Ranking Mode Trophy in Fighting Vipers

  • Ranking Mode


    Play Ranking Mode in Arcade Mode (hold down P+K+D+START button during Attract Mode)

    How to unlock Ranking Mode

    First, you’ll need to enter Attract Mode. When choosing your pre-Arcade Mode settings, press before confirming these settings and Attract Mode will initiate (the embu for Fighting Vipers will play). Anytime during the embu, press , and , then finally and Ranking Mode will begin. You can play Ranking Mode if you wish, however it is not a necessity for the trophy. Simply lose the first round, a certificate with your character’s statistics will show and the trophy will unlock.

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  • Just wanted to point out that you must press square,triangle,circle all at the same time not in sequence... So with your right hand press and hold all 3 buttons while you use your left to press start.

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