Timber Maniacs Trophy in Final Fantasy VIII: Remastered

  • Timber Maniacs


    Collect all Timber Maniacs magazines

    How to unlock Timber Maniacs


    There are 12 issues of Timber Maniacs scattered throughout the game. It’s recommended to get them as soon as possible, since one is missable. Also make sure that you collect each one before the Lunatic Pandora Point of No Return.

    The magazines can be found as such:

    1. In Balamb, at the hotel/at the train station (only one counts)
    2. In Timber, in the office of Timber Maniacs
    3. In Timber, at the hotel
    4. In Fisherman’s Horizon, at the home of the Grease Monkey
    5. In Fisherman’s Horizon, at the hotel
    6. In Trabia Garden, on the ground
    7. In Dollet, in the bar
    8. In Dollet, at the hotel
    9. On the White SeeD ship, get it when Squall visits the ship. (Missable)
    10. Edea’s Orphanage, on the floor
    11. Shumi Village, in the home of Artisan
    12. In Deiling City Hotel, under the bed corner

    Credit: m4rk0

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  • This might be the only missable trophy. Make sure you grab the magazine on the White SeeD ship before leaving it.
  • Timber Maniacs #12 is the only one magazine might have chance missable which is the one that Skylenorman mention inside White SeeD Ship.
  • And it's so missable. IIRC, the time you spend on that ship is extremely short.
  • There are many missable trophies. Like the one for Diablos and several other GFs.
  • #4, you can draw each of the GF's you miss in the final castle. No GFs that are trophy related are missable. You can get the magic lamp from Cid at multiple points of the game. The only way you can lock Diablos is if you carelessly sell the Magic Lamp at a shop.
  • #5 They are missable because you can fail to draw them from the bosses at final castle too, Tonberry, Cactuar, Doomtrain, Bahamut, Eden and Odin are not missable as you can get them at any time during Disc 4 but the others are missable technically
  • I don't know how no one has commented about this, but the two in Balamb are mutually exclusive. You only have to get one of them. However, the guide omits the one in Deling City. It's in the hotel under the bed.
  • #7 Thank you! I was wondering about that. Here is a good video showing the locations including the one in Deling City as you mentioned: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u4vjVBUrNzE

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