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  • See the Light


    Learn Great Gospel

    How to unlock See the Light


    You must obtain Aeris’ final Limit Break, Great Gospel, in order to obtain this trophy, and this task must be done before completing the Temple of the Ancients towards the end of Part 1. The first step towards getting this Limit Break is to first learn all of Aeris’ level 1, 2 and 3 Limit Breaks. This can quickly be grinded out by giving Aeris some high level Magic Materia linked with All Materia to grind out enemy kills, and inflicting Fury on her by using a Hyper item to double the rate the Limit gauge fills up. Turbo Mode cuts the amount of grinding enemy kills by a significant amount and God Mode allows you to use Limit Breaks in quick succession.

    Once you have obtained the Tiny Bronco, return to Nibelheim and enter the buggy. Ride the buggy to Costa del Sol and enter it in the buggy. Pay 100 gil to travel to Junon in the cargo ship. Using your buggy, travel to a cave directly east of Junon by crossing the river.


    The location of the cave where the sleeping old man can be found.

    Speak to the old man in the cave, and he will tell you some random statistics about your game. Most importantly, he will tell you how many battles you have participated in. The old man will wake up and give you Mythril if the last two digits of the number of battles you’ve participated in are the same and are odd numbers – for example, 133 battles, 377 battles, 211 battles, and so on. Exit the cave and engage in a few battles until the final two digits are the same if need be. Take the buggy back to Costa del Sol using the cargo ship, and enter the weapon seller’s house, located across the river from the Gold Saucer.


    The location of the weapon seller’s house.

    Speak to the man, and give him the Mythril. He will then give you the choice of opening one of two chests – a large one or a small one. Open the small box and inside will be the Great Gospel Limit Break. Teach it to Aeris and you will obtain this trophy.


    The Great Gospel Limit Break is located in the small box on the second floor.

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  • 1st obtain the Buggy then take the ferry back to the 1st island. near fort condor over the stream is a cave. once ur total battles last 2 digits match the old man inside will wake up and give u a mythril. next stage is after u reach Rocket Town and obtain the Tiny Bronco. head to the house South of the Gold Saucer and talk to the Weapon Seller. change topic and give him the mythril then go up the stairs to the safe. inside is Aeris' Lv4 Limit Break, Great Gospel
  • The matching digits need to be odd for the old man. Even digits gives a bolt ring.
  • Pain in the ass trophy.
  • PITA indeed... I still have her Limit Breaks to Level 1. It's because of that Bromance trophy that forced me to focus on Barrett more than the others.
  • Not missible actual. Worked for me. Watch "20+ Year Old Aerith Revival Easter Egg Finally Found" on YouTube
  • I've followed this to the letter and the old man still won't give me the Mythril.

    Aeris has her six limit breaks, last two battle digits are odd (577) and I've just left Rocket Town and he will not wake up.

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