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Dusty and Piper are back again for the long-awaited sequel to Figment, the game that puts in the mind and messes with it. The host, a workaholic dad who has exchanged time with his family for paperwork, has lost sight of what it means to have fun. Dusty and Piper need to rid his mind of the overwhelming darkness that comes from all work and no play while trying to fix the work-life balance. 

Two-player Mode: Figment 2 offers the option of playing with a friend in two-player mode. One player will be Dusty and the other will be Piper (you can switch them at any point in the pause menu). Piper can't really interact with anything, but she does help in fights (she also doesn't have a health bar). For the trophies, they will only unlock for the host/player 1, no matter which character they're playing as. 


Step 1: Play through the game while collecting all of the Remembrane Shards

The Remembrane Shards are required to unlock the Memories, so going for those will be a "two birds one stone" with collecting. The miscellaneous trophies that can be missed on your initial playthrough but can be cleaned up through chapter select are noted as such in the guide. Additionally, there is a Collectible Guide provided that shows the location of the Shards as well as a majority of the obscure trophies. There is also a full game walkthrough provided under I'm Back at the Surface now trophy_silver.png. Once you've completed the game while collecting all the shards and earning the miscellaneous trophies, you will earn (in the order they will unlock):

Black Hog Down trophy_bronze.png 
Patient Listener trophy_silver.png 
Remembering of the past trophy_bronze.png 
Fight like an idiot trophy_bronze.png 
Ouch, that hurt! trophy_bronze.png  (When this unlocks will vary between players since it can be earned at any point after learning about Perspective Switches)
Slam-KABAM trophy_bronze.png 
You're a-MAZE-ing! trophy_silver.png 
Repair the Mind Validation Machine trophy_bronze.png 
Whac-a-worker trophy_bronze.png 
GOAAAAAAAAAL! trophy_bronze.png 
A heavy thinker trophy_bronze.png 
Elementary, My Dear Dusty trophy_bronze.png 
Heavy Thoughts trophy_bronze.png 
Flee like an idiot trophy_bronze.png 
Memory Completionist trophy_gold.png 
Come full circle trophy_silver.png 
Dance like an idiot trophy_bronze.png 
I'm Back at the Surface now trophy_silver.png 

Figment 2: Creed Valley Trophy Guide

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18 trophies ( 13  )

  • Defeat the Nightmare in Outer Cerebrum

    Story Related

    The Outer Cerebrum is the first stage of the game. The Nightmare is the Dark Hog you fight against a few times as you play through the introduction within this level. You'll come face to face with the Dark Hog a few times throughout the level:
    First EncounterThis encounter will be dialogue only.
    Second EncounterAfter placing the blue battery in a socket to cross over a bridge, the Dark Hog will be blocking the way, forcing you to interact with him. For the first part of the fight, the Dark Hog stomps his feet and creates a shadow on the ground where clouds of darkness will appear. You need to avoid stepping on these shadows to keep from getting hit. Don't attack him, he doesn't take damage. After he does this a handful of times, he'll stop and create a shadow straight towards the bridge you just crossed over, then dash away. Just stay out of his way and you'll be fine. 
    Third EncounterYou will meet back up with the Dark Hog in a circular area with a light pole in the middle. When he starts to walk/run in the circle, you need to pick up a battery and place it in a socket, both of which are outside of the circle but not together. Use the button (also on the outside of the circle) to change the position of the lights above the battery and battery socket. When the battery is in the socket, a light will shine on the circle which will render the Dark Hog vulnerable to attacks when he touches it. After the first Battery, he will start to sprint around the circle every few seconds. Just wait for him to stop before continuing with the battery. After the second battery, he will start to chase you back through the level. As you run, use your r2.png+square.png attack to quickly handle the plants in the way, then just keep following the trail to the end.
    Final EncounterThe fourth and final fight will take place on a stage. There will be a spotlight that appears on the stage which removes the darkness. You need to stand in these lights and wait for the darkness to disappear before moving again. After a few spotlights, the Dark Hog will create more shadow lines on the ground again and bolt through them just as before. After a couple of rounds of this, the Dark Hog will start to clear the darkness on the sides of him as he attacks. Wait for the darkness to clear off the battery and battery socket, then, just as before, pick up the battery and put it in the socket to finish the fight.

    When you finish the theatre stage section of the fight, a cutscene will play out pretty much explaining the gist of what you’ll be doing in the game. When the “Figment 2” splash screen appears after the cutscene, the trophy will unlock.
  • Deal with The Jester in Conviction Lane

    Story Related

    The Jester will first introduce themselves in Conviction Lane, but you won't actually fight them until the end of the stage. Once you’ve defeated them, a short cutscene will play out of everyone heading to Moral Heights. When you arrive there, the trophy will unlock.

    The fight will be short and straight to the point. The Jester will create rings and lines of jester orbs that will rotate around them (in both directions). Either run with them (if there are no openings in the line) or dodge them (you can't roll through these) until the center ring of orbs around the Jester opens up, making them vulnerable. Attack them when they're in this state. Repeat this process a few times until the Jester goes down. The trophy will unlock once they do. 
  • Complete the Ethics Maze

    Story Related

    There is a mini-walkthrough of the Ethics Maze provided under You're a-MAZE-ing! trophy_silver.png, so if you're having any trouble getting through it, please see that trophy for help. There is also a video in the Collectible Guide that can be referenced as well. 

    When you reach the end of the Maze, there will be a broken Mind Validation Machine. There is a lone Opinion here (music) that is waiting to be validated. On the floor in the middle of the platform is a constellation puzzle. To complete it, you need to rotate the "stars" so the light in the center makes it to the pipe on the right side. The final solution is provided below. Once the machine is back up and running and the Opinion has been validated, the trophy will unlock.

    Constellation Puzzle Solution:
  • Solve the crime in Principle Square

    Story Related

    When you first arrive in Principle Square, you'll meet the Opinion on Justice looking a little worse for wear. You'll need to put your detective hat on to determine who knocked them out, with what weapon, and when. Be sure to knock on every door and talk with every Opinion. The weapons are all on tables and walls so as long as you're speaking with every Opinion, you should see them all. Once you're ready, give the accusation to the Rationalizer and, if it's correct, the culprit will run off to an area with a large red button and a cage. Line up the culprit when they're standing on the topmost button, then climb on top of the bridge and hit the button to drop the cage on them. A cutscene will play out, after which the trophy will unlock. 
  • Encounter The Jester in Limbic Uplands

    Story Related

    For the majority of the stage, Dusty and Piper will be setting up a stage to trick the Jester. Once they're ready, you'll need to track down the Jester and then take them back to the stage. After a little bit of chaos, a chase sequence will take place. Just be sure to use your cross.png+square.png attack to take care of the orbs in your way and avoid touching any of the darkness you come across. Once the chase is complete, you'll end up in the Amygdala Plateau. The trophy will unlock right before you get there. 
  • Dance with The Jester in The Moral Compass Core

    Story Related

    The final dance with the Jester takes the place of what would be a final fight. In between your stellar dance breaks, the platform you and the Jester are on will spin. You need to destroy the white orbs and dodge the jester orbs until a spotlight appears. Run into the light to show off your sweet moves to the Jester. Repeat this process a few times (the number and placement of the orbs will vary as you go) and once the Jester has had enough, the dance-off will end and a cutscene will start to play. The trophy will unlock about halfway through the cutscene. 
  • Complete the game

    Story Related

    After your dance-off with the Jester for Dance like an idiot trophy_bronze.png, finish up the ending cutscenes and dialogue sequences. When the credits start to roll, this trophy will unlock. 

    If you're having any trouble on any section, there are individual stage videos provided in the Collectible Guide. If you prefer to use one full walkthrough video, please see below. 

  • Unlock your first memory

    This will unlock as you go for Come full circle trophy_silver.png. The Remembrane Shards are actually what is needed to unlock the memories. For that reason, please see Memory Completionist trophy_gold.png for how to unlock each memory. 
  • Have a Slammer destroy an enemy

    Missable, but can be cleaned up in the Ethics Maze and via chapter select. 

    As you make your way through the Ethics Maze (inside the Frontal Lobe Plaza), you’ll be introduced to Slammers, large enemies that slam an equally large block into the ground as they try to hit you with it. 

    The first few you come across will be by themselves (no other enemies around), but towards the end of Trial 3, they'll start spawning with some smaller enemies. Round up the smaller enemies and try to line them up so they’re in the path to get smashed by the Slammer’s block. If they get hit, they’ll be killed (great for cannons and spinning saucer enemies BTW) and this trophy will unlock.
  • Use a Thought Block to kill an enemy

    Missable, but can be cleaned up by replaying Limbic Plateau. 

    After Dusty finishes setting up the stage for the Jester, continue forward on the path, and at the top of some stairs will be a bridge with two Thought Blocks on it:

    This is the one and only place you can get this trophy. As you cross the bridge, waves of enemies will spawn. The goal is to get one of the enemies below one of the Thought Blocks so that when it smashes to the ground, it takes out the enemy as well. There will be plenty of enemies here to try and get this on but if you need to restart the fight and try again, just reload the checkpoint from the pause menu. As soon as one of the blocks kills an enemy, the trophy will unlock. 
  • Get hit in the head by a Coco Bulb

    Missable, but can be cleaned up on any level from Conviction Lane and on.

    As you progress through Conviction Lane, you'll learn about Perspective Switches and changing the mind from open to closed (and vice versa). When you change to an open-mind, Coco Bulb trees will appear:

    When Dusty hits these trees with his sword, the Coco Bulb(s) will fall out. To get the trophy, you need to get hit by one of the falling Coco Bulbs. There are more than enough trees throughout the game to get this on. Keep an eye out for any tree that isn't hanging too far off the edge and stand right below it before hitting it. If the Bulb hits you, the trophy will unlock.
  • Score a goal in Principle Square

    Missable, but can be cleaned up by replaying Principle Square

    As you progress through solving the mystery in Principle Square, you will eventually need to interact with Opinions to get some clues. One of these Opinions is the Opinion on Exercise. He'll be running around a pit with a football/soccer ball inside (on the right side of the area):

    To get the trophy, use your sword to hit the ball into the goal. It doesn't need to be in one shot, you can hit it as many times as needed. Once the confetti goes off after the goal is made, the trophy will unlock. 
  • Complete the entire Ethics Maze without taking any wrong turns

    Missable, but can be cleaned up by replaying the Ethics Maze

    When going through the Ethics Maze, you’ll need to complete a series of puzzles that require you to ride books between platforms. To get this trophy, you need to complete each of these sections in all 3 Trials without riding an incorrect book to unlock the trophy. Along the way, there will be pathways you can take to collect Remembrane Shards that are not part of the main path. Going for these instead of the main path forward will not negate the trophy, so don't worry about missing out on it if you're going for collectibles. You just can’t go in any wrong direction which causes Dusty and Piper to turn around/start back at the Map Room while riding the book. If this happens, you'll need to restart the stage to unlock the trophy.

    Trial 1
    Map RoomThe Map Room is where you'll start. On the floor in front of you will be a "map". The lit circles represent platforms that can be accessed. The dark circles cannot be accessed. The goal is to get to the end without hitting any dark circles. The order to go in is the order listed below. 
    Up+LeftThe first platform you come to will have 4 pedestals, each with a book on them (Lecterns). When you hit a Lectern, it and the next Lectern over (going clockwise) will light up. The goal is to get all of the Lecterns lit up at the same time.
    Up+RightIn the middle of the circle will be a red button you need to stand on. Just dodge the two lines of jester orbs to reach it. Don't forget to roll if you need to. 
    Up+RightThere will be another red button in the middle that you need to stand on, but this time it's surrounded by spikes. Time your running (and rolling) to avoid hitting the spikes and stand on the button. 
    Up+LeftSimply defeat the 3 enemies to progress. 
    First Trial WallCross over the top of the wall to move on to the next Trial.

    Trial 2
    Map Room 1The Map may have changed, but it'll be the same concept as before. Follow the path lit on the floor with the books while avoiding the dark circles. The correct order to go is listed below.
    Up+RightAnother Lectern puzzle, this time there are 5 books and some jester orbs circling around. While avoiding the orbs, you need to hit the Lecterns until they are all lit up.
    Up+RightThe Orrery puzzle is a game of memory. Within the 8 spheres, there are 4 matches of 2 colors. To reveal their color, just hit them. You need to hit all 8 by matching pairs without missing any between. There are blue, purple, red, and yellow spheres.
    Up+LeftDefeat the 3 enemies to progress. 
    Up+LeftMap Room 2. This will be similar to the previous maps except it includes spirals. These spiral spots indicate the location of Remembrane Shards (required for the Memories for Memory Completionist trophy_gold.png). Going for these will not negate You're a-MAZE-ing! trophy_silver.png, so don't worry about missing that trophy if you go for them. Outside of those, the pathway to take through the books is listed below.

    If you want to go to the first shard room, go Up+Right to collect the shards, then Down+Left to come back to the Map Room.
    Up+ LeftThe final Lectern puzzle. Just as before, you need to hit the Lecterns so they are all lit up at the same time. The difference in this version of it is that when you hit a Lectern, the ones on both sides of it will light up with it (versus just one like earlier). If at any point you want to restart the puzzle to try again/from the start, simply hit Reload Checkpoint from the pause menu.
    Up+LeftAnother spike puzzle. Time your movements so you don't step on any of the spikes and make your way to the center to stand on the red button.
    Up+RightA Pictogram. In the middle of the platform is a picture. On the outer circle are 8 pedestals, each with a piece of the drawing on them. You need to determine which pedestals match up together to create the image in the center without overlapping any parts.
    Up+Right Another spike puzzle. Just as before, time your movements so you avoid the spikes, then stand on the red button. If you want to get the second set of shards on this map, from here, go Up+Left to get the shards, then Down+Right to come back to this platform. 
    Up+RightDefeat the enemies on this platform and the platform up the left ramp to open the door. Defeat the next set of enemies with the Slammer to make it to the wall. This Slammer is the first time you can earn Slam-KABAM trophy_bronze.png.
    Second Trial WallJust as before, you need to walk across the blue-block pathway up top. The Engraved Shrine will give you a clue on how to cross it.

    The Discarded Opinion section does not have any effect on the trophy. Simply complete it and you'll return back to the Maze Trials. 

    Trial 3
    Map Room 1Same as before, follow the path of the lit up circles with the flying books. The path you need to take is listed below. There is one spiral branch here that leads to some Remembrane Shards. Getting these will not negate You're a-MAZE-ing! trophy_silver.png.
    Up+RightDefeat the enemies to move forward. If you want to get the Remembrane Shards on this map, from this room, go Up+Right to get them. Go Down+Left to get back to this room.     
    Up+LeftAnother Orrery Puzzle, but this time, the orreries are rotating in a circle. It'll be the same game of memory with 4 pairs of colors otherwise.
    Up+LeftDefeat the enemies to progress. 
    Up+RightMap Room 2. As with the previous Map, there is only one spiral platform on this one that will give Remembrane Shards. The correct path to make sure you don't take the wrong book is listed below.
    Up+RightBirdhouse Puzzle. This is an auditory puzzle, though you can also use the holes on the central birdhouse if need be. In the outer circle are 8 birdhouses, each with a 2-4 hole pattern on them. These represent music notes. Every birdhouse starts on the same note and will either go up or down in pitch. If the next hole goes up, the pitch will go up. If the next hole goes down, the pitch will go down. When you hit the center birdhouse, a jingle will play. You need to match the jingle up with the birdhouse on the outer circle based on the holes it has. You need to get 3 in a row correct to move on.

    The jingles produced are random, so there is no one single solution available for this puzzle. 
    Up+LeftAnother spike puzzle, but this time the spikes take up two blocks each instead of just one each. Time your steps with the spikes and make your way to the button in the middle. 
    Up+RightDodge the jester orbs and hit the button in the middle. If you want to go for the shards on this map, from this room, go Up+Right to get them. Then go Down+Left to come back to this room.
    Up+LeftMap Room 3. The same as the previous maps, but this one has 2 spiral locations where you can pick up some Remembrane Shards. The correct path to take is listed below. 
    Up+LeftDefeat the enemies to move on. If you want to get the first set of Remembrane Shards on this map, from this room, go Up+Left to get them. Go Down+Right to get back to this room.
    Up+RightThe second Pictograph. Just as before, you need to hit the pedestals that match up together to create the picture in the center without any pieces overlapping.
    Up+RightDefeat the 3 cannons to continue forward. If you want to get the second set of Remembrane Shards on this map, from this room, go Up+Left to get them. Go Down+Right to get back to this room. 
    Down+RightThe second Birdhouse Puzzle. Just as before, hit the central birdhouse and it will play a jingle. Match the jingle up with one of the surrounding birdhouses based on their holes (a hole going up indicates a higher pitch and a hole going down indicates a lower pitch). Hit 3 in a row to move on. 
    Up+RightDefeat the enemies on all 3 platforms to unlock the door. Just after the door will be another Slammer enemy. If you didn't get Slam-KABAM trophy_bronze.pngearlier, this will be another opportunity to get it.
    Trial 3 WallJust as with the other two walls, you need to find a way to walk across the top of it and into the next area. Interact with the Engraved Shrine for a clue on how to cross over. 

    As long as you completed the entire maze without jumping on any of the incorrect books, the trophy will unlock as soon as you cross the wall for Trial 3. 
  • Enjoy some cerebrum cider in Principle Square

    Missable, but can be cleaned up by replaying Principle Square

    When you have to solve the mystery in Principle Square, you'll need to collect clues and interrogate Opinions to decipher whodunnit. From where the Rationalizer is sitting, go down one set of stairs so you see a "Woodworker's Receipt" hanging on the wall at the bottom. From here, go all the way left to a picnic table just up a ramp (the color here will turn grayscale). On the table is a bottle of Cerebrum Cider. 

    Interact with the Cider to "do some heavy thinking" and the trophy will unlock. 
  • Fulfill the wishes of the Worker Opinion in Principle Square

    Missable, but can be cleaned up by replaying Principle Square

    While working to solve the mystery in Principle Square, you'll need to interact with Opinions to add them to your suspect list. One of these Opinions is the Opinion on Work. His house is the one with the Heavy Hammer on the side of it:

    Talk with him when you have an open mind and he'll rabble on about how much he misses whacking things. Wait for him to say "Man, I could really use a whack!", then smack him across the face with your sword to unlock the trophy. It's a dirty job, but someone's gotta do it!
  • Listen through the entire work-life-balance argument

    Missable, but can be cleaned up by replaying the Conviction Lane stage. 

    When you enter Conviction Lane, the game will introduce you to the townsfolk, or Opinions. These are folks who will talk your ear off about one topic (and one topic only), depending on if the mind is open or closed. Near the start of this stage, you’ll come to two Opinions (Opinion on Work and Opinion on Family, they are just after the Opinion on Houses) arguing with each other along the main path.

    Talking with them won't do anything, but sitting and listening to them rip each other apart with their words will unlock the trophy. Just sit here for about 3 minutes or until the insults start to repeat. 
  • Unlock all memories

    Missable, but can be cleaned up through chapter select. 

    There are 7 memories to unlock, all of which are unlocked by collecting 100% of the Remembrane Shards. For that reason, please see the Remembrane Shard Locations Guide for how to unlock them.
  • Get all Remembrane Shards in every level

    Missable, but can be cleaned up through chapter select. 

    All of the Remembrane Shards are required to unlock all of the memories for Come full circle trophy_silver.png. Due to the amount of them and how moderately spread out they are, please see the Remembrane Shard Locations Guide for more information on where to find them. 

    The last shard you pick up will be in Amygdala Plateau and will be story-related. As soon as you pick up this shard/memory (and if you've collected everything up to this point), the trophy will unlock. 

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