Chocobo Trophy in Final Fantasy VIII: Remastered

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    Capture a Chocobo

    How to unlock Chocobo

    Capturing a Chocobo is done by solving the puzzle in one of the many Chocobo forests, identified by their round dome-like appearance. Once you solve the puzzle, the Chocobo can be ridden. You can then reenter the forest and hop on the Chocobo.

    Upon first arriving in a Chocobo Forest, you will encounter a young entrepreneur named Chocoboy. He will give you an item called the ChocoWhis and a radar which will let you identify where Chicobos are.

    The puzzle is basically to summon Chicobos by using the whistle in the right spot, indicated by the radar. Different quantaties of Chicabos will either appear or leave with each whistle toot. If you use the whistle in the wrong location, the Chicabos will steal the whistle, which requires you to buy a new one and start over. Once you call the Chicabos in the right order, you will eventually end up with just one single Chicabo left. When there is only one Chicabo left, you want to approach and talk to it to entice the mother Chocobo to arrive.

    At that point, you’ve almost finished the forest. There is one last thing you can do, and that is to use the whistle in the right spot of the forest to entice the Chocobo to dig up a treasure for you. Once you’ve done that, the forest is cleared permanently.

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  • Do the mini puzzle in a Chocobo Forest. Should be unmissable. Do them all for something else.

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