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    How to unlock End of Game

    Story related, cannot be missed

    This trophy is earned upon completing the game after defeating the final boss. The final series of battles of the game can be a challenge, especially since you cannot select which of your 6 characters will start the battle. Instead, you will have Squall and two others. Any character that is defeated and not resurrected quickly will be expelled from the battle and replaced with a reserve. On top of that, Ultimecia has the ability to completely remove magic from your characters inventory, permanently handicapping your junctions.

    At first you must defeat Ultimecia. Before long she will summon Griever. After that, Ultimecia and Griever will combine. Finally you must face Ultimecia’s final form.

    The battle can be easily managed following the same tactics as with Omega Weapon. But if you get a party member you don’t want it might be best to let Ultimecia kick them out of battle by letting their HP fall to 0. Aura and abilities that impart Invincible are helpful.

    Defeat Ultimecia and get to the credits and the trophy shall pop. Of note is that the game will not take a screenshot during the ending, so if you want screenshots, maybe don’t save this one for last.

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