenient with the requirement for an A+ is 50 minutes or below. Just make sure to avoid the enemy patrols on the map as these take longer to complete and also avoid royal guards (apart from random QTE ambushes). Royal retribution and summoning Ifrit is the key to having battles over with quickly.

    Your main focus needs to be on damage incurred and max combo, if you can nail at least an A or B on damage and A+ on max combo, the others are just about farming if anything, see the screenshot below of my score so you can get a good idea of what you need to do for your own A+ rank:

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