Handyman Trophy in Final Fantasy VIII: Remastered

  • Handyman


    Upgrade your weapon

    How to unlock Handyman

    This trophy can be earned once you get enough parts to be able to upgrade a weapon at a Junk Shop. To upgrade weapons, you must first find the recipes. These are in magazines called Weapons Monthly scattered around the world. Once you have a recipe, get the required items. Then, visit a junk shop (either in a town or through the menu once you have the Junk Shop ability learned from the GF Doomtrain). Upgrade your weapon and the trophy will pop.

    You can formulate the simple Shear Trigger for Squall to pop this early, using 1 Steal Pipe (Dropped from Wendigo's) and 4 Screw's (Dropped from Geezard's).

    I recommend getting Lionheart no matter what for Omega Weapon, which requires the Weapons Monthly 1st (issue) for the recipe which can be found by Laguna in the Lunatic Pandora Laboratory, 1 Adamantine (Dropped from the second battle with BGH251F2), 4 Dragon Fang's (Dropped from Grendels, Hexaragons, Blue Gragons or SAM08G) and 12 Pulse Ammo (Card Mod an Enoyle card or use Ammo Refine).

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  • With a little bit of work you can get Squall's ultimate weapon, Lionheart, in disc ONE. May as well make that your first upgrade, lol. I am.
  • You can get all the weapons in Disc 1.

    Here's a handy guide.

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