• Estimated trophy difficulty: 5/10 (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 54 (44, 7, 2, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 65-80hrs (Estimated Time to Platinum Thread)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 2 + Partial
  • Number of missable trophies: None thanks to Chapter Select.
  • Glitched trophies: N/A
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes, you will have to beat Hard mode.
  • Do trophies stack?: Yes, the Global PS4, EU PS5, NA PS5, Asia PS5 and JP PS5 releases all have seprate lists but so far only the PS5 has the DLC.
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats available
  • Additional peripherals required?: No


Welcome to my trophy guide for Final Fantasy VII Remake, the long awaited Square Enix remake of one of the greatest games of all time. While this game only covers Midgar, about 15-20% of the original game, it has been remade into its own 40 hour story that expands heavily on the original game from 1997. Just keep that in mind if you are wanting the full Final Fantasy VII experience, as this remake will most likely be in three or more parts and this is just the first one. Whether you are a fan of the original or checking out Final Fantasy VII for the first time, this guide will cover everything you need on your journey to platinum. I will try to limit spoilers as best I can but if you are worried about them, I recommend completing the game first before continuing with this guide!

To earn the platinum for VII Remake, you will need two full playthroughs, as well as a cleanup playthrough of at least three full chapters. You will need to beat the game on any difficulty to unlock hard mode, then you need to complete every chapter on hard. Lastly, you need to replay Chapter 3, 8, and 9 in full to unlock the final three dresses for Dressed to the Nines. If you want the easiest time with hard mode, I recommend following my walkthrough, which will cover unlocking a very strong accessory before you dive into hard mode. This will give you a leg up on hard mode by allowing you to start every fight with your limit break.


Step 1: complete the game on any difficulty and complete 24/26 side quests.

First of all, there are three difficulties at the start: Classic, Easy & Normal. I recommend playing on Normal so you can learn how to play the game efficiently and prep for hard mode. Normal will provide a slight challenge on some bosses and fights and train you for the harder difficulty later. Feel free to go after collectibles and miscellaneous trophies here. Anything you miss can be cleaned after you beat the game via chapter select or on your hard mode playthrough. Every collectible you pick up is automatically saved when you save the game so it is not necessary to track them all down on a single playthrough. One thing to keep track of is which dresses you obtain in Chapter 3, 8, and 9. Please see Dressed to the Nines for more info to prevent having to play these chapters more than three times. As noted above, you will want to complete all 24 possible side quests on your first playthrough. These side quests are available in Chapters 3, 8, 9 & 14 and are not missable if you do not advance the story during each chapter. There are two additional side quests in Chapter 9 that you cannot get in the same playthrough, as the story branches here. Make sure to note which set of quests you did so you can do the others in your cleanup or hard mode playthrough. More information on this is available under Best in the Business.

In this playthrough, you will earn:

Warming Up
Weakened Resolve
Bonds of Friendship
Staggering Start
Music Collector
Gotta Start Somewhere
My First Ability
Materia for Beginners
My First Summon
Heavenly Dart Player
Cleanup Crew
In Lockstep
Crate Annihilator
Summon Slayer
Sultan of Squat
Returning Champion
Snappy Dresser
Whack-a-box Wunderkind
Peeress of Pull-Ups
Disc Jockey
Staggering Feat
Weapons Expert
Onetime Gig
Escape Artist
Mercenary Endeavors
Night on the Town
Plan E
Lights Out
Trapped like Sewer Rats
Never the Bride
Sewer Survivor
Paranormal Investigator
The Collapse
Broken Dreams
Picking Up the Pieces
The Pizza in the Sky
No Appointment Needed
Emerging from Chaos
Destiny’s Crossroads
Say It with Flowers
Dancing Queen
Divine Gratitude
The Johnny Experience

Step 2: Cleanup playthrough and Hard mode prep.

After you beat the game for the first time, you will have access to chapter select. This is a good time to go ahead and clean up things you may have missed, such as being praised by Jessie after the bike mini-game in chapter 4. This is also a good time to replay Chapters 3, 8 & 9 for your second set of dresses. You must complete the chapter for these dress choices to count, so make sure to do so and pick a different dress for each character to work on (see Dressed to the Nines for more info). I personally recommend completing no side quests on any chapter, because beating side quests in hard mode gives you manuscripts that provide more SP for your weapons. When you get to chapter 9 and have defeated the Hell House, complete both of Aerith’s colosseum challenges as this is the only time you can do so. This is important for obtaining the aforementioned accessory above. If you did not complete Tifa and Barret’s colosseum challenges on your first playthrough, you will need to load Chapter 14 and complete all of them. Don’t worry; you can run straight there after the opening chapter cutscenes and then save and quit when you are finished. No need to finish the entire chapter.

When you are done cleaning up trophies, completed all colosseum challenges in Chapter 9 & 14, and obtained a second set of dresses, it is time to farm AP and EXP to prep for the hard VR challenges. The more farming you do on Materia, the easier time you will have with these challenges and your hard playthrough. I have detailed some good farming locations in the Hardened Veteran section. Once you are level 50 and confident in your Materia, load up Chapter 17 on hard and progress through one fight until you get to Chadley and his new VR missions. Complete all of these missions for each character. Make sure to scan a Malboro for Master of Mimicry during the Three-Person Team vs. Monsters of Legend challenge. If you have completed all of Chadley’s new missions, as well as the colosseum challenges, you can then tackle the hardest challenge: Three-Person Team vs. Top Secrets. If you manage to beat this, you will obtain Gotterdammerung. This accessory allows the equipped character to start every fight with their limit break, making your life much easier on hard. Once again refer to Ultimate Weapon. for tips and Materia loadouts, as this is one of the hardest fights in the game.

In this step, you will earn:

Biker Boy
Building Character
Intelligence Agent
Master of Mimicry
That’s the Smell
Ultimate Weapon

Step 3: Hard mode, final two side quests and obtain the final three dresses

Hard mode is quite a step up from normal mode. Not only do enemies hit harder and have more health, you cannot use items and your MP does not regenerate at blue benches. MP can only be recovered from the various destructible boxes found throughout chapters, which are seemingly random. Each box recovers 10% of your MP, but that is it. For this reason, I highly recommend farming until you have maxed out eight MP Up Materia. This will give each character +100% MP, which will allow you to have enough MP to make it through a chapter. If you followed my instructions in step 2, you will also have the Gotterdammerung accessory. Putting this on Cloud will trivialize most small battles and help tremendously with most bosses. Lastly, obtain the final three dresses for each character during Chapter 3, 8, & 9. If you did not do side quests in your cleanup playthrough, complete the opposite set from your first playthrough and you will unlock Best in the Business here. Chapters can be played in any order so tackle them how you see fit to finish up and become the Master of Fate!

In this step, you will earn:

Dressed to the Nines
Best in the Business
Hardened Veteran
Master of Fate

Final Fantasy VII Remake Trophy Guide

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54 trophies ( 44  24  )

  • Earn all FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE trophies.

    This trophy will unlock when you have earned all trophies. Congrats!
  • Win a battle.

    This will be the first trophy you earn during Chapter 1. Defeat the first set of enemies and this will unlock.
  • Exploit an enemy's weakness.

    This trophy will come naturally as you play during Chapter 1. The game will tell you how weaknesses work in a tutorial, and if you cast Thunder on said enemy the trophy will pop.
  • Free a bound ally.

    Some bosses can grab or incapacitate a teammate, and that teammate will become bound. Switch to another character and damage the boss enough to release their grip on your teammate. The easiest boss to do this on is the Scorpion Sentinel in Chapter 1. Stay close to it with either Cloud or Barret until it grabs one of you, then switch characters to damage it and the boss will release your partner.
  • Stagger an enemy.

    When damaging an enemy or boss, you will begin filling their stagger gauge. When you see that an enemy is pressured, you can fill up its stagger gauge faster by hitting it’s weakness or using abilities that increase stagger. Once the bar fills, the enemy will stagger, allowing you to do 60% more damage to it for a short time. Staggering your first enemy will unlock this trophy, most likely in Chapter 1.
  • Collect 3 music discs.

    There are 31 music discs in total, the first of which appears in Chapter 3. Please see Disc Jockey for a text and video guide of every disc’s location.
  • Complete a quest.

    There are 26 side quests in Final Fantasy VII Remake, the first of which appears in Chapter 3. Complete any side quest of your choice for this trophy. Please see Best in the Business for a list of all side quests.
  • Max out a weapon's proficiency.

    Each weapon for each character has a unique skill that can be learned. This allows you to use that ability on every weapon you equip for that character. To see what needs to be done to max proficiency, go to Upgrade Weapons in the menu and look for the proficiency bonus requirements. Some just require ability usage, while others require staggering an enemy with it or using it on a staggered enemy. You must do all 24 weapons for another trophy, so I recommend working on each new weapon as you get them until you complete the bonus and unlock the skill. Please see Weapons Expert for the location of all 24 weapons.
  • Level up an orb of materia.

    Materia is leveled up via AP earned at the end of every battle. This AP is applied to every Materia you have equipped to your active party, regardless of if you are using that ability/spell in battle or not. After earning enough AP, the equipped Materia will level up and you will have access to a stronger version of this. Simply keep any Materia equipped on Cloud for the first couple of chapters and this will unlock naturally.
  • Invoke a summon.

    Summons are a staple in the Final Fantasy series, and you will obtain one at the end of Chapter 3. After receiving your first summon materia, it can be equipped in the Materia and Equipment menu. During longer battles and most bosses, a summon bar will appear on the screen in the bottom right corner. As soon as it fills up, any character with a summoning materia equipped can expend an ATB bar to invoke their respective summon. Doing so for the first time will unlock the trophy. Do note that if you happen to have the digital deluxe edition or pre-ordered the game, then you can get this earlier in the game by equipping your bonus summon materia. These are redeemed in the main menu under System -> DLC.
  • Get praised by Jessie at the end of the motorcycle mini-game.

    At the beginning of Chapter 4, you will be riding a bike with Jessie and the Avalanche crew. For this trophy, you must complete the entire biking section with at least 85-90% health. This trophy will be very difficult to do on your first playthrough if you chose to play on normal, so I recommend waiting until your cleanup playthrough to attempt it. On easy, the trophy is very trivial in difficulty. Some things to note: It does not matter if you hit ramps or perform tricks with . Even though Jessie gets excited about those, the trophy is solely based on your health bar after the scene plays out. You also cannot reload a checkpoint or skip the mini-game, otherwise you will auto fail no matter what your health is. Lastly, pay attention to the controls section in the top-left of your screen. Should be self-explanatory, but you would be surprised how many people didn’t know you could hold to block, or that you could even attack on both sides of the motorcycle!
  • Rise to the top of the Seventh Heaven darts leaderboard.

    During the main story of Chapter 3, you will be in the Seventh Heaven bar, waiting on Tifa. The only thing you can do to pass time is play darts. In order to earn this trophy, you must score 301 in seven darts or less. For those of you who do not know how to play darts, each slice of the board is worth the points shown, and the small center is worth 50 points. The outer ring of the dart board is worth double points of that amount, while the inner ring is worth triple points. You goal is to hit exactly 301 points, going over resets you back to the last throw. Therefore a perfect game could be five triple 20s and a 1 in just six darts, so you have only room for one error.

    The mini-game itself is a bit tricky and could take multiple tries. The crosshair jitters erratically and zooms in and out twice, before Cloud auto tosses the dart. The best way to do this it to aim for bullseyes. The circle is much easier to hit than the small triple 20s, and you can mess up once. Try to line it up as best as possible and throw when the crosshair is as small as possible. If you don’t think you can hit on the first small reticle, wait for the second time it shrinks. Some users have also had success by pinching the left stick with their index and thumb, rather than just using their thumb. This allows for more precise shots, but is up to personal preference. Should you fail to be Wedge’s score of eight, you can retry as many times as you like before sitting back down at the bar and continuing the story. I have also included a video guide if that is more your style, all credit to PowerPyx: LINK
  • Obtain the Chocobo & Moogle materia.

    During Chapter 6, you will be tasked with turning off three sun lamps to power a lift. Once you have turned all three off, you can access another lift to the right of it that leads to the last unexplored part of the map. Make sure to do this before hopping on the lift indicated by your objective! Over here you will find a shop with a music disc, as well as a terminal. Activating the terminal gives you 60 seconds to terminate a Queen Grashtrike and two Sentry Rays. This fight is a bit tough to take out quickly, so I advise equipping Ice materia. Command Barret to take out the Sentries and focus the Queen with all your attacks. When an ATB bar fills, hit it with Blizzard or Blizzara. When all enemies are dead, quickly run to the other side of the room and hit the second terminal with . If you fail, you can actually restart it and the fight will replace the Queen with two smaller Grashtrikes, making it significantly easier to clear. Despite rumors, there isn't a limited amount of tries; you can repeat as necessary until you clear the room (thanks Forf3itz). I will once again include a video from the great PowerPyx: LINK
  • Bypass the delta-level security lock in Mako Reactor 5.

    This trophy is near the end of Chapter 7. You will have to use Cloud, Tifa & Barret to open a lever puzzle door, just like the original game. After opening the main door, a discovery quest will pop up and you can open the vault by operating the puzzle three more times. The directions you need to press your sticks in shows up on the monitors near Tifa. Do so for all locks and you will open the vault, giving you access to all the items you disposed of during the chapter. Here is a video guide if you are struggling, thanks to PowerPyx: LINK
  • Complete all Normal difficulty Whack-a-Box challenges.

    This trophy is located in Chapter 8. Once you have advanced the story enough and unlocked side quests, the teacher outside the orphanage will task you with finding the five children late for class. Each of them has a wooden sword on their back, and the teacher gives clues as to where they are. Once you have done that quest, head into the kid’s hideout where the Moogle Emporium is. There is a kid there who will give you the Verified Hero side quest. This is the Whack-a-Box mini-game, and the score you need for all challenges is 30,000. This trophy is not too difficult, just aim for as many boxes as you can. There are red clock boxes that give you extra time, so aim for those as well. Build up your ATB gauge and use abilities on the big 1500 point boxes, as they have a ton of health. If you fail to earn 30,000 points, you can replay the mini-game as much as needed until you earn enough points.
  • Defeat a summon in battle.

    The first opportunity to earn this trophy is in Chapter 8. Our boy Chadley will tell Cloud that he has developed a way to make summon materia if Cloud can defeat the VR battle. The first summon you can fight is Shiva. Equip Cloud and Aerith with Fire materia and hit her with it until you see her cast Frost Familiars. This causes Shiva to deflect spells, which can be deadly if you keep trying to hit her with fire or other spells. If you picked up the Elemental materia in Chapter 6, you can put this on a bangle and link an Ice materia to it so that the equipped character takes 50% less damage from ice. Beware that around 25% health, Shiva will cast her ultimate move Diamond Dust. Make sure you are healed up throughout the fight and it shouldn’t be a problem. If you are struggling, you can temporarily turn the difficulty down to easy, or wait until later when you are more prepared.
  • Complete all squat challenges.

    Near the end of Chapter 9, Aerith will leave the party temporarily for story reasons, and you’ll be given your set of side quests. Regardless of which set you receive, Burning Thighs will be one of them. Meet Jules and the buff squad in the gym and challenge each one to a squat off. The mini-game is simple: Press the on screen buttons in rhythm with Cloud’s movements. The tempo speeds up and the buttons disappear from the screen, but the order remains the same. After beating both Ronnie and Jay, you can challenge Jules in the pro challenge. Defeat him as well to unlock this trophy and a champion belt.
  • Emerge victorious from a colosseum sparring session.

    This is located in either Chapter 9 or 14. After defeating all of the colosseum bosses in Chapter 9, the director of events will tell you about the new sessions available. You can tackle them now if you wish, and they can be set to easy. Keep in mind you must do all colosseum challenges eventually as part of the Ultimate Weapon trophy.
  • Obtain three bridal candidate outfits.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    See Dressed to the Nines for a list of all bridal candidate outfits and how to obtain them.
  • Obtain all nine bridal candidate outfits.

    There are a total of nine bridal candidate outfits, three for each of Don’s "girls." Because you can only obtain three outfits per playthrough, you will need to replay the associated chapters at least three times, then see the actual outfit during Chapter 9 for it to count. In order to save an outfit choice moving forward via chapter select, you need to complete the chapter. For example, if you select Mature for Tifa and beat Chapter 3, you can skip right to Chapter 9 and she will have the mature dress. Once you see Tifa for the first time in Chapter 9, you have officially obtained the dress for record purposes. Here are the nine outfits, how to obtain them, and the best way to get all three the quickest:

    Tifa: Her dresses are obtained in Chapter 3. Two of them require you to complete all six side quests in Chapter 3 before entering the bar and advancing the story. This opens up a discovery quest called Alone at Last. Tifa will ask Cloud what outfit suits her. While all three options are available, Sporty and Exotic can only be picked during this event. Mature can be obtained much quicker by just completing one side quest to advance the story and ignoring the rest.
    • Short blue dress & heels: You can either complete zero extra side quests during Chapter 3 (one is required to advance the story), or you can complete all side quests and chose "Mature" during her discovery quest. I recommend not picking "Mature" on your first playthrough because then you will have to complete all six side quest three times instead of just twice.
    • Long black dress & hair buns: Complete all six side quests during Chapter 3 and during the Alone at Last discovery event with Tifa, choose the "Sporty" option.
    • Black kimono & thigh highs: Complete all six side quests in Chapter 3 and during the Alone at Last discovery event with Tifa, choose the "Exotic" option.

    Aerith: Her dresses are directly tied to the amount of side quests you do during Chapter 8. There are six total side quests and in short, her dresses are obtained by doing 0, 3-5, and 6 out of 6 quests.
    • Fancy red dress: For this dress, you must complete all 6 side quests in Chapter 8.
    • Long pink dress: For this dress, you must complete at least three side quests in Chapter 8. You can complete between 3-5 quests, as long as it is not all of them.
    • Short light pink dress: Completing 0 side quests in Chapter 8 gives you the final dress and a sad Aerith. You put a lot of work into this, didn’t you?

    Cloud: The prettiest girl of them all; Cloud’s outfit is determined by the side quests you complete during Chapter 9. These dresses can be the most confusing, as the choices you make throughout the chapter directly relate to which set of side quests you get. Thanks to some testing by PSNProfiles user scoop263411, the side quests seem to be on a hidden point system. The choices that are most important are how you describe Tifa to Chocobo Sam, whether or not you ignore Johnny when he runs by (or disagree with him if you talk to him), and the massage you choose for Madam M. While even with testing it is impossible to confirm, I have put my personal chapter choices below which netted me the side quests. Credit to PowerPyx for these choices:
    • Blue corset and black dress: This dress is for doing Sam’s set of 3 quests. The quests are Burning Thighs, The Party Never Stops, and A Dynamite Body. In order to get these, make sure to make the following choices during Chapter 9:
      • When Sam asks Cloud to describe Tifa at the beginning of the chapter: Choose "She’s in great shape."
      • When Johnny runs by, you will get a discovery quest. Chase him down and say "Yeah."
      • Sam will agree to recommend you if you call his coin toss correctly. Choose "No Deal."
      • Madam M offers you a massage of various prices. Choose the Poor Man’s Course for 100 gil.
      • When Aerith asks about her normal attire, tell her "It’s alright."
    • Light purple and black dress: This one is for doing Madam M’s set of 3 quests. The quests are Burning Thighs, The Price of Thievery, and Shears Counterattack. In order to guarantee these quests, make the following choices during Chapter 9:
      • When Sam asks Cloud to describe Tifa at the beginning of the chapter: Choose "She’s great at handling the books."
      • When Johnny runs by and a discovery quest pops up: Ignore him and continue on. If you chase him down, you may be able to select "Nope" but I did not test it.
      • During Sam’s coin toss, choose either heads or tails. You will lose either way (for brevity’s sake, I chose "Heads.")
      • When Madam M offers a massage, chose the Luxury Course for 3,000 gil.
      • When Aerith asks about her normal attire, tell her it "Looks comfortable."
    • Plain black dress: The easiest of the three! Chose whatever responses you want, and then do not complete any side quests at all. Just head straight back to Madam M to check on Aerith once you have the set of quests.

    If you are still confused, chrisanimeguy has recently added a thread with similar information: LINK. Now as far as playthroughs are concerned, here is my recommend route:

    Playthrough 1 - Normal difficulty. Complete all side quests in Chapter 3 and choose "Sporty or Exotic." Either works, just remember your choice. Complete all side quests in Chapter 8 as well. When you get to Chapter 9, follow the instructions to get Cloud's blue corset and black dress, which is Sam's questline. This gives you access to Johnny's event so you can earn The Johnny Experience trophy later on.

    Playthrough 2 - Easy difficulty. Load up Chapter Select, Chapter 3 on easy difficulty. Do not do any of the side quests, except the one needed to advance the story. Tifa's dress will default to "Mature." Complete the chapter and then save and quit. Select Chapter 8 and once again do not do any side quests. Complete the chapter and roll into Chapter 9. Even though you have to pick up the side quests, you will not complete any of them. At this point, you need to play until after the Honeybee Inn scene so that you see Cloud's dress. Either finish the chapter, or check your play log to see if everyone now has 2/3 dresses. While this did not happen to me, chrisanimeguy says not to skip the cutscene where Cloud gets dolled up, as it might glitch out Cloud's dress count. When this is done, you can put this trophy on hold until you tackle hard mode.

    Playthrough 3 - Hard difficulty. Either by Chapter selecting or playing normally, wait until Chapter 3 and once again do all side quests. When Tifa asks what to wear, choose the opposite option that you did in Playthrough 1. When Chapter 8 rolls around, you need to complete any 3-5 side quests. If you care about manuscripts for weapon SP, you can do all six quests and just not turn the final quest in. Five of them give you 10 SP for various characters. For example, the last quest I did was Paying Respects. Once I killed the mini-boss, I got the manuscript and 10 SP for my weapons. Then, I did not return to the quest giver and moseyed on over to Chapter 9. If you do not care about maxing your weapons, any 3 side quests are enough to meet the requirements. Lastly, you'll want to complete Madam M's set of quests. This will net you two additional manuscripts for SP and the Best in the Business, trophy. Now continue on until you pass the Honeybee Inn scene (don't skip it to be safe). Once that scene is over and you regain control of Cloud, the trophy will pop. Remember that you can always check the play log to make sure dresses are counting. The play log is unlocked after beating the game for the first time.
  • Complete all Hard difficulty Whack-a-Box challenges.

    During Chapter 14, you will be allowed to free roam between Sectors before moving on with the story. Return to the kids’ hideout and you can try the Pro Whack-a-Box challenge. This challenge is a bit harder than the first, but it isn’t too bad. For this one though, you absolutely must hit as many red clock boxes to extend your time as much as possible. Remember to use abilities on the 1500 boxes to kill them quicker and you can get this done in a few tries. The weapon you equip actually matters because you can use either Braver or that weapon's ability only. If you are struggling, try using Hardedge because it's ability "Infinity's End" can kill 1500 boxes in one usage. Thanks for the tip axemtitanium!
  • Complete all pull-up challenges.

    Welcome to the actual final boss of the game: Pull-ups. Returning to the gym in Chapter 14 presents another rhythm mini-game where you must press buttons in a certain order. The order is a bit awkward and changes between rounds. After beating Andrea and completing the Wavering Heart side quest, you can challenge Jay. Beat him and then the fastest pull-upper in the west joins the fray: Jules. Even though he falls in the first round, Jules goes mental and will always score somewhere between 40-45. This means you need to be perfect in not only learning the button combo, but speeding up your rhythm. This trophy might end up being the most frustrating in the game for you and I cannot offer much advice other than to keep trying. I have seen several users provide tips to turn off the music and sound so that they could focus on Tifa’s movements. I also see a lot of tips to say the order of the buttons out loud to yourself. I admit I found myself doing this just because the order is so awkward to hit when you start going fast. Lastly, I will include a video guide if you prefer that. Be warned though that in my six attempts, Jules never fell on the second round like in the video. All credit to PowerPyx: LINK
  • Complete all quests.

    There are a grand total of 26 side quests in Final Fantasy VII Remake. They are found in Chapters 3, 8, 9, and 14. Because Chapter 9 branches depending on choices, you can only complete 24 out of 26 quests on a single playthrough. You will need to save the last two for another playthrough (more on that below). Side quest completion is cumulative so if you do 24 on one playthrough, and the other 2 on another playthrough, you will earn the trophy. Here is a list of each quest:

    Chapter 3
    • Chadley’s Report: Upon talking to Chadley, he will give you an Assess materia. Head over to the junkyard (or work on other quests) and make sure to assess two unique enemies. Once done, return to Chadley to complete the quest.
    • Rat Problem: Speak with the item store owner and he will explain that you need to go clear out some rats. Head to the marker and clear the enemies, then return to the item vendor. By the time you do that, the actual rats (called Doomrats) should have spawned. Head back to the marker and clear them out to finish up this quest.
    • Nuisance in the Factory: Locate the junk dealing NPC and he will tell you to clear out the factory. Follow the marker to a locked gate and you will be let in. Make your way through the factory until you find two separate Lesser Drakes. Take them both out and you can return to the dealer for your reward.
    • Lost Friends: A little girl is upset that her cats won’t return home, and tasks you with finding all three. None of them are very hidden, so I recommend keeping an eye out for them while doing other quests and exploring. If you cannot find them, it is best to use this video guide by PowerPyx: LINK
    • On the Prowl: After completing a few quests, Wyman (next to Chadley) will have a new quest. Head to the scrapyard and defeat the Wrath Hound. Be warned that this guy is a little tough for an early game mini-boss. I recommend using Ice to hit its weakness, and blocking while in Punisher Mode with Cloud to counter-attack. It will flee the battle and you have to hunt it down to finish it. Just follow the marker until you find where it went.
    • Just Flew in from the Graveyard: After completing Nuisance in the Factory, locate an NPC named Gwen just outside the town gates. She will task you with taking care of an enemy in the factory. Head back there and locate the area with the bench and vending machine. Inside a destructible box here is the key needed to continue the quest. Follow the marker to the locked door and head inside to fight a Cerulean Drake. This enemy is weak to Wind so make sure that is equipped if you have it. If not, try to use other spells as well to knock it out of the air briefly.

    Chapter 8
    • The Mysterious Moogle Merchant: In the kid’s hideout, you can find the Mysterious Moogle Merchant. He will tell you that you need a Moogle membership, so purchase one to complete this quest. While you are here, pick up the graveyard key for another quest later. You should have plenty of Moogle medals, but if you spent them all you can just score less than 10,000 points in Whack-a-box to get a quick medal for the key.
    • Kids on Patrol: You can pick up this quest from the teacher outside the orphanage. She tasks you with locating the five kids who are late for class, and gives you a hint on where to find them. While none of them are particularly hard to find, here is a video guide from Powerpyx: LINK. Once that is done, you’ll need to head to the marker and defeat the Hedgehog Pie King. While not boasting a lot of health, the Pie King casts deadly spells like sleep and slow, and protects his minions with barriers. But like their lesser counterparts, the King is weak to Ice so bring it with you into the fight and focus down the King to finish him off.
    • A Verified Hero: After completing Kids on Patrol, you can visit the kids’ hideout and play Whack-a-Box. Simply complete the mini-game with 10,000 points or more to complete this quest.
    • Angel of the Slums: This quest is also located in the kids’ hideout after completing Kids on Patrol. Talk to the main kid Oates and he will tell you to look for the Angel of the Slums. Follow the marker to the community center and speak with the short old lady, which will lead you to a new part of the map. Here you will need to fight a Chromogger, and he is a hard hitter. Like all machines, he is weak to Thunder so that is a good materia to stick on Aerith. I suggest playing as Aerith and keeping your distance because even with blocking, Chromogger deals out a beating that can kill you quickly.
    • Weapons on a Rampage: If you head north out of the main village, you can find a scared man with a shiny side quest. Follow the path forward and take a right to catch a glimpse of them further on. Continue heading towards this north section of this area to find and defeat the two sets of Monodrives. This enemy is initially weak to wind, but be careful as it can also cast Indurate. This will either block physical or magic attacks, so you will have to attack with the opposite. After defeating both sets of Monodrives, you can head back to the man and gain access to the final side quest.
    • Paying Respects: After completing Weapons on a Rampage, there will be an old man directly outside of the weapon shop. Talk to him and he will explain that he would like to visit the graveyard, but it is infected by enemies. First off, you will need to purchase the graveyard key from the Moogle Merchant if you have not done so already. After that, follow the marker to the graveyard and tackle the three Venomantis enemies here. Make sure to come prepared with at least Ice and Healing materia. All of their attacks deal poison damage and they do a long-range attack that can put you to sleep. My recommendation is to use Ice on Aerith and use Triple Slash as much as possible on Cloud. If you fall asleep, either switch characters or wait until you get smacked awake. It would be a great idea to put on a poison-immunity accessory if you happen to have any.
    Chapter 9
    • Burning Thighs: Head to the gym and challenge Jules’s crew to the beginner squat challenge. Defeat Ronnie to complete this simple quest. This quest is available on both sets of quests.
    • The Party Never Stops: As explained in Dressed to the Nines, you must make certain choices throughout Chapter 9 and they affect whether or not you get Chocobo Sam or Madam M’s side quests. This quest is part of Sam’s questline. You will be asked by the clothing store owner to rouse up his old man and find his "inspiration." Head outside and you will be intercepted by Johnny. Now just follow him around on this simple but slightly long set of fetch quests.
    • A Dynamite Body: After completing The Party Never Stops, Sam will task you with returning to the colosseum and fighting a special match. This match is against a Bomb, a well-known enemy of the Final Fantasy series. It would be a great idea to stick on linked Elemental-Fire on Cloud’s armor so that you can take reduced damage from all of its attacks.
    • The Price of Thievery: As explained in Dressed to the Nines, you must make certain choices throughout Chapter 9 and they affect whether or not you get Chocobo Sam or Madam M’s side quests. This quest is part of Madam M’s questline. You will need to locate Mireille right outside town (near Chocobo Sam). She will tell you of some mischief going on in the tunnels. Head towards the marker and find out that Beck and his mischievous goons are up to no good again. Defeat them and their buffed goon and return to Mireille to complete this quest.
    • Shears’ Counterattack: After completing The Price of Thievery, you can head over to the colosseum to fight a special match. This fight is against a Jury-Rigged Cutter, which is a beefier version of a normal Cutter. Just like most machines, it is weak to Thunder and does not pose much of a threat.
  • Collect all music discs.

    There are 31 music discs to collect throughout Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Most of them are easy to find because you will hear music playing when you approach a vendor, vending machine, or NPC that has them. I will list them in the order that they will be collected throughout the game. If you miss one, you can pick it up on another playthrough or through chapter select. You can also visit a jukebox and each disc will be numbered to easily hunt down the ones you are missing. I will also include a video guide from PowerPyx. if that is more your style: LINK. Lastly, I want to give credit to mrrj46. These are my personal notes but I did use his guide to begin with.
    • Chapter 3 – 1. The Prelude – Can be bought from the item vendor for 50 gil.
    • Chapter 3 – 3. Tifa’s Theme – When you enter Seventh Heaven for the first time, look for a jukebox to the right of the entrance and visit it to find the disc.
    • Chapter 3 – 4. Barret’s Theme – There is a food stall near the Sector 7 train station selling this for 50 gil.
    • Chapter 3 – 27. Hip Hop de Chocobo – Head around the back of Seventh Heaven and listen for the iconic chocobo theme. Talk to an NPC here and he will give you the disc.
    • Chapter 5 – 28. Stamp – After you defeat the 2 Flamethower soldiers and the 2 Sentry Guns, there will be a room not much further ahead with a vending machine with this music disc on sale for 50 gil.
    • Chapter 6 – 18. Electric de Chocobo – Near the end of the level, after turning off three sun lamps, you will come to a lift to finish the level. Before hoping on that, check for another lift to the right of it. This will take you to a vending machine that has the disk for 50 gil.
    • Chapter 7 – 2. Bombing Mission – After completing the lever mechanic puzzle, you will find this disc in a vending machine for 50 gil.
    • Chapter 8 – 19. Costa del Sol – This disc is in the materia shop and can be picked up once you are able to free roam around Chapter 8.
    • Chapter 8 – 20. Gold Saucer – Can be purchased from the Moogle Emporium in the kids’ hideout for one Moogle medal.
    • Chapter 8 – 21. Cait Sith’s Theme – You can find this in a vending machine near the Sector 5 train platform.
    • Chapter 8 – 23. Descendant of Shinobi – Near the train station, you can find a circular bench with music playing nearby. Locate the NPC with a hat and he will give you the disc.
    • Chapter 8 - 25. Tango of Tears – Located in the community center jukebox. The jukebox should appear on your map when you get near the center.
    • Chapter 9 – 22. Cosmo Canyon – After the second robot arm mechanic puzzle, follow Aerith to the edge of the collapsed road and you will find a vending machine with this disc for 50 gil.
    • Chapter 9 - 8. Under The Rotting Pizza – When you enter the city for the first time, you will see a "Potion Juice" vendor in front of you. Take a left and head down a skinny fenced area to find the jukebox with this collectible.
    • Chapter 9 – 17. Farm Boy – Locate Chadley and follow the map north up the nearest set of stairs. Up here is a cowgirl who will give you the disc.
    • Chapter 9 – 10. Honeybee Inn – You can find this in the Wall Market item vendor shop for 50 gil.
    • Chapter 9 – 29. The Midgar Blues – This one is located across from the gym in a bar. Locate the guy singing karaoke and he will give it to you free of charge.
    • Chapter 9 – 26. Let the Battles Begin! – Get 10x Great on the practice dance in the Honeybee Inn. You can continue practicing until you get all greats for this music disc.
    • Chapter 9 – 11. Don of the Slums – After advancing the story enough to get inside Don Corneo’s mansion, you can find it in a hard-to-miss vending machine.
    • Chapter 10 – 9. The Oppressed – After draining the water for the first time, you can find this in a hard-to-miss vending machine for 50 gil.
    • Chapter 11 – 6. Let the Battles Begin! – Located in a hard-to-miss vending machine for 50 gil before the first major boss fight.
    • Chapter 13 – 15. On Our Way – Once you make it to Evergreen Park, you will find a lot of shops and a rest point before heading underground. One of the shop owners here sells this disc for 50 gil.
    • Chapter 13 – 14. Main Theme of FFVII – When you are in the underground testing site, you will pass by this hard-to-miss vending machine with the disc (50 gil).
    • Chapter 14 – 7. Turks’ Theme – Located along the S6-5 Road, north of Madam M’s parlor. Head along this road until you find a fishing spot. The NPC here will give you the disc.
    • Chapter 14 – 16. Good Night, Until Tomorrow – Located inside the Wall Market hotel, given by a man in the back left corner.
    • Chapter 14 – 12. Fight On! – Located in the Wall Market colosseum shop for 50 gil.
    • Chapter 14 – 30. Stand Up – Head towards the Honeybee Inn in Wall Market. Before entering, there is a corner to the left that leads under a fence and to a dead end. A woman here will give you the disc if you speak with her.
    • Chapter 14 – 24. Wutai – From the Wall Market colosseum, head southwest into the Urban Advancement District. About halfway through this linear path, you can find an NPC who will give you the disc.
    • Chapter 14 – 13. The Chase – When you enter the sewers as part of the main story, be on the lookout for a hard-to-miss vending machine that sells this for 50 gil.
    • Chapter 15 – 5. Lurking in the Darkness – Located in a hard-to-miss vending machine along the main path of Chapter 15, sold for 50 gil.
    • Chapter 16 – 31. Scarlet’s Theme – Once inside Shinra HQ, you will get to an open cafeteria area that has a VR battle simulator. To the right of the simulator is a jukebox with the final music disc.
  • Attain level 50 with a character.

    In order to reach level 50 with any character, I recommend beating the game first. Once you have done so, you will begin earning double experience for every fight. If you are planning on tackling hard mode, you must be level 50 anyway as the enemies are all scaled to max level. The quickest way to level up to 50 is to load up Chapter 16 on easy. Skip all cutscenes and run through the level, killing all enemies along the way. When you make it inside the Shinra HQ building, save and load the chapter again. Repeat as necessary until you have reached level 50. This is also the fastest way to level up AP so I recommend using this as your farming spot.
  • Deal 300% damage to a staggered enemy.

    The earliest you can earn this trophy is Chapter 14. The absolute easiest enemy to do this on is Fat Chocobo in Chadley’s VR Missions. When Fat Chocobo’s stagger bar is about 75% full, use Unbridled Strength twice to prep Rise and Fall. After that, fill up two more ATB bars with Tifa and make sure you are controlling her. At the exact moment Chocobo staggers, hit twice to go through your chi moves, then keep hitting until your two ATB bars fill again. Use Unbridled Strength twice again and return to spamming . Repeat a third time and you can surpass 300% stagger with just Tifa. I have uploaded a video of myself doing this with just Tifa and no additional things needed: LINK. It is worth noting that you should attempt this on normal because Fat Chocobo will die too fast on easy and the stagger bar will drain too fast on hard. If you are struggling, you can wait until mid-Chapter 16 to tackle this. There is a weapon you can pick up early in the chapter there that allows Tifa to increase stagger percentage by a flat 30%. Lastly, Aerith’s Ray of Judgment also increases stagger percentage, so worst case scenario you can wait until beating the game and you can fight Fat Chocobo with Tifa and Aerith in Chapter 17.
  • Complete all battle intel reports.

    Starting in Chapter 3, Chadley begins giving you battle intel to tackle while you are playing the game. As you advance the story and complete battle intel, Chadley will give you more things to do. The good news about that is anything you do before receiving the next steps will count retroactively. There are 20 in all, but you most likely won’t be able to finish them all until after you beat the game once. Below is a list of all intel and how to complete them:
    • Monster Bio Part 1: Assess 2 enemy types. This is the most important thing to be doing for the majority of the game because you need to assess 30 enemies in total for part 4. Completing part 4 gives you the Enemy Skill material, which is needed for Master of Mimicry. Make it a priority to assess any new enemies you come across for the entire game and you’ll auto complete the next four parts.
    • Magic Elements Part 1: For this, you need to hit an enemy who is weak to fire, ice, and lightning. This can be done pretty early, just scan enemies as you come across them with the Assess materia and smack them with one of these elements if they are weak to it. You must do fire, ice, and lightning once each to complete the intel.
    • The Stagger Effect Part 1: This is one of the intel that you need to pay attention to, as it can be hard to do without trying. What this means is that you need to gain an ATB charge while using an ability on a staggered enemy. When an enemy staggers, wait until either your first or second ATB bar is close to filling, and use an ability (such as Braver). If the attack lands, it should fill the rest of the ATB bar and give you credit for one out of ten. Practice timing and make sure characters aren’t sitting on two full ATB bars and you can knock this out in a couple of chapters.
    • The Stagger Effect Part 2: You do not have to worry about this one too much, as you will be continuously staggering different enemies throughout the game.
    • Combat Simulation: Shiva: When you reach Chadley in Chapter 8, he will give you the option to battle the first VR simulation. Defeat Shiva to unlock this intel and gain her as a summon. If you are struggling, you can dip the difficulty down to easy just for this fight for an easy time.
    • Monster Bio Part 2: Assess 15 enemies for this one. As explained above, continue assessing enemies throughout the game to make sure you get 30 total.
    • Magic Elements Part 2: For this you need to hit 15 enemies with their weakness element. This can be done with fire, ice, wind or thunder and is hard to miss through normal gameplay.
    • The Manipulation Technique: Defeat two enemies with one attack. Another one that may just auto-complete when you get it. If you are having trouble, weaken two enemies and then use Cloud’s Triple Slash ability to take them both out.
    • Monster Variants Part 1: Defeating 3 monsters of unique variety will unlock through normal gameplay.
    • Combat Simulation: Fat Chocobo: If you have defeated Shiva and advanced through the story enough (or completed enough battle intel), you can take on Fat Chocobo in the simulation. This fight is not difficult by any means and can be taken out with ease.
    • Monster Bio Part 3: Assess 20 enemies for this one. If you’ve been assessing throughout the game, this will auto-complete.
    • The Stagger Effect Part 3: Increase stagger percentage to 200%. This is easy to do on Fat Chocobo with Tifa: Use Unbridled Strength twice and unleash several consecutive times on a staggered Fat Chocobo and you will surpass 200% easily.
    • Refocus Analysis: For this intel, you need to have the Refocus materia equipped and gain your limit break. When you’ve done so, activating Refocus will give you 3 ATB bars for the rest of the fight. You need to do this twice for this intel, and it is best done on bosses so you have time to earn your limit break.
    • The Stagger Effect Part 4 Staggering 40 enemy types will come naturally as you play the game.
    • Combat Simulation: Leviathan: After defeating both previous simulations and advancing the story enough, you can take on Leviathan. Leviathan isn’t terribly difficult but can be annoying if you do not stagger it before it starts flying around. I recommend tackling this in Chapter 14 when you have access to Cloud, Tifa & Barret to take it out quickly. If all else fails, drop the difficulty down to easy.
    • Monster Bio Part 4: Assess 30 enemies for this one. If you’ve been assessing throughout the game, this will auto-complete once you get it. Because assessments carry over to hard mode, I recommend assessing any and every enemy in the game so you don’t ever have to use it again!
    • Weapon Abilities: It says to acquire all 16 weapon abilities, but there are actually 24 total you can acquire so you can get this intel early. When you pick up a new weapon for each character, it will have its own unique ability that you can unlock. Under Materia and Equipment -> Weapons, there will be a proficiency bonus tidbit on the right. Do these requirements and you can then use that ability with any weapon you equip. You will need to do every weapon for Weapon Expert, so it is worth working on throughout the game.
    • MP Consumption: For this, you need to master all 12 types of magic materia. These are the green materia, and will require a lot of AP for at least Revival. For that reason, I recommend waiting until after clearing the game to gain access to triple AP. That way you can put one copy of all non-maxed green materia on and farm Chapter 16 on easy until they are all maxed. For reference, the 12 materia needed are Healing, Cleansing, Revival, Fire, Ice, Lightning, Wind, Poison, Barrier, Binding, Subversion, and Time.
    • Monster Variants Part 2: Defeating 10 unique enemy varieties will come naturally as you progress through the game.
    • Combat Simulation: For this you must complete all 19 of the other battle intel reports to access the final simulation. Bahamut is not the easiest battle in the game, but you can drop the difficulty to easy for a quick win. There will be more information on how to defeat Bahamut under Ultimate Weapon if needed.
  • Learn all weapon abilities.

    There are 24 weapons in this game, with six for each character. In order to learn a weapon ability, you must equip that weapon and then do what the proficiency bonus requires. When you have done so a few times, you will complete the proficiency and learn the skill to use on any weapon. Every weapon has something different to do, so make sure to check what they require when equipping a weapon under Weapons and Materia. Here is a list of every weapon location for each character. Most are hard to miss, with the exception of a very missable weapon in Chapter 11 for Aerith. Make sure to pay extra attention to that!

    • Buster Sword: Cloud’s default weapon. The unique ability Braver is unlocked automatically.
    • Iron Blade: You obtain this during a story-related event in Chapter 3. The ability Triple Slash requires you to strike three or more enemies with one usage.
    • Nail Bat: Obtained by completing the Kids on Patrol side quest during Chapter 8. If you miss it, it can be bought in the café weapon shop in Chapter 16 as well. In order to max this out, you must strike an enemy after using Disorder. I recommend being in Punisher mode before using the ability, as the Nail Bat has a unique, but slow, strong attack.
    • Hardedge: Hardedge can be purchased from the Wall Market weapon vendor in Chapter 9. If you miss it, it can be bought in the café weapon shop in Chapter 16 as well. To complete the proficiency, you must use Infinity’s End on a staggered enemy a couple of times. If you want to get it done right away, it can be farmed on Chadley’s VR battles.
    • Mythril Saber: This weapon can be purchased from the Wall Market weapon vendor in Chapter 14. If you miss it, it can be bought in the café weapon shop in Chapter 16 as well. All you have to do to unlock Blade Burst is defeat a few enemies with it a couple of times.
    • Twin Stinger: Cloud’s final weapon can be found in a hard-to-miss purple chest during Chapter 17. Location pulled from the FF7R Wiki: After Red XIII assists you to cross the second set of pods, you'll find yourself in a room where you'll fight a gauntlet of enemies. After clearing the room, head outside and you'll see a purple chest on the left side of the stairs. In order to complete the proficiency, you just need to successfully implement a counterattack. Use it on enemies who use physical attacks and you’ll get it in no time.

    • Gatling Gun: This is Barret’s default weapon. In order to gain proficiency, you need to stagger an enemy with the Focused Shot.
    • Light Machine Gun: Automatically obtained during Chapter 6. The ability is Lifesaver, and unlocks after restoring an ally’s HP a few times as Barret.
    • Big Bertha: You can purchase this weapon in Chapter 13 when you arrive in Evergreen Park. If you miss it, it can be bought in the café weapon shop in Chapter 16 as well. All you need to do for the proficiency bonus is kill an enemy with Maximum Fury a few times.
    • Steel Pincers: You can purchase this weapon during Chapter 14 from the Moogle Emporium. This weapon actually turns Barret into a melee character. In order to increase proficiency, you must top off Charge (your ability) with the Charging Uppercut ability a few times.
    • Wrecking Ball: You obtain this weapon by completing the side quest Subterranean Menace during Chapter 14. If you miss it, it can be bought in the café weapon shop in Chapter 16 as well. Wrecking Ball also turns Barret into a melee character, and the ability is a literal Smackdown. You need to hit three or more enemies with it, so make sure to use it when there are a lot of enemies on screen.
    • EKG Cannon: Barret’s final weapon is obtained during Chapter 16. Eventually you will meet with a man named Hart. After a story-related meeting, talk to Hart again and agree to support his cause for 10,000 gil. He will give you the weapon in return. The Point Blank ability only requires you to finish off enemies a few times to complete.

    • Leather Gloves: Tifa’s default weapon. Unlocking Divekick only requires you to finish off enemies with that ability.
    • Metal Knuckles: Automatically obtained during Chapter 5. You can unlock the ability Overpower by using it and then following up with basic attacks.
    • Sonic Strikers: During Chapter 7, you will be sabotaging Shinra’s secret weapon. As you continue through the linear level, you will eventually run across a hard-to-miss purple chest in front of you as you enter a connecting room. If you miss it, it can be bought in the café weapon shop in Chapter 16 as well. For the Focused Strike ability, you will need to stagger an enemy when you use it. This can be tricky so I suggest waiting until an enemy is pressured and at around 90% stagger bar before using the ability.
    • Feathered Gloves: In Chapter 10, you will drain the water in Aqueduct 1. The weapon is located in a purple chest right under the steel wall you raised to drain it. If you miss it, it can be bought in the café weapon shop in Chapter 16 as well. For Starshower, you need to have two ATB bars charged. Simply activate Starshower and follow it up with any other ability or a magic spell cast.
    • Mythril Claws: Automatically obtained during Chapter 13. All you need to do is hit an enemy with Chi Trap to gain proficiency.
    • Purple Pain: After gaining access to Shinra HQ in Chapter 16, you will have control of Tifa for a platforming section. Eventually you will be monkey-baring across some lights. Keep an eye out here for a purple chest and make your way over to it for this weapon. This weapon has one of the strongest abilities in the game; True Strike increases stagger percentage by 30%. Simply strike a staggered enemy to gain proficiency with this weapon.

    • Guard Stick: Aerith’s default weapon. Use the ability Arcane Ward a few times and you will unlock this ability.
    • Silver Staff: You can buy this in Chapter 8 from the Moogle Emporium. The ability Sorcerous Storm requires you to hit three or more enemies, which isn’t too difficult to complete when used up close.
    • Arcane Scepter: You will obtain this weapon by completing all three side quests of either path of quests in Chapter 9. If you miss it, it can be bought in the café weapon shop in Chapter 16 as well. The ability description is a bit confusing, but I got this done by just conjuring a Fleeting Familiar as often as possible and it gain proficiency automatically.
    • Mythril Rod: When you climb the first ladder in Chapter 11, you can spot the purple chest off to the right. Simply proceed into the area until you can find the side path that leads to this chest to nab the weapon. If you miss it, it can be bought in the café weapon shop in Chapter 16 as well. The ability requires you to strike a staggered enemy so make sure to have two ATB charges at the ready for a staggered foe.
    • Bladed Staff: Highly Missable! First of all, you need to complete Chadley’s battle intel report 7 (exploit 15 enemy weaknesses with spells). After that, speak with Chadley to obtain a Steal materia. Make sure to do this before Chapter 11, as the final boss of the level has this weapon as a stealable item. The enemy you are looking for is named Eligor. You will need to cast Steal on it until you successfully steal the weapon. Just keep casting it and it will eventually successfully steal the weapon. If you miss it, you will have to replay the entire chapter. As for the ability, you need to strike an enemy with the shield. It is another unclear ability that I just got by casting it as much as possible; it didn’t take long.
    • Reinforced Staff: This weapon is located in a chest in the very beginning of Chapter 17; it is hard to miss. The ability ATB Ward gains proficiency just from activating it a handful of times.
  • Learn all enemy skills.

    There are only four enemy skills to learn for this trophy. Before you can start learning abilities, you will need to complete Chadley battle intel reports until you unlock Report #16. If you have been using Assess diligently, it will automatically complete once unlocked. If not, you will need to finish assessing 30 different enemies. This unlocks the Enemy Skill material needed to learn skills. The materia itself says it must be equipped to equipment for it to count, but some users have gotten enemy skills with it equipped on weapons. Also, there is a chance you may need to get hit by the ability multiple times before you actually learn the skill. Here are the four you need:
    • Algid Aura: The character equipped with Enemy Skill needs to be hit with Icy Aura from a Cerulean Drake. The most accessible one is in the Two-Person Team vs. Team Payback challenge in Chapter 14. You can also find one in Chapter 3 and Chapter 11 if replaying the story.
    • Self-Destruct: This ability can be learned by three different enemies, but the easiest is a Smogger. They respawn in the Collapsed Expressway during Chapter 14 and almost always cast Self-Destruct when they are killed. Just sit on top of it and you will learn the ability (it should be equipped on Cloud). If this doesn’t work for you, this area also has Varghidpolis enemies who can cast Apoptosis, which also allows you to learn the skill. Lastly, a Bomb will also use Apoptosis if you allow it to get big enough. They can be found in the Two-Person Team vs. Team Payback colosseum challenge.
    • Spirit Siphon: The enemy you are looking for is a Phantom, and can be found during the Chapter 14 Missing Children side-quest. Hang out during the battle until it casts Essence Drain, giving you the ability. If you miss it, you can find one in the Character vs. SOLDIER Trainees VR mission in Chapter 16.
    • Bad Breath: The last ability cannot be earned until after beating the game. This opens up a new set of VR challenges in Chapter 17 that can only be played in hard mode. I recommend doing this after reaching level 50 and farming all the materia you need for hard mode to make it easier on yourself. Please see Ultimate Weapon for tips on a generic good loadout if you need it. Malboro is the last boss in the Three-Person Team vs. Monsters of Legend challenge. The legendary creature will eventually cast Bad Breath on the controlled character so stay close to it at all times and right in front of its mouth until you are inflicted with the nastiest ability in the game.
  • Complete all chapters on Hard difficulty.

    Hard mode is unlocked after beating the game on any difficulty and has a few differences. First of all, enemies hit harder and have more health. Secondly, you can no longer use items at all. Lastly, your MP will not regenerate at benches or upon completing certain quests. While hard mode seems very intimidating at first, I promise you it is not that bad if you prepare. Max materia will be the difference between success and failure in this mode. You will also want to go after the Gotterdammerung accessory before anything else; see Ultimate Weapon for more information. My final random tip is to have non-controlled party members cast abilities as much as possible. The reason for this is enemies will always aggro to the controlled character, which could lead to game-ending ability interruptions. Always heal from a non-controlled character if you can! Anyways, here is what I recommend farming until it is maxed out:

    • 4x Healing (equipped on all four characters at all times)
    • 1x Cleansing
    • 4x Revival (equipped on all four characters at all times)
    • 2x of Fire, Ice, Lightning and Wind.
    • 2x Poison
    • 2x Barrier
    • 2x Binding
    • 1x Subversion
    • 2x Time
    • 2x Elemental
    • 1x Magnify (always linked to Healing on your dedicated healer)
    • 2x Warding
    • 1x Chakra
    • 1x Prayer (Chakra and Prayer are great alternatives to heal if you are worried about MP usage)
    • 7x HP Up (1x for Barret and 2x on all characters at all times)
    • 8x MP Up (2x on all characters at all times)
    • 2x Magic Up (mostly for Aerith)
    • 2x First Strike (for non-bosses)
    • 2x Steadfast Block

    Farming is best done at the beginning of Chapter 16 on easy. Blitz your way through the first part of the chapter, hitting anything and everything with Fire. When you make it to the Shinra HQ building, save and restart the chapter through chapter select. This will take a couple of hours so throw on some music or your favorite TV show. The more you grind, the easier hard mode will be.

    • Cloud: Buster Sword for majority of fights and Mythril Saber for magic-based fights such as Hell House.
    • Barret: I pretty much only used EKG Cannon all game.
    • Tifa: I only used Purple Pain.
    • Aerith: Reinforced Staff for most fights, Mythril Rod for magic-based fights (like Hell House).

    • Cloud: Chain Bangle
    • Barret: Cog Bangle
    • Tifa: Cog Bangle
    • Aerith: Force Bracelet

    • Cloud: Gotterdammerung
    • Barret: Champion Belt
    • Tifa: Champion Belt
    • Aerith: Healing Carcanet (switch this to your dedicated healer when Aerith is absent).
    Hard Mode Chapter Tips:

    Spoilers ahead!
    • Chapter 1: Linking Elemental-Lightning on your armor for both Cloud and Barret will trivialize the Scorpion fight because you will absorb the damage from some of its attacks.
    • Chapter 2: Use Fire the entire level because nearly all enemies are weak to it. Use Punisher’s auto-counter move to take out Shock Troopers easily. The Huntsmen is a pushover with Fire and your limit break.
    • Chapter 3: The side-quests Rat Problem and On The Prowl offer manuscripts that give 10 SP and are worth doing because both bosses are not difficult with Gotterdammerung.
    • Chapter 4: You can skip the bike mini-game, but it isn’t terribly difficult. Bring Fire and Thunder to take out machines and soldiers alike. Lastly, abuse Punisher mode, Gotterdammerung, and Counterstance to make easy work of Roche.
    • Chapter 5: Only big worry here is the Crab Warden and it isn’t a difficult boss. You can bring Warding-Poison linked on your armor for the Grashtrikes to avoid being poisoned by them. Flametroopers are weak to Fire.
    • Chapter 6: Linking Warding-Poison on your armor is good here for the Grashtrikes again. If you want an extra manuscript, the Chocobo & Moogle summon is replaced by a manuscript for Tifa.
    • Chapter 7: I recommend to dispose of AI Cores and Big Bombers to reduce speed and bombing abilities. The Airbuster is weak to Thunder, so bring plenty of that. I liked taking advantage of Barret’s Lifesaver for the first few phases until it starts flying, then just keep Barret healed up with everyone else. This is the first of the challenging bosses, so if you need video help check out this video from PST user tsoul: [LINK]
    • Chapter 8: First of all, Counterstance and Punisher auto-counter are your best friends for Reno and Rude. There are also five optional manuscripts to grab here if you want to do all the side quests. With Gotterdammerung, you can easily take out all of the mini-bosses. Just remember not to turn in the final quest if you are going for Aerith’s pink dress.
    • Chapter 9: Hell House is the one boss fight that can be super scary on hard. I recommend loading up Cloud and Aerith with all abilities except Ice, and use Poison instead. Put one Magic Up on each character and switch to their magic weapons (Mythril Saber and Mythril Rod). Cast Bioga right away to chunk it for pretty much the entire fight. Beware of the new move Hell House uses that spawns three Tonberrys. They are easy to kill with a quick Triple Slash, so get rid of them before they instant-kill one of you. Make sure to only use level one spells to avoid casting times, and do so immediately when it switches elements. Lastly, at around 10% health, the boss will spawn the previous rounds’ bosses alongside it. If it wasn’t hard enough! Just ignore them if you can and finish off the House to win the fight. If you can’t, Thunder will hurt Sam's machines a lot. For a video guide, tsoul once again has a helpful guide video here: LINK. Each set of side quests have manuscripts tied to them, so if you care, you will need to play it twice. If you are not a completionist, don’t worry about it too much.
    • Chapter 10: Before picking up Tifa and Aerith, don’t forget to equip yourself. Warding-Poison linked on your armor is good for Abzu, as well as Fire on as many characters as you can. With these two things, it shouldn’t be too much of a threat.
    • Chapter 11: For Ghoul, make sure to bring Fire. When you hit it with magic, it will cast barrier so you need to hit it with physical attacks. Eligor is a little bit different. At half health, it will start flying around and cast barrier on everyone. This means you cannot heal yourself because you will heal the boss. You will want to bring Wind for the boss weakness and Subversion to remove barrier. Worst case scenario you can just let a dedicated party member die so you can use Arise to heal them to full health.
    • Chapter 12: Bring Fire to deal with the pesky helitroopers and other human enemies. The Reno and Rude fight is not terribly hard. You can use Counterstance and Punisher auto-counter here as well. Watch out for the pyramid spell as it can lock a party member until it is destroyed. Fun fact: If you control Tifa, Rude will not hit you too hard. Someone has a crush!
    • Chapter 13: Change Cloud’s stuff over to Barret and keep Tifa as your Carcanet healer. I used Maximum Fury to take out as many entities as possible and used Blizzard on the Unknown Entity boss. You can also bring Cleansing here to remove Poison but I didn’t have room for it.
    • Chapter 14: Most of the Chapter 14 side quests have manuscripts tied to them, so I recommend doing all of them. None of the mini-bosses pose much of a threat (except dying from boredom on Trypapolis). Abzu returns at the end but isn’t too hard if you bring Fire and Warding-Poison on your armor again.
    • Chapter 15: Bring Fire and Lightning and that will cover most enemies. The boss here isn’t terribly hard, just use Lightning until it casts a barrier, and then get it to hit itself with the laser to stun it. The hardest fight is the stupid dual Blast-Ray fight. Use Lightning on them when they are staggered and do most of your damage with Barret.
    • Chapter 16: Nothing terrible here. I recommend Fire to make quick work of the human enemies and then when you make it to the boss, use Warding-Poison on your armor.
    • Chapter 17: Oh boy, where to start. First of all, if you haven’t already farmed 4x Healing and Revival materia as well as 7x HP Up and 8x HP Up, you will want to do that before challenging this behemoth of a level. The first place I got a game over in my entire hard mode run was the Sledgehammer (wack-a-mole) enemies. Try to hit them with a limit break and use Warding-Time on your armor if needed. Secondly, the Swordipede: When the fight switches to Tifa and Aerith, prepare to revive your dumb uncontrolled partner. When Swordipede spins around the circular platform, your partner will keep getting hit and probably die. After that is Jenova. This boss is not terribly hard if you equip Warding-Time on two characters. Keep using Triple Slash to make work of the dozens of tentacles, and be constantly controlling the entire party. If you don’t, they will stupidly stand in the MP draining puddles. For the final fights, make sure you are damn-well prepped before continuing on, as you have Rufus+Darkstar and The Arsenal back to back. For Rufus, I had to completely rely on Gotterdammerung. I just blocked and healed until I had it up, then unleashed it on the two of them until both died. It seems Rufus has a much shorter window to attack compared to normal mode. For Arsenal, keep using cover and use Focused Shot on its cannon when it goes to fire. If done correctly, Red XIII will take out the tanky barrier drones himself. Feel free to use MP here but keep enough in reserves for healing and reviving. When it gets to Threat-level maximum, you can only block one shot with cover before you need to blitz it with all you got. Otherwise whatever character that is targeted will die even if protected by Planet Protection. If you need a visual aid, reference the video made by PST user tsoul: LINK
    • Chapter 18: You can once again skip the bike minigame, but feel free to jam out to the beautiful recreation of The Chase first. Harbinger is not terribly difficult, just keep in mind the entire fight must be done in one go or you have to start from the beginning. Counterstance works great against them as well as spells of the opposite element. If you are worried about Whisper Bahamut, save your summon and limit breaks for it (thanks TO mrrj46). Sephiroth is a monster of a boss but I survived thanks to Gotterdammerung and Punisher auto-counter. Your party for Sephiroth is based on a hidden points system during the entire Whispers fight. Once again this is why I recommend farming out all of those materia so that no matter what, every character has max HP, MP, healing, and Revival. If you want a specific party, try to use them more often that the person you want to leave out. I kinda cheesed Sephiroth by blocking and countering until I had my limit break a staggering six times to make quick work of him. Counterstance works well also but don’t use it until some party members join so you can heal. There aren’t many video guides available but here is a video from Xuses where he absolutely destroys the One-Winged Angel. Check it out if you are looking for alternate, more advanced strategies: LINK

Secret trophies

  • Complete Chapter 1.

    Story related and cannot be missed.
  • Complete Chapter 2.

    Story related and cannot be missed.
  • Complete Chapter 3.

    Story related and cannot be missed.
  • Complete Chapter 4.

    Story related and cannot be missed.
  • Complete Chapter 5.

    Story related and cannot be missed.
  • Complete Chapter 6.

    Story related and cannot be missed.
  • Complete Chapter 7.

    Story related and cannot be missed.
  • Complete Chapter 8.

    Story related and cannot be missed.
  • Complete Chapter 9.

    Story related and cannot be missed.
  • Complete Chapter 10.

    Story related and cannot be missed.
  • Complete Chapter 11.

    Story related and cannot be missed.
  • Complete Chapter 12.

    Story related and cannot be missed.
  • Complete Chapter 13.

    Story related and cannot be missed.
  • Complete Chapter 14.

    Story related and cannot be missed.
  • Complete Chapter 15.

    Story related and cannot be missed.
  • Complete Chapter 16.

    Story related and cannot be missed.
  • Complete Chapter 17.

    Story related and cannot be missed.
  • Complete Chapter 18.

    Story related and cannot be missed.
  • Decorate the Leaf House with a floral arrangement.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    This trophy will unlock during Chapter 8.
  • Received a gift from Andrea for being a dance superstar.

    This trophy takes place near the end of Chapter 9 after Aerith is dressed up. When you visit the Honeybee Inn, you will need to take part in a dancing mini-game. The game itself isn’t too hard, you just press the button on screen when the hexagon shrinks into it. In order to receive a gift from Andrea, you need to score decently on the game. The threshold is based on a point system and you need 112 points to receive Andrea's gift. Each dance has 28 notes and Great is worth 5, Good is worth 3, and Bad is 0. Therefore you could get 23 Great 5 Bad, or even 14 Good and 14 Great. Thanks to Fuzzy for bringing the point system up from a Twitter post. The trophy is not difficult but if you are worried, make a save outside beforehand and also play the practice dance a few times to understand the rhythm.
  • Receive a letter from an angel.

    For this trophy, you need to complete all side quests in Chapter 14. See Best in the Business for more information and a list of all quests. Once you have done so, you can find the letter in the Urban Advancement District. If you fast travel to the chocobo station here, and head towards the end of Chapter 14’s quest marker, it will be on the ground along your path. Here is a quick video from PowerPyx: LINK
  • Witness all Johnny-related incidents.

    You will first meet Johnny in Chapter 3 as part of the story. After that, he will have some events during later chapters that you must do in order to get this trophy. They do not have to be done on the same playthrough, but if you follow the roadmap suggestion you can get them all on your first playthrough. Here are the rest of the ones you need:
    • Chapter 9: After entering Wall Market as part of the story, Johnny will run past you and a discovery quest will show up. Turn around and chase him down, then agree with him with a "Yeah" to get this one.
    • Chapter 9: If you get Chocobo Sam’s questline, there will be an entire quest with Johnny: The Party Never Stops. Complete this quest and it will count for a Johnny event.
    • Chapter 14: Another side-quest that you most complete for Johnny: Tomboy Bandit. Complete the colosseum match for Kyrie and she will return his wallet, giving you the third and final Johnny event. Return to him and turn in his wallet for the trophy.
  • Defeat a malboro.

    In order to fight a Malboro, you must first beat the game on any difficulty. This allows you to access new Shinra VR missions on hard. I recommend farming up to level 50 and getting your end-game loadouts ready, because this fight isn’t a walk in the park. See Hardened Veteran for recommended materia to max out and the farming spot if needed. As for the fight itself, you can access it by loading up Chapter 17 on Hard. Play through until you find Chadley and Shinra’s combat simulator. When here, you must pick the "Three-Person Team vs. Monsters of Legend" challenge.

    The biggest advice I can give on loadouts is to put maxed Elemental-Fire on two characters, linked to your armor. This means that the Bomb in round 1 and 4 will be trivial and actually heal your characters instead of hurting them. All three characters should have Healing and Revival as well. Don’t forget to stick on Enemy Skill if you need Bad Break for Master of Mimicry. Lastly bring two maxed Cleansing materia for Malboro. I brought Cloud, Tifa and Aerith, but you can tag someone out for Barret if you like. When fighting the Tonberry in round 2 and 4, remember to keep your distance with your ranged character because your AI companions can dodge the close range Chef’s Knife easily. When you get trapped, switch characters and whack it from behind until it stops pursuing your ranged character. The Behemoth in round 3 is the biggest threat. Just like before, you should aim to use physical attacks only and have Aerith focus on healing. Do not use magic because it will counter. Damage both torsos evenly so you can stagger it. This fight is a bit long, so be prepared. When you actually get to the Malboro in round 5, you’re in the clear because it isn’t hard. Attack it from behind until it turns around, then switch characters. When it starts to do Bad Breath, it will target the controller character and it is tough to dodge. Sacrifice yourself to it to learn the skill if needed, and get ready to use Esuna on that character to cure them out of that terrible status. Continue beating on it as necessary until Malboro goes down.
  • Defeat the Pride and Joy prototype.

    An ode to all Final Fantasy fans, the Pride and Joy prototype is the Ultimate Weapon of Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Beating it gives the strongest accessory in the game: Gotterdammerung. There are a couple of requirements before you can even take the challenge. You must beat the game to unlock hard mode and all the extra colosseum challenges. You must replay Chapter 9 after beating the game until you have access to the colosseum challenges, here you can take on Aerith’s second solo challenge (these can be beaten on easy). You may also need to replay Chapter 14 just to get to the colosseum if Tifa and Barret have new challenges. Lastly you need to beat all Shinra VR battles. This includes the new ones that can only be played on hard, unlocked after beating the game.

    Once you’ve done all that, you can take on one of the hardest challenges of the game. This is a round robin challenge of Shiva, Fat Chocobo, Leviathan, Bahamut, and then Pride and Joy. If it hasn’t been stated already, you should grind out level 50 and the max materia recommended in the Hardened Veteran trophy section. Another recommendation is to have all level 6 weapons for access to Reprive. It is possible to get everyone to level 6 by being level 50, completing all previous challenges and VR battles, and buying all the manuscripts from the Moogle Emporium during Chapter 14. Reprive is a useful backup strategy to surviving Bahamut’s deadly Megaflare that deals 9999 damage to the party. You can use your summon once during the challenge, so save it for Bahamut. Special Note: While the game tells you that you get 50% MP back each round, it is actually 30%. Tested myself and thanks to orthmann for pointing it out. Here is my setup for this fight:

    • Twin Stinger with Healing, Revival, HP Up, Hp Up, Mp Up, MP Up.
    • Chain Bangle with Elemental-Fire, Magic Up, Barrier.
    • Champion Belt.

    • Purple Pain with Healing, Revival, HP Up, Hp Up, Mp Up, MP Up.
    • Cog Bangle with Elemental-Ice, Time.
    • Champion Belt.

    • Reinforced Staff with Barrier, Revival, HP Up, Hp Up, Mp Up, MP Up.
    • Force Bracelet with Magnify-Healing, Fire, Magic Up.
    • Healing Carcanet.

    And for the fights:
    • Shiva: Start with an Arcane Ward on Aerith and pelt Shiva with Firaga from Cloud and Aerith. Remember that you get 30% of your MP back each round, so you don’t have to worry about it here. When you need to get in close, use Tifa because she will absorb Shiva’s damage. Stop using Firaga when Shiva casts Frost Familiars, and focus on staggering her. Once you’ve done so, take advantage of Stop (Time) so Shiva gets stuck for a few minutes. Switch to Tifa and built up Chi, continuously using Unbridled Strength. Have Aerith cast Ray of Judgment if she can, otherwise it might be a safer idea to heal up in preparation for Diamond Dust if Shiva survived your onslaught. This fight is not difficult by any means and shouldn’t be much different from normal. I have a video of me annihilating Shiva on hard mode if it helps. She didn’t even get to cast her Diamond Dust (My materia is different in this fight but I didn’t use anything different from the above loadout): [LINK].
    • Fat Chocobo: Another easy boss that doesn’t require any new strategies. Use Arcane Ward and Firaga when it is pressured to build the stagger bar and get Tifa ready to max out that stagger bar with Unbridled Strengths and True Strikes. After the Moogle starts summoning, check for those pesky Tonberries so nobody gets insta-killed. Not much else to give advice on, just keep at it and don’t let your MP fall below 70% if you want it all back for Leviathan. I have included a video of me annihilating Fat Chocobo on hard mode if it helps. (My material is different in this fight but I didn’t use anything different from the above loadout): [LINK].
    • Leviathan: One of the most boring fights in the universe if you aren’t built for pure damage. It is resistant to Fire so save your MP for healing and barriers. When you see it about to cast Tidal Wave, make sure to either heal up or cast Manawalls for extra protection. Once it gets to about 50% health, it starts flying around and you are stuck with two characters who can’t do much. Try to get some jabs in when it comes down for a few moments and get your limit breaks up. Try to use said limit breaks right as Leviathan comes down the next time around and you should be able to either kill or stagger it to finally finish it off. Unfortunately I do not have much additional advice here, as it isn’t a hard fight just a long and drawn out one. I tried recording a video but it was just terribly boring and un-helpful.
    • Bahamut & Ifrit: Well here it is, the scariest fight in the game. For starters, Bahamut attacks almost constantly until it charges. This means you need to block or switch characters until you get a countdown opening. When it is counting down, cast Firaga (or Fira if worried about MP) and use all your abilities you can. When it reaches one, you need to get ready for its ultimate attack. In my setup, I had Tifa cast haste on Aerith and had Aerith cast Manawall on two characters, while Cloud casted the third Manawall. If you need healing, reverse the rolls and have Cloud cast 2x Manawall while Aerith heals the party and casts the third. When Megaflare is cast, it is going to do 9999 damage, but that is halved by Manawall. Be extra ready to Magnify-Cura the party right afterwards. After a combination of time and damage, Bahamut summons Ifrit to the field. Hopefully you have limit breaks to deal with it, but stay in control of Cloud and focus him down. You will be healed by most of his attacks thanks to Elemental-Fire. Do not lose track of Bahamut’s countdown or it could be the end of the battle for you. This is where Reprive kinda comes in as a backup. You can survive Megaflare once per battle, so if you’ve kept everyone healed it can be a backup in a pinch. This is also the best place to use your summon against him, since it seems that you can use a summon one time during the entire challenge. If you happen to have Carbuncle from the digital deluxe edition, it has an ability than can revive you like a Phoenix Down, otherwise just use whichever damage dealing summon you have on you. Repeat the same strategy until Bahamut is defeated, prioritizing Manawall when its countdown is at one.
    • Pride and Joy: Congrats on making it this far, because P&J is a joke compared to Bahamut. Just keep smacking it with abilities and save your MP purely for Healing and Reviving. The only move I remember being a threat is when it grabs a teammate. It seems you can damage the arm enough to let them go, especially if you have your limit break on Cloud/Tifa. If you don’t, get ready to revive or heal them if Reprive kicks in because it is an instant kill move. When it starts spewing fire everywhere, take control of Cloud because he will be healed by it thanks to your Elemental-Fire. Feel free to add more tips if you have them. I didn’t find this challenge to be impossible, just took me two tries because I lost track of Megaflare during Ifrit’s summon and we got wiped.

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