• Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10 (Platinum Difficulty Thread)
  • Offline trophies: 32 [13 | 13 | 5 | 1 ]
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 26 - 35 hours (Estimated Time to Platinum Thread)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 4 - Consummate Cross-dresser , Best Bromance , Waiting in the Wings , See the Light
  • Glitched trophies: 2 – Consummate Cross-dresser , Chocochampion
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No but enabling God Mode, Turbo Mode or No Encounter Mode make obtaining many trophies much easier.


Final Fantasy VII is a re-release of the 1997 Squaresoft classic for the Playstation One, based off of the 2012 Steam re-release of the PC version of the title. Final Fantasy VII was ground breaking during its initial release, not only for the Final Fantasy series but for the RPG genre as a whole. This was for many reasons, but most notably because of how the game was presented: it was the first in the series to move away from sprite-based graphics to fully 3D graphics, pre-rendered backgrounds, and full motion videos. Final Fantasy VII also features an immersive story, memorable characters, an ingenious battle system, and unforgettable (if not sometimes unforgettably annoying) sidequests. All of this and more lead Final Fantasy VII to be an amazing experience to this day, over a decade and a half from its initial release.

This version of Final Fantasy VII is based off of the Steam re-release of the game, and has many of the changes from the original Playstation One version that the Steam re-release contained. Most notably, the translation is touched up in many places to correct grammatical errors and inconsistencies, the graphics are touched up or improved in some places, some bugs are fixed, and most notably, a God Mode, Turbo Mode and No Encounter Mode are added. God Mode, enabled by pressing , allows your characters’ HP and MP to be continuously restored and their Limit Gauges to be fully maxed at all times, Turbo Mode, enabled by press , speeds up the game by 300%, and No Encounter Mode, enabled by pressing and simultaneously, disables all random encounters. Beware, however, that with God Mode enabled, your party can still be wiped out because you will not recover from one hit kills. Thus, an attack that manages to hit the whole party and one hit kill them will still results in a Game Over.

The trophies for Final Fantasy VII are based heavily on the achievements from the Steam re-release, with some slight changes. While some may be relieved to know that it is not necessary to master every single Materia in order to earn the coveted Platinum trophy, many difficult challenges still remain, such as acquiring 99,999,999 gil, and defeating Ruby and Emerald Weapon. Even so, acquiring Final Fantasy VII’s Platinum trophy is relatively straight forward, and many of these difficult challenges are rendered child’s play with the cheats enabled. There are only a small amount of missable trophies, and all these trophies are encountered in the first part of the game, so a second playthrough can yield you your missed trophies in a short amount of time if you rush through with the cheats enabled.

Note: While enabling the cheats render many difficult bosses, Ruby and Emerald Weapons and the final boss a piece of cake, for players who wish to face these challenges in the conventional manner, without the cheats enabled, this trophy guide outlines some tips and strategies for doing so the old fashioned way.

Warning: There have been reports of a CE-34878-0 error that causes the game to crash. This error seems to occur when leaving the game paused for too long, but the exact cause is unknown at this moment. Be sure to save often. If this error persists, try deleting the game data and installing it again, and rebuilding the PS4 database.

Step 1: Complete Part 1 of the game

This step covers the whole first part of the game, up until the event sequences at the end of the City of the Ancients. All of the game’s missable trophies are obtained in the first part of the game, and so careful attention is needed in order not to miss anything. Specifically, Don Corneo must choose Cloud over Tifa and Aeris when you infiltrate his mansion to save Tifa in Midgar, you must constantly be nice to Barret while being mean to Aeris, Tifa and Yuffie in order for Barret to ask to go on a date with Cloud at the Gold Saucer, you must teach Aeris her fourth Limit Break, Great Gospel, before completing the Temple of the Ancients, and the Bahamut Materia must be obtained before completing the Temple of the Ancients. In addition to this, do not forget to recruit Yuffie and Vincent into your party and collect the Morph Materia from the Temple of the Ancients before completing it.

During this step, you will earn these trophies:

First Blood
Breaking New Ground
Consummate Cross-dresser
Best Bromance
Shuriken Join Us
Won’t You Be My Valentine?
See the Light
Waiting in the Wings

Step 2: Complete Part 2 of the game

In this step, play the game until you reach the final dungeon, the Northern Cavern. There are no more missable trophies after the first part of the game, but there are still some missable items that should be obtained in order to make acquiring other trophies less frustrating. These items include the Neo Bahamut Materia in the Crater, the Huge Materias in North Corel, Fort Condor, the Bottom of the Sea, and the Shinra No. 26 Rocket, the Bahamut ZERO Materia in Cosmo Canyon after collecting all four Huge Materias, and the W-Item Materia from the very end of the south end of the Sector 8 Tunnel near the end of Part 2.

During this step, you will earn these trophies:

Diamond Disintegrator

Step 3: Preparation and defeat of Ruby and Emerald Weapons

In this step, you will complete preparations required to defeat Ruby and Emerald Weapons, as well as do some other miscellaneous trophies. In order to fully prepare for Ruby and Emerald Weapons, breed a Gold Chocobo, obtain the Knights of the Round Materia, the W-Summon and Final Attack Materias from the Battle Square, the Mime Materia, the HP Absorb Materia, the Counter Materia and the Underwater Materia. Once preparations are complete, defeat the Ruby and Emerald Weapons then trade in the Earth Harp for a Master Summon Materia with the Kalm Traveler.

Note: Preparations for facing Ruby and Emerald Weapons will be mostly unnecessary if you choose to face them with God Mode enabled.

During this step, you will earn these trophies:

Roundtable Destruction
Ruby Render
Emerald Eviscerator
Transcendant Convoker

Step 4: Endgame cleanup

Complete any of the requirements for the remaining trophies. Chances are you have probably obtained many of these trophies through normal gameplay, but in case you haven’t, concentrate on obtaining them before completing the game. Collect all remaining final Limit Breaks and the Leviathan Materia, earn 99,999,999 gil using the W-Item duplication glitch and fight against Magic Pots and Movers in the Northern Cavern, reach level 99 with a character, and die in battle if you've been a total professional up to this point and haven’t seen the Game Over screen yet.

In this step, you will earn these trophies:

Fledgling Summoner
Materia Mastermind
Corel’s Angel
Making Waves
Coming Up All Nines
Liege of Leveling
The Slash to End All Slashes
Loose Cannon
Packing a Punch
A Universe of Pain
Meet Your Maker
Wheel of Fortune
Inner Demons
Gale Warning
Failure IS an Option

Step 5: Complete the game

There is nothing left to do but complete the game at this point. After having defeated Ruby and Emerald Weapons, this should be an easy task, but beware that facing the final boss at level 99 causes him to become superpowered, so it might be in your best interest to load a save file from before you reach level 99 and face the final boss then if you want a stress-free experience.

In this step, you will earn the following trophies:

A Feat of Meteoric Proportions
Gaia’s Guardian

Step 6: Second playthrough

If you have missed any of the missable trophies, start a new game and be careful to obtain them this time, especially the Best Bromance trophy. Enjoy your new Platinum trophy.

[PST Would Like To Thank PapasitoPenguin for this Roadmap]

Final Fantasy VII Trophy Guide

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32 trophies ( 13  13  3  )

  • Obtain all trophies

    Once you obtain all other trophies in Final Fantasy VII, this platinum trophy is yours.

  • Emerge victorious from your first battle

    This will be one of the first trophies you obtain in Final Fantasy VII. Simply win the first battle in the train station at the beginning of the game and you will obtain this trophy.

  • Use a Limit Break

    Use a Limit Break in battle and you will obtain this trophy. There will be countless opportunities to obtain this trophy throughout the game, but the earliest possibility will be against the Guardian Scorpion in Reactor #1 at the beginning of the game. Alternatively, you can enable God Mode and your Limit Gauge will be completely filled, enabling you to use Limit Breaks any time you want.

  • Get Don Corneo to choose Cloud over the two females


    In order to obtain this trophy, Don Corneo must choose Cloud to join him in his private chambers for some pelvis-thrusting "alone time" when Cloud and Aeris infiltrate Corneo’s mansion to save Tifa. In order for Corneo to choose Cloud, he must be dressed in full drag, and quite a bit of preparation is involved in putting together a convincing enough outfit to fool even Corneo. These outfit pieces are found in the following locations in Wall Market:

    • Silk Dress: Enter the dress shop and the employee behind the counter will tell you the owner of the shop can be found at the bar. Inside the bar, tell the boss that you want a dress that is soft and that shimmers, then head back to the boutique to obtain your Silk Dress.
    • Blonde Wig: Head to the gym in the north of the second area of Wall Market and enter the squatting contest. Simply press , and in that order while the timer counts down. Win the contest and you will be rewarded with the Blonde Wig.
    • Sexy Cologne: Enter the restaurant near the dress shop and order any plate. Once Cloud has finished his plate, answer with “It was alright” and you will receive the Pharmacy Coupon. Enter the pharmacy near the restaurant and choose the “Digestive” when you speak to the employee behind the counter. Bring this item to the lady who has locked herself in the bar’s restroom, and you will finally receive the Sexy Cologne.
    • Diamond Tiara: Enter the Materia shop and talk to the employee behind the counter. Agree to his request, and stay the night at the inn. During the night, Cloud will be able to buy something from the vending machine. Choose the 200 gil option, return to the Materia shop, speak to the employee again, and receive the Diamond Tiara.
    • Bikini Briefs: Head to the Honey Bee Inn and speak to the fat man right outside to obtain the Member’s Card. Use this card to enter the inn and enter the Group room. Enjoy the scene and obtain the Bikini Briefs. Before leaving the Honey Bee Inn, go to the room upstairs and let the girl on the left apply some makeup on Cloud.

    Once you have obtained every piece of Cloud’s outfit, enter Don Corneo’s mansion, and Corneo will not be able to resist himself after seeing Cloud in drag. The trophy will be unlocked when Corneo chooses Cloud to join him in his private room over Tifa and Aeris. Better luck next time, girls.

    Note: There have been reports of people not obtaining this trophy, even if Don Corneo chooses Cloud. Be sure to save your game before entering Corneo's mansion. Further, even with all the correct items, Corneo still may not choose Cloud so reload the game and try again if he does not. This issue might have been fixed with the 1.03 patch.

  • Use a summon Materia in battle

    Simply equip a character with a Summon Materia, use that summon in battle, and you will obtain this trophy. The earliest opportunity to obtain a Summon Materia is at the Chocobo Farm. Interacting with the Chocobo by the fence will yield you the Chocobo/Mog Summon Materia.

  • Raise a Materia to Lv. 5

    Simply raise a Materia to level 5. There are many Materia that can reach level 5, including the Restore Materia that is found early in Reactor #1. Simply keep a Materia equipped for long enough and the Materia will eventually reach level 5.

  • Go on a date with Barret in the Gold Saucer

    MISSABLE but you must have the 1.03 or higher patch installed, for this to unlock properly

    During the party’s second visit to the Gold Saucer, Cloud will be asked by a party member to go on a date at night in the amusement park. Depending on how you, the player, treated certain characters as Cloud throughout the game, either Aeris, Tifa, Yuffie or Barret will ask Cloud to accompany them on a date. In order to unlock this trophy, you must undergo the most difficult trial ever: getting Barret to ask Cloud out on a date.

    Which character is chosen for the date is dependent on a hidden point system. Depending on the dialogue choices the player makes, the points for certain characters will increase of decrease, and the character with the most points during the second visit to the Gold Saucer will be the one to ask Cloud out on a date. Barret begins the game with 0 points, and so care must be given for him to end up with the most amount of points. This means, unfortunately, being mean to Tifa, Aeris and Yuffie when given the choice.

    By following the Best Bromance Walkthrough by SirkSirk, you should be able to put Barret over the top. When Cloud hears a knock at his door late at night, Barret will enter and ask him out on a date, then you can then enjoy their precious date and your new trophy.

  • Win the Chocobo Racing mini-game


    In order to obtain this trophy, you must win the Chocobo Racing mini-game at the Gold Saucer. The racing mini-game is available after the Gold Saucer reopens after rescuing Cloud in Mideel. You will have to win the Chocobo race many times while trying to breed a Gold Chocobo. Refer to the Gold Chocobo Breeding Supplement Guide for information on how to win the Chocobo Racing mini-game.

    Note: The first chance to win a Chocobo race is when your party escaped Corel Prison, however the trophy may glitch and you may not obtain it. If this occurs, win the Chocobo race again later in the game by entering your own Chocobo. This glitch might have been fixed with the 1.03 patch.

  • Score 10,050 points or more in G-Bike at the Gold Saucer

    The G-Bike mini-game at the Gold Saucer can be located in the Wonder Square, and is a replication of the Midgar Highway bike chase from early in the game. The mini-game costs 200 gil to play. In this mini-game, just like during the bike chase, Cloud must ride his motorcycle and protect the truck from enemy bikers by attacking them with his sword. In order to obtain this trophy, you must win the mini-game by scoring 10,050 points or more.

    To move Cloud around on his motorcycle, use . Press to attack right and to attack left. There are two types of enemies that attack: orange bikers and red bikers. Orange bikers attack the truck blindly, whereas red bikers attempt to draw you away from the truck by getting close and then braking when you approach them. Defeating an enemy biker yields 500 points, and 50 points are lost every time an enemy hits the truck.

    Obtaining 10,050 points is not explicitly difficult. Many different strategies can be used, including whacking an enemy biker in front of another one and letting the second one trip over the first, allowing you to rack up more points without having to swing your sword, but sometimes the best strategy is just to hack and slash. Even if you can’t come up with 10,050 points on your first try, keep practicing and it will become a breeze after enough tries.

  • Have Yuffie join your party

    This trophy is unlocked after recruiting the secret character Yuffie into the party. Yuffie can be recruited any time after exiting the Mythril Mines dungeon. She can be found in the forests near Junon or Gongaga. She must first be encountered in battle. Once you encounter the Mystery Ninja enemy, defeat her, and you will end up in a forest area with a save point – do not approach the save point. If you do, she will rob you and run away, forcing you to locate her all over again. Rather, talk to the mysterious ninja and tell her exactly what she wants to hear. The choices that lead to her joining your party are as follows:

    • ”Not interested.”
    • ”Petrified…”
    • ”Wait a second!”
    • ”That’s right.”
    • ”Let’s hurry.”

    Choosing any wrong answer will cause Yuffie to run away and possibly steal from you, forcing you to restart the process. See here for some additional info, courtesy of Blaze Naruto Shippuden:

    For the Yuffie joining the party trophy, Shuriken Join Us. If you don't answer the questions correctly, it could lead to adding more points of getting Yuffie on the date. Just getting her to join your party, will boost her points by 10 and take you to 20. Failing a question and retrying again, will boost her even more if you get her to join you.

    Once Yuffie is satisfied with your answers, she will join your party and you will obtain this trophy.

  • Have Vincent join your party

    Vincent can be recruited during the party’s first visit to Nibelheim. Enter the mansion and approach the safe in the northern room of the west wing. You only have twenty seconds to input the combination. The correct combination is: right to 36, left to 10, right to 59, right to 97. Upon inputting the correct code, the safe opens, revealing the Lost Number mini-boss. Defeat it and receive the Odin Materia and the Cosmo Memory Limit Break manual. Inspecting the safe a second time will yield you a Basement Key. Take this Basement Key to the basement and halfway through the hallway, open the locked door. Approach the coffin in the middle of the room and speak to Vincent. Continue to pester him, tell him about Sephiroth, ask him who he is, and when you leave the room and re-enter the hallway, he will approach Cloud and join the party.

  • Obtain the Leviathan Materia

    The Leviathan Materia is obtained by completing the Wutai Pagoda sidequest. To complete the Wutai Pagoda sidequest, Yuffie must be in the party. Entering Wutai in Parts 1 and 2 triggers a short sidequest in which Yuffie steals the party’s Materia, and Cloud and his party must find Yuffie to get it back. Once this sidequest is complete, the Wutai Pagoda can be attempted. By completing the Pagoda, the Leviathan Materia will be given as a reward and this trophy is yours.

    Yuffie’s final Limit Break, All Creation, is also a reward for completing the Wutai Pagoda. Refer to Meet Your Maker for tips and strategies on clearing the Wutai Pagoda.

  • Obtain the Bahamut Materia


    The Bahamut Materia is located towards the end of the Temple of the Ancients. Once the Red Dragon is defeated, the Materia can be found on the ground. Do not forget to pick it up before completing the Temple of the Ancients. Once completed, you cannot return, and will have to start a second playthrough to get this Materia.

    Location of the Bahamut Materia in the Temple of the Ancients.

  • Obtain 99,999,999 gil

    This trophy, along with Liege of Leveling, will require the most grinding out of any other trophy. You need to have 99,999,999 gil all at once. In order to properly grind out 99,999,999 gil, you will require as many All Materias as possible, the W-Item Materia, at least two Elixirs, equipment with Double or Triple Materia growth rate, and access to the Northern Cavern.

    All Materia is sold in infinite quantity in the shop at Fort Condor in Part 2 onwards, after the battle with Shinra. Failing the Huge Materia battle mission, however, causes this Materia to become missable. Buy as many All Materia as you can to fill as many equipment slots possible.

    The W-Item Materia can be found towards the end of Part 2, when the party infiltrates Shinra. In the Sector 8 Tunnel, after defeating the Turks, continue all the way south to the very end of the tunnel. Once you reach the end, you will find a save point and the W-Item Materia on the floor. If you missed this Materia during the initial raid, it can be excavated from the Bone Village. However, the chances are very low, and it is a frustrating process, so be sure to pick it up in the tunnel.

    Location of the W-Item Materia in the Sector 8 Tunnel.

    There are two Triple Growth weapons that will make this process much faster. Their locations are the following:

    Apocalypse: After defeating Ultimate Weapon, use a Black Chocobo to enter the Ancient Forest near Cosmo Canyon that is now accessible. The sword can be found at the end of the forest.

    Scimitar: After defeating the Carry Armor in the Junon Underwater Reactor. Be sure to open the chest with this weapon before setting off in the submarine.

    Now, you must take full advantage of the W-Item Duplication glitch. Specifically, you must duplicate as many Elixirs as possible. To do the W-Item Duplication glitch, equip the W-Item Materia onto a character then enter a battle.

    1) Select W-Item.
    2) Select first item (Elixir).
    3) Use it on enemy.
    4) Select second item (Elixir).
    5) Cancel out.

    Repeat steps 4 & 5.

    Duplicate as many Elixirs as you can. Credit to MistressFortune for these instructions.

    Finally, head to the Northern Cavern. Equip the Apocalypse Sword on Cloud and the Scimitar on Cid and fill as many Materia slots as possible with All Materia. If possible, equip the third character with a Double Growth weapon and fill in any remaining All Materia into its slots. Enter the swamp area of the Northern Cavern and wander around until you begin entering battles with Magic Pots or Movers. Once you're in the right area, place down your save point and begin to grind for AP.

    The swamp area in the Northern Cavern where Magic Pots and Movers are located.

    To get the most AP and EXP, seek out the Movers and Magic Pot enemies. Movers come in groups of three and yield a total of 800 AP each, for a total of 2,400 AP per battle, but no EXP. For the Magic Pots, simply use an Elixir on the Magic Pot and it will become vulnerable to attack. Do not attempt to attack it before using an Elixir. Once you defeat it, you will earn 8,000 EXP per defeated Magic Pot and 1,000 AP per defeated Magic Pot. AP earned in battle can be tripled with the Apocalypse Sword or Scimitar.

    The Magic Pot enemies located in the Northern Cavern.

    The Mover enemies located in the Northern Cavern.

    The goal is to master as many All Materia that is needed to obtain 99,999,999 gil. When an All Materia is mastered, a new one is birthed and can be mastered anew. A mastered All Materia can be sold for a whopping 1,400,000 gil, and it is rather fast to master using Magic Pots. Assuming you begin with 0 gil, a total of 72 mastered All Materia will need to be sold to reach 99,999,999 gil.

    Enabling Turbo Mode while grinding out AP to master All Materia will significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to reach 99,999,999 gil.

  • Reach Lv. 99 with one character

    Once you reach level 99 with one character, you will obtain this trophy. More likely than not, you will not have reached level 99 when you acquire enough mastered All Materia to obtain Coming Up All Nines. Continue grinding the enemies in the swamp area, however, as the Magic Pot enemies give out 8,000 EXP each, and the Master Tonberry enemies give out 6,000 EXP each. Equipping the EXP Plus Materia, acquired from the Wonder Square for 2,000 GP, will reduce the amount of time required to reach level 99.

    Enabling Turbo Mode during this process will reduce the amount of time to grind significantly.

    Note: Reaching level 99 will cause the game’s final boss to become superpowered. While it may not be a big problem if you are able to defeat Ruby and Emerald Weapons, it can come as a surprise for those unprepared. If you do not want to face the superpowered final boss, create a save before reaching level 99, reload it after obtaining the trophy, and then face the final boss.

  • Obtain the Bahamut ZERO Materia

    This trophy will be obtained once Cloud obtains the Bahamut ZERO Materia. Although the Bahamut ZERO Materia requires you to to successfully obtain all four Huge Materia, as well as the Bahamut and Neo Bahamut Materias, the trophy is not missable. The Bahamut ZERO Materia can still be excavated from Bone Village in Part 3 if it is missed, although this process is very frustrating because the chances of digging it up are very rare. Thus, it's better to collect the required items on your regular playthrough of the game.

    The Bahamut Materias are in the following locations:


    • Bahamut: In the Temple of the Ancients, on the floor after defeating the Red Dragon boss. It is missable.
    • Neo Bahamut: In the Whirlwind Maze, located at the bottom of the North Crater near the beginning of Part 2. It is missable.


    The location of the Neo Bahamut Materia in the Whirlwind Maze.

    On top of this, all four Huge Materia must successfully be secured and in your party’s possession.


    • North Corel: The party must stop the runaway coal train before it crashes into North Corel. Enter Mt. Corel, and head towards the reactor. After the events, you will be tasked with catching up with a runaway coal train. Alternate between pressing and rapidly to catch up to the train. Board it, and you will have ten minutes to reach the front of the train, with enemies on each of the train’s five cars. Once you have reached the front of the train, press and simultaneously when prompted. After more conversation, press and simultaneously, and finally, and again, and the Huge Materia will be yours. You will also receive the Ultimate Materia from a boy by approaching the middle of town.
    • Fort Condor: Speak to the man at the entrance and agree to help. Enter Fort Condor, and begin the Fort Condor battle minigame by talking to the man on the top floor. You must successfully defend the fort from Shinra in order to receive the Huge Materia. If you want, you can play the battle mini-game normally. However, it is must faster to just press four times and do nothing to fast-forward until the enemy reaches the fort. Once the enemy reaches the fort, you will fight the Grand Horn mini-boss. Defeat it, and you will have successfully defended Fort Condor. Exit the fort and pick up the Phoenix Materia on the floor. Enter the fort and speak to the man at the table to receive the Huge Materia.
    • Junon Underwater Reactor: Reach the end of the reactor and defeat the Carry Armor boss. Do not forget to pick up the Scimitar before entering the submarine. Enter the submarine and begin the submarine torpedo mini-game. Simply drive ahead with to lock on to the red submarine. Once locked on, hit repeatedly to fire torpedoes into its direction. If you lose the red submarine, press to get an overhead view of the bottom of the sea to find it again. After sustaining enough hits, the red submarine will go down. Steer your submarine towards the sunken submarine, enter it, and locate the Huge Materia.
    • Rock Town: Enter Rocket Town and make your way to the base of the rocket. Fight with soldiers and Rude, then climb the ladder up to the rocket. You must input a code in order to stop the rocket from destroying the Huge Materia. The code you must input is . Once you have entered the correct code, you will receive the Huge Materia.

    Once you have all four Huge Materia in your possession, return to Cosmo Canyon. Speak to Bugenhagen, and you will lose all your Huge Materia. Following the scenes, enter Bugenhagen’s observatory and interact with the blue Huge Materia. If you successfully collected all four Huge Materia, as well as the Bahamut Materia and Neo Bahamut Materia, you will receive the Bahamut ZERO Materia.


    You will receive the Bahamut ZERO Materia by examining the blue Huge Materia.

  • Obtain the Knights of the Round Materia

    Obtaining the Knights of the Round Materia involves one of the most frustrating sidequests in Final Fantasy history. In order to obtain this Materia, you must breed a Gold Chocobo, and then use that Gold Chocobo to locate a cave on a hidden island in the northeastern part of the world map. Once inside the cave, the Knights of the Round Materia can be obtained.

    Location of the hidden cave that contains the Knights of the Round Materia.

    Location of the Knights of the Round Materia in the hidden cave.

    Please refer to the Gold Chocobo Breeding Supplement Guide for information on how to breed a Gold Chocobo.

    Alternatively, if you use God Mode and you are at a very high level (near or at level 99), you can face Ruby Weapon and defeat it using your most powerful Limit Breaks, which may take a long time due to Ruby Weapon's high defense, or by using the Knights of the Round from the Master Summon Materia obtained by trading in the Earth Harp that you acquire from defeating Emerald Weapon with the Kalm traveller. Once you defeat Ruby Weapon, you will obtain the Desert Rose, and will be able to trade it with the Kalm Traveler for a Gold Chocobo, which can then be used to obtain the Knights of the Round Materia without having to go through the trouble of breeding.

  • In order to obtain the Omnislash Limit Break, you will need to amass a total of 51,200 BP at the Battle Square in the Gold Saucer after acquiring the Tiny Bronco, or 32,000 BP after acquiring the Highwind. Enter the Battle Square and pay 10 GP to begin a solo gauntlet of eight battles. After every successful battle, a slot will appear that will randomly apply a handicap onto your character going into the next battle, such as breaking your Materia, bestowing a status ailment on you, or reducing your stats.

    The Battle Square can be attempted at any time, but it is best to wait until the end of the game, when your characters are much stronger and have powerful equipment and Materia. Choose your most powerful character to participate in the Battle Square, and equip him or her with a Ribbon (obtained from the Temple of the Ancients in Part 1), the best equipment possible, and mastered Restore Materia. With the Ribbon equipped, try to choose as many Frog or Mini options from the random slots as possible in order to get as much BP possible from winning.

    Enabling God Mode renders this challenge moot, and will allow you to acquire Omnislash as early as Part 1.

    After going through the Battle Square many times, you should have enough GP to buy Omnislash. Once you have obtained Omnislash, teach it to Cloud and you will obtain this trophy. Your work in the Battle Square should not be over by now, however, as it is highly recommended to amass another 64,000 BP in order to purchase the W-Summon Materia reward as well. Beware, however, that if you leave the Battle Square, you forfeit all your BP, so be sure to obtain the prize you want before leaving.


    The Omnislash can be purchased from the Battle Square for a large amount of BP.

  • Learn Catastrophe

    You can obtain the Catastrophe Limit Break after the Huge Materia events for the town of North Corel. You do not need necessarily need to successfully save the town. Refer to Bahamutype-0 for information. Afterwards, speak to the lady in a hut in the northern part of town to obtain this Limit Break. Teach it to Barret and you will obtain this trophy.


    The lady in North Corel gives the Catastrophe Limit Break after saving the town.

  • Learn Final Heaven

    Tifa's Final Heaven Limit Break can only be obtained after rescuing Cloud in Mideel in Part 2. You must play a song on the piano in Tifa’s house in Nibelheim with her in the party in order to acquire this Limit Break. The song you must play is as follows:

    , , +, +, , , , +, , , , .

    Once you have played the correct song, press to stop playing and you will acquire Tifa's Final Heaven Limit Break. Teach it to her and you will obtain this trophy.


    The piano in Tifa's room.

  • Learn Great Gospel


    You must obtain Aeris’ final Limit Break, Great Gospel, in order to obtain this trophy, and this task must be done before completing the Temple of the Ancients towards the end of Part 1. The first step towards getting this Limit Break is to first learn all of Aeris’ level 1, 2 and 3 Limit Breaks. This can quickly be grinded out by giving Aeris some high level Magic Materia linked with All Materia to grind out enemy kills, and inflicting Fury on her by using a Hyper item to double the rate the Limit gauge fills up. Turbo Mode cuts the amount of grinding enemy kills by a significant amount and God Mode allows you to use Limit Breaks in quick succession.

    Once you have obtained the Tiny Bronco, return to Nibelheim and enter the buggy. Ride the buggy to Costa del Sol and enter it in the buggy. Pay 100 gil to travel to Junon in the cargo ship. Using your buggy, travel to a cave directly east of Junon by crossing the river.


    The location of the cave where the sleeping old man can be found.

    Speak to the old man in the cave, and he will tell you some random statistics about your game. Most importantly, he will tell you how many battles you have participated in. The old man will wake up and give you Mythril if the last two digits of the number of battles you’ve participated in are the same and are odd numbers – for example, 133 battles, 377 battles, 211 battles, and so on. Exit the cave and engage in a few battles until the final two digits are the same if need be. Take the buggy back to Costa del Sol using the cargo ship, and enter the weapon seller’s house, located across the river from the Gold Saucer.


    The location of the weapon seller’s house.

    Speak to the man, and give him the Mythril. He will then give you the choice of opening one of two chests – a large one or a small one. Open the small box and inside will be the Great Gospel Limit Break. Teach it to Aeris and you will obtain this trophy.


    The Great Gospel Limit Break is located in the small box on the second floor.

  • Learn Cosmo Memory

    To obtain Red XIII’s Cosmo Memory Limit Break, open the safe in the Nibelheim Mansion and defeat the Lost Number mini-boss. Refer to Won’t You Be My Valentine? trophy for more information. Use the Cosmo Memory manual on Red XIII and you will obtain this trophy.


    The safe in Nibelheim Mansion that contains the Cosmo Canyon Limit Break.

  • Learn All Creation

    To obtain the All Creation Limit Break, Yuffie must climb the Wutai Pagoda alone and defeat Godo at the very top of the pagoda. This sidequest can be attempted at any time the party has access to Wutai, but if the party enters the town in Part 1 or 2, Yuffie steals the party’s Materia and Cloud must find Yuffie first to get it all back. Once this sidequest is over, Yuffie can tackle the Wutai Pagoda challenge.

    Attempting the Wutai Pagoda in Part 1 can prove challenging. Yuffie must defeat five enemies alone, and the enemies’ levels range from 30 to 41. It is advised to tackle this challenge in the later half of Part 2 at the earliest. Equip the Ribbon, mastered Restore Materia, and Enemy Skill Materia with Big Guard. Battle conservatively, always make sure to have Big Guard up, and restore HP and MP between battles. As added protection, linking the Phoenix Materia with the Final Attack Materia will cast Phoenix and resurrect Yuffie whenever she is knocked out, the amount of times based on the level of the Final Attack Materia. Of course, enabling God Mode will render this sidequest challenge-less. Once Godo is defeated, you will obtain the All Creation Limit Break and the Leviathan Materia. Teach All Creation to Yuffie and you will obtain this trophy.


    The Pagoda is located in Wutai.

  • Learn Slots

    Cait Sith's final Limit Break, Slots, is very simple to acquire. Simply defeat 40 enemies with Caith Sith, then he will learn this Limit Break and you will obtain this trophy.


    Slots will be obtained post-battle after Cait Sith defeats 40 enemies.

  • Learn Chaos

    To obtain Vincent’s Chaos Limit Break, use a Green, Black or Gold Chocobo or the submarine to access a waterfall cave near Nibelheim with Vincent in the party.


    The waterfall cave.

    Following the events in the cave, exit to the world map and fight ten random encounters. Return to the cave and obtain the Chaos Limit Break manual. Use this item on Vincent and you will obtain this trophy.


    You will obtain the Chaos Limit Break when you return to the cave after ten battles.

  • Learn Highwind

    Cid’s final Limit Break, Highwind, can be found in the Sunken Gelnika, a sunken airplane that can be located on the bottom of the sea near Costa del Sol. Use the submarine to locate and enter the downed airplane.


    The location of the Sunken Gelnika at the bottom of the sea.

    Inside the Sunnken Gelnika await Reno and Rude. Defeat them, and then plunder the chests as your spoils. Amongst the items in the Sunken Gelnika are the Hades Materia, the Double Cut Materia, the Conformer weapon, and the Highwind manual. Use the manual on Cid and you will obtain this trophy.


    Story related, can't be missed.

    This trophy will be obtained after defeating Sephiroth at the bottom of the Northern Cavern and beating the game. While you may have already defeat Ruby and Emerald Weapons at this point, caution is still advised. Equip as many characters as possible with Ribbons and their best equipment, mastered Restore Materia, as well as Knights of the Round and Phoenix, W-Summon, Mime, Counter, HP Absorb and don’t be shy to use your most powerful Limit Breaks, such as Omnislash, and Megaelixirs to heal. Of course, enabling God Mode and unleashing your most powerful Limit Breaks will make quick work of the final boss.

  • Obtain the Master Summon Materia

    There are two ways to obtain the Master Summon Materia. The first method and the one that requires the most grinding, is by obtaining all sixteen Summon Materias (though do note that Ramuh is missable), mastering them all and interacting with the red Huge Materia in Bugenhagen's observatory. The second method, however, requires much less grinding.

    After defeating Emerald Weapon, your party will obtain the Earth Harp. Refer to Emerald Eviscerator for more information on downing the powerful foe. Return to Kalm and exchange the Earth Harp with the traveler who gave you the Underwater Materia and he will give you the Master Summon Materia, and you will obtain this trophy.


    The Earth Harp can be traded with the Kalm traveller for the Master Summon Materia.

  • Have your whole party fall in battle

    Quite simply, reach the Game Over screen and you will obtain this trophy. You can obtain this trophy as early as the first battle by simply doing nothing or even attacking yourself.


Secret trophies

  • Defeat the Diamond Weapon

    Story related, can't be missed.

    To obtain this trophy, you must defeat Diamond Weapon towards the end of Part 2, right before the raid on Midgar. Despite its size, Diamond Weapon is nowhere near as powerful as its Ruby and Emerald cousins. One thing to note is that Diamond Weapon negates physical damage, save for Limit Breaks, so bring your most powerful magic users to the fight. Diamond Weapon is weak against Lightning, so high level Lightning magic or the Trine Enemy Skill will do a large amount of damage. Further, Diamond Weapon halves fire damage. When Diamond Weapon uses Countdown, it becomes vulnerable to physical attacks, but Lightning magic may still prove to cause more damage to the beast. Keep your party’s HP up and cure Silence if a party member is ever afflicted with it, and this trophy should be yours. You can also make quick work of Diamond Weapon by enabling God Mode.

  • Defeat the Ruby Weapon

    To obtain this trophy, you must defeat the Ruby Weapon superboss. In order for Ruby Weapon to appear, you must first defeat Ultimate Weapon. Ruby Weapon can then be found and fought in the sand around the Gold Saucer by approaching it in the Highwind or using a Chocobo.

    Defeating Ruby Weapon is no easy feat. It boasts an impressive 800,000 HP, very powerful attacks, high defenses, can inflict status ailments, and has the ability to permanently expel characters from the battle. A lot of preparation is needed in order to beat this beast, but there are ways to easily cheese it and win relatively stress-free. In order to do so, you will need the W-Summon Materia from the Battle Square in the Gold Saucer, the Knights of the Round Materia, the Hades Materia or many Dazers items (can be duplicated with the W-Item duplication glitch), the Mime Materia, and the W-Item Materia.

    Ruby Weapon will be immune to damage until its two tentacles emerge from the sand. To get them to emerge, you must only have one living party member remaining. Thus, it’s recommended to enter the battle with two dead characters, and have the third cast Life2 linked to an All Materia. Ruby Weapon uses fire-based attacks and status ailments, so it is advised to equip everyone with Fire Armlets (stolen from the Unknown enemy in the Sunken Gelnika) to drain fire attacks, and Ribbons to nullify status ailments. Further, Ruby Weapon's physical defense is very high. Consider using four Hero Drinks on your characters if you want to use their Limit Breaks on Ruby Weapon.

    Ruby Weapon has one major weakness, which is that it’s vulnerable to the Paralyze status ailment. Therefore, you want to make sure it’s paralyzed as often as possible. There are two ways to go about this. The first way is to summon both Knights of the Round first, then Hades using W-Summon. Use Mime afterwards to pile on the damage. Alternatively, you can use Dazers against Ruby Weapon to also paralyze it. Use Megalixirs to heal. You can also use W-Item to use both a Megalixir and a Dazer to heal your party and paralyze Ruby Weapon. Having the Phoenix Materia linked with the Final Attack Materia will also bring that character back to life once wiped out. The higher the Final Attack Materia’s level, the more often the character will be revived. Once Ruby Weapon is paralyzed, use your strongest attacks to deal as much damage as possible, and be sure to paralyze it anew every turn.

    Alternatively, you can enable God Mode and punish Ruby Weapon with your most powerful Limit Breaks and win this battle with ease.

  • Defeat the Emerald Weapon

    In order to obtain this trophy, you must defeat Emerald Weapon. Emerald Weapon can be found at the bottom of the sea using the submarine. In many ways, Emerald Weapon is more difficult than Ruby Weapon. It boasts an astounding 1,000,000 HP, devastating attacks and high defenses. Further, Emerald Weapon is fought underwater, and thus, you only have 20 minutes to defeat him unless you have the Underwater Materia equipped. To acquire the Underwater Materia, trade in the Guide Book with the Kalm Traveler. To acquire the Guide Book, Morph the Ghost Ship enemy located in the Junon Underwater Reactor.

    The Ghost Ship enemy, located in the Junon Underwater Reactor.

    The Guide Book can be traded with the Kalm traveller for the Underwater Materia.

    An easy way to defeat Emerald Weapon is by linking level 2 or higher Knights of the Round to HP Absorb. With W-Summon, you can summon Knights of the Round twice and fully heal with HP Absorb. Equip Mime on another character and use it afterwards to deal more massive damage. Having a character with the Phoenix Materia linked to the Final Attack will resurrect them whenever they are knocked out, the amount of times being equal to the level of the Final Attack Materia.

    A quick way to cut off nearly half of Emerald Weapon’s HP is to trigger the All Lucky 7s status. Emerald Weapon uses an attack called Aire Tam that cause 1,111 damage for every Materia equipped on a character. Thus, at 9,999 HP and two HP Plus Materias equipped, a character will have 7,777 HP remaining and will trigger All Lucky 7s, and will attack 64 times at 7,777 damage each for nearly 500,000 damage to Emerald Weapon. Use Megalixirs constantly to heal in anticipation of Aire Tam and use Hero Drinks and Limits in the meantime. Once the All Lucky 7s status is over, unleash your most powerful Limits to finish Emerald Weapon off.

    With God Mode enabled, taking down Emerald Weapon will be a breeze, of course.

    For defeating Emerald Weapon, you will obtain this trophy. You will also obtain the Earth Harp, which can be traded with the Kalm Traveler for a Master Summon Materia.

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