Friends for Life Trophy

  • Friends for Life


    Win 10 Co-Op games with online friends in FUT Squad Battles or FUT Division Rivals

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  • Feel free to add me so we can help each other getting this trophy

    PSN: MarkDooPed
  • Looking for someone to complete co-op trophies with.

    Id: brydobhoy
  • Add me on PS5 if you want to do this :)

    PSN: jeppeank
  • Add me on PS5 so can we help eachother out on this one. Speaks swedish or english.

    PSN: Surdegen1
  • ps5 btw
  • im up to boost PSN> Dorut
    also on PS5
  • Add me for this one and other online trophies (PS5 - jordivd91)
  • PS5 - faffywaffle93
    Looking for help with this and the pro clubs trophies please
  • Add me Smokey87-NL
  • message me: rubenownage
  • add me ccorr97
  • Does anyone want to team up for this Trophy.

  • Add me for this one and other online trophies
    PSN Stratosopatentas
  • Hi, looking for a helping hand here. Happy to just do squad battles on beginner to make it quick and easy.

    Add me on CJB-2021 and ping me a message and will get back to you ASAP.
  • Trophy now obtained, thanks folks.

    Needing support on Pro Clubs, Our House our Rules and Dream Debut.

    Hook me up on CJB-2021
  • I need to do this, PSN Mooro1991. Hit me up to boost
  • Want to boost it in Squad Battles on PS5 with chill on easy difficulty PSN: DmitryHardy
  • Looking to boost this in Squad Battles on PS5 on easy difficulty nice and quickly. PSN: Tezenith
  • Also want to boost co op real quick on squad battles, add me and text fifa 22 co-op boost

    Psn: Iman5Martins
  • If anyone wants to boost this feel free to send me a friend request we can do this on easy difficulty score a couple of goals and go afk each match until done. I only need 9 but can do an extra one if someone needs all 10.

    PSN: NightWolf2680x

  • anyone want to help boost this

    PSN: travyb22

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