The servers have now closed, thus the Platinum is unobtainable if you didn't get the online trophies before that happened.



Estimated Platinum Difficulty: Platinum Difficulty Thread - Personal Rating (7)
Estimated Time for 100%: 25 - 35 hours (depending on experience and skill)
Total Trophies: 35 (1 , 4 , 14 , 16 )
Offline Trophies: 27 (3 , 11 , 12 )
Online Trophies: 8 (1 , 3 , 4 ) - Unobtainable.
Online Pass Required: Yes
Minimum Number Of Playthroughs Required: 1
Do Cheats Affect Trophies?: No Cheats
Glitched Trophies: Making New Friends , Video Proof and Friendly Publicity


FIFA Street is back. After a 4 year wait, EA have finally released the 4th edition to the series. The latest installment promises to be a huge step up in terms of the graphics and gameplay, compared to previous titles. The game features an all new approach to the world of street football, incorporating the realism and traits from FIFA 12, but with the added benefit of a comprehensive list of skills and tricks which can be performed in the game.


Step One: Offline/Single Player


I would recommend playing through the single player modes on the game first, in order to get familiar with the dynamics of game and rank up your players. You will also earn the related trophies for the World Tour mode and Street Challenges in the process.

Warning - If you press the button to refresh the teams in any stage of the World Tour, it will reset you victories and ranking points. Therefore I strongly recommend that you complete a stage in full, and earn the retrospective trophies for winning each stage before going back to refresh the teams, or else you will have to complete each event again in order to progress to the next stage.

Step Two: Online


There are 8 online trophies to be earned in this game.

World Tour Around the World - Unobtainable.
Moving On Up - Unobtainable.
Online-Enthusiast - Unobtainable.
Online Cup Champion - Unobtainable.
Online Dominance - Unobtainable.
Video Proof - Unobtainable.
Friendly Publicity - Unobtainable.
Making New Friends - Unobtainable.

Just keep practicing and playing the various online modes and you will unlock them eventually, providing you put the time in and practice. Please be aware that Online Dominance will require you play online on a regular basis. See the trophy details below.

Please use the Trophy Boosting Thread if you wish partner up with other players, for the online trophies.

Step Three: Miscellaneous/Clean up Trophies


This is the final step for the Platinum trophy. You should already have most of the gameplay trophies by now. Just finish up by earning the remaining trophies that are on your list. These are most likely going to be the ones which you might not necessarily earn on your first playthrough, for instance trophies such as Video Proof (Unobtainable), Friendly Publicity (Unobtainable), Making New Friends (Unobtainable), Watching Film and the Platinum: Total Street Domination trophy_platinum.png (Unobtainable).


[PST Would Like to Thank GlennThomas for this Roadmap]

FIFA Street Trophy Guide

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35 trophies ( 14  16  )

  • Collect all FIFA Street Trophies


    For this trophy you simply have to earn each and everyone of the trophies for the game.

  • Panna your first Opponent

    For this trophy you must successfully kick the ball through your opponents legs by "megging" them. The best way to to do is remain still and activate street ball control by holding L2.png Then tap R2.png whilst aiming the left stick at the players legs. If you get the timing right, you player will nutmeg your opponent and run around the outside of them, and collect the ball again. The trophy will pop up shortly after completing the skill move.

  • Score a goal while controlling your Goal Keeper

    Just score a goal with your keeper. Remember that if the opposition has possession, you can hold Triangle18x18.png to bring your keeper out and tackle them. This could be quite useful, as it saves times running through all the opposition, in order to have a chance on goal.

  • Earn at least 1500 Style Points without losing possession

    This is simple trophy. It should unlock very soon after you've played a few games. I recommend that you use some of the most simple, yet effective tricks such as the Rainbow Flick or ground skills such as the Panna and Flip-Flap. These are relatively easy-to-do skills and they are effective at raking up skill points, without the risk of losing possession. The key is to "bridge" or link your skills together in a combination.

    Trophy Tip - Start a Freestyle match and pass the ball to each team mate. Just keeping passing the ball around, and you will get points just for linking together successful passes. (Tkaley)

  • In any game mode win a match/event in 50% of the venues

    This trophy is quite self-explanatory. Just try to win as many games as you can, in all the different venues. This can be done in any game mode.

  • In any game mode win a match/event in every venue

    In order to achieve this trophy, you must win a game in every venue on the game. You will cover most of the venues in the World Tour, but they can also be found in the Hit The Streets mode.

    See spoiler tabs below for a complete list of all the venues you must unlock and win.

    5-a-side Venues

    • Underpass 2
    • Goals Centre
    • Goals Centre (Night)
    • The Dome
    • Justin Chan Memorial
    • Indoor Court
    • Adidas Z5
    • London - Complete the "London European Championships" on Bronze difficulty (Stage 3)
    • London (Night) - Complete the "London European Championships" on Bronze difficulty (Stage 3)
    • Paris: Notre Dame - Complete the "Notre Dame 5-A-Side Tournament" on Bronze difficulty (Stage 3)
    • Venice Canal - Complete the "Venice 5-a-Side" on Bronze difficulty (Stage 3)
    • Barcelona Stadium - Complete the "Freestylin' Barcelona Tournament" on Bronze difficulty (Stage 3)
    • New York Stadium - Complete the "New York 6's Tournament" on Silver difficulty (Stage 4)
    • Dubai - Complete the "Dubai 5-a-Side Cup" on Silver difficulty (Stage 4)
    • Amsterdam Stadium - Complete the "Amsterdam Panna Tournament" on Silver difficulty (Stage 4)

    Panna Rules Venues

    • Aberdeen Cage
    • Empty Parking Lot
    • Loading Bay
    • Basketball Court
    • Shangai Rooftop
    • Skate Park - Complete the "Freestylin' Dublin" event on Bronze difficulty (Stage 3)
    • Buenos Aires - Complete the "Buenos Aires Panna" event on Silver difficulty (Stage 4)

    Futsal Venues

    • The Hangar (often overlooked as necessary venue) Only available in Hits The Streets mode
    • Futsal Centre
    • Placa De Catalunya (Complete the finals in Stage 4 on Hard difficulty to unlock this venue)
    • Berlin Stadium - Complete the "Berlin Futsal Tournament" on Bronze difficulty (Stage 3)
    • Tokyo Futsal Stadium - Complete the "Tokoyo Fustal Shield" on Silver difficulty (Stage 4)
    • Rio Stadium - Complete the "Adidas World Futsal Championship" on Silver difficulty (Stage 4)
    • Rio Stadium (Night) - Complete the "Adidas World Futsal Championship" on Silver difficulty (Stage 4)

    Note - Some venues will not appear on the World Tour. You must create a "Custom Match" in the the Hit The Streets mode. In addition, changing the amount of players in a match will also dictate which venues become available. Some of the additional venues which become available using this method include :

    • Gym
    • Football Complex
    • The Hangar
    • The Park

    If you think that you have met the requirements for Globetrotter, but the trophy still hasn't unlocked, be sure to play and win in each of these three venues, in addition to all the other venues. This is because these are the most commonly missed venues, which you must play and win for the trophy to unlock.

  • Score a goal by deflecting the ball off a wall

    This trophy can be quite tricky, as you have to find the right spot and angle in the street environment. The best method to obtain this trophy is to choose Hit The Streets > Custom Match. Then adjust your settings so that Match Type is First to X Goals and set the amount of goals to 5, to allow for a few attempts. You will also need to set the amount of players as just one per side.This will make it much easier, as it will be 1-on-1 game without a set goalkeeper. You can also assign a second controller on the opposite team, to make it even easier for you, if you like. Once you are in game, just use the Pass button () or the Cross button () and aim at the wall. You just need to get your angles and positioning right, but you shouldn't have a problem putting it in the back of the net.

    Here is a short clip of how to earn the trophy.

    Note - The video also includes a quick demonstration of how to get the Watching Film trophy.

    Credit to FeXcEzSk1lLzz for the video.

  • Score a goal with a Panna

    The best way to attempt this trophy is to choose the Panna Rules game mode, because there is no set goalkeeper. However, this trophy requires some luck. The important thing to note is that you don't need to nutmeg the goalkeeper. You only need to shoot and score through the leg's of the player who is covering the goal. The trophy is again luck-based, and should unlock naturally after playing several matches. Here is a video of one of the ways you can earn the trophy.

    Thanks to StOrMtRoOpErMx19 for the video.

  • Reach the World Tour map screen for the first time

    Simply click the World Tour mode on the Main Menu. The trophy will pop soon after you reach the next menu screen.

  • Win a World Tour Tournament for the first time

    Just win your first tournament in the World Tour mode. You can set the difficulty to easy (bronze) if you prefer, in order to earn this trophy.

  • Win stage 1 of World Tour

    Complete all of the stages and events in Stage 1 of the World Tour.

  • Win stage 2 of World Tour

    Complete all of the stages and events in Stage 2 of the World Tour.

  • Win stage 3 of World Tour

    Complete all of the stages and events in Stage 3 of the World Tour.

  • Win stage 4 of World Tour

    Complete all of the stages and events in Stage 4 of the World Tour.

  • Win any World Tour tournament Online

    Once you start the World Tour and play a few matches, you will eventually be presented with a tournament that you must win, in order to progress. You will must select the option to play this game online. The easiest way to obtain this trophy is to win a final of any stage. This is because there is no group stage, meaning you will only need to win 3 games, as opposed to 5.

  • Win a street challenge against an authentic club team in stage 4 of world tour

    This trophy can be unlocked once you reach Stage 4 in the World Tour. You will have the opportunity to play against "real" teams. Beat any of them in any challenge and the trophy is yours.

  • Defeat Messi in a street challenge game

    For this trophy, you must beat a team in a Street Challenge, which features Lionel Messi. Playing Barcelona in the tournaments doesn't count, it must be a Street Challenge. The trophy should unlock after you reach the end game menu, providing you won the match.

    Note - "To get Barcelona to show in a street challenge, you need to press to refresh the teams. I recommend you do this after you have finished the World Tour, because because refreshing the teams will reset your rank for the final tournament" (Thanks to Woody for the tip)

  • Win the final national tournament with at least 8 created players on your team

    This can be achieved on the last event of Stage 2 on the World Tour.

    Note - You do not need to have 8 created players on your team, you just need any 8 players on your team. This is because once you start the World Tour, it is a requirement to assemble a team anyway, and therefore all of those players register as "created" players.

  • Win a tournament with a local Co-Op player

    This trophy can be earned offline with a second controller. Just start any tournament from the World Tour. You can set the difficulty to bronze, if you like. The next step is to progress through the rounds and once you reach the final, connect your second controller. Before you play in the final, make sure you assign co-op mode, by selecting both controllers on your team. The trophy will pop once you have reached the end-game screen.

  • Have a team with at least 8 created players that are level 50 or higher

    This trophy will come naturally during your course of playing the game. It is likely that most of your "created" players will have reached close to level 50 by the time you complete the World Tour. Don't worry though, just simply choose another game mode such as Hit The Streets or Online matches. Then all you must do is continue playing with your players, until they all rank up to level 50.

    Boosting Tips: - "This can be boosted by playing against a second controller. Choose a 6 v 6 match so you have more of your players in the game, then just keep doing tricks to beat one of their players" (Woody)

    Also see here (credit to Combatting):

    An Insane way to gain high amounts of xp. Just start a custom freestyle match with 1vs1 (with second controller) then just keep doing tricks until you get bored or something. You can gain 10k+ in like minutes so gaining level 50 shouldn't take long. The match will only end if you score, because you've gained enough points to end it. This also works with 6 vs 6. Just use one player to do all the tricks till around say 10mins and the rest also level up at the end of the game without the other players actually doing nothing

  • Score 100 goals with your created player in any game modes

    All you need to do is reach a total of 100 goals with your created player. This can be done in any online or offline modes. You can check the stats of your player by doing the following sequence. Press from the Main Menu > Leaderboards & EAS FC > Character Level tab

  • Earn 100,000 Style Points with your created player in any game mode

    For this trophy, you just need to make full use of all the skills available to you in the game. Using combinations and more complex tricks will reward you with higher style points. Once you reach a cumulative points score of 100,000, the trophy will unlock.

  • Upgrade one of your created players attributes to Max

    Your players will rank up when you play with them on your created team. Once they do reach the next level, they will be awarded with a certain number of upgrade points. These can be used to increase player attributes such as dribbling, shooting etc. In order the unlock this trophy, you must upgrade one of these attributes to the maximum. The trophy should pop soon after leaving the menu.

  • Unlock 10 tricks on a created player

    You will eventually achieve this trophy just by playing through the World Tour, and earning experience points. In order to unlock new tricks for your players, you must click Squad from the main menu, then press to bring up the Upgrade Player screen. You can now redeem your points for new skills, once you meet the EXP requirements of any given skill or trick.

  • Upgrade 5 attributes on a created player to maximum

    For this trophy you must fully upgrade five of a players attributes. Some examples of the attributes in the game are listed below.

    • Athleticism
    • Defence
    • Dribbling
    • Goal Keeping
    • Passing
    • Shooting
    • Speed

    You may pick any combination of these attributes, but you must upgrade at least five of them to the maximum, for the trophy to unlock.

    Here is a screenshot of the player attributes screen.

  • Unlock a created player celebration and perform it in game

    Once your player/virtual pro reach level 5, you can unlock player celebrations. Upon reaching this level, all you need to do is go to the Edit Player screen and click the Celebration tab. Select and apply any of the celebrations listed here, and wait until your player scores their next goal(s).

    Note - The celebrations are performed randomly and automatically. This means that the celebration you chose may not be performed the very next time your player scores, but they will perform the celebration eventually, and the trophy will unlock.

  • Wear an Unlocked item in any game mode

    You will earn rewards when playing the World Tour mode. Each game or tournament you compete in you will have a gold, silver and bronze reward. Just play any challenge and win the match, and you will unlock an item (usually some form of clothing) Then you must edit your players by going into My Squad from the menu. Just equip any unlocked item, and after doing so, play another match featuring the new item.

    Note - You do not need to win the game in order to unlock the trophy, just simply finish the game.

  • In a street season obtain promotion to the next division



    In order to be promoted in a Street Season, you must win 5 online ranked games.

    Note - Online tournaments in World Cup mode do not count towards your total. You can check your progress on the Street Seasons Menu.

  • Win a game of 5 a side, 6 a side and Futsal online



    This is relatively straight forward. Just go into Online > Street Season and win a division match on each of the three modes.

    Note - You must finish and win the game for it to count. If either you or your opponent disconnects, it will not count as a win towards the trophy.

  • Win any Online Cup



    Online Cups are only available for three days, during the weekend, including Friday. These are ranked multiplayer matches only. You must beat 4 players in a row to win a cup.

  • Win all 9 online cups



    This is possibly the most difficult trophy in the game. You must win 9 different cups. Therefore this means that you will need a minimum of 9 weeks in order to meet the requirements of this trophy. If you miss a cup, or lose, then you must wait for it to do a full cycle of 8 weeks, before you can have another attempt. Here is a list of all the 9 cups you must win for the trophy.

    • 6-a-side Elimination Challenge
    • Annual Street 5's Championship
    • Canal Classic 5-a-side Tournament
    • Dutch Invitational Cup
    • European Futsal Invitational
    • New York 6's Tournament of Champions
    • South American Futsal Championship
    • Tokyo Futsal Cup
    • UK Street Cup Finals

    To check the cups you have earned go to Online > Street Season > Street Stories > Trophies.

  • Upload a saved video


    The friend recommendation feature in the EA Server Hub appears to have broken or been removed as it is unable to refresh or retrieve any data.

    To upload a video, simply press after scoring a goal to view the replay. Then press to upload the clip. The trophy should pop right after saving and successfully uploading the file to the Street Network.

  • Watch a video posted by one of your Friends


    The friend recommendation feature in the EA Server Hub appears to have broken or been removed as it is unable to refresh or retrieve any data.

    Simply view a video clip posted by someone on your friends list. Press from the main menu and enter EA Sports Hub. Then under the Media tab, select a feed where one of your friends has uploaded a gameplay video. Press to view media/video. Again, the trophy will pop soon after the video has started playing.

    Thanks to FeXcEzSk1lLzz for the video

  • Add a new Friend using the Friend Recommendation feature


    The friend recommendation feature in the EA Server Hub appears to have broken or been removed as it is unable to refresh or retrieve any data.


    Visit the EA Sports Hub from the menu by pressing . Scroll across to find the Add a Friend tab. You will then be presented with a list of people who are friends with your friends. Just press on any one of them to bring up the friend request message. You don't actually have to add them, as the trophy will pop after a few seconds and you can back out of the request.

    Thanks to FeXcEzSk1lLzz for the video

  • Watch a gameplay tutorial video

    You shouldn't miss this trophy. When you first enter the Hit The Streets mode and start a game, you will be presented with a pop up message. Choose any gameplay tutorial and begin watching the video. The trophy will pop after a few seconds.

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