• Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10 (Platinum Difficulty Rating Thread)
  • Offline trophies: 19 (11 (B), 6 (S), 1 (G)) PS4: 17 (10 (B), 6 (S), 1 (G))
  • Online trophies: 26 (15 (B), 9 (S), 1 (G), 1 (P)) PS4: 25 (14 (B), 9 (S), 1 (G), 1 (P)) **ALL UNOBTAINABLE**
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 10-20 hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: N/A
  • Number of missable trophies: None
  • Glitched trophies: Perfection, Collecting Silverware, others have been reported to glitch rarely.
  • Unachievable trophies: All online trophies
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes (Legendary Performance requires legendary and Challenging requires World Class).
WARNING: The servers are now closed, making all online play and trophies, thus the platinum, unobtainable
FIFA returns for yet another year with FIFA 14, making the beautiful game even more beautiful with new improvements to the game engine and the game modes such as Ultimate Team and Career Mode, and new features such as Co-Op seasons and new skill games.
This is a much shorter platinum than previous FIFAs and you'll be pleased to hear that the main demon of the last two years has now gone- the luck based In Form trophy - albeit replaced with another mainly luck based trophy, No Goal For You (Trophy not present in PS4 version). The majority of the trophies are also really simple, meaning you can get a large proportion of the trophies quickly. You'll need a boosting partner for some so see the boosting thread. Note that all controls in this guide are the classic controls. Good Luck!
NOTE: These steps and trophies can be done in any order you like. For example feel free to start with a different mode than suggested. Misc should be saved for last however.
Step 1: Skill Games
It's nice to get these out of the way first to improve your skills before diving into any real games. Firstly, complete all the skill games on Bronze and Silver, complete what you can on Gold, then find a skill challenge you are good at then beat that too. There are suggestions on the easiest to attempt in the guide. Don't forget that you also need to beat a friends score, if you don't have anybody for this see the boosting thread.
Step 2: Ultimate Team
Due to server closure, this step is impossible.
Next you can move on to Ultimate Team. Start/continue your club and play a couple games until you can buy a player from the market. Put him in your team and play 10 matches including winning a season and beating the team of the week. Also follow the manager tasks and do other misc trophies in this mode. Note that if you haven't got level 15 yet you may have to come back later to Long Term Signing, unless you have a friend who can gift you a contract or you're lucky enough to find one on the market.
Step 3: Career Mode
Next go through career mode. You'll need to do at least one season of manager mode (although this can be simmed) and a couple games of a player career. Before you sim the manager mode, check out the other trophies for this mode as they do not take long.
Step 4: Online Seasons
Due to server closure, this step is impossible.
Now you should be familiar with the gameplay, it's time to tackle online. Win a title in seasons, play a coop season game and play an online friendlies season. Unless you have someone already, see the boosting thread for partners for the last two trophies.
Step 5: Games of the Week
Due to server closure, this step is impossible.
Next go into Games of the Week (push :r3: right while hovering over kick off) and play a match of the week, a Be a Pro Challenge (if there isn't one available, you'll have to wait) and a Challenge on World Class difficulty which will be pretty tough, but is doable.
Step 6: Pro Clubs
Due to server closure, this step is impossible.
Next you should find a team in the Pro Clubs Recruitment Thread, and play pro clubs until you get 15% accomplishments which may take a while. Also, at some point play a drop in game.
Step 7: Misc trophies and clean up.
Now you probably only have a couple of trophies left not tied to any mode, so now is the time to get them. Some are easy but you may not have got, while some are quite difficult to do, especially No Goal For You (Trophy not present in PS4 version). See the guide for any trophies you are missing. After you get all the other trophies, you'll become a Football Legend. Congrats!

FIFA 14 Trophy Guide

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42 trophies ( 15  24  )

  • Unlock all other trophies (excluding additional content trophies)

    You should know what this means, collect the other 43 base trophies (41 on PS4) in the game to unlock this one. Congrats! The plat is unachievable unless you have earned all online trophies.
  • Score with a Curling Lace Shot

    A curling lace shot is pretty random. The best way to do one is to approach the goal at an angle, then shoot normally (ie no ). This will be a laces shot, however it will not necessarily be curling, but sometimes it will be. Therefore, the best thing to do is to keep shooting with this method until you get the trophy. You'll unlock it straight away if you did it right.
  • Score with a Dipping Volley

    A volley, for those unfamiliar with the terminology, is striking the ball when it is in midair. To score a dipping Volley, the ball must be in the air but just before it hits the ground. The best way to volley is to use and to another player, so the ball is at the right height. Then wait until the ball nearly hits the ground, then hit it. If it goes in, you'll know you did it right if you got the trophy. If you don't get the trophy, you left it too late or early. So keep trying in all your matches until you get the trophy. If you don't get it normally, start a game on amatuer with a good team vs a bad one and keep repeating this method until until you get the trophy. You can also use a second controller to make this even easier if you are really struggling.
  • Straight Arm a Defender to Protect the Ball

    This is a very confusing trophy. A lot of people get this naturally but there isn't a concrete idea from anyone of what exactly you have to do to perform this action and there has been conflicting information. All I can say right now is keep playing until it unlocks for you, using strong players will help you get this easier.
  • Win the ball back with a Second Chance Tackle

    A second chance tackle can occur when you miss a tackle completely. After hitting to tackle, hit again and the direction of the player you wish to tackle if you miss the first time, and you'll relunge. However most of the time the player has already gotten past you by the time you can do a second chance tackle, so it is best to tackle really early and anticipate the opposition's movement, to successfully win the ball back. If you are struggling to get this, a second controller can be used in kick off, making this really easy.
  • Score with a first time Sliding Shot

    To score a sliding shot, you'll need two people in the box. One should be either side of the 6 yard box while the other should be running through the middle. When the other player is close enough, triple tap to do a low cross. Press and sometimes the player running will slide to shoot, but not always. This may take a few tries to pull off but if you focus on this, you'll eventually pull it off. If you slide and score, you'll get this trophy.
  • Score with an Outside of the Foot Shot

    This is another misc trophy which is quite random to get. A lot of others and I got this randomly without trying and there is a large possibility you will too. If not, the best way to do this is via a finesse shot. Run at an angle to the goal. If the player is left footed run from the left and vice versa. Then press and . Occasionally this will cause the player to strike the ball with the outside of the foot. If the player does, and you score you will get this trophy.
  • Win a game on Legendary after trailing at half time

    This sounds difficult but you can exploit sliders for this trophy and/or use any teams. Set the difficulty to Legendary, any game length. Go on controller settings, go to User and CPU settings and change them how you see fit. This will make things easy for you. At the start, let them score or score an own goal. Then wait out the half, then in the second half score a couple, with the sliders, or aptly nicknamed 'superpowers', this should be easy. If you are still struggling, consider increasing the game time. Go on to win the match after losing at half time to get the trophy.
  • Score a Perfect Hat Trick (left foot, right foot, header)

    A few people have reported this to not unlock when it should, including myself. The problem is said to occur if the first three goals you score aren't one of each type. For example, scoring with your right, left, right again then a header will not unlock the trophy all of the time.

    A Perfect hat trick is scoring three goals with the same player, as the description says, a goal must be scored with each the left foot, right foot and a header. It's hard to get the ball to a specific player from a cross so first try to score with a header, and use that player for the trophy attempt. Either scoring with the right or left foot will be easy, depending on the foot preference of the player. Then for the weak foot of the player, turn in the direction of the foot you need to score with, then quickly shoot and you should use your weak foot. Players with high heading, shooting and weak foot ability are great for this trophy. If you struggle scoring the perfect hat trick, try increasing the length of the game or even using sliders although you shouldn't need them.
  • Complete the Silver stage of all Skill Games

    This can be a difficult trophy. Some silver skill games are easy while some can be tricky. There are 13 Silver Skill games. The only two I had a large amount of trouble with were Free Kicks and Lob Pass. Its possible you may find another tricky too but these are the main ones for most people. The Free Kicks skill game just takes practice to get, so keep trying until you pull it off. For Lob Pass, keep lobbing softly into the front buckets until you hit 2000 or 2400 points in one lob. Then go for the further buckets, if you get one in you'll complete the challenge, if not restart and repeat. After completing all 13 skill games on Silver, you'll get the trophy.
  • Become Legendary on one of the Skill Challenges in Skill Games

    This can be a tricky trophy. There are 13 Skill Challenges, to see more information on unlocking them, see So Skilled below. Different people will be good at different skill challenges, so you should try out a few to find out which you can get closest too. I did this with goalkeeping despite having very little goalkeeping experience in past FIFAs in 20-30 minutes so that one is a great one to try but takes some getting used to. I used Neuer of Bayern Munich. If you can't do that one, try others. With enough practice and repetition you'll get one. Advanced Dribbling is possible with repetition of the challenge. Penalties has also been suggested to be easy.
  • Unlock a single Skill Challenge in Skill Games

    You unlock skill challenges by completing the gold skill game of that category. Some gold stages can be tricky but some are easy so you shouldn't have trouble unlocking one. You'll probably need to unlock multiple anyway to try Legendary, and you'll need to reach all stages on at least Gold anyway to unlock Silver Lining so you can try any of them and you should be able to get a few gold skill games done easily. For this you only need one Skill challenge unlocked though.
  • Follow a Football Club News & Alert to start or enter FUT

    For this trophy, on the main menu go to the very left section of the menu. Then click News and Alerts, and look for one that directs you to FUT. Click it to be sent to Ultimate Team and you'll get this.
  • Earn a player's loyalty in FUT by playing 10 or more games with him

    This trophy can be a little confusing to some but it's not really once you know what yo do. In FIFA 14 UT, when you play 10 games with a player bought off the trade market, they improve their chemistry for your team. Keep the same player throughout your UT matches, and after starting the 10th game of a player from the transfer market this unlocks. Note that players gained from packs will not unlock this trophy for you as they already have loyalty, and any games already played by players you purchase off he trade market do not count.
  • Apply your first Chemistry Style consumable in FUT

    Chemistry styles are a new feature for ultimate team. Examples are Anchor for Defending and Sniper for Attacking. They permanently improve some of the stats of a player depending on which card you apply, and the higher the chemistry on the player you apply it to, the higher the improvement. Acquire one of these cards in a pack or on the Transfer Market (Some are cheaper than others) and then apply it to any of your (suitable) players. They are a one time use. The trophy will pop soon after.
  • Challenge the Team of the Week in FUT

    Every week there is a Team of the Week in Ultimate Team consisting of players who have performed well in real life in that week, and all players have a stat boost. You can challenge these teams with your team. The difficulty doesn't matter (although the higher it is the higher the reward) and the result doesn't matter as long as the game is finished.
  • Open 20 packs in FUT

    This is self explanatory. In FUT you can open packs containing players, club items and consumables. The cheapest is 400 coins while the most expensive is 7500 a pop (although special packs are sometimes released for more). FIFA points can also open packs but they cost real money. If you get no free packs, the minimum you will have to pay is 8k total for 20 bronze packs. However these contain bronze cards only so you won't get anything good, but it is very useful if you just want the trophy. Gold packs are more expensive but you get better cards but you can easily make a loss too. It is up to you what packs you buy, and they can be any combination of types. This will pop after number 20. It has also been suggested that this is glitched in a good way, and some people get this after their first pack for some strange reason.
  • Win a division title in FUT Seasons

    The description suggests any division can be won but people have reported to have not unlocked the trophy online, so you should do this offline.

    This has to be offline seasons, see above for more details. When selecting offline seasons, you will be given a choice of a league. Any will do, the higher the star rating the harder it will be, but you shouldn't get much trouble from Division 10 from any of the options. You need to get 12 points from 10 games, which means you only need to win 4 which is easily achievable. After you hit 12 points you'll win the league and get this trophy.
  • Complete all Manager Tasks in FUT

    Under Squads in Ultimate Team are a list of 13 manager tasks (14 on PS4). None are particularly taxing and require trying out certain game modes, applying consumables and club items, and using the market. Just look at the list, and see what you have left and go down the list. You'll need a few coins for this also to purchase items you need if you haven't got them already. When you do them all, you'll get a free Gold Pack and the trophy.
  • Change your captain in FUT

    This trophy is easy. In Ultimate Team, go onto your team, press , then select player roles. Choose captain, then change it to someone else. The trophy will pop afterwards.
  • Apply a 99 Match Player Contract from the Catalogue to any player in FUT

    99 match contracts for Ultimate Team can be bought from the EASFC catalogue this year, and gives one player of your choice a long contract. You need to be level 15 at least to buy one, and it costs tokens so you'll need to save up for it. Buy it from the catalogue when you can, and apply it to any player , a friend who is level 15 and has enough tokens can also gift this to you if you don't have the option. Or you may see some of these selling on the market, though they may be pricey. However you obtain one, apply the contract to any player to unlock this.
  • Send a Scout on an Area Scouting mission

    This is an easy trophy. Start up career mode, and go into scouting. You start with 3 scouts, click on any of these and choose a location for them to travel to, to get this trophy.
  • Scout and find a player with any combination of 3 Global Transfer Network attributes in Career

    This is another easy one relating to scouts. After sending your scouts out as described in First Mission, change to the next tab (Attributes), choose a slot to save in then choose 3 attributes from the list. It is advised to pick 3 that are related to each other (eg Playmaker, Dribbler and First Team Standard) rather than 3 random ones and you'll find many players in the big leagues in a couple weeks this way. You can pick up to 6 combinations of attributes so pick more combos to get a better chance of finding someone, and only pick 3 attributes per combo rather than the max 6 to widen who you can find. Sim a couple of weeks and you should find one, the trophy will pop instantly when you find one.
  • Win a trophy as a Team Manager in Career

    The best way to do this is to just simulate a season as a great team and you may win the title or another trophy (thanks to dedijon for confirming it doesn't need to be a league), if you don't have time to play legit. The best team for this by far is Celtic. They are way better than the rest of the SPL teams so you should easily win the league with many points to spare. It is extremely unlikely you won't win the league or a cup. You'll get this around a week in game time after you win the trophy. Another easy way is to start as Manchester United. They partake in the Community Shield against Wigan after their friendlies, and its only one game so you can play it, although you should win most of the time by just simulating. (thanks to tima for the tip)
  • Change your formation from the Team Management tile in Squad during your Career

    This isn't difficult when you know what to do. In career, go to squad and then hover over Team Management. Hit R3 left or right to change the formation and get the trophy. If you don't get it straight away, try moving tabs and advancing the time after doing this and it should unlock.
  • Open up your inbox while advancing in Career

    This is another easy career one. When you are advancing your career a few days, watch the top of the screen and you may get a notification of an email. Hit when you see this to get this trophy.
  • Be featured in the team of the week in your Career as a Player

    For this, play in any game as your player on career, a real life striker would be better, and score a few goals and generally play well (high pass rate, assists etc) and you should get 9.5 and above. This should place you in the team of the week after advancing a couple days, if not keep playing games. Note you can't sim for this trophy as you won't play if you sim.
  • Start a Co-op Season with a Friend

    You will need another player for this so find someone in the Trophy Boosting thread or get a friend to help. Go into seasons, press to go to coop seasons then select your friend or boosting partner. Then select Play Co-op match, send an alert that you want to play then wait for your friend. When he joins, start a game, and you'll get this trophy near the start of the game.
  • Earn Promotion in Seasons

    See Bling Bling for more details on this trophy.
  • Play a Drop-In Match in Pro Clubs

    From the main menu, go into pro clubs, create a pro if you haven't already and choose Drop in Match. It'll take a few minutes to get into the game but afterwards you'll get it soon after the game begins. You don't need to finish it but it is advised to to work towards 15% accomplishments.
  • Earn a trophy in Seasons

    This can be done in the league or cup. League is much easier and is always available, and you need pretty much close to champions to get Moving on Up anyway. Also, you can buy season wins from the catalogue if you don't want to play or you are struggling, and they count towards the trophy. They unlock at 4, 8, 25 and 62. if you are really desperate, you can buy draws too. You need 12 points which is equivalent to 4 wins. The best team for seasons if you are not confident is probably Poland, as they avoid all the big teams but still have pace and a great striker, and you'll face weaker teams more often than not. Note that if you get promoted from division 10 but not win the title, the points needed to get promoted will increase. When you win the title, you'll get this. You will also get Moving on Up when the season ends.
  • Finish a season in Online Friendlies

    Online Friendlies is like seasons but taking place between two friends. First, find someone in the Trophy Boosting Thread. Then go into Online Friendlies, and choose your friend. The seasons are 5 games long, these can either be played legitimately or by one person quitting (after the 5 minute mark). Either of these will unlock the trophy for both of you, as the season need not be won, only finished.
  • Unlock 15% of the Pro Accomplishments in Pro Clubs

    This can take a while. In Pro Clubs you get accomplishments for playing games, scoring goals, dribbling past players and a lot more. You'll get much more accomplishments in an attacking position than defending or in goal, so its best to stick to striker or midfielder. This can be done with a club or in Drop in, your choice. However with your club there is more of a chance of getting the position you want. You can see your accomplishments under your attributes, 15% may take quite a few games but eventually you'll get it. Personally it took me 15 games and i'm not the greatest player.
    NOTE: If you have done this on PS3, you don't need to get 15% again on PS4. You just need to get one more accomplishment and the trophy will trigger. While highly improbable, you can lock yourself out of this trophy on PS4 if you got all of the accomplishments on PS3.
  • Win your first seasons match in Pro Clubs

    First, join a friends team or alternatively find one here: Pro Club Team Finder Thread. Then have you and at least one other person in the pro clubs lobby, then search for a match. It may take a couple tries to win a match depending on skill but eventually you'll win a game, and unlock this trophy. As the trophy name suggests, teamwork is the key.
  • Complete a Match Day Challenge in Highlights of the Week on at least World Class difficulty

    This may be the hardest trophy in the game depending on your skill. There are no sliders to help you unlike the Legendary Performance trophy, so it's about your skill and maybe a little luck too. To access the match day challenge, hover over kick off and press right. Some challenges will also be harder than others so if you are stuck on one you can wait for the next one, they change every couple of days. You probably wont get anywhere on World Class by dribbling past everyone, so pass, pass, pass. If you take the lead and are not confident consider passing the ball along the back for the remainder of the game.
  • Win a Game of the Week in Highlights of the Week

    Along with Match Day Challenges, there are Games of the Week too, usually four. These can be done on any difficulty so shouldn't be too difficult. Especially because you don't even have to win, any result will do. Play any of these to its conclusion for this trophy.
  • Complete a Be a Pro Challenge on any difficulty in Highlights of the Week

    Occasionally, a Be a Pro challenge will be up alongside the match day challenge, but sometimes there isn't one available so you may have to wait. When you have one available, complete it on any difficulty to unlock this trophy. This isn't too difficult.
  • Follow a Football Club Recommendation

    At the end of matches, you'll see recommendations of things to do in the middle right option. Follow one of these to get the trophy.
  • Gift a Football Club Catalogue item to a Friend

    This is a similar concept to It's Mine Now, but you have to gift an item to a friend for this one. For more details on the catalogue see that trophy. Instead of buying something for yourself, choose something and choose to gift it to a friend. If for some reason you have nobody at all to gift something to see the Trophy Boosting Thread.
  • Beat a Friend's score in Skill Games

    If you have a lot of friends with FIFA, like me, you are bound to get this naturally unless you are bad at all the skill games. If you don't have anybody to beat, see the trophy boosting thread, or if you are struggling you can ask a friend or boosting partner to set a low score on their first attempt. Whatever way you do it, beat a friend in a skill game to unlock this.
  • Redeem an item from the Football Club Catalogue

    This is a very easy trophy. Access the EASFC catalogue from the main menu, then purchase anything with your credits which you get alongside XP. If any carried over from past FIFAs, you can get this straight away. If not, you'll have to play to earn some first, though this shouldn't take long as some items are very cheap.
  • Reach EA SPORTS Football Club Level 15

    As you play the game, you get XP for doing everything from playing games to opening Ultimate Team Packs to buying players on career mode, contributing to your overall level which unlocks new items in the Catalogue and allows you to compare your level with your friends.

    This carries over from FIFA 12, 13 and Street so if you played any of these and got to at least level 15, you will get this trophy upon your first start up of the game. If not, you'll be in for a little bit of a grind as you may not reach level 15 by the time you've done everything else depending on how long it takes you. Also note that there is a daily XP cap that when reached, you can no longer earn XP until the next day, with the exception of challenges which will give you XP whether you hit your cap or not.

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