• Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10 (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 35 (14, 16, 4, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 36-50 Hours (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 14
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: N/A
  • Do trophies stack?: N/A
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No
  • Additional peripherals required?: N/A


Final Fantasy VIII Remastered is a updating of the classic 8th entry in the main Final Fantasy line of games. The story focuses on Squall, a young anti-social soldier as he is drawn into a conflict against sorceresses, as well as his growing relationship with a young woman named Rinoa.

The remaster features many graphical updates (with some noticeable issues here and there) as well as a few additional cheat options implemented. But the most important thing is the addition of Trophies!



  • Official Final Fantasy VIII Strategy Guide by Prima Games
  • Gamer Corner Guides for information on item drops, locations, etc.

Default Controls

/ - Move
- Confirm
- Cancel
- Initiate Triple Triad
- Menu

- Pause
- Map Display

- Rotate camera left
- Rotate camera right
+ - Escape Battle

- Cheat 3x Speed ON/OFF
- Cheat HP+ATB+Limit Break boosting ON/OFF
+ - Cheat No Random Battles ON/OFF


None of the cheats void trophies, so if you wish to use them feel free.


Step 1: Play the story until you reach the White Seed Ship then the Lunatic Pandora Point of No Return.

Enjoy the game’s story, completing as much content as you like until you reach the White Seed Ship. Once there, be SURE to grab the missable issue of Timber Wolves. Then, continue until the events on the Lunatic Pandora in Esthar (which is the end of disc 3 in the original release). At that point, you lose access to a lot of the towns. Most trophies from step 2 can also be earned in step 1, it all depends on your playstyle.

Once you get this far, it’s a good idea to make a separate save file.

On this step you should/can earn:
- Quezacotl
- Shiva
- Ifrit
- Siren
- Brothers
- Alexander
- Leviathan
- Pandemona
- Cerberus
- Carbuncle
- Doomtrain
- Diablos
- Ragnarok
- First Salary
- 100 Kills

Step 2: Cleanup side quests and Triple Triad

Clean up any remaining side quests and trophies you need to complete before initiating the Time Compression. You want to collect all the remaining optional GF’s, finish your farming and complete anything related to Triple Triad. You don’t HAVE to do all of this now, but you might as well as some of the boons will make what’s to come easier.

On this step you should/can earn:
- Bahamut
- Cactuar
- Tonberry
- Eden
- Chocobo
- Handyman
- Maximum HP
- Magician
- Magic Miner
- Card Player
- Loser
- Cards Club Master
- Top Rank
- Obel Lake Secret
- Timber Maniacs

Step 3: Complete Lunatic Pandora and Finish the game

Complete the last remaining story and finish the game. If screenshots matter to you, it is best to save defeating Omega Weapon as your last trophy, since beating the game does not save screenshots.

On this step you should/can earn:
- Omega Destroyed
- 1000 Kills
- End of Game
- Lionheart

Tips and Tricks

  • Death, Confuse, and Berserk are necessary for junctions to Status Defense.
  • Meltdown is one of the best spells in the game, useful against all bosses. There is a draw point in Galbadia in the Monterosa Plateau or later in Ultimecia's Castle Art Gallery that are repeatably accessible.
  • When you get the Ragnarok, make sure to visit the Island Closest to Hell and the Island Closest to Heaven. There are ALOT of draw points of powerful magic here, if you can handle the monsters (or just use the cheat to turn off random battles)

[PST Would Like to Thank shrapx for this Roadmap]

Final Fantasy VIII: Remastered Trophy Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed trophies
Show secret trophies

35 trophies ( 16  14  1  )

  • Obtain all trophies

    This is the platinum. It is very shiny. You got all the trophies! Congratulations.

  • Unlock Guardian Force Quezacotl

    Story related, Cannot be missed

    You can unlock Quezacotl and Shiva both by visiting Squall’s terminal in the classroom of the Garden and viewing the Tutorial. The PC will then inform you they are both registered to Squall.

  • Unlock Guardian Force Shiva

    Story related, Cannot be missed

    You can unlock Quezacotl and Shiva both by visiting Squall’s terminal in the classroom of the Garden and viewing the Tutorial. The PC will then inform you they are both registered to Squall.

  • Unlock Guardian Force Ifrit

    Story related, Cannot be missed

    Ifrit is the first Guardian Force you will battle. At the beginning of the game, you will be sent to the Fire Cavern. Once you get to the world map, head east to the Fire Cavern. You might spend some time drawing a full stock of 100 each of the available magic spells from monsters in the area before you go in, though it’s not required. Make sure you get some Blizzard stock.

    The Fire Cavern is the first part of the game that will determine your staring SeeD ranking. If you’re going for Top Rank , select the 10 minute time limit when entering the cavern. Once inside, there are some random battles you have to deal with but once you get to Ifrit you will need to defeat him in battle.

    Use a stock of Blizzard spells to exploit Ifrit’s elemental weakness.

    Once you defeat Ifrit, you should head to the exit. The closest you are to 0 with the clock starting at 10 minutes is the best way to get the most points for your SeeD rank. The highest point yield is at 7 seconds or less.

  • Unlock Guardian Force Siren


    Siren can be first and most easily obtained by drawing from the Elvoret boss during the Dollet Invasion, at the top of the radio tower. The trophy will pop once Siren is drawn.

    Alternatively, if you missed Siren the first time, it can be acquired in Ultimecia’s castle by drawing from the Tri-Point boss.

  • Upgrade your weapon

    This trophy can be earned once you get enough parts to be able to upgrade a weapon at a Junk Shop. To upgrade weapons, you must first find the recipes. These are in magazines called Weapons Monthly scattered around the world. Once you have a recipe, get the required items. Then, visit a junk shop (either in a town or through the menu once you have the Junk Shop ability learned from the GF Doomtrain). Upgrade your weapon and the trophy will pop.

    You can formulate the simple Shear Trigger for Squall to pop this early, using 1 Steal Pipe (Dropped from Wendigo's) and 4 Screw's (Dropped from Geezard's).

    I recommend getting Lionheart no matter what for Omega Weapon, which requires the Weapons Monthly 1st (issue) for the recipe which can be found by Laguna in the Lunatic Pandora Laboratory, 1 Adamantine (Dropped from the second battle with BGH251F2), 4 Dragon Fang's (Dropped from Grendels, Hexaragons, Blue Gragons or SAM08G) and 12 Pulse Ammo (Card Mod an Enoyle card or use Ammo Refine).

  • Play Triple Triad

    You can begin playing Triple Triad very early in the game by approaching other players and pressing the button. Simply play a game and complete it to earn the trophy, which will pop during the trade screen.

  • Get your first salary from SeeD

    Story related, cannot be missed

    After Squall becomes a SeeD, he will periodically get paid. Once you get your first paycheck, this trophy will pop. The amount of money earned is dependent on Squall’s rank.

  • Unlock Guardian Force Brothers

    Outside of Deling City on a peninsula to the North East is the Tomb of the Unknown King. This dungeon is a bit of a puzzle since regardless of direction, the camera always shows you going north, so it’s easy to get lost.

    To solve the puzzle of the dungeon, you want to do several things: You need to find the Student I.D. (which is required to continue the main game story), you need to open the Floodgate, you need to lower the Draw Bridge and you need to defeat the Sacred.

    I find the easiest way to accomplish all of these tasks is to just keep going right, as the entire dungeon is circular. Go forward whenever you have to and when you reach a cross roads, turn right. This will get you to each of the corners of the dungeon. Once you return to the entrance, you can reenter and just go straight to reach the room where the battle between the Brothers takes place.

    When facing the Brothers, you want to cast float on each one. This removes their ability to automatically heal, since both are Earth elementals. Protect, Shell and Float are useful but the brothers aren’t really that hard especially once you take one of them out.

    Once you defeat Brothers, they will become one of your Guardian Forces and the trophy will pop in the spoils screen.

  • Reach maximum HP

    This is easily done later in the game by junctioning one party member with several (or all) of your GF’s that have HP+ abilities learned as well as the HP-J ability. Junction a powerful spell to your HP, then in all your available open slots junction abilities like HP+20%, HP+40% and/or HP+80% to quickly max out HP. Once you reach 9999HP the trophy will pop.

  • Kill 100 enemies

    You will need to defeat at least 100 enemies. This trophy will come naturally as you progress through the game. As you run across the world map, fight as many enemies as needed until you get to 100. This is best done parallel with Magician .

  • Capture a Chocobo

    Capturing a Chocobo is done by solving the puzzle in one of the many Chocobo forests, identified by their round dome-like appearance. Once you solve the puzzle, the Chocobo can be ridden. You can then reenter the forest and hop on the Chocobo.

    Upon first arriving in a Chocobo Forest, you will encounter a young entrepreneur named Chocoboy. He will give you an item called the ChocoWhis and a radar which will let you identify where Chicobos are.

    The puzzle is basically to summon Chicobos by using the whistle in the right spot, indicated by the radar. Different quantaties of Chicabos will either appear or leave with each whistle toot. If you use the whistle in the wrong location, the Chicabos will steal the whistle, which requires you to buy a new one and start over. Once you call the Chicabos in the right order, you will eventually end up with just one single Chicabo left. When there is only one Chicabo left, you want to approach and talk to it to entice the mother Chocobo to arrive.

    At that point, you’ve almost finished the forest. There is one last thing you can do, and that is to use the whistle in the right spot of the forest to entice the Chocobo to dig up a treasure for you. Once you’ve done that, the forest is cleared permanently.

  • Draw (Stock) magic from enemies 100 times

    This trophy is earned by using the Draw command in battle 100 times. You will earn this very early on, as you need to build a good stock of 100 spells for most magic’s in order to junction them to your stats.

  • Unlock Guardian Force Alexander


    During the battle between Gardens, you will be forced into a battle between Seifer and Edea. During this battle, you can draw Alexander from Edea. The trophy will pop once Alexander is drawn.

    Alternatively, if you missed Alexander the first time, it can be acquired in Ultimecia’s castle by drawing from the Catoblepas boss.

  • Unlock Guardian Force Leviathan


    Once the Garden is mobile, Squall and co will be forced into a battle against NORG, one of the founders of Garden. During the battle you can draw Leviathan from him. The trophy will pop once Leviathan is drawn.

    Alternatively, if you missed Leviathan the first time, it can be acquired in Ultimecia’s castle by drawing from the Trauma boss.

  • Unlock Guardian Force Pandemona


    Upon returning to Balamb, you will encounter Fujin and Raijin. During the battle with both of them, draw Pandemona from Fujin. The trophy will pop once Pandemona is drawn.

    Alternatively, if you missed Pandemona the first time, it can be acquired in Ultimecia’s castle by drawing from the Red Giant boss.

  • Unlock Guardian Force Cerberus


    During the battle between Gardens, you will board Galbadia Garden. In the center of the Garden Cerberus will be standing waiting for you to approach. Approach it and battle the creature. Of particular note is, if you can, stock up on as much Double and Triple spells as possible. Also, Cerberus becomes very dangerous if it casts Triple on itself, so Dispel it to keep its spell casting to a minimum. Defeat Cerberus and it will become one of your Guardian Forces. The trophy will pop during the Spoils screen.

    Alternatively, if you missed Cerberus the first time, it can be acquired in Ultimecia’s castle by drawing from the Gargantua boss.

  • Unlock Guardian Force Carbuncle


    During the raid on Edea in Deling City, Squall and Irvine will be forced to fight two Iquion enemies. You can draw Carbuncle from one of them. The trophy will then pop once Carbuncle is drawn.

    Alternatively, if you missed Carbuncle the first time, it can be acquired in Ultimecia’s castle by drawing from the Krysta boss.

  • Unlock Guardian Force Doomtrain


    Doomtrain is a Guardian Force that is earned by collecting a set of items when you get to Esthar. In Esthar, there is a location on the World Map called Tear’s Point. Inside this is an item called the Solomon’s Ring, found at the center.

    With Solomon’s Ring in tow, you need to collect 6 Marlboro Tentacles, 6 Steel Pipes and 6 Remedy+ items.

    Remedy+ is the easiest to fabricate. You can upgrade 10 Remedies into one Remedy+ using the Med Level Up ability (learned from the Alexander GF, which is why this is missable).

    Steel Pipes can be found by defeating Wendigo enemies, easily found near Dollet, Timber and Galbadia.

    Marlboro Tentacles are the real problem. These are random drops from Marlboro’s, who are nasty little status inducing monsters. Fighting them is real tricky. If you are under leveled or missing important status protections against Berserk or Confusion, you might need to rely on Odin (if you have him). Otherwise it’s vital to have 100 Berserk and 100 Confuse junctioned to Status Defense. You want to make sure you enter this battle and can have complete control of all 3 party members to defeat the Marlboro. Use Item and Remedies to remove any other status effects immediately and kill the Marlboro.

    Once you have all the items, activate the Solomon’s Ring in the menu to obtain Doomtrain. The trophy will pop shortly thereafter.

  • Lose a rare card in a Triple Triad game


    This is as easy as it sounds. Once you have a card that is considered Rare (i.e., a GF or Character card), simply lose the card in a game. You can do this against a random player, in which you can re-win the card by challenging that player until they play the card, or against the Card Queen as part of her quest. I don’t recommend the Card Queen unless you’re really intent on completing her quest, as it’s not needed for the .

    You should get at least one rare card just from defeating Ifrit. So this should not be missable. However, it can be if your overzealous with Card Mod and REALLY lucky/good.

  • Defeat every member of the CC group


    You need to find, defeat and challenge all the members of the CC Group in Balamb Garden. You will not be able to face them, though, until you have won a prerequisite number of games in the garden. If you cannot challenge Jack, then just keep challenging other players and winning games.

    Note that if you are in a situation where the rules have evolved against you, with Random, Elemental, Same and/or All, there is a way to reset the rules. In Balamb, there is a man sitting next to the water on the docks (if he does not appear, leave town and return). Playing him will reset most of the rules, except for the trade rule. The game will default back to basics. You can then return to the Garden and completely own all members of the CC Group using your rare cards and almost default rules.

    When facing the CC Group, it’s recommended to save in between each encounter, just in case. There are 7 members of the group and each must be challenged. You also must go in order (with Joker being an exception, he can be beaten anytime between Jack and King).

    The members are:

    1. Jack – Found in the central cross section of Garden, near the southern entrance.
    2. Joker – Found in the Garden’s training area, randomly
    3. Club – Found in the central cross section of Garden, near the northern entrance.
    4. Diamond – Two girls found in the central cross section of Garden, near the southern entrance.
    5. Spade – Second floor of the Garden on the bridge by the elevator
    6. Heart – Xu, on the bridge of the Garden
    7. King – Rest in Squall’s quarters after defeating all of the others, Quistis will challenge Squall automatically, but it might take multiple attempts at resting.

    After defeating the King the trophy will pop. Of note is that Joker, Queen and King each have a rare GF card, so replay them again to win them.

  • Complete the Obel Lake side quest


    You can complete this quest after getting the Ragnarok and should be finished before completing the Lunatic Pandora Point of No Return.

    This quest is lengthy and requires a lot of back and forth. To begin the quest, visit Obel Lake north of Timber. Press the button and select humming repeatedly to make a creature appear. Speak to the creature multiple times. It has 7 different hints at what you must do, but not all of them require action (though to be safe, you should listen to all 7). You will begin a lengthy fetch quest where you must visit numerous locations. Once you have the four rocks (and the first four clues) out of the way you can return here to get the remaining clues.

    Note: These pictures are general locations, not the locations of the actual items themselves as they were taken after the quest.

    The first part of the quest (and 4 of the hints) require you to collect 4 rocks. Upon doing so you will start to fill in a secret message using the letters on each rock. I’ll save you from having to decipher them and just tell you where to go.

    Before doing this, step away from the creature in the lake, return and select the Throw a Rock option. Repeat this until you get the best result, throwing the rock many times.

    The first rock requires you to find “Mr. Monkey” in a forest near Dollet. If you skipped the rock like a boss, the Monkey will get pissed and you will get your first clue.

    The second rock is found on an Island nearby, east of Timber and still part of Mandy Beach, next to the big bridge. It should be easy to find. Just search the island by pressing

    The third rock is resting in the Rinaul Coast south of Balamb. It also should be easy to find.

    The fourth and final rock is found on the Monterosa Plateau near Galbadia and Timber.

    After collecting all of the rocks, return to the creature who will give you a clue. But it basically tells you to go to the Mordred Plains north of Esthar. In this area, you can search the ground and you will get many clues from four different colored rocks. But you want the red rocks. When you find a red rock, do the exact OPPOSITE of what it tells you. If it says go north, go south. When you find something that says “The Treasure is not here” stop and keep searching. Dig up a Three Stars and Expandx3-1 to complete the first part of the quest.

    Return to the creature to ferret out the remaining clues (if it hasn’t given them yet).

    One clue tells you that you can draw magic on railroad crossing bridges. So find one and draw some magic. I don’t think this is required for the trophy, but here it is all the same.

    One clue tells you about the peaceful house, which is a hint towards Edea’s Orphanage. There should be a pile of rocks outside. I don’t think this is required for the trophy, but here it is all the same.

    The last clue requires you to visit Minde Island. The quest will reach its conclusion after finding the Luck-J Scroll on Minde Island.

  • Kill 1000 enemies

    This trophy pops when you defeat your 1000th enemy. This will come naturally as you progress through the game, and if you don’t accomplish it on your own, simply visit a landmass and fight enemies until you reach your 1000th kill. You might do this on Cactaur Island where the gains will help you max out you’re GF’s in the process. Otherwise go somewhere like the outside of Balamb where the enemies will be easy and quick to kill.

    You can confirm your kill counts in the menu under Tutorial->Information->Information->Character Report or GF Report. Add the total KO'd to get your total kills.

    Note: If you have a turbo controller, it's possible to automate this. You need a large open area free of impediments. I'd remove all abilities except attack. Also, junction Drain to your status attack. Rubber band your controller left so Squall will run in a circle. And turbo . If set up right, you will run in circles, killing anything. If done wrong, you will hit mountains, change directions, enter towns and/or board the Ragnarok...

  • Draw magic 100 times from draw points

    Throughout the game, you will find several draw points that you can draw magic from. They appear as red fountains. Once you draw magic there is a set amount of time that must pass before the fountain replenishes itself. Depending on how many spells are drawn, the time might be longer or shorter.

    Each time you draw from these points it will count towards the 100 draws. There is no shortage of draw points in the game. There are several that have value. Of special note are the hidden draw points scattered across both the Island Closest to Heaven (the Easternmost Island) and the Island Closest to Hell (the Westernmost Island). These draw points have some of the strongest magic in the game, and each island has 25+ hidden draw points.

  • Collect all Timber Maniacs magazines


    There are 12 issues of Timber Maniacs scattered throughout the game. It’s recommended to get them as soon as possible, since one is missable. Also make sure that you collect each one before the Lunatic Pandora Point of No Return.

    The magazines can be found as such:

    1. In Balamb, at the hotel/at the train station (only one counts)
    2. In Timber, in the office of Timber Maniacs
    3. In Timber, at the hotel
    4. In Fisherman’s Horizon, at the home of the Grease Monkey
    5. In Fisherman’s Horizon, at the hotel
    6. In Trabia Garden, on the ground
    7. In Dollet, in the bar
    8. In Dollet, at the hotel
    9. On the White SeeD ship, get it when Squall visits the ship. (Missable)
    10. Edea’s Orphanage, on the floor
    11. Shumi Village, in the home of Artisan
    12. In Deiling City Hotel, under the bed corner

    Credit: m4rk0

  • Unlock Guardian Force Cactuar

    Cactuar is found on Catuar Island. You will see a cactus sticking up in the island that keeps moving around. If you bump into this cactus, you will initiate battle against the Jumbo Cactaur. This boss isn’t so much difficult as it is annoying. It has a LOT of HP, making this a long fight. On top of that, near the end it will start to get nervous. During this time you have to hit it hard and fast, or risk it running away. If it runs away, you gotta start again from the beginning.

    Defeat the Jumbo Cactuar and the Catuar will become a Guardian Force. The trophy will pop once you land the killing blow or during the Spoils Screen.

  • Unlock Guardian Force Tonberry

    Once Balamb Garden is mobile, after Fisherman’s Horizon, you can take the Garden to the Centra continent in the lower left of the world map. In the middle of this area there is a diamond shaped tower called the Centra Ruins.

    There is a puzzle of sorts where you must clear the tower in 20 minutes, which can easily be done by turning off the random battles with +. You will need to climb the tower, grab the eye jewels from the statues and set them in pairs in statues to open new routes.

    At the top of this tower is Odin. Odin will not attack you, but you have to defeat him in the 20 minute time limit. Once you do, Odin becomes a GF in your arsenal a little different from the others, in that he will randomly auto summon at the beginning of random battles.

    Once Odin has been defeated, return to the World Map and save. Without the timer, you are free to pursue the Tonberry GF. To do so, return to the ruins and fight random battles. You will face off against Tonberries. You must defeat approximately 20 or so of these green boogers. Once you’ve defeated enough, the next random battle will be against the Tonberry King.

    This battle, like the Jumbo Cactuar, is long since the king has lots of HP. The battle also requires strong healing since the king has the ability to kill you easily.

    Once you defeat the king, the trophy will pop.

  • Eden


    Unlock Guardian Force Eden


    To acquire Eden, you must reach the very bottom of the Deep Sea Research Center after your battle with Bahamut. You are given several sets of energy by examining various points of interest throughout, and using the correct amounts in the right spots will allow you to proceed deeper into the center. Once you open the final door, you will reach a short labyrinth.

    At the end of this Labyrinth is a boss battle against Ultima Weapon. The Eden GF can be drawn from Ultima Weapon and the trophy will pop once Eden is drawn.

    Alternatively, if you missed Eden the first time, it can be acquired in Ultimecia’s castle by drawing from the Tiamat boss. This is probably the easier of the two methods, but it means you won’t be able to use Eden until this battle at the earliest.

  • Finish the game

    Story related, cannot be missed

    This trophy is earned upon completing the game after defeating the final boss. The final series of battles of the game can be a challenge, especially since you cannot select which of your 6 characters will start the battle. Instead, you will have Squall and two others. Any character that is defeated and not resurrected quickly will be expelled from the battle and replaced with a reserve. On top of that, Ultimecia has the ability to completely remove magic from your characters inventory, permanently handicapping your junctions.

    At first you must defeat Ultimecia. Before long she will summon Griever. After that, Ultimecia and Griever will combine. Finally you must face Ultimecia’s final form.

    The battle can be easily managed following the same tactics as with Omega Weapon. But if you get a party member you don’t want it might be best to let Ultimecia kick them out of battle by letting their HP fall to 0. Aura and abilities that impart Invincible are helpful.

    Defeat Ultimecia and get to the credits and the trophy shall pop. Of note is that the game will not take a screenshot during the ending, so if you want screenshots, maybe don’t save this one for last.

  • Unlock Guardian Force Diablos


    Once Squall and co become SeeD’s, Cid will send them on a mission. But before doing so, he will give Squall an item called a Magical Lamp. Activating this item in from the menu will force a battle against Diablos.

    I've read it's possible to skip getting the Magical Lamp.

    Diablos can be vicious and has powerful gravity magic. Fortunately, you can also draw and use Demi against it. You probably want to game the system a bit and use Selphie’s Limit Break with Full-Cure as the active spell, which will cure your entire party. Also, Blind magic works like a charm on Diablos, and will really help minimize damage.

    Once you defeat Diablos, he will become one of your Guardian Forces and the trophy will pop in the spoils screen.

  • Unlock Guardian Force Bahamut


    You cannot get Bahamut until you have the Ragnarok. With the Ragnarok you need to fly to the south east edge of the map, far out in the ocean, where there is a flotilla called the Deep Sea Research Center. Inside, you will reach a room with a pulsating light.

    You cannot move when the light is on, at all. If you do, you will get into a random battle. Slowly walk, don’t run, when the light is off to the central pillar. Once you reach it, you can initiate a conversation. You will be forced to answer several questions. Provide the correct answers to proceed, or you will enter a battle against a tough Ruby Dragon.

    The correct answers are:

    • It’s not our will to fight
    • Never
    • This answer is a hidden third answer, press down until you select it.

    After answering each question, you will battle Bahamut. The battle is not too hard, but be cautious of Mega Flare. The trophy will pop after defeating it, during the Spoils screen.

  • Find Ragnarok

    Story related, cannot be missed

    After finishing the Lunar Base mission and rescuing Rinoa in space, you will stumble upon Ragnarok in space. Once the duo board the airship, you will get the trophy.

  • Reach SeeD rank A

    You can earn this trophy by reaching a SeeD rank of A (or Rank 31) as soon as Squall officially becomes a member of SeeD and is assigned a rank.

    Research states that the best way to raise your rank is by defeating many enemies. Each time you get paid as a SeeD, your rank will go down so in order for it to go up you must defeat enough enemies to reach that threshold.

    Alternately you can complete a series of tests to increase your rank. Inside the menu, you can access the SeeD exams. Completing an exam will increase your rank by 1. There is a maximum of 30 tests you can take, no more. So if you do this method, it’s best to attack it in one shot and get to A rank. Don’t just do a few and not finish, because if you’re rank goes down, now you have to make up for it again. You can retake the tests as many times as you need to pass, the questions are always in the same order. But to pass you must get all 10 questions in each test correct.

    The test answers are:

    Where Y=Yes, N=No

  • UFO


    Complete the PuPu side quest

    You can complete this quest after getting the Ragnarok.

    PuPu is a little alien, and the event to make him appear is a short and amusing one. The first thing you have to do is complete four random encounters in four locations on the map. These encounters show the party watching a UFO steal something and fly away. The battles then end. Each encounter is in the following locations: Winhill Bluffs, Mandy Beach, Kashkabald Desert, and then Trabia Heath Peninsula.

    Once all four encounters have been completed, you must then fight and defeat the UFO. This battle occurs on a plateau near Grandidi Forest.

    Finally, you must encounter PuPu in a random battle at the former home of Balamb Garden in Balamb. In this battle, you MUST NOT ATTACK. Instead give it 5 Elixirs until the battle ends. With that, the quest is complete and the trophy shall pop.


Secret trophies

  • Beat the Omega Weapon

    Omega Weapon is an optional super boss of the game and can be tricky if you’re not adequately prepared. It can be challenged in Ultimecia's castle after the Lunatic Pandora Point of No Return.


    Squall and Rinoa are good for this battle, you’re third is up to you. You want each party member in your primary party to have 100 Aura, 100 Death, Item, Magic and GF abilities set.

    I suggest you dismantle the Laguna card with Card Mod (learned from Quezecotl). This gives you 100 Hero items. To get the Laguna card, you can either get it by playing against Ellone on the Lunar Base (while you’re there, it’s the only time) OR by facing the Card Queen after Time Compression. I HIGHLY recommend facing Ellone for it.

    Alternatively, if you don't have or don't want to rely on Aura, you can enter the battle with every character in a critical HP state, which increases chances of getting limit breaks (Credit: KyoRML007).

    I also HIGHLY recommend getting the Lionheart weapon for Squall. It’s not required, but in the chance you can activate the Lionheart Limit Break randomly, you can do a lot of damage in one attack.

    I also recommend learning at least Invincible Moon and Wishing Star for Rinoa and Angelo. This will make Rinoa’s limit breaks pretty helpful as well. To learn these you need to obtain Pet Pals Vol 3 and Vol 6. Then in the status menu select one to learn until you hear a chime on the map. Each ability is learned just by traversing the world map for a certain amount of time.

    If you teach Angelo Invincible Moon and ONLY Invincible Moon (which means you have to ignore all other limit breaks for Rinoa) then you can increase the odds you will cast Invincible Moon. This will allow you to cast a free invincibility, though randomly since the default Angelo Cannon is still a possible outcome. (Credit: KyoRML007)

    Omega Weapon is capable of instant death attacks, so junction 100 Death to each of your attacking parties Status Defense.

    Put Aura at the top of your magic list followed by Meltdown, Curaga, Life and Full Life.

    If you have Eden, assign it to your third party member, or Rinoa if you don’t feel like using her limit break.

    Also, since Omega Weapon scales with your level, the lower the level the shorter this will be. So if you have not gotten 1000 kills yet, it might be best to do that after.

    Make Omega Weapon appear

    You might want to turn off the random battles with +, to make this easier, though it's not required.

    You want to setup your two parties with Squall, Rinoa and whoever in one party. Leave Squall and party at the Fountain switch point, which can be reached by taking the left door in the Hall, going north then east then north again.

    Send the secondary party to the Stairway Hall, to the right of the Hall (first room) and a pull cord on the left side. At the bottom of the staircase, have that party pull the rope and ring the bell. A 60 second timer will begin.

    Quickly move to the switch point and swap parties again. Squall and party can now run north of the fountain, into the cathedral to find Omega Weapon waiting. Approach him to trigger the battle before the timer runs out. You will have to get right under him to touch. It might look like you are, but you might not be.

    The Battle

    The battle is straight forward, but you must be cautious and not overly enthusiastic about entering commands.

    At the very beginning, Omega Weapon will one time cast Level 5 Death, but if you have 100 Death junctioned on Status Defense it's not a problem.

    You have limited time, but you want to do the following to start the flow of battle: Summon Cerberus and use either Aura Stones or cast Aura on all 3 party members. Once Cerberus is called and Aura is in effect, you’re free to have each party member use the Hero item on themselves, which grants invincibility. Once they are invincible, you cannot cast Aura or Triple on them, so you want to do that first. Once you’re invincible, focus on attacking Omega Weapon with your limit breaks for each party member. Alternatively, you can cast Eden with Boost, but for Squall and Rinoa you want to use Limit Breaks. If time is too tight, ignore Cerberus as you will be relying mostly on Limit Breaks anyway.

    Keep repeating limit breaks and Eden until your invincibility wears off. During that time, you face a bit of a gamble. But if you’re careful you can re-cast Aura and then use another Hero to start the loop over again. But at the very least make sure that Squall ALWAYS has Aura active, as his Limit Break’s have the most potential for heavy damage. Invincible Moon might also come in handy, but its randomness makes it unreliable. Wishing Star has the potential for high damage too. Meltdown also works well.

    As long as you can keep the Aura and Invincibility loop going, it’s just a battle of attrition.

    If you don't want to waste items or destroy cards for this fight, you can skip the Aura usage if you enter the battle with low HP. When your HP is lower, you have easier access to limit breaks while Rinoa's Invincible Moon negates the need for Hero Drinks. (Credit: KyoRML007)

    There is a thread here that has some additional info and tips.

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