Tonberry Trophy in Final Fantasy VIII: Remastered

  • Tonberry


    Unlock Guardian Force Tonberry

    How to unlock Tonberry

    Once Balamb Garden is mobile, after Fisherman’s Horizon, you can take the Garden to the Centra continent in the lower left of the world map. In the middle of this area there is a diamond shaped tower called the Centra Ruins.

    There is a puzzle of sorts where you must clear the tower in 20 minutes, which can easily be done by turning off the random battles with +. You will need to climb the tower, grab the eye jewels from the statues and set them in pairs in statues to open new routes.

    At the top of this tower is Odin. Odin will not attack you, but you have to defeat him in the 20 minute time limit. Once you do, Odin becomes a GF in your arsenal a little different from the others, in that he will randomly auto summon at the beginning of random battles.

    Once Odin has been defeated, return to the World Map and save. Without the timer, you are free to pursue the Tonberry GF. To do so, return to the ruins and fight random battles. You will face off against Tonberries. You must defeat approximately 20 or so of these green boogers. Once you’ve defeated enough, the next random battle will be against the Tonberry King.

    This battle, like the Jumbo Cactuar, is long since the king has lots of HP. The battle also requires strong healing since the king has the ability to kill you easily.

    Once you defeat the king, the trophy will pop.

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