Gaia's Guardian Trophy in Final Fantasy VII

  • Gaia's Guardian


    Obtain all trophies

    How to unlock Gaia's Guardian

    Once you obtain all other trophies in Final Fantasy VII, this platinum trophy is yours.

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  • this trophy will be mine !!! ff fan miwinko ;)
  • only trophy that can cause some trouble getting this is the Bromance Trophy. rest r all easy
  • Lol dude, this trophy is actually easy as $#%&. Training Chocobo will be boring and I think take the most time to do.
  • I got the plat for this. Yes it was easy. Even easier that just beating Emerald and Ruby and trading in the items to the old man in Kalm gives you the trophies for Master Summon and Gold Chocobo. You can skip chocobo breedinv all together.
  • i think the trophies r a bit glitchy atm. been reading posts on different trophies and noticed some r not popping when they should. i myself am having trouble with the lv5 materia. guess plat's gonna be a bigger pain to get than i thought...
  • well i proud over this trophy was fun play this awesome game again still good after so many years but i bit disappointed to there could be had more stories related trophies etc 32 only for for this great game /: and yeah some seems be glitched for some but new game sort it for me
  • Had no glitched trophies at all. Completed it around 63h with no boosts except speed sometimes :) Was a good feeling to play it again indeed
  • Got the tropy in a little over 23 hours. i did use the speed-boost most of the time. The other buff got it's use in grinding the levelcap and gil tropy.
  • it was great playing FF7 again in PS4. for the most part that is. i got Gaia's Guardian a while ago. all the trophies are super easy to get and some of them are a joke. the new 3-in game features are handy but killed the game. i guess these "optional features" were add to dumb the game down for the noobs, and the brainless new generation of gamers. this platinum is not worth to brag about. lastly, i will not be buying the FF7 remake. as the game is not really a remake it's a re-imagined FF7 and not the remake i wanted from them.
  • Got it! Easy plat! love this game!
  • Easy indeed. Enjoyed my trip down memory lane until grind time in the swamp.... just (for the first time for me) used speed boost and God mode for level cap and gil trophies. Went back to a previous save and used mythril mine for aeris's limit after using that spot for everyone else's limits. Once maxed out, killed emerald and ruby the old fashioned way, finished kalm traveler quest for master summon, then womped it out the rest of the way proper-like.
  • Note - I did use a gamefaq guide for the don corneo and Barrett gold saucer date trophy.
  • this is weird there is no trophy for getting chocobo river, mountain, black or gold or to win on the others mini games of golden saucer
  • Platinum #400

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