• Estimated trophy difficulty: 5/10 (Personal Rating) - Platinum Difficulty Rating
  • Offline trophies: 26 (20, 7, 3, 1)
  • Online trophies: 19 (14, 2, 2)
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 10-15 hours - Estimated Time to Platinum
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: Many Matches
  • Number of missable trophies: None
  • Glitched trophies: Friendship Test, FUT 50
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Half-time pep-talk requires Legendary difficulty.
  • Do trophies stack?: PS3 and PS4 lists stack.
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats, but sliders can be used.
Welcome back to the beautiful game. EA Sports brings back the most loved sport on Earth back to your controllers in another iteration of the FIFA series. Another year brings new improvements to the game. New gameplay mechanics such as no touch dribbling come into play, and there are two new major ways to play the game. First, is the introduction of Women’s Football Teams for the first time ever, offering 12 national teams and a few trophies to go with them. The other is FUT draft mode, a new mode giving you the chance to choose a squad out of randomised players for each position, before facing your creation against the AI or online, and is unfortunately the reason that the Plat is 5/10 difficulty rather than about 2 or 3. Luckily though, there is no extra effort or any stupid luck based trophies this year, so you can relax about that. Overall, all of the trophies are fairly easy apart from winning four games in a row online with your draft team.

Note: These can be done in any order you want, I just listed them in the order I did them (roughly).

Step 1- Skill Games
As I usually do in FIFA, I recommend starting off by doing the skill games to learn the game if you need to, or to get used to any changes outside a match scenario. There is only 1 trophy for skill games, and you only need to do the basic skill games, but if you want or need to, play the rest of the skill games.

Trophy in this Step:
  • Baby steps 

Step 2: Simple Menu Trophies
You may as well do the easy trophies you can unlock in the menu (note that you must be connected to the servers to get them). Buy and gift an item and share an activity for a few trophies.

Trophies in this Step:
  • Social craving 
  • Giving back 
  • All for myself 

Step 3: Career Mode
Next, head into Career mode and set up a manager career, preferably with a rich team. There are a few trophies in Manager mode, and not all of them can be done on one save file so you may need to do more than one save, one with Chelsea or Arsenal to win a quick competition and get a few other trophies. You’ll also need to start a career with a lower league team. Once all these are done, start up a player career mode, and get in a team of the week for the sole trophy in the player career.

Trophies in this Step:
  • Dream-team in progress 
  • You Struck Gold! 
  • Management at its best 
  • From zero to hero 
  • Quiz completed 
  • Start the quiz 
  • Gold acquisition 

Step 4: Women’s International Tournament
Next, to finish off the solely offline bits (other than the misc trophies), take part in the Women’s International Tournament. You need to win the tournament, which you can simulate but you’ll need to play a game or two to get all the misc trophies that you can only get with women. See the end of the guide to see what you need to do, since all of the women trophies are grouped together.

Trophies in this Step:
  • We’re in the game! 
  • New silverware 
  • 5 star performance 
  • I got this! 
  • Got flair? 

Step 5- Ultimate Team
Next I chose to go with Ultimate Team, but like I said in the earlier note it doesn’t really matter what order you do this in. You need an online connection to play this mode, but all but 3 can be done against the AI. You’ll need to do a few tasks that don’t require gameplay such as signing a loan player, applying a chemistry style and changing your captain, and there are a few trophies that require game play. You’ll need to do 10 games at least with a purchased player, and score 50 goals with one card, winning a season along the way. You’ll want to save money to enter the FUT drafts, so if you can afford them, redeem the coin boosts in the EASFC catalogue to get more coins per game. You get one entry free, which you can spend on either, just note that you are much more likely to win the offline draft. If you’re lucky or good, you might win the online draft first time. If not, you may have to grind more coins to get back another fee or buy FIFA points to renter. At some point you’ll also need to visit the Trophy Boosting Thread to win an friendly season.

Trophies in this Step:
  • The Invincibles  - Unobtainable, due to FUT seasons being discontinued
  • Testing the waters 
  • Legacy in the making 
  • FUT 50 
  • No hard feelings, right? 
  • Trial offer 
  • A loyal ally is hard to find 
  • Molded to perfection 
  • Trial of power 
  • Class of ’16 - Unobtainable, due to FUT seasons being discontinued
  • Mutiny! 
  • Just for inspiration… 

Step 6- Head to Head and Friendly Season
Simple step, just gain promotion in H2H seasons, playing a consecutive match at some point, and then find someone in the Trophy Boosting Thread for a friendly season.

Trophies in this Step:
  • Going up? 
  • Friendship test 
  • Never Quit 

Step 7- Misc trophies and clean up
Finally, clean up any miscellaneous trophies you haven’t obtained yet. I personally did them all earlier so I didn’t get distracted by a chance to get them while doing the other steps, but for the purpose of this roadmap I’m putting it last as you may get a fair few of these while doing the other steps. It shouldn’t take more than a few games to clean up anything you may have left. Congrats on the plat!

Trophies in this Step:
  • Can’t touch this 
  • Threading the needle 
  • Play Beautiful 
  • Take aim 
  • I am the boss 
  • I brought the ball 
  • Fair Play! 
  • Around the wall 
  • Set-piece specialist 
  • It’s a lottery 
  • Go for it! 
  • Half-time pep-talk 
  • Adding some context 
  • Football Legend - Unobtainable

FIFA 16 Trophy Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed trophies
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45 trophies ( 34  )

  • Unlock all other trophies (excluding additional content trophies)


    As always, collect every trophy in the game to unlock this one.
  • Beat an opposing player using no touch dribbling

    No touch dribbling is a new feature in FIFA 16, giving you more options to beat players by choosing to not take a touch rather than taking a dangerous touch. To initiate no touch dribbling, hold  when you are on the ball to stop and take a little step back from the ball (when you are close but not too close to an opponent). You can then use the left stick to perform feints to trick the opponent about what direction you are going, and you can hold at the same time to do larger feints. Do a couple of feints then dribble past an opponent to unlock this. If you are struggling with this, you can do this against Beginner AI or even a second controller to make this simple, although you shouldn’t need to. It might be a bit touchy with how it unlocks, but it’s easy enough to try it again until it pops.
  • Assist a goal using a driven ground pass


    To perform a driven ground pass, press +, it’s basically a really heavy pass, so the receiver will need good control to prevent you from losing the ball, so be a good team. As long as you’re closeish to the goal and score soon after the pass it should count as an assist. You don’t have to score with your first touch after the pass but if you take too long or beat a few players before finishing it might not count as an assist. If you’re struggling, you can set it on a low difficulty, use the sliders or use 2 controllers to make this easy.
  • Have 100% shot accuracy in a match (10 shots minimum)

    Again this isn’t too bad if you try specifically for it, although you may not get it by accident. Just make sure not to take any shots from far out, as it is very easy to get a shot off target. Even if you get close in the box, you might shoot wide or over if the player doesn’t have good finishing, so be a good team with good strikers, and don’t put too much power on the shot. As long as you score or you force a save it will count as being on target. You can also turn down the shot error slider to 0 so it is very unlikely you’ll miss. Once you hit 10 shots/shots on targets, you can stop trying to shoot and hold the ball so you don’t mess up the trophy. Once you finish the match you’ll unlock this.
  • Substitute your star player in a match (highest rated player in the team)

    Easy enough, pause the game at any time and replace your highest rated player with another player. If you have joint highest rated players such as at Manchester United (3 on 86), sub them all off for it to recognise you as subbing off the highest rated player. The trophy will pop the next time the play stops and your substitute comes on.
  • Have more than 65% possession in a match

    If you’re usually good at keeping possession, you might get this naturally just from keeping possession for a lot of the match. If you’re not so good, you might need to cheese this by passing a lot between your defenders and goalkeeper, or holding the ball for the entire match against beginner AI or preferably 2 controllers. Either way if you finish the game with 65% or more possession in the stats screen you’ll get this.
  • Finish a match without conceding a foul against you (offsides do not count)

    If you’re careful you might get this without trying, don’t make any dangerous tackles or the like. If you’re using the method above for the 65%+ possession, you might get this at the same time as you naturally will not be conceding any fouls.
  • Score a goal with a curled shot from a free kick

    A curled free kick is one that doesn’t have too much power on it and obviously curls a bit. Simply shoot while holding the left stick left or right to apply curve onto the ball and if it goes in you should get the trophy. Make sure to use your best free kick taker, and if you struggle to score free kicks you can play against a bad team with a bad goalie, or better yet use two controllers and use the touchpad with P2 to control the goalie and move him out of the way for an open goal. Two controllers is recommended as it will also make it easier to win a free kick, it can be a bit annoying to goad the opposition into giving you a freekick, but doing tricks outside the box can occasionally make the opposition mistime their tackles. 
  • Score 2 goals from a corner in a match

    Easy enough especially on lower difficulties. The main problem might be winning the corners rather than actually scoring from them as on low difficulties you’re more likely to score than have the keeper parry the ball wide or over. Shooting from long distance may do the trick, although it will occasionally fly in or just be caught by the keeper. An easier solution is to use 2 controllers and run the ball out with the opponent. When you actually get the corner, power up the cross about half way and get ready to hit/spam  in order to head it in if it gets near one of your players. Headers are really overpowered this year so as long as it goes to a corner it’ll go in. If you miss or someone else gets to it first, keep trying. Once you’ve scored the second, you’ll get this.
  • Win a penalty shoot-out

    A penalty shoot-out occurs if the game is tied after 90 minutes and/or extra time (in kick-off games and tournament matches). You might need to do a penalty shootout if you play at a level you can either draw or just about win in, but if you want to get this out of the way or you just like to blast through on amateur etc, just either refrain from scoring, or score a few own goals to even the score. If you’re in kick-off you have an option to go straight to a penalty shoot-out, but if you are in career mode or FUT, you may need to go through extra time first. Penalty shoot-outs are a mixture of skill and luck. For your penalties, if you are really skilled you can consistently place them in the top corner where no goalkeeper can reach. Most people can’t do this and will end up missing, so you will probably have to just go a bit left or right and hope the goalkeeper dives the wrong way or it sneaks through them. For the opposing penalties, keep an eye out for where the taker is looking, a lot of the time this is where they will go, but not always, and you won’t save every penalty you choose the correct direction for. Outscore your opponent to win the penalty shoot-out. If you are struggling, head to the skill games and you can practice there before you go for the trophy, or if you desire you can do this with 2 controllers so you’ll definitely win.
  • During open play, score a long-distance goal with a defender (25 yards out)

    25 yards is about the length of the box and a half. There are numerous ways you can get this easily. These include, but not limited to using a defender with decent shooting such as Florenzi for Roma, using sliders to your advantage, putting a forward such as Ronaldo in defence and playing against a weak team with a bad goalkeeper. Scoring from a longshot isn’t too hard this time around, aim for the far side of the side of the goal for more chance of scoring. If you’re using sliders however, you’ll have no problem.
  • Win a match against the Legendary CPU after being down at half-time

    This could very well be the hardest trophy in the game if not for sliders making winning a piece of cake on any difficulty. Just set the sliders to give you max shot power and 0 shot error, and reduce the opponents speed, goalkeeping ability and accuracy and you’ll have no trouble getting this. Simply score an own goal and hold out until half time, then bang in a few goals easily in the second half.
  • Win all 4 matches in an Online Draft Mode session in FIFA Ultimate Team


    This is the make or break trophy in this list. FUT Draft is a new mode for FUT, where you get to pick one of 5 random players for each position, then take that team online to beat 4 other players and their drafted squads consecutively. The problem is (although you get given one free entry) you must pay 15k coins or 300 FIFA points per entry, and while you get your money’s worth back in rewards, these are in packs where you may not get your money back even if you get to the final game and lose, so you may need to grind a lot of coins or spend quite a bit of real money if you struggle to beat people. Below are some tips on both squad building and gameplay.

    Squad Building
    • For the formation, everyone has their 4 at the back formation, which is the best way forward, with wide men preferably as a lot of the star players are left/right midfielders/wingers.
    • For the captain pick who you want, as long as they fit your formation (playing a CAM at CM is fine, you may have trouble with a RM at ST etc).
    • Where possible, stick to the same league. High chemistry is key. An 85 rated player on 10 chemistry is better than an 88 on 4 chemistry.
    • If you get an amazing player such as Messi and Ronaldo and you are building around a captain from another league, accept them but try to get a player on the bench to fit their position chemistry wise and put the star player on the bench, then sub them on early on. If it works like previous FIFAs, substitutions don’t affect chemistry even if the player subbed on doesn’t fit.
    • Obviously the earlier rounds will be easier. Use these to learn your team so you can make the most of them in the harder rounds.
    • Practice Practice Practice. If you solely play offline you’ll struggle. Try and play some online seasons/tournaments beforehand to get used to the typical online player.
    • Don’t try and be fancy. I hate to encourage this but exploit cheap goals (going 1v1 with the keeper and passing it to someone else to score an open goal). If you go one up and you don’t feel confident, play defensive. At the moment, shots from outside the box are quite overpowered if you shoot across the goalkeeper, but you’re more likely to score at the near post from inside the box. Headers are also quite powerful this year.

    Getting Coins
    • Purchase the coin boosts if you can, you can get up to a thousand bonus coins per game which add up eventually, and just keep playing games. Online seasons give a lot more coins than offline.
    • Don’t purchase packs. They are not worth it, unless you’re one in a thousand and get lucky enough to pull someone worth something.
    • Trading. Sell players you don’t need, or discard them if you can’t sell them to gain some coins. Same goes for consumables, some are actually worth quite a bit, especially the hunter chemistry style. Try to snipe players for less than their going price and resell them for profit.
    Good luck!
  • Win all 4 matches in a Single Player Draft Mode session in FIFA Ultimate Team

    This is the same but against the AI. You can choose any difficulty, so choose a lower difficulty if you are not confident. Note that the difficulty fluctuates a bit, so in the final of a Semi Pro draft you may be facing Professional difficulty, so if you want to be really safe go for a lower difficulty. For squad building tips see The Invincibles above.
  • First appearance of a player bought from the Transfer Market in Ultimate Team

    Simple, buy any player from the transfer market, preferably someone decent who’ll fit your team and play a game with them. The trophy will unlock at the start of the game.
  • Have a player score their 50th goal at the club in FIFA Ultimate Team


    If you play FUT often and stick with the same team you may get this fairly quickly. However if you don’t play much or you like to switch up players often this can be a pain. For the easiest time, pick a striker to get this with and go into the easiest single player season you can. Spend a few games blasting in goals with the same player against bad teams on low difficulties and it shouldn’t take too long. If you want to make sure it gets to the same person all the time, play a formation with one main striker such as 4-5-1. Note that this likely needs to be with the same card, so don’t sell the player you’re using even if you buy another one the same. This can be someone you got in a pack or someone off the market. Apparently this is glitching on some people, if you don’t get the trophy after the 50th goal (the commentator will remark about it), you may need to do it with another player.
  • Win a Friendly Season in FIFA Ultimate Team

    For this you’ll need someone to help, see the Trophy Boosting Thread if you need someone. 
    A friendly season is 5 games, and the season ends after someone gets 3 wins or at the end of the 5 games. Invite your friend, and choose someone to win. The other person can quit for the first two games, but you should play the third game just to be safe. The trophy should pop at the end of the season for the winning player, then repeat for the other person.
  • Sign a Loan Player from the EASFC Catalogue

    Easy enough, but you’ll need to be at least EASFC level 6 and you’ll also need at least 500 FCC to sign them. Pick any player you can from the catalogue and redeem the item to get this trophy.
  • Buy a player from the FUT Transfer Market and earn his loyalty by playing 10 or more games with him

    Same as Legacy in the Making, but you need to play 10 games. This should pop at the start of the 10th game.
  • Apply your first Chemistry Style consumable in FUT

    Chemistry Styles are applied to players to improve certain attributes. You might get one out of any packs you may open, but you can also buy them off the market, some can be bought for 200 coins if you look well enough. After you have obtained one, go into your squad and add it to any eligible player for this trophy.
  • Challenge and complete a match against the Team of the Week in FUT

    You can check out the TOTW in the FUT menu. Choose to challenge it, choose any difficulty and beat it for this trophy. You shouldn’t have trouble on lower difficulties even against souped up teams.
  • Win a division title in FUT Seasons


    Just as it says, choose any season in FUT and win it. You’ll only need 4 wins to win Division 10, and this is easy even online as you’ll mostly come up against starter teams. What I normally do is play offline until I can purchase a playable full gold team, then head into online seasons to pick on the new people. You should get the trophy after wrapping up the division title in either offline or online seasons mode.
  • Change your captain in FUT

    Head into your squad and hit  to bring up a menu, and pick squad roles. Change your captain and you’ll get another easy trophy.
  • Play a full match with the "FIFA Trainer" overlays turned on

    FIFA Trainer is another new feature, it displays a ring around the player you are controlling to give you tips on what to do. However, it’s more than an annoyance than anything as it’ll just suggest the same thing depending on where you are on the pitch and can be distracting. Just play one game without disabling it (don’t press ) and you’ll get this, and then you can be rid of the feature forever.
  • Sign a world class player in manager Career mode (80+ rated)

    Another easy one as the FIFA definition of ‘World Class’ is quite low. Pick a decent team so you can afford to buy players, and find one who you know is 80 or above (I used Fredy Guarin costing £12 million). If you’re unsure if the player is good enough, do some scouting beforehand. Older players will be cheaper if you don’t have much money. Once the bid has been accepted, match their contractual requirements, and if they accept, finalise the transfer and you’ll get this trophy.
  • Earn a Promotion in Seasons

    The earning promotion trophy is back again, and unlike the PS4 version, it seems you can use catalogue items to help with this, but you need to play the last game yourself, so buy 2 wins yourself, then win another game yourself. You’ll need to get 9 points to gain promotion. The trophy will unlock after you get your 9th point.
  • Finish an Online Friendlies Season


    First off you’ll need help for this so head over to the Trophy Boosting Thread if you need someone to boost with. Then just invite them to a friendly season until the online section, choose someone to win, and like the FUT version of this trophy quit out of the first two games and finish the third normally. You should both get the trophy as you only need to finish the season. This has known not to pop when it should on PS3. If it doesnt pop for you, delete some friends until you get under 50 (keep whoever you boosted with), then load the game and it should pop.
  • Share an EA SPORTS Football Club Activity

    After doing anything significant eg playing a game, press  and choose something from your feed to share. Do so for the trophy.
  • Gift an EA SPORTS Football Club Catalogue item

    For this, press  and go into the catalogue. Choose any item, and instead of buying it for yourself choose to send it as a gift, and choose someone. Note that some items can not be gifted such as FUT coin boosts.
  • Purchase an EA SPORTS Football Club Catalogue item

    Same as above but simply buy something for yourself. If you’d like to kill 2 birds with one stone, purchase a FUT loan player.
  • Play a women's football match

    Another new feature is the ability to play as women for the first time ever in a football video game. 12 teams are available to use, simply play a game to get this trophy.
  • Win the Women's International Cup tournament

    The Women’s International Cup tournament is a tournament made to go along with the introduction of Women teams into FIFA. The structure is a round robin against 3 other teams where you play each other once each, then 3 more games in straight knockout format if you come at least second or third in your group. It is recommended to pick the better teams like USA or Germany, or even use multiple teams as human controlled, so you can simulate games if you wish and safely win the tournament. You might want to play the harder games though, not only to ensure you’ll advance into the next stage, but to also gain some of the trophies only available as Women. Once one of your team wins the final either through gameplay or simulation this will unlock.
  • Score 5 goals in a women's football match

    Easy enough, choose one of the better teams like USA or Germany, and choose to face a weaker one such as Italy or Mexico. On lower difficulties you shouldn’t have issues with scoring at least 5, but if you do you can also use sliders to make it even easier to score. The trophy will unlock at the end of the match.
  • Perform a slide tackle and keep possession of the ball in a women's football match

    This one isn’t too bad, the main problem will be keeping the ball with the same player after tackling. The best way to do this is to approach from behind and to either side, so the tackle will be more of a hook tackle than one with the aim to get the ball away. You can also do this against a standing still second controller, or you can adjust the sliders so the sprint speed is on 0 for the AI, so they will have trouble evading the tackle. I ended up getting a bit lucky, it seems you only need to touch the ball again with your player before it touches anyone else to count, I got the trophy without really getting possession of the ball as I was still on the floor and the opposition got the ball back.
  • Score a goal with Flair Shot in a women's football match

    This one can be a bit fidgety. The controls state that a flair shot is just  and , but this never yielded a trophy for me even when I did an overhead kick with that method. Instead you’ll need to also hold  at the same time. It is a bit tricky to score with these, as most of the time I ended up mishitting the flair shot. I eventually got it from a volley, so it is probably the easiest way to do this. It also doesn’t work if you have the shot speed slider on, but you can choose the other sliders to your liking, or do it against a second controller if you’re struggling. The easiest way to get a volley off is to do a lofted through ball using +, then use the ++ combo to hopefully perform a flair shot. If it doesn’t perform a flair shot, try again, as I said flair shooting can be a bit awkward.
  • Scout and find a player with any combination of 3 GTN player attributes

    Once in the career menu use  and select Transfers, Global Transfer Network. Once here go to Instructions (). Delete both default Instructions with  and add a New Instruction with 3 desired attributes, for example:


    Keep position, age and contracts as default and press  to go back. Repeat the same process with 2 or 3 more Instructions. This will increase the odds of finding a player. Make sure all 3 attributes are similar, for example don’t ask for a defensive minded playmaker with good finishing as you won’t find anyone.

    The more scouts you have, the more likely you are to find someone.

    Return to the Career menu and sim a few days. The trophy should pop automatically in the sim process.
  • Win a Trophy as a Team manager

    For this create a new Manager career, and select Arsenal or Chelsea in the English Premier League. They take part in the Community Shield before the proper season starts and this counts as a trophy. Both have a chance of winning but you are more likely to win with Chelsea. Use the calendar to simulate to the game, and save your game. Then you can either simulate the game (quicker but you may fail and will have to reload) or play it (takes longer but if you play on an easy difficulty you’re guaranteed success. After you win the trophy will pop.
  • Get your Play as Player to be featured in the Team of the Week

    For this trophy you need to create a Player Career. You should select an Active Player, any good striker should work such as Wayne Rooney from Manchester United.

    Sim a few days until August and the first league game will show. Then, save the career just to be safe before playing the game. In the first game of the League you need to score as many goals as you can and make some assists as well, you can modify the sliders to your advantage to increase the odds drastically.

    Once you win the match and get a high rating (9+) sim another 1-2 days and the trophy will pop.
  • Complete all Drills in FIFA Basics

    From the main menu go to the Play tab () then choose the Learn To Play option, and select 'The Basics'.

    Here you just need to complete and pass the 4 categories beating the score given:

    Ground Pass (3,000 points)
    Shooting (4,000 points)
    Dribbling (1,500 points)
    Defending (2,500 points)

    The drills are quite easy and you shouldn’t have any trouble completing them all in 1-2 tries for the trophy.
  • Fill up all Team Sheets slots

    This and Start the Quiz are very easy. From the main menu select Play, New Career and Select Manager Career. Select your desired team.

    Once in the Career Menu go to Squad tab () and select Default Team Sheet, move  to the right and pick the option to create a new team sheet. Press  and  twice.

    Start the quiz trophy will pop right away.

    Keep moving  to the right and repeat the same process with all 4 team sheets for another easy trophy.
  • Create a New Team Sheet

    Refer to Quiz completed trophy for more information.
  • Buy a player which is in a league above you

    From the main menu create a new Manager Career and select England, Football League 2, any team, preferably one of the better ones.

    Make sure that Disable First Summer Transfer Window is OFF. In the career menu press  and go to Transfers, Search Players. Select League, Football League 1. Keep everything else the same. Press  to search and start to look for someone with a low contract and approach to buy him.

    Offer a transfer sum more than he’s worth and if you want, also add to the deal the highest player in your club, a 60-61 rating player should work. Submit the Offer and sim another 3-5 days. A new email will prompt saying they have accepted the offer. If not try again with a new player. Then make the contract offer, again offer more than what they want and say they'll be a crucial 1st team player. Submit the offer and sim another couple of days.

    If the player accepts the deal you just need to press  and confirm the offer. The trophy will pop afterwards.
  • Play a consecutive match in Seasons

    In seasons, if you press continue at the end of the match you’ll immediately search for another game, get into another game for this trophy.
  • Copy a Squad from the end of an online match in FIFA Ultimate Team

    After an online match when the match ratings come up, press  to copy the squad to be made as a concept squad. As such, you must have a free concept squad slot available to copy a squad.
  • Score a goal after 10 consecutive passes in the opposing third of the pitch

    For a gold trophy this isn’t too bad. You’ll just need to make 10 passes in a row in the 30m or so of the pitch nearest to the goal you need to score in (about 1 and 2/3s of the length of the penalty area, the commentator occasionally mentions that you are going into the attacking third), then proceed to score. You can pass between the same two players repeatedly to score, just make sure you don’t lose the ball or stray out of the area or you’ll need to start over. Count the passes and once you hit 10, proceed to score. This is obviously much easier on lower difficulties as opponents are less likely to pressure you and it’ll be easy to score, or you can use sliders or 2 controllers to make it even easier.

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