Consummate Cross-dresser Trophy in Final Fantasy VII

  • Consummate Cross-dresser


    Get Don Corneo to choose Cloud over the two females


    How to unlock Consummate Cross-dresser


    In order to obtain this trophy, Don Corneo must choose Cloud to join him in his private chambers for some pelvis-thrusting "alone time" when Cloud and Aeris infiltrate Corneo’s mansion to save Tifa. In order for Corneo to choose Cloud, he must be dressed in full drag, and quite a bit of preparation is involved in putting together a convincing enough outfit to fool even Corneo. These outfit pieces are found in the following locations in Wall Market:

    • Silk Dress: Enter the dress shop and the employee behind the counter will tell you the owner of the shop can be found at the bar. Inside the bar, tell the boss that you want a dress that is soft and that shimmers, then head back to the boutique to obtain your Silk Dress.
    • Blonde Wig: Head to the gym in the north of the second area of Wall Market and enter the squatting contest. Simply press , and in that order while the timer counts down. Win the contest and you will be rewarded with the Blonde Wig.
    • Sexy Cologne: Enter the restaurant near the dress shop and order any plate. Once Cloud has finished his plate, answer with “It was alright” and you will receive the Pharmacy Coupon. Enter the pharmacy near the restaurant and choose the “Digestive” when you speak to the employee behind the counter. Bring this item to the lady who has locked herself in the bar’s restroom, and you will finally receive the Sexy Cologne.
    • Diamond Tiara: Enter the Materia shop and talk to the employee behind the counter. Agree to his request, and stay the night at the inn. During the night, Cloud will be able to buy something from the vending machine. Choose the 200 gil option, return to the Materia shop, speak to the employee again, and receive the Diamond Tiara.
    • Bikini Briefs: Head to the Honey Bee Inn and speak to the fat man right outside to obtain the Member’s Card. Use this card to enter the inn and enter the Group room. Enjoy the scene and obtain the Bikini Briefs. Before leaving the Honey Bee Inn, go to the room upstairs and let the girl on the left apply some makeup on Cloud.

    Once you have obtained every piece of Cloud’s outfit, enter Don Corneo’s mansion, and Corneo will not be able to resist himself after seeing Cloud in drag. The trophy will be unlocked when Corneo chooses Cloud to join him in his private room over Tifa and Aeris. Better luck next time, girls.

    Note: There have been reports of people not obtaining this trophy, even if Don Corneo chooses Cloud. Be sure to save your game before entering Corneo's mansion. Further, even with all the correct items, Corneo still may not choose Cloud so reload the game and try again if he does not. This issue might have been fixed with the 1.03 patch.

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  • Don selected Cloud in my game, but I didn't get the trophy. Did this happen to anyone else?
  • Trophy popped for me normally. Here is what you need to be chosen: Silk Dress: Go to the dress store. Find out that the Dress maker is getting drunk in the bar. Head to the Bar and convince him to make a dress for Cloud. The idea of making a dress for a man gets him motivated. To get the silk dress which is what you want choose SOMETHING SOFT and SOMETHING THAT SHIMMERS. Blonde Wig: Head back to the Dress store and Cloud will try on the dress, but they realize that Cloud is still missing something. You are directed to the gym to get the wig. At the gym you will have to complete the squat mini-game to receive the wig you need. To get the best wig, the BLONDE WIG, be sure to win the squat competition. This is pretty easy, but just in case you may want to head to the save point
  • After that is done you have a Silk Dress and a Blonde wig. Now for the accessories. Sexy Cologne: Head to the bar and you will see a man doing a "Pee-Pee" dance. Talk to him and open the door to the restroom and you will see someone having issues. Head over to the restaurant and have a meal.(Make sure you have enough gil for this. 70+ gil) I like Today's Special and after you eat you will receive a PHARMACY COUPON. Take a trip over to the Pharmacy and exchange the coupon for the DIGESTIVE. Now back to the bar, give the digestive to the lady in the restroom and upon her exit she will give you SEXY COLOGNE! Diamond Tiara: Head over to the materia store. The guy will talk to you about getting him something from the Inn's vending machine. Agree to it, head over to the Inn. This can
  • This can be a costly night, 10 GIL to stay at the Inn for the night and you need to buy the 200 GIL vending machine option. Make sure to buy the 200 gil option. After the night go back to the materia store and the clerk will award you with the DIAMOND TIARA. Lingerie and Make-up: The final touches have to be gotten at The Honey Bee. Near the southern point of the Wall Market there is a guy pacing around talk to him a couple of times. He will give you a Membership card to enter The Honey Bee. Now go to the Honey bee and go into the ^&*% room. After a little bit of a freak out from Cloud you will be revived my some huge dude and on your way out talk to the Honey Bee lady in the room and she will give you the LINGERIE. Exit the room and find the Honey Bee ladies dressing room, go in and
  • go in and talk to them and have them apply some make-up to you. Now you should be good to go and Don WILL chose Cloud. Check list: SILK DRESS BLONDE WIG SEXY COLOGNE DIAMOND TIARA LINGERIE MAKE-UP
  • Anybody else excited to see this scene in the remake?
  • This will be hilarious in the remake!
  • 2 things: the picture for the trophy is incorrect and the bikini underwear obtained by going into the lower left room is technically the "best" underwear.
  • You can actually do it any way really I got the cologne first then tiara and lingerie before I even got the dress and wig because if you get the dress and wig first it wouldn't let me do anything else and I had to quit and restart. Odd really because I have played the game 50+ times since launch and it never did it like that before always would get dress wig and then other stuff
  • Popped for me just fine. Hilarious and forgot about all this since I first played this game in 97.
  • I forgot to get cloud the makeup and I cant go back and do it now. I got everything else though. I have tried, like 5 times in a row and every time he doesnt pick cloud. Am I going to have to restart the game?
  • @11 So it seems you didn't do multiple back-up saves... the game is so generous in giving us game save slots. For this trophy alone I think I have about 5 different saves just to be safe. Just reload a game save that puts you BEFORE you enter the Bee Inn...
  • This guide is spot on, where the PSNProfiles one is incorrect in some spots (omits the makeup and suggests the inferior Lingerie, instead of Bikini Briefs). Good job and thanks!
  • I completed the whole of the first disc, got the chocobo to get through the swamp and got through the mountain and I never realised I missed this trophy. Doh. Now I have to play through the first disc again! Well half way through I guess.... should have checked PSNTrophies first! : )
  • Just got this, I can confirm that you can get away with missing at least one of these items as I had the worst cologne but everything else.
  • the game gives you 30 saves, you can use the other 9 files. when you get to WM, just make 6 or so saves to be absolutely sure, it might be frustrating when you get to the mansion guard to trigger the dialogue so you can then get the clothes as it just was for me.

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